Zombie Defence Attack 2017 1.7
The role of Maria always ready to defend home from a mob of zombiesare invading the town. In the game, you will be using more familiarweapons likes mp5 m4a1, ...to assisting you pass more than 100challenges. HD graphical super nice and loveable The number ofzombies are crowded. How to play: - slide to the left screen tomove the characters- Tap the screen to shoot and kill the zombies.
Dance Party With The Hot Stars 2.8
Perfect Dancer - Dancing with the stars doesn’t only provide you astage to show your singing and dancing skills, but it also give youa networking platform where you can connect with hundreds offriends. With its unique idol and fans system, audience interactionsystem, dance with voice system, humming system. You might be anormal person in the real world, but you could be dance star with alot of fans, you could sing like a superstar, and you can makeanything happen here!Experience the perfect combination of singing & dancing inPerfect Dancer - Love dance stars music party!
Bắn Cá Siêu Thị : Nàng Tiên Cá 1.1
Ban ca an xu : bắn cá ăn xu siêu thị - Trò chơi giải trí rất phổbiến trong các siêu thị, khu vui chơi, trung tâm mua sắm,... Ban CaSieu Thi : Có Nàng Tiên CáKhác với cách chơi ở siêu thị, khu vuichơi, trung tâm mua sắm,.. bạn cần nạp xu để có thể tham gia chơithì tại phiên bản này các bạn hoàn toàn được chơi Bắn cá ăn xu hoàntoàn miễn phí, không chỉ chơi trên điện thoại mà các bạn có thểchơi game bắn cá ngay trên chiếc máy tính bảng của mình. Hãy nhanhnhanh tham gia chơi game trên Google Play để có những phút giâygiải trí đầy thú vị cùng với game Ban ca an xu nhé!Bắn Cá Ăn Xu -Săn Cá Mới Nhất : Bắn Cá Siêu ThịSecurity Committee trend shift:feeding coins shot supermarkets - entertaining game very popular insupermarkets, amusement parks, shopping centers, ...Bansupermarkets: There MermaidUnlike playing at the supermarket,amusement parks, shopping malls, you will need to insert coins ..to be able to participate in this version, the game you arecompletely fish Shoot free penny, not just playing on your phonethat you can play the game shooting fish right on your tablet.Hurry quickly join games on Google Play to have moments of excitingentertainment with game Security Committee trend shiftsoffline!Shoot Fish Eat Xu - Latest Hunting Fish: Shoot Fish Market
Nhay Au Online : Audition Dance Mobile 2.7
Attract players by design character Chibi, gameplay agencies,Perfect Dance Online is the mobile game of musical genres appealingand relevant to modern youth.Nhay Audition Online : Audition DanceMobile Players will have the task of manipulating the navigationkeys as required and press the Space key ends when the cursor onthe display bar run to highlight. The buttons will be displayed onthe screen and you just touch to activate them.With each precisemanipulation will also be assessed from Bad, Cool, Great andPerfect to the number of bonus points increase. Perfect consecutiveincreases you much more score. Game divide the different tasks forplayers to overcome. Nhay Audition khong can mangHow to play thegame is not too difficult for Perfect Dance Game particular fan andfan Casual Dancing general.Nhay Audition Online : Audition DanceMobile
English for kid 2015 FREE 1.0.1
Puzzle English: Game for kids is a greatsupporting tool for children to learn simple English vocabulary, inwhich new words range over many different subjects, includinganimals, clothing, fruits, transport vehicles, etc.There are 2 main parts in the application, which includes Alphabetsand Words games. In which, kids can learn new words by rearrangeletters to complete the right words which named the imageabove.• ==================• EXCITING FEATURES• Cute and simple interfaces and images• Interesting sounds and music• 2 main parts: Alphabet and Words game• Wide range of topics covered: animals, fruits, means oftransportation, clothing, jobs, etc.==================Don’t hesitate to download Puzzle English: Game for kidsapplication to help your kids improve their vocabulary knowledge,memory skill in an awesome way. Instead of playing games on mobilesand tablets, let your kids learn English by this interestingapp.
