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Clumsy Dinosaur Live Wallpaper 2.0
Dinosaurs - unranked reptiles that lived 235-65 million years agoin the Mesozoic Era (Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous), until themass extinction 65 million years ago. There were a group of animalsthat dominated the land. Described over 1000 species. They lived onall continents. They are divided into two series: ornithischia(Ornithischia) and saurischia (Saurischia), the past is likely tohave been the ancestors of birds (some had feathers) and may havebeen warm-blooded. The length of the different types ranged from0.35 to 35 m, weight - 110 grams to over 100 tons.
Sea Waves Live Wallpaper 1.0
The excitement, the waves on the water - oscillatory motion ofsurface water weight in water (seas, oceans, lakes, rivers) to formwater billows (waves) caused by wind, atmospheric pressure change,earthquakes, vessel traffic, a sharp change in the profile of thebottom and so on. A common feature of water waves is the presenceof dispersion, which significantly affects the development of waveprocesses on the surface. This is due to a phenomenon dispersiondistinguish waves in deep water (wavelength less than the depth ofthe reservoir) and waves in shallow water, to the latter phenomenonis not observed and the dispersion of the phase velocity determinedby the depth of the reservoir. [1] In dismissing points on thesurface of the liquid from the equilibrium take effect two forcesthat are trying to bring them back to equilibrium - a force ofsurface tension and gravity. Depending on the wavelength of one ofthese forces can be prevailing. In this connection distinguishsuperficial capillary and gravitational waves.
Colorful Parrot Live Wallpaper 2.0
APA - the largest, bright, impressive of all parrots. Loud voiceand powerful beak can cause considerable inconvenience, but thegood sense and gentle treatment calm and friendly. In contentsimilar to Kakadu. Well imitate human speech and different soundsand do it with pleasure. They live in Central and South America.
Monkey & Banana Live Wallpaper 2.0
This funny monkey dreams of a delicious banana, and then her dreamscome true, it surprised and rushes to meet him Monkey is a verymysterious creature, its importance different views in differentcountries In Buddhism monkey is one of three heartless creature,greedy, always something snaps. In Chinese tradition, it symbolizesugly and perverse, has the ability to transform. There are nineanimals Twelve Terrestrial branches. In Christianity means vanity,love of luxury, the devil. In Hinduism it - an attribute monkey godHanuman, possessing divine power and is the son of the wind godVayy. Also, sometimes depicting Hanuman the monkey on his head. Inthe Maya God of the North Star had a monkey head.
Funny Cat Live Wallpaper 2.0
Cat - a domestic animal domesticated by man long ago. And theseanimals are more likely than others to keep the house. Why? I thinkthat this is so for many reasons. Cat small, independent, accuratepet care cats do not require special skills, and communicationbrings great satisfaction. Other animals are exposed to humans andoften changing, living with the man. But the cat is becoming everhuman companion, remained independent, almost semi Shrew. Quicklygetting used to its owner, the cat does not lose its independence.Perhaps this feature is the cat type. Domestic cats are veryindependent animals, besides believe it is graceful, charming andaffectionate. Cats are more likely to keep the animals in thehouse.
Dynamic Crystal Live Wallpaper 4.0
Crystal - solid from orderly internal structure that looks like apolyhedron with natural flat facets: the orderliness of structureis to a certain frequency of crystal elements in space Due to sucha structure of crystalline substances have characteristicproperties as: began melting point cleavage anisotropy elasticitySince the crystals are composed snow and ice, rocks, sugar and soon. Divided into the shape of symmetry. Substances that have nocrystal lattice, known as amorphous substances.
Cute Dogs Live Wallpaper 1.0
Dog, animal closest to man, represents such good qualities asloyalty, diligence, commitment, sincerity and obedience. In sometraditions it serves as the cultural hero, the mythical ancestorwho brought fire to people. In addition, dog, dedicated to the godsof war, the image can be brave and strong warrior symbolizestrength, courage and active attention.As a human assistant, dogleads him on the way to the goal. The dog accompanies man duringthe day life is his guide through the night of death. Large showerleaders such as Anubis, Hecate and Hermes are depicted with thehead of a dog or have a dog as its attribute. In many mythologiesdog guards the boundaries between the worlds, is the guardian andruler of the underworld, where there and lunar deity. This is aworld of dreams, the kingdom of darkness, the other side of life,which, however, is the point at which death is rebirth. There is areturn to the sources, this energy center, where there are powerrestoration.
