Operate by motions Make Shake 1.2
Make Shake - quick access to apps byshakingthe phone and using hand motions.For example, you can check your email, launch the camera oranyapp installed on your phone.With one motion – easy and convenient.You save time by not having to turn on your phone and launchappsthe usual way.Different ways of shaking the phone help launch and closeapps.These could be any apps you’ve installed.Make Shake offers the most common motions:* Move sharply away from you* Move sharply towards you* Move up and down or away from you in a horizontal position* Flip the screen* Move sharply to the left* Swing in the dark* Move your hand left and right in front of the screen* Hold upright when you callWe have done our best to make it simple and intuitive with amoderndesign.Free technical support by e-mail: products@woxapp.com