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WEJ Beta 0.4
We're sure you've experienced it: you're atahouse party, bar or club and there's a song you want. It mightbeyour favorite tune, a song that ties a friendship together,amelody you'll use to flirt with someone or just somethinggreatyou've discovered and want to share with your friends.But when you request the tune you either have a DJ you can'teventalk to, a DJ that won't take requests or a SpotifyPlaylist...where if you add your tune you know that it'll last forabout 20seconds before someone changes it again.With WEJ, everyone can add songs to a collaborative playlistandvote for the ones they like the most. It is your songs thatcreatethe playlist and it is your votes that change the order.And don't worry about mood swings or genre changes. WEJtakescare of ensuring a smooth transition between genres, stylesandmoods. We want you to be the DJ. We trust you to be the DJ.You Are The People. You Are The Party. You Are The Music.