Piano Lesson For Kid 2015 FREE 1.5
This is a piano simulator game for kids in Christmas 2015The gameincludes many of the same features as some of the famous app - suchas popular games on Android: Perfect Piano, Piano Kids, Magic Piano... but is designed with graphics and photographs friendly cartoonstyle suit with young children. The game will help children accessto music, fun and hear the familiar song famous in the world. Gamewith many features such as: - Easy to play .. Children simply touchto the music notes on piano to play music- Cute graphics. - Thereare available many popular songs in the world to listen and learnlittle easier. The game is completely free - free on androidsmartphone. Can run on many device samsung galaxy, lg, sky .......Please help the children learn music easily!New Features on version1.3- Touch the piano to play your music. Play magic piano forkids.- Hear animals piano sounds: cat, dog, chicken, duck, cow,horse, and sheep.- Fantastic auto play feature to play the selectedsong.- Consists of more popular songsYeah ! It's Perfect Piano forkids !
Galaxy Invader 2016 1.1
Our mission is to save galaxy from the aliens invader. You havemore fire power to attack Ufo of AliensThe war has left severeconsequences for the earth. Forces allied nations have built adefense system before the fierce attack of the invaders from outerspace.Please become a warrior in "Galaxy Invader" and defeat allalien and ufo , invasion.
Tappy Frog: Jump Jump 1.4
Surely you already know the difficult challenges and madness in thegame such as : flappy bird, swing copters ?? And now ... A newchallenge difficult await you ....Tappy Frog: Jump Jump 2015Try to jump as far as possible[HOW TO PLAY]• Use button single or double to jump• Get more achievement to overcoming friends on charts
Chicken Shooter: Galaxy Attack 1.4
In the future, the human will have to fight an invasion of aliencivilizations. The war between the stars were carried out duringthe last hundred years.The war has left severe consequences for theearth. Forces allied nations have built a defense system before thefierce attack of the invaders from outer space.Please become awarrior in "Galaxy Attack 2016" and defeat all alien and ufo ,invasion
Poke Monster Connect Link 1.5
Monster Connect Link has game play same as games Picachu on PC.Howto play Monster Connect Link ?Connect 2 Animals Box with the samekind to remove them.- If all animal removed you win. When the timeended you losed!Features:- Classic game play- Nice graphic.-Amazing sounds.Have fun of playing Monster Connect Link
Link The Dots 2016 1.0
Attempt to find your way through a maze constructed by this veryattempt. Every step brings you closer to a dead end or to thetriumph of your intellect.Simple graphics - beautiful .Sounds fun.Gameplay simple .Ranking Google Play Services online communitywith big play .Regularly update more new level .Game download freeinstallation only on Android .Link The Dots is a puzzle game, withthe task of connecting the dots scattered on the screen usingstraight lines, horizontal and vertical straight lines. The gamelooks easy, but it requires thinking, the ability to observe andrich imagination of the player.Link The Dots offers 60 screens withdifferent challenges, solving puzzles by connecting the dots usingstraight lines. Game rules are complex, as when not connected tothe segment can not be repeated or cross over each other, meaninglips seams can only go through each square once. Correct connectorlines, line segments, the more and more points. Link The Dotsunlimited number of plays, so you can try to draw some time tofigure how to play before finding precisely drawn line. But drawinga line wrong, you'll have to play again from the beginning screens.Game also change color with 3 red, blue, green to the conversion ofthe player level for more excitement while playing. The mainfeature of the Link The Dots:- Intellectual puzzle Game attractive-Use straight lines to connect the dots- 60 screens to play fairlycomplex rules- Unlimited number of plays
Death Racing 3 : Police Wanted 1.3
Death Racing - Police Wanted - In the game you can upgrade your carengine, nitrous injection and aerodynamic ... and ready to start inthe race to challenge the smoke and suspense.Gameplay - Simplecontrols.Multiple play modes - challenges and tasks from easy todifficult.The game takes players to the more dramatic racingworldwide.The graphics and sound striking and monumental game
Freaking Math : Hotgirl 2016 1.5
Freaking Math : Hotgirl 2016 can make you freaking mad! but... withHot girlsHow to play:- You have only one second to choose correctanswer- Reach high score!!!- Beat your friends!!!
Egg Shoot - Candy Shoot Heroes 1.2
Egg Shoot - Candy Shoot Heroes is a addicting and interesting gamewhich is similar game Dinosaur Egg ShootIn this""HOT"" and ""FREE""game, you will control a little devil at the bottom of the screento shoot candy by a gun. There are a lot of candy with differentcolors waiting for you in the upper corner of the screen to makethem disappear and transfer into your score. Your mission is toshoot candy into a collection of candy above, so forming a mass ofat least 3 candies each colour overlay to a spot focus andcoherence, The more candy with the same color fall down, the higherscore will you have.