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WSP Browser 0.7
WSP Studios
İt is your Browser Search, learn, followsocial media. Do everything. You can also look at the weather. Atthe same time you can learn the situation of the dollar and theeuro. Are you ready? Let's go!
Kelime Bul 0.2
WSP Studios
WSP'den bir oyun daha: Kelime Bul. Önceoynayacağınız kategoriyi seçin, sonra bulduğunuz kelimelerin üstünüçizin. Eğlenceyi yaşayın.(Not: 4 kategori ve her kategoride 12 kelime olmak üzere toplam 48kelime vardır. Kategoriler ve kelimeler her güncellemedearttırılacaktır.)WSP more than a game:Word Find. Select the categories you want to play first, then crossout the words you find. Live entertainment.(Note: There are a total of 48 words, including 4 categories and 12words in each category. Categories and words will increase eachupdate.)
Video Downloader For Facebook And İnstagram 0.2
WSP Studios
This app is a video downloader fromFacebook,İnstagram, Vine, Vimeo and other websites. İf you want todownloadvideos with ease of use on your phone, this app is reallyfor you.All you have to do is find the video you need and pressthe"download" button.(You can not download videos from YouTube.)