Transforters:Age of Rebellion2 9
The machines attacked the free countries anddominated the planet but a humanoid trained by humans started aplan of rebellion, now the last hope of freedom is the initiationof the great master combat soldier.The hero must collect as much coins as he can to get the powerbullets and destroy the enemies with weapons.This 3D game was designed with the latest 3D technology of gameengine platform and developed with 3D sounds and specialeffects.Game features:-Combat mode.-3rd person shooting mode.-3D environment.-Unlimited entertainment.
Space Fighter Jet 1.2
When the Galaxy was taken by the Empire thesurvivals organized a plot to free the first planet and start arevolution.The Earth commander sent a team of high end pilots to the Xplanet's moon for a perimeter exploration but they were attacked bythe ships and robots. Just one Pilot survived... now his SpaceFighter Jet must continue with the operation and defeat theEmpire's Army.Your Fighter Ship is armed with powerful missiles to destroy theenemies!Get more powers collecting coins in the cyberspace!Free the planets and collect as much coins as you can!Every coin will give you a reward (free games, virtual currency andmore!).To get a reward you must collect 500 coins minimum. Send an e-mailwith a screenshot of the game or a videoto get the reward!Enjoy this amazing 3D Space Adventure!GAME FEATURES:-3D development-3D Special Effects-Unlimited Entertainment-Accelerometer function-Missile mode-3D Coin Collection-Amazing graphics
Ultimate Cartoon Racing 1.0
The race starts now! in 3D!Difficult obstacles.Awesome tracks.Ultimate race.