Infinity Hunter 1.2
For the 1,000,000 global user,Of the 100 million global user andBy Featured Android game !!!!Touch, and DO NOT miss the falling puzzle.Slay evils by skills that you've earned.- You can share your score in a variety of apps.- Get rid of the monsters that appear in the infinite- Do not worry about your character dies. Just do not miss thepuzzle
펫vs좀비 1.4
마을을 황폐하게 만들고 있는 좀비를 무찔러주세요.펫을 매칭해서 좀비를 공격하고, 장애물을 제거하면서 레벨을클리어하세요.각 레벨을 클리어할 때 마다 레벨 주위를 녹색땅으로 회복시키고 꽃을 심어주세요.같은 펫을 매칭해서 각 레벨을진행하는 퍼즐게임.펫을 매칭하고 좀비를 공격!좀비의 체력이 다 할 때 까지 주의하세요. 좀비는 펫을 얼음으로바꿔버리니까요.◆ 게임 특징- 돈푸시 로그인 후 적립금도 받을 수 있어요.- 게임 하단에 있는 좀비와 같은 펫을매칭하면서 보너스 효과를 얻을 수 있어요.- 레벨을 클리어해서 받는 황금알을 사용해서 아이템을 뽑을 수 있어요. -잠겨있는 레벨은 꽃을 사용해서 무료로 해제할 수 있어요.- 좀비는 펫을 얼음 덩어리로 바꿔버리니 조심하세요.- 월드맵에서공격받고 있는 동물들은 레벨을 클리어해서 구할 수 있어요.- 월드맵, 게임 결과창에서 스샷을 공유해보세요.◆ 접근권한(필수)- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE ,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE > 게임데이터(현재레벨, 하트 수,딸기 수 등)를 저장하기 위해 필요- READ_PHONE_STATE > 게임중 통화 발생시 오디오상태를 변경하기 위해 필요- READ/WRITE_CONTACTS, GET_ACCOUNTS > 글 계정 정보로로그인을 하기 위해 필요(계정 정보) > 앱에 초대 하고자 하는 사람의 연락처 사용을 위해 필요----개발자 연락처:​부산광역시 동구 중앙대로 319 YMCA빌딩 9층 102호[email protected] defeatthe zombies in creating devastated the town.By matching a petplease clear the level as a zombie attack and remove theobstacle.Each time you clear each level of recovery around thelevel of the green earth and planted flowers please.By matching thesame pet puzzle game to progress through each level.Matching yourpet to attack the zombies!Take care until the end of their strengthzombies. Zombie Cause discard change the pet with ice.◆ GameFeatures- I can get the money and then pushed Login reserve.- whilematching a pet, such as the bottom of the zombies in the game I canget a bonus.- Use the golden egg recipient to clear the level I canpull the item.- Locked levels're able to use the flower to releasefor free.- Zombies Beware beorini change the pet in ice.- animalsthat are under attack from the world map, you can find to clear thelevel.- Share your screenshot on the world map, the game resultwindow.◆ one access (required)- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE   > Game data (the currentlevel, the number of heart, strawberry, etc.) need to store-READ_PHONE_STATE   > Game of the need to changethe currency in case of audio status- READ / WRITE_CONTACTS,GET_ACCOUNTS   > Required (account information)to login to post account information   > Need tocontact the person you want to invite to use the app
Witch Hunter 1.6
Witch Hunter is a unique match 3 game with amazing innovation.WitchHunter is a perfect combination of fight, match crush andpuzzle.According to task, select bubbles of a color to crush.Matching right bubbles to crush continuously will trigger powerfulfight. But if you select wrong bubbles, the enemy’s HP will berecovered. All your efforts before will be bubbles and crumble todust. As an excellent witch hunter, can complete your taskperfectly? Have a try now!Features:-Excellent graphics and gorgeousskills-Unique gameplay, match crush, puzzle and fight-more than 100levels and thrilling Boss for you to challenge-Unlock and collectpowerful magic items to enhance your witch-Epic story, create yourown saga-Lots of free coinsBe the strongest witch hunter to fightagainst enemies!
Pets vs. Zombies 2 : The Zombie Virus 1.11.29
Zombies are slow. Nowadays, zombies are jumping in the air, are notthey ?! It's a strange existence that have to chase to the end, Ourcompanions came out to prevent such zombies. Somehow zombies notseem to chase animals well. "Pet vs Zombie 2: Zombie Virus" Thesezombies here are magic for intelligence, making animals to the ice,but also healing other zombies. Our pets are not afraid of thesezombies anymore, and they are always ready to fight against them.For the thirsty pets, the otter prepared water, and the tiger begancollecting the bushes to hide the pets. You wonder why doesn't thetiger fight? The animals of "Pet vs Zombie 2: Zombie Virus" seem tobe a little geeky. An angry cat is ready to throw the dagger for atimid tiger. Now, let's defeat the zombie with a strong cat andyour pet !!
Pets vs. Zombies2-Zombie virus 1.00
HOT! HOT! Are you ready forsummervacation?Are you bored waiting for an airplane? Pet vs Zombie 2 duringwait!Prepare your summer vacation in advance.A puzzle game recommended in new games. Attack the blocks andattackthe zombies.The best puzzle game to play with new pet friends andzombies.matching!! & pang !! Rescue!# Lion pet: Makes a bush that protects pet friends fromzombieattacks. - Friends in the bush can avoid a zombie attack once. - Lion pets only appear on certain levels.# Bubble Pet, Otter: I have a drop for the mission - Acquire water drops Match the otter in the missiontoacquire water drops.Imagine Pet friends drinking and sipping water in the summer heatofsunshineinfected zombies and recovery zombies with new pet friends!!Please save the village with pet friends. Enjoy a cute puzzlewithmobile puzzle game,Pet vs Zombie 2: Zombie Virus# The infected zombie infects the pets. - Match it before you turn into a zombie.# Recovery zombie recovers a weak zombie. - It does not attack the pet, but it is anervouszombie. - It is recommended to kill the recovery zombies first.New system that was not in puzzle game!! It's COOL!It is especially recommended for users with no charge. There isnoshortage of items.1. Institute - You can GET game items in the lab. - The higher the level, the more items you can produce.2. Battle Zone - Fight is not physical strength and strength !! - Take control of pet's activity and competewithzombies. - The higher the activity, the higher the probabilityofwinning.You can fully enjoy WITHOUT in-app billingThis will be the bestest game you've played game everandever.
WitchHunter 1.1
Witch Hunter is a unique match 3 gamewithamazing innovation.Witch Hunter is a perfect combination of fight, match crushandpuzzle.According to task, select bubbles of a color to crush.Matchingright bubbles to crushcontinuously will trigger powerful fight. But if you selectwrongbubbles, the enemy’s HPwill be recovered. All your efforts before will be bubblesandcrumble to dust. As anexcellent witch hunter, can complete your task perfectly? Have atrynow!Features:-Excellent graphics and gorgeous skills-Unique gameplay, match crush, puzzle and fight-more than 100 levels and thrilling Boss for you to challenge-Unlock and collect powerful magic items to enhance yourwitch-Epic story, create your own saga-Lots of free coinsBe the strongest witch hunter to fight against enemies!