Falling Rain Live Wallpaper 3.0
Here the sun disappeared behind the clouds, the sky was gray andlow. The air wafted coolness. After a few minutes the first dropsof rain hit the ground. They were huge! Asphalt underfoot becamelike peas in cloth, but not for long. Rain intensified and quicklysoaked everything around. Lath rain rustled through the trees onthe petals of flowers rustled on rooftops, knocked on every window.With the rain came freshness, purity and renewal that he not onlywashed away the dust from the road, but the fatigue of the humansoul.
Cool Dragon Live Wallpaper 2.0
Of all the fictional creatures dragon most famous in the world.From ancient times to the present time, the east and the west, inthe national epic and fantastic works embodiment dragon wasterrible superhuman strength. In the legends of many peoples of theworld dragons - powerful opponents eternal heroes. Each of thelegends victory over the dragon has great symbolic and sometimespractical. Heroes of Middle transfers thus save their people fromvarious disasters. Win dragon, mythological Greek warriors gainedimmortality as medieval knights - countless treasures and royalbrides beautiful crown. In modern fiction novels fate of manycivilizations planets future depends on the outcome of the battlewith the dragon, whose power extends to the whole universe.Wherever there was a dragon, he was always brave opponent. Theirstruggle - the main story of myths of all nations. However, thedragon is not always considered so much a monster. Modern dragonhas very little in common with its medieval ancestor, and even less- the dragons of ancient myths and legends, which often wasabsolutely horrible unnatural bloodlust.
Modern Art Live Wallpaper 2.0
Modern art - burdened terminological accuracy concept that can meanthe art of what is happening in the present moment, or refer to aset of artistic trends and movements that emerged in the secondhalf of the XX century. According to the director of the UkrainianFoundation "Center for Contemporary Art" Catherine Botanova,contemporary art can be interpreted as being "engaged activelyresponds to the state of society and the state of today's world"
Expression Chocolat LWallpaper 2.0
Sometimes one can give a new taste feeling of absolute harmonyaround. Then comes an understanding of how little is needed forhappiness - not always something complex, long-awaited andmaterial. Most - the simplest of all. Such, such as chocolate.  It is difficult to mention a product with such a mysteriousand controversial history. Initially used only chocolate in liquidstate. The drink was pretty tough, bitter, prepared with spices andaromatic herbs. So he learned about the first Europeans ChristopherColumbus, who brought cocoa fruits from tropical America, wherechocolate was a drink shamans and leaders of local tribes. At thetime this oddity was not assessed properly and only centuries laterthe Spanish General Fernando Cortez again brought the mysteriouscocoa beans to Europe. Unidentified Mexican delicacy tribes hadhuge success, drinking chocolate were all noble courts. The cost atthat time chocolate was huge, so ordinary people could not evendream to try this new drink.
Juicy Fruits Live Wallpaper 1.0
Vegetables, fruits and berries have longbeenincorporated into many health and general strengtheningrations.They have high energy properties and beneficial to all.They heldmany different valuable substances. The most common in ourdiet arethe following fruits and vegetables.
War of the Colors LiveWP 1.0
War of the Colors Live Wallpaper============================Veryunusual personification of color in the form of human, it is in ourwallpaper you can see it, quick battle red and blue Color willcontinue on the screen of your smartphone, download our livewallpaper and enjoy them
Unusual sphere live wallpapers 3.2
Scope is a rotation surface formed by the rotation of a semicirclearound its diameter. Space areas in degree subject variabilitymeasure the dimensions of arcs of 41,252.96 square meters.degrees.The sphere is a special case of an ellipsoid, in which allthree axis (axis radii) level. The sphere is the surface of theball. The sphere has the smallest area of ​​all surfaces that limitthe amount given also on all surfaces of the area of ​​the spherelargest volume limits. Therefore, the spherical body found innature, such as small drops of water in free fall is becoming aspherical shape by minimizing the surface area of ​​the surfacetension force.
