Worldreader - Books & Stories 5.0.5
Do you love books? Worldreader gives youaccess to an enormous digital library with thousands of freecarefully curated e-books from around the world.Discover amazing books and stories including:• Books and stories from top authors around the globe• Caine Prize winning short stories• Free books from Mills and Boon• Great children’s books to help kids learn to read• Career development tips for job seekers, professionals andentrepreneurs• Practical health information on safe sex, HIV, Ebola, maternalhealth and more• Books in English, Swahili, Spanish, Hindi and more• Love stories from Africa and beyond• The Bible, prayer books, sermons and devotionals• And much more!Worldreader adds new and exciting titles each week, so pleasecheck in often to discover new books.On Worldreader you can:• Discover a wide variety of books and stories across over 70genres• Read comfortably, wherever you are (even on slowconnections!)• Read books in multiple languages• Create your own library filled with your favorite books• Connect with other readers around the world• Share what you are reading on Facebook, Twitter and biNuLove books? Download Worldreader now!Check out what the press have said about Worldreader Mobile:“Books like Pride and Prejudice and A Tale Of Two Cities are atthe fingertips of thousands of kids who would have never had theopportunity to read them before, and Worldreader wants that to growquickly. Along with books, the organization has put educationalinformation about HIV/AIDS and malaria, instantly turning thedevice into a life-saver as well as a learning tool.” -TechCrunch“Worldreader is making digital books for early readers availableon smartphones in Indian languages such as Bengali, Gujarati,Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and Kannada.” - The Hindu“Since 2010, the non-profit organization Worldreader hasprovided school children in a number of developing countries withaccess to digital books through donated Kindle e-readers. Recently,it has begun to publish the books via a mobile phone-basede-reader.” - BBC“Worldreader Mobile is a book reading application that allowsmillions of people in the developing world to have access to booksthey need and want to read on a device they already own: theirmobile phone.” - Techloy“It's convenient, after all, since phones are often right there,and it's extremely cheap: a 500-page book can be delivered forpennies' worth of data.” - NBC News“In August and September, over 50,000 people used WorldreaderMobile to read information about Ebola provided by the Centers forDisease Control and the World Health Organization. “ -allAfrica“It is not hyperbole to suggest that if every person on theplanet understood that his or her mobile phone could be transformed– easily and cheaply – into a library brimming with books, accessto text would cease to be such a daunting hurdle to literacy.” -The Guardian
Worldreader Kids - Free Children’s Books 3.1.2
Worldreader Kids, also known as Read to Kids or Tuta Tuta (توتةتوتة), offers a treasure trove of free books and stories inEnglish, Hindi, and Arabic for parents and caregivers to readtogether with young children. Worldreader Kids offers: - A richcollection of carefully curated books and story books in English,Hindi, and Arabic to read together with young children. - Hundredsof exciting free children's storybooks, picture books, folktales,fables and a whole lot more from leading local and internationalpublishers. - Develop your child’s skills, vocabulary, values andmake him/her school-ready. - Download free books for offlinereading. - Reading for fun is a proven way to get better academicresults. Make it a habit for your children with Worldreader Kids.Download the Worldreader Kids and explore a whole library of freebooks! توتة توتة
Worldreader - Free Books 1.3.17
Do you love free books? Worldreader gives you access to an enormousdigital library with thousands of free carefully curated ebooksfrom around the world. You can find the best free romance, sports,educational, religious, fiction, and nonfiction books to add yourbookshelf on the Worldreader app. Want to read without using data?You can now download books, read them offline, and take themanywhere. Simply choose a digital book, download it via the bookdetails screen, and have it appear in your offline reading library.Do you love playing games? Reading free books has never been soamazing! This is the only free book library that gives you prizesfor reading your favourite books and stories. Worldreader allowsyou to set reading goals, check your reading progress, and see howyou stand against other readers in your country via readingleaderboards! Discover amazing free books and create your ownbookshelf from stories organised by categories (romance, children’sbooks, worship, sports, science, thriller, fantasy or poetry)including: - Books and stories from top authors around the globe. -Caine Prize winning short fiction stories - Free books from Millsand Boon - Books in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. -Children's books: Great children's books to help toddlers, kids andpreschoolers learn to read with ease - Latest information fromWikipedia - Science books: practical health information on safesex, HIV, Ebola, Zika, maternal health, and more - Romance novels:Love stories from Africa and beyond - Religion and spiritual books:The Bible, prayer books, sermons and devotionals Want audio books?Listen to any book in the Worldreader library via the Read Out Loudfeature. Hear the whole book or learn how to pronounce anindividual word or phrase. Simply open any book, tap the screen toopen the reading menu, and select Read Out Loud. Love free booksand stories? Want to create your own free library? DownloadWorldreader now! Check out what the press has said about theWorldreader app: “eBooks like Pride and Prejudice and A Tale Of TwoCities are at the fingertips of thousands of kids who would havenever had the opportunity to read them before, and Worldreaderwants that to grow quickly. Along with ebooks, the organization hasshared educational information about HIV/AIDS and malaria,instantly turning the device into a life-saver as well as alearning tool.” - TechCrunch “Since 2010, the non-profitorganization Worldreader has provided school children in a numberof developing countries with access to free digital books throughdonated Kindle ereaders. Recently, it has begun to publish theebooks via a mobile phone-based ereader.” - BBC “In August andSeptember, over 50,000 people used Worldreader Mobile eReader toread information about Ebola provided by the Centers for DiseaseControl and the World Health Organization. “ - allAfrica “It is nothyperbole to suggest that if every person on the planet understoodthat his or her mobile phone could be transformed – easily andcheaply – into a library brimming with ebooks, access to text wouldcease to be such a daunting hurdle to literacy.” - The Guardian