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Suicide Traffic
You have decided to end your life on thestreets, but you have reconsidered that on the very last moment butit's to late, the traffic is coming to you and have to do whateveryou can to avoid the calamity which is coming to you.
El Juego de Trompo
Trompo Loco The Game es un divertido juego enel cual acompañaremos a Trompo Loco a escapar por la ciudadmientras gana puntos y evita la corrupción que quiere comprarlo oeliminarlo del camino por su magnífico trabajo periodístico.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trompo Loco y HR Proyectos.Redes Sociales:https://www.youtube.com/user/HRPROYECTOShttps://www.facebook.com/Trompolocofanshttps://instagram.com/eltrompolocohttps://twitter.com/trompoloco98https://twitter.com/hrproyectoshttps://instagram.com/hrproyectoshttps://www.facebook.com/hrproyectos-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Crazy spin The Game is afun game in which will accompany Trompo Loco escape the city as yougain points and avoid the corruption that want to buy it or removeit from the road for their great journalism.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Loco spin and HR projects.Social Networks:https://www.youtube.com/user/HRPROYECTOShttps://www.facebook.com/Trompolocofanshttps://instagram.com/eltrompolocohttps://twitter.com/trompoloco98https://twitter.com/hrproyectoshttps://instagram.com/hrproyectoshttps://www.facebook.com/hrproyectos-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Coco Rain
You have to play this gameTommy needs you help him dodge all possible to gain points duringthe game coconuts and can also challenge your friends to try tobeat your score to challenge you to take a screenshot of your scoreand post it in your network social with the names of your friendsyou retaras.