Vyacheslav Krivsunov Apps

Flip Fun King
Flip knives as ninja, toss iron axes and throw rare perfect swords!Become the Guru Master and collect the set of legendary knives!GAME INFO Flip world famous knives in different locations, improveyour skills! Very soon you will know how to flip axes withoutmissing and make perfect hits on any standing or moving target!Become a Guru Master and get a cool collection of rare knives, ironaxes, legendary swords and different famouse weapons! WHO ARE READYTO PLAY THIS GAME? Strong and confident lovers and appreciatersknives! Who want be on knife edge, take risks and hit the targets!Who really may pick up a knife and flip it right now! GAME FEATURES- Lots of blades with a cool design; - Real physics-based knives; -Different modes in one game; - Awesome graphics; - Many the mostinteresting quests; - No annoying ads; Download our game Flip theKnife PvP Challenge and remember: This game easy to play, butdifficult become to master. Skill comes with experience!
Parkour Race PvP
Parkour Race PvP - indie hardcore multiplayer arcade of mad manwith the box and hammer. Very funny and cool jump for real mastersof hardest game ever. Create your absurd avatar - deadpool withshotgun and bow or robinsons with jump box - Create yourmultiplayer rush and fight for the gry. - Getting over thishardcore pvp games. - Use many parkour hammer to press fun climb. -Join a clan or play online multiplayer games with your friends! -Many different modes: race, survivor, fighting, football andothers! Go out it PvP is a hardcore physical platformer about theman who jump in the world hardest game. Get roll with hammer andparkour - this obstacle synonym for this action tbh and uganda.This amazing hardest twist jumping games.