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Leia: Website Builder (Artificial Intelligence) 2.8.5
Meet Leia - your very own, personal web designer. DIY now has awhole new meaning. No longer will you need to sift through dozensof cookie-cutter templates, or work from scratch on a blank canvasto build a website. Leia can design you a beautiful, customizedwebsite in seconds, and here's how it works: Step 1. You describethe website that you want (either with your voice, or by enteringkeywords). Step 2. Leia asks you some questions (you can choose toskip this step if you want to). Step 3. Leia designs you abeautiful, custom website (you can ask for a redesign if you don'tlike it). Step 4. You can edit the text, upload your own images,and you're done! Every website built with Leia is unique, and notwo sites will ever be the exact same. In fact, Leia is capable ofproducing over 1 centillion unique feature sets (that's a 1 with303 zeros). Sure, there will be some design elements that aresimilar in two different sites - but part of what makes a websitegreat is the familiarity that your visitors have with the layout.The more familiar the design, the easier it is for them to navigateand find what they are looking for. Once Leia builds your site, itwill be published instantly at a free ".site.live" domain name,e.g. "leia.site.live". If you are good with that, then your sitewill be free for life! If you want a custom domain name, like"leia.com", then you'll want to upgrade to one of our low, monthlyplans. You can also buy your custom domain name directly throughLeia, and you'll get it cheaper than anywhere else on the internet.So go ahead - download Leia for free, build and publish your firstwebsite in seconds, and get your brand online today!
Leia Mail: Custom Email at Your Business Domain 1.2.3
Leia Email is the most convenient way to get, maintain, and use acustom email address for your business domain name! With LeiaEmail, you can send and receive messages from addresses using thedomain name that you own - regardless of whether you bought thedomain name through Leia or another registrar. If you have a Leiawebsite builder account, you can link it to your Leia Email app andsign up using one of your domain names. If you bought your domainname through Leia, you'll be able to start sending and receivingemails instantly! Some other features of Leia Email include: Up to1GB of storage space Ability to change addresses on the fly Customsignatures Web and mobile email clients Free support Sign up andstart sending emails with your brand today!