POP 2.0 - Prototyping on Paper 2.3.0
Have an app idea? Draw it on paper and use POP to make it come tolife on your Android device!1. Draw your app screens on paper.2.Take pictures and link them together.3. Play and get feedback!Usecase:- Designers : demo and refine the app flow.- Project managers: communicate between customers and team.- Startups : pitch yourbig idea to VC.- Students : learn UX/UI design.Happyprototyping!The POP Team
POP - Prototyping on Paper 1.0.10
This version will be dropped very soon. Please use POP 2.0instead.Download link :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.woomoo.popHand-drawn wireframes to tappable app prototypes! POP helps youmake interactive prototype with ease. If you can draw, you candesign apps.The workflow is ridiculously simple:1. Design on Paper2. Take Pictures3. Link & Play- Complicated wireframing tools slow us down. Why not use the mostefficient tools, pen & paper, to create prototypes? That's whywe make POP. You simply take pictures of your wireframe, link thesepictures, and it'll work on your phone!- It's great for professional designers. You can import yourmockup images made with Photoshop or Fireworks, link them in POP,and they'll look like the real thing.- It's also great for anyone with an app idea. When you takepictures of paper prototypes, POP will automatically brighten upyour images to make them more legible on screen.- When you're done, share your prototypes with friends andcolleagues to get feedback.- Download now and happy prototyping!# TESTIMONIAL"Ingenious Pop App Lets You Design Apps On Paper" - Cult ofMac"This iPhone app is every designer’s missing puzzle piece forprototyping on paper" - The Next Web"All developers need to do with POP is draw a user interface onpaper, take photos of their sketches, and turn them into a tappabledemo in the app." - TechCrunch"Just snap some pics of your sketches, link them together with afew taps, and voila: instant interactive prototype. No codingrequired." - FastCo.Design"I was about to explore something very similar. Glad to seesomeone made it happen." - Jason Fried, 37 Signals."When doing mockups, I still find the traditional method of pen& paper to be the most convenient and comfortable. POP has notonly made that possible, but a joy." - Steve Chen, Youtube"This is delightful - It's your back of the napkin app UIsketches come to life in the most simple way possible, and ready toshare with collaborators with a tap." - Phill Ryu, Impending