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Викторина Умник - Интеллектуальная онлайн игра! 0.21.0
Игра "Умник!" - увлекательная интеллектуальная викторина в которойвы соревнуетесь своими знаниями с другими случайными игроками или свашими друзьями. Сразись за звание самого умного и эрудированногоигрока. Правильно отвечай на вопросы, побеждай и занимай топовыеместа в рейтинге. В игре более 20000 безумно интересных вопросов исамые эрудированные игроки ждут тебя! викторина, логика, умник,вопросы, ответы, игра, задачи, головоломка, загадка, знания,миллионер, интеллектуальные игры, умные игры Game "Egghead!" - afascinating intellectual quiz in which you compete your knowledgewith other random players or with your friends. Fight for the titleof the most intelligent and erudite players. Correctly answer thequestions, conquer and occupy the top places in the ranking. Thereare over 20,000 incredibly interesting questions and the mostknowledgeable players are waiting for you! quiz, logic, nerd,questions, answers, the game tasks, puzzle, mystery, knowledge,millionaire, intellectual games, smart games
Smarty Battle - Intellectual online game 0.23.0
Smarty Battle is a exciting intellectual quiz in which youcancompete with random players all over the world with yourknowledge.And yes, it’s totally free!Smarty Battle it’s not just agame, it’syou chance to- keep your brain toned- train your memory-learnsomething new every day- and even to prevent sclerosis andotherbrain diseases!You can find over 10000 questions in lotsofdifferent topics! The main task is to answer correctlymorequestions than your opponent. The game lasts to 3 wins. Youhave 30seconds to answer the question. There are 4 possible answersforeach question, but you have to choose the correct one. Themaximumnumber of questions per round is 150, after which the gameends andthe winner is determined.You can also earn coins forcorrectanswers and spend them on hints to become the best player oftheday, of the month or of all the time! For each correct answeryouget 5 points, for each game won, an additional 20 points areadded.Also, additional points can be added by various bonuses.Forexample, you can suggest your own questions!Install Smartybattle,check your knowledge and compete with people from all overtheworld!If you still have any questions feel free to contact byemail