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World of Tanks Magazine (EN) 6.5.2
World of Tanks Magazine is a FREE science-pop magazine that bringsmilitary history, technology and the whole universe of Wargamingprojects to Google Play.World of Tanks Magazine is packed withinteractive tactical guides, in-depth historical articles, as wellas exclusive interviews with Wargaming developers, producers, andartists so you can gain valuable insights on how we continue todeliver unparalleled gaming experiences.Download the premiere issueof the official World of Tanks Magazine (English Edition) for freenow!Note: optimized for tablets and smartphones running Android 4.0or higher.Keywords:military,history,tanks,war,ships,wot,heroes,wows,wwII,games,mmo
World of Tanks Blitz MMO
Meet the Legendary Tank Shooter! Join a community of 100 millionplayers all over the world. Battle in 7x7 format on your own ortogether with friends, research and upgrade armored vehicles, usevarious tactics, and win. Choose a tank and battle! GAME FEATURES •An enormous world of tanks: over 350 unique and exclusive vehicles!Historically accurate vehicles, experimental tanks based onblueprints of famous engineers, armored monsters from popularalternative universes—here they all fight together! • Dynamic 7x7battles with different modes in over 25 locations. Each battle isunpredictable: the outcome depends on you and your team. • Heavyaction! In-game events with rare vehicles as rewards and battleswith dramatically different gameplay. Become invisible (and notonly) in Mad Games, test yourself in tough Realistic Battles, or...become a real little battle duck for April 1! • A well-developedprogression system Research vehicles from Tier I tanks to monstrousTier X machines. Change guns, set equipment, wear camouflage—tuneyour vehicle to match your play-style! • Spectacular graphics thatautomatically optimizes to your device. Manual settings will helpyou find the balance between the juicy picture and high FPS. •Teamplay Create platoons with your friends or join a clan to battletogether with like-minded players in Rating battles and toparticipate in tournaments with prizes! The game requires at least2.5 GB of free space and an Internet connection. Learn more athttps://wotblitz.com/
World of Tanks Assistant 3.2.1
Giving access to the most important statistical information fromthe battlefield, this is the app you’ll check daily to track yourprogress and keep up with game events. Note! This app doesn'tsupport Xbox 360 Edition and Blitz accounts. • Player ProfileEverything from personal rating to assisted damage, complemented byvisual charts to help you get an in-depth view of your progress.Monitor stats of your vehicles for a certain period or overall timeplayed. Learn more about the achievements! • Timeline We proudlyintroduce the Timeline! A perfect tool to stay in tune with yourfriends’ latest gaming activity, as well as to help commanderstrack their clanmates’ game progress. Battles count, currentvictory rate, and a lot more in a few taps. • Tankopedia How manytimes have you needed to check some tank characteristic and didn’thave a PC around? We have a solution—a full-scale encyclopediaright in your pocket! Wherever you are, you’ll have a full tankknowledge database at hand. This feature will help to compare yourfavorite tanks and explore every characteristic of every vehicle,from armor and engine power to damage and view range. • Hall ofFame and Clan Ratings Interested in comparing your own in-gameperformance against those of your friends and clan mates? You’vecome to the right place. Switch between four timeframes: overall, 4weeks, 1 week, and 1 day, and view your ratings side by side withthose of your friends and fellow clan members. Our Clan Ratingswill come in handy and help you track clan performance, no matterwhether you are a fresh Recruit or a skilled Commander.Everything’s at your fingertips! • Clan Wars Stay in touch withyour clan status and struggle for territory on the Global map, andtrack your income and provinces. Analyze and decide which territorywill be your next objective. Don’t miss anything: we’ve got allyour scheduled clan battles! • Share your triumphs with the worldvia social networks. • Follow the latest news! This app is the bestway to get the latest information, on the go, anytime, anywhere,and it’s free! To use the app you need a working Internetconnection. App page North America: http://bit.ly/1zTPyed App pageEurope: http://bit.ly/1vjg7JF App page Asia: http://bit.ly/1Fm6ahM
World of Tanks Console 3.3
World of Tanks Console Companion is theofficial mobile companion from the Wargaming.net team. Nowavailable for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360! World of TanksConsole Companion provides players access to the vital stats theyneed to track their daily progress and crush the competition.Please note that World of Tanks Console Companion forPlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 does not support World ofTanks Blitz or World of Tanks on the PC.The World of Tanks Console Companion for PlayStation 4, Xbox Oneand Xbox 360 allows you to:• Access the powerful Tankopedia to view and compare stats on everytank and upgrade package in the game• View detailed statistics on your battle history; analyze yourtactics to see how you can improve• Check out all of the medals, ribbons and other achievementsyou've earned• View your account balance: Premium Account Time, Gold, Silver andFree XP• Purchase, create and manage your in-game World of TanksClan• Access your PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Friends lists toview stats, tanks, and awardsWorld of Tanks Console Companion for PlayStation 4, Xbox One andXbox 360 requires a working internet connection and a PlayStationNetwork or Xbox Live account.
