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WF Flashlight 19
WF Company
The Power You Won't Believe! WF Flashlight!Highly advancedfunctions and usability served right up.1. Enjoy the strongestFLASH in its class2. Psychedelic lights (Turn any dark room into aclub instantly)3. Intuitive usability: No wait necessary4. Compass:Know where you are headed5. Colorful Lights: Bring spice to anydécor with vibrant colors* Optimized to bring out the best qualitymeans WF Flashlight may consume your battery fast. We recommend youto enjoy our flashlight when necessary.* We always appreciatefeedback from our lovely users to enhance our quality. For anyquestions and comments, please email to treefrog1015@gmail.comFlashFlash Now!
Savanna Alarm 20
WF Company
Your one-way ticket to Africa is here!Don't wake up to horrificdigital sounds, The animals of beautiful savanna are here to greetyou every morning.Enjoy beautiful animal cries, calm sounds ofnature, and fun and whimsical alarms updated regularly.* There maybe something 'extreme' in store for those who have trouble wakingup. May we warn you.* We appreciate your valuable opinion andfeedback to increase the quaility of our alarm. Please send allideas to
Avoid Wall 1.0.11
WF Company
Sick of long and boring tutorials to understand the game?‘Avoid theWall’ is easy to understand and SUPER FUN to play! A ET familyliving in outer space was close to starvation and they had to moveto other planet.Then, they found a SETI signal from the Earth anddecided to move there.After a long travel, they finally arrived inthe Earth!Before they felt the joy of arrival, they found that theywere allergic to plants in the Earth.Now, they have to escape fromthe Earth but they must go through jungle!Help this poor ET familysafely go through jungle to escape from the Earth!