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Shiva The Cosmic Runner 1.6
Asura's are every where waiting for you. You can defeat them, breakall the traps laid by Asura and reach to your destination. As youare chosen by Shiva, don't worry, lord will be there to help youout. Play it on your mobile or tablets. Run through multiple levelsof magnificent 3D environment, choose the character from home menu.How to play ?Swipe left or right to change the track.Swipe up tojumpSwipe down to slide through.Go over the Shiva to collect andbecome invincibleCollect 1. Rudraksha to unlock the various Themes.2. Fireball Rudraksha to finish enemies. 3. Swastika to continuethe run 4. Bilwa Patra to run faster 5. Shiva to become invincible6. Magnet to pull RudrakshaYou can buy Rudraksha or play the gamelonger to collect Rudraksha to unlock Themes.You can use Swastikato continue the runYou can watch nice game videos to continue therun.More you run more award you will get.Play it !!!!!Did you play"Shiva The Cosmic Power"
Shiva The Cosmic Power 1.9
Wagh Creations welcomes you to "Shiva The Cosmic Power's" beautifulworld. Demon Tarkasur's army is after you. Immerse yourself in epicfights while learning about India. This is a great game for thoseseeking knowledge and fun at the same time!You are faced with theseemingly impossible challenge to accomplish missions whilebattling fearsome enemies. On your adventure, you will learn aboutancient symbols, practice meditation to clam your mind, play funmini-games, and acquire new weapons.Having difficulties in playing,Please watch on youtube "How to play Shiva The Cosmic Power"https://goo.gl/GB8g2eFeatures: > There are two big levels withseveral sub-levels that will keep you hooked on! These include themagnificent Suchindram temple, the calming Swami Vivekananda rockmemorial.> Play fun mini-games on your quest like word searches,puzzles and more!> Stress is horrible in our day to day lives,play the meditation mini-game to earn in game money and calm yourmind at the same time as well know more about meditation.> Everwanted a new fighting experience in a game? Well, Shiva the CosmicPower introduces the sword swipe fighting style. Swipe the screento cut enemies and see dazzling particle effects. > Explore thearchitecture of many temples inside and out. > Farm for thein-game currency: Rudraksha. Farm for potions that will help you inyour quest.> Practice the art of wielding your sword and bow inthe practice arena.Our new game just launched"Shiva The CosmicRunner" on google play.
Virtual Mindfulness Meditation VMM-1.0.2
The Virtual Mindfulness Meditation App aka VMM uses a proprietarysound technology that creates a relaxing 3D surround effect toenhance and deepen the meditation experience. Features VMM offers 6different types of meditations. Depending on the meditations,duration range from 3 to 25 minutes. Optionally, you can alsoselect a background ambience for each meditation. One of the mostinteresting features of VMM is the use of 3D binaural sound, whichcreates a very immersive meditative experience. All audio files areembedded in the app. This means that they are downloaded to yourdevice once, thus saving on mobile data charges and allowing VMM tobe used without mobile network access. This App uses googleFirebase login to keep your information safe and secured withgoogle. Instructor All VMM meditations are guided by Bill Culman.Bill has been practicing various forms of meditation for over 40years. He has completed the UCLA MARC (Mindful Awareness ResearchCenter) mindfulness instructor training program and teachesregularly in the SF Bay Area. Download and start using this App. Weare committed to provide support and additional meditationfeatures.