Stay Alight®
Become a world savior in the new arcade game —Stay Alight®!Meet the adventurous Mr. Bulb, who will free the planet from thecartoonish microbes with your help. The green meanies haveconquered the planet completely and utterly, so it’s up to Mr. Bulbto find all their secret hideouts and destroy them using histactical skills and projectile weaponry. The game mechanics isbased on real physics, so you should very carefully aim andcalculate shot power — in the process of completing 80 uniquelevels!Wonderful graphics, amazing music, interactive objects, variousenemies and troves of hidden surprises are waiting for you on thismicrobe-infested planet!KEY FEATURES:✔ Realistic physics✔ Captivating graphics✔ Unique setting✔ Interactive enviroments✔ 4 campaigns, 80 levels✔ A lot of bad guys to beat«The art style is distinctive, and the game deserves praise foravoiding the same old cartoonish style we’ve come to associate withAngry Birds and Cut the Rope.»slidetoplay.com«It's gorgeous, for starters, with a gloriously off-kilter visualstyle. More importantly, though, it's a game that takes thefamiliar projectile-tossing template and attempts to give it atwist all of its own.»pocketgamer.co.uk«Anything can be nitpicked, but Stay Alight! is an easyrecommendation for any mobile gamer.»gamezebo.comSupports following languages:English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Iron Crusade 2.3.1
Yeah, We've just released a huge UPDATE!!!Meet our newest turn-based action Iron Crusade!This is huge update, that change whole game! That's why allprogress from last version will be lost.Instead you will get compensation in lots of crystals.Join the elite Imperial tank squad! Conquer planet after planet!Expand the Empire!You think you are a veteran player and nothing can impress you?Then you have never played Iron Crusade. Experience the hardcoregameplay of Iron Crusade!Iron Crusade is a single player, old school, turn-based actionwith classic 8-bit graphics and sound. Control the tank and survivein a deadly, fully destructible world. Everything can be destroyed–the enviornment, platforms, weapons, your enemies and evenyou…You are the sole defense against hordes of enemy tanks! Turn onall your strategic skills to beat angry armored tanks. Use yourimagination to slaughter challenging enemies. Attentively collectammo, first aid kits, and crystals, used to upgrade powerfulweapons and purchase mightier tanks. The only things of value inthis cruel world are the crystals, your mind and brute force!Beware of your enemies. Each enemy is smart and aggressive witha unique weapon and a special ability. Avoid the mine traps. Youmust survive! You must win! You are the last hope for theEmpire!And that’s just the beginning. There’s no time to spare, put onyour helmet and fight for your Emperor!Main Features:- Mind-blowing, turn-based action!- Old school graphics and sound!- Fully destructible environment!- 30+ levels!- 14 different weapons to destroy your enemy!- Unique player tanks with upgrades!- Variable enemies and bosses on each planet!
Qbies 1.2
Meet the funny cubies. Cute and adorable, theyneed your help. Guide them through a maze of different obstacles inthis fast paced colourful scroller with amazing sound. Wearalternative skins, unlock cards with new game modes and competewith your friends.FEATURES:- Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay- Fast-paced action- Unlockable game modes that decrease or increase difficulty- Pleasant colourful graphics- Amazing sound