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Voscreen - Learn English with Videos 1.2.7
Selected as third best educational app by Wharton Business School(USA), Reimagine Education 2016.Voscreen is a free app to learn andimprove English.Watch video clips from movies, documentaries, musicvideos and cartoons to improve your English. Voscreen makeslearning English fun and easy, so it accelerates your languagelearning process. Voscreen increases your motivation thanks to itsnatural learning environment.On voStep menu, you can choose videoclips from beginner to advanced to focus on your own level ofEnglish.On voStructure menu, you can practise any grammar pointsuch as “present simple” or “noun clause”. Watching and listeningto videos, you get exposed to natural English and improve listeningcomprehension as well as pronounciation.You can learn new words andimprove your vocabulary.With its video-question design, Voscreenhelps you impove reading skills.Choosing “English-to-English”language mode, you can improve paraphrasing (restatement)skills.You can increase your understanding of synonyms andantonyms.Voscreen offers features for all, ranging from kids toadults.You are recommended to play Voscreen at least 20 minutes aday for constant progress.Download the app now and join millons ofpeople worldwide improving English with Voscreen for free.Pleasesend your feedback here: info@voscreen.comWebsite:voscreen.comFacebook: facebook.com/VoscreenTwitter:twitter.com/voscreenlifeInstagram: instagram.com/voscreenYoutube:youtube.com/Voscreen