World of Tanks Magazine (RU) 6.5.2
Все выпуски абсолютно бесплатны!World of Tanks Magazine (RussianEdition) — бесплатный интерактивный журнал о проектах Wargaming, ихсоздателях и военной истории, вдохновляющей разработчиков компаниина выпуск обновлений и создание новых проектов.В World of TanksMagazine можно прочесть эксклюзивные интервью с разработчиками ипродюсерами Wargaming; узнать о последних новинках и планах поразвитию любимого проекта от гейм-дизайнеров; изучить интерактивныеруководства по играм, погрузиться в атмосферу легендарных военныхсражений, а также узнать о последних онлайн- и оффлайн-ивентах,организованных компанией.Новые выпуски будут выходить каждыйквартал, а в будущем - ежемесячно!Будьте в курсе последних новостейобо всех играх Wargaming с электронным журналом World of TanksMagazine!Примечание: приложение оптимизировано для планшетов сAndroid 3.0 и выше и смартфонов с Android 4.0 и выше.Keywords:журнал,танки,вот,wot,деды,история,техника,вооружение,статья,чтение,наука,игра,пресса,культура,интервьюAllissues are absolutely free!World of Tanks Magazine (RussianEdition) - a free online magazine about the projects Wargaming,their creators and military history, inspiring the developers ofthe company to release updates and new projects.In World of TanksMagazine You can read exclusive interviews with the developers andproducers Wargaming; learn about the latest updates to the plansfor the development of the project from a favorite game designers;explore interactive guides for games, enjoy the atmosphere of thelegendary military battles, as well as learn about the latestonline and offline-events organized by the company.New releaseswill come out every quarter, and in the future - every month!Keepup to date with the latest news on all the games Wargaming withelectronic magazine World of Tanks Magazine!Note: The applicationis optimized for tablets with Android 3.0 and above and smartphoneswith Android 4.0 and above.Keywords:журнал,танки,вот,wot,деды,история,техника,вооружение,статья,чтение,наука,игра,пресса,культура,интервью
Gods and Glory: War for the Throne
Launch yourself into an intense tactical real-time PvP strategy ina fantasy medieval setting. Clash with warriors across the world inMMO battles and build your empire. Call upon the power of sixdifferent gods and summon their legendary units to aid yourconquest. Level up and enhance your ultimate hero, master and wieldmagic, craft powerful items and ascend to the throne of kings!Experience the medieval life in a rich MMO world of war and magic.Newly-fledging fantasy towns and glorious empires alike face plentyof challenges and threats from rivals. Fight and join forces withmillions of other players, engage in diplomacy and watch your back— in this harsh war-torn era of strife, you will need to be cunningto see through the ruse of other warlords. Features: ● CREATE yourown unbeatable army with unique heroes and units, become theultimate god of war ● RULE a fantasy empire filled with challengesand choose how to govern your dominion ● ENGAGE in spectacularreal-time PvP fights with thousands of players and seize your glory● SUMMON various dwarf and elven units to reign supreme ● RESEARCHtechnologies and rise to power with unique treasures and ancientrelics ● JOIN a glorious alliance to find new friends and claimyour territory in this era of conflict ● TEAM UP with your alliesto lead large-scale clan wars against other lords ● TAKE DOWNcolonies to earn more vital resources for survival Join theofficial game community and participate in our contests to winvaluable rewards! http://www.facebook.com/godsandgloryofficial Feelfree to read up on our EULA: http://legal.eu.wargaming.net/en/eulaAnd below you can find our Privacy Policy:http://legal.eu.wargaming.net/en/privacy-policy
World of Tanks Blitz Assistant 1.9
The World of Tanks Blitz Assistant is here! Now all mobile tankershave their very own personal assistant to check out combatstatistics, study other players’ techniques, and much more! Worldof Tanks Blitz Assistant: all the battle information you need injust one, simple app! With World of Tanks Blitz Assistant you can:• View the latest battle statistics • Keep an eye on theachievements and vehicles of other players • Browse your list ofSelected friends from World of Tanks Blitz, as