Fluffy monsters Live Wallpaper 2.0
Monster or another monster, scarecrow, monster - frightening, uglycreature with supernatural power. As a metaphor used to describethe dominant real or imaginary object, technical device withsupernatural abilities. In video games, gameplay which includes avariety of travel and fights in hostile lands, "monsters" calledmanaged computers and hostile to the player characters.
Low Polly Parrot Live Wallpape 1.0
Low poly is a polygon mesh in 3D computer graphics that has arelatively small number of polygons. Low poly meshes occur inreal-time applications (e.g. games) and contrast with high polymeshes in animated movies and special effects of the same era. Theterm low poly is used in both a technical and a descriptive sense;the number of polygons in a mesh is an important factor to optimizefor performance but can give an undesirable appearance to theresulting graphics
Space Adventures Live Wallpape 1.0
Since ancient times people tried toexplainthat there is in the clouds, why the stars shine, why theyfallfrom the sky. The world of the human head there is a hugeandrequires study as the world at his feet.Most ancient deity considered for space, gave their namesplanetsand stars. People build hypotheses about what is thisheavenlyworld. They tried to explain the celestial system in thesame way asEarth. They endowed the human qualities of celestialbodies, itseemed that everything revolves around the Earth.
Sun Star Live Wallpaper 2.0
Sun - is not only the beauty of the east, south and beam beautifulsunset in the evening. Sun - a huge fiery star, red-hot to sixthousand degrees Kelvin. And that revolve around the Sun Earth andother planets of the solar system, even before people believed theopposite. The sun gives the earth as much heat and light to herpeople could live. If the sun is stronger hell on Earth would heatprevailed, and the oceans have evaporated into the atmosphere. Ifon the contrary, on this planet reign frost. Of course, all thewater would be ice. People could not see the light!
Amazing Abstract LiveWallpaper 2.0
Abstract art, abstract art, figurative art - one of the trends ofavant-garde art of the early XX century. Philosophical and abstractaesthetic basis - irrationalism, a departure from the objectiveillusion, image, clear impression and expression of the artist bymeans of geometric shapes, lines, color spots sounds. The directionof modern abstract art in sculpture and painting originated inEurope and North America in 1910 - 1920. Since ancient times peoplehave tried to show the beauty of the world, scenes of life indrawings, paintings. Later paintings talented people have becomeworks of art. There were many different areas of art:impressionism, modernism, classicism, romanticism, naturalism,symbolism, realism, surrealism, abstractionism and others. Eachcourse covers a unity of worldview, aesthetic views and ways ofreflection. It has long been aimless work there as an ornament, butin recent history took shape in a particular aesthetic program -abstract. The emergence and development of abstract art wasassociated with spiritual ideas that agitated the minds ofEuropeans to the XIX-early XX century. Interests metaphysicaltheories and utopian seized as philosophers and writers, musiciansand painters. The desire to express the inexpressible, to convey asense of unity of soul and matter, the universe, the space requiredby artists find new, unconventional visual language, full of deepmeaning.
Quilling Beauty Live Wallpaper 1.0
Quilling - art manufacturing flat or three-dimensional compositionswith twisted spiral strips of paper.Although significantly Quillingorigin is unknown, it is believed that it was right after theinvention of paper in China in 105 BC Other sources claim thatQuilling practiced in ancient Egypt. One thing is certain -Quilling has a very rich history.It is 300 - 400 years, silver andgold darts were twisted around the pillars and vases, jewelry goodwork has been done is through technology Quilling. By the 1200'sthis enthusiasm was very popular. The main material was metal, sowhen it became available for a layman, changed the paper. Quillingsaid first documented in 1200's, but actually began to be used in1500-1600, those French and Italian nuns.
Sweet Oranges Live Wallpaper 2.0
Orange - the name of the eponymous fruit trees and family citrusand translated from the German orange means "Chinese apple." Orangeis one of the oldest plants cultivated by mankind, both forconsumption and for medicinal purposes. Historians claim that thedoctors of ancient Egypt more than 2 thousand years BC oranges usedsuccessfully to treat many diseases. But orange is considered thehomeland still not the land of the Pharaohs, and China, where theywere cultivated long before our era. Only in the 15th century,oranges were caught in Europe.
