Word To World Television 1.3.6
Founded by Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis, Word ToWorld Television channel aims to touch the various aspects ofeveryday life imparting knowledge, providing entertainment andgiving food for thought to contemplate on the different topicssurrounding each one of us as well as our society.Word To World Television is built on the latest technologicalplatforms and can be viewed on any device and is available onlineas well as through cable television, ACV Channel No: 659.
Word To World Television 1.1
Founded by Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis, Word To World Televisionchannelaims to touch the various aspects of everyday lifeimpartingknowledge, providing entertainment and giving food forthought tocontemplate on the different topics surrounding each oneof us aswell as our society. Word To World Television is built onthe latesttechnological platforms and can be viewed on any deviceand isavailable online as well as through cable television, ACVChannelNo: 659.
Word to World Radio 1.2
The ecumenical Christian internet radio in Malayalam, Word toWorldRadio has been founded in obedience to the Great Commission –tocarry the Gospel of Jesus unto the uttermost parts of theearththrough every means possible. Our mission is to share andspreadthe message of Jesus through media, reaching people with Hislove,His healing , His deliverance, His hope bringingtogetherChristians from all denominations, and all nations unitingthemunder His banner. With listeners spanning four continents andstillgrowing, Word to World Radio, brings quality Christianprogrammingto your homes, promoting Christian family values, whileencouragingand nourishing your walk with Jesus. Our variousprograms cater tothe needs of the old and the young alike, reachingand touchingtheir hearts for Jesus while deepening theirrelationship andcommitment to Him. Word to World Radio is thebrainchild of Bro.Dr. Mathews Vergis, the President of the InterDenominationalChristian Fellowship International an internationalfasting prayerministry. A leading Christian author, Bibletranslator and lyricistwith over 250 songs to his name in fourlanguages, it is his visionto use the media in every form, toproclaim the message of his Lordand Master, that has paved the wayand led to the fruition of thisgreat Christian Radio Project forthe world. Thank you forlistening to Word to World Radio and foryour prayers. Join handswith us at Word to World Radio in reachingthe nations for Jesus!!