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3 Bahadur 4
Roshan Basti, a once vibrant and thriving colony, has fallen intothe hands of evil. Mangu, a powerful and criminal overlord, isterrorizing the residents of Roshan Basti with his gang of thugswho participate in extortion and crime. Ten years have passed butno one has dared to challenge Mangu and his unjust rule. But allthat is about to change... 3 unlikely heroes rise to the challenge.Meet the 3 Bahadur!In this single-player game, you can play asKamil, Saadi or Amna to defeat the thugs of Roshan Basti.Throughout the 5 levels of the game, you will encounter differentthugs and battle it out in exciting missions in hopes of restoringpeace to the colony.The game is easy to play, attractive and fullof energy. Each player is equipped with super powers and theobjective of the game is to defeat Mangu (level 5) to restore peacein Roshan Basti.Amna: Smart and sporty, Amna is always two stepsahead of the boys. She is driven by a need to bring about justiceand fairness. Equipped with the ability to move at extraordinaryphysical speed, Amna is often acts as the savior of the 3 Bahadur.Her superpower allows her to rescue her friends in times of crisisand flee from scenes of danger. Amna is a speedy character whorelies on quick strikes to defeat enemies. Saadi: The brains of thegroup, Saadi can usually be found in his room reading books andinventing the latest hi-tech machines. Equipped with enhancedcognitive skills, Saadi uses his intelligence to come up with plansto defeat his enemies or rescue his friends from sticky situations.His hi-tech inventions and gears help support the 3 Bahadur on thebattlefield. Essentially a range character due to lack of strength,Saadi relies on range attacks and home-made weaponry. Kamil: As theself-appointed class clown and the loudest of the 3 Bahadur, Kamilloves being the centre of attention. Kamil is one brave kid who iswilling to take on anyone to protect his friends. Equipped withenhanced hearing, he can pick up conversations from miles away. Hissuperpower allows him to hear plans being hatched by his enemieswhich gives him an edge on the battlefield. Kamil is a close rangebrawler character. His street fighting skills are useful againstenemies that rely on close range attacks. Long range enemies are athreat. Armed with courage and super powers, twelve-year-old Saadi,Amna and Kamil set out on an epic journey to save their town fromthe evils that plague it.