Lovely Flowers Live Wallpaper 2.0
Flowers give us not only their beauty. They - all living piece ofgreen nature, through which we can breathe clean air. Aftervegetation, which adorns our Earth, often called the lungs of theplanet. Smoke good and sincere people are always seen from afar.They abound with green leaves and bright flowers of plants. Theycan delight our vision in a small front gardens, tailored to thebox on the balcony or just at the windowsill. Tiny forget-andelegant roses equally attractive. We generously give their flavormodest little white jasmine flowers and gorgeous peonies. Eachflower - a decoration of our lives.
Funny Mr. Crab Live Wallpaper 2.0
Many eastern nations in ancient times linked the crabs with waterdeities, especially with the sea. For example, the ancientEgyptians believed crab is not just a symbol of water, but it is apositive force that creates new and revive old. Myths of AncientGreece to explain the presence of gratitude constellation crabsupreme goddess Hera, Heracles for help in combating the hydra,respectively, crab symbolizes reliability, support. Crab crabreliability also acts through a hard shell that protects the body.Inca Civilization seen in crabs aggressive start - they believethat this is the crab "bite off" a piece of the moon, making it amonth.
Chinese New Year Live Wallpape 1.0
Chinese New Year God of wealth LiveWallpaperFree (PRO):2017 Happy New Year! In the new year, I wish you all a happynewyear, happy day. And good luck to all! Congratulations!Bright and beautiful red background, which means the coming ofthenew year. And the sign said New Year to all. Happy New Year2017.This free live wallpapers for New Year. You can enjoy the NewYearonly on your phone screen. You will see eight Chinese god ofwealthplaced with the blessing of the new year, beautifulfireworks. Anda good blessing screen wallpaper. We hope you arelucky enough tocome in 2017 new year. And most interesting ofwallpaper is thateight Chinese god of wealth can rotation bythemselves or you canmove the phone's screen, which can bewallpaper rotation.New Year is the most important national holiday in China, theNewYear is also the most fun holiday of family unity! Thiswallpaper isso beautiful, I like one. Enjoy this free wallpaper.Happy New Year2017! I hope you will like it. Thank you verymuch.Happy New Year Free live wallpaper: to enter the New Year!Enjoy this new year scene to your phone.In your wallpaper:* You can install the wallpaper rotationThese wallpapers are suitable for relatively high-endAndroidphone, low end mobile phone can display slowly. Pleasenoteit.I hope you will like it. Thanks to.All my Live Wallpaper are Free for youThis free app is ad supported: Admob, App flood. In order tokeepthis app free and allow me to keep working on improvements youwillperiodically receive a sponsored ad. I appreciateyourunderstanding and support. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to.Rate and comment, we appreciate your opinion.Installation instructions:• Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpapers• Go, find out the wallpaper and set it.
Christmas tree Star Live WP 1.0
Christmas live wallpaper 3D-scene showing the sparkling lights ofthe Christmas tree.Enjoy the spirit of Christmas in your devicetapping tree-Topper (3D star) and hear the Christmas bells.Download it and you will find realistic snowfall lights andChristmas scenes wins!This live wallpaper has a hologram mode fordevices with a gyroscope, so if you turn the device that you getthe 3D effect. Move the device to see stunning 3D hologram effect!If you set the camera mode, the camera automatically moves vent onstage.Get premium version and you can choose your favorite color ofChristmas scenes, or change it every time you click on the startree-Topper. In addition, you get a color program tree andsnowflakes & much snow!Look at the video and have fun!FeaturesChristmas tree live wallpaper:★ Snowfall lights★ regime Hologram★automation mode camera★ bells sound★ camera settings beforehandHowto install Christmas live wallpaper on your phone screen:Home->Menu-> shpalery-> Live shpalery-> select live wallpapersChristmas tree
Origami New Year Live WP 2.0
New Year Live Wallpaper is a collection of the best Full HDwallpapers and backgrounds for your smartphone or tablet. Features:✔For new year 2017 ✔ Both portrait and landscape ✔ Beautifulgraphics ✔ Only quality HD. ✔ Easy to use ✔ user the ability toselect drain etc. ✔ Low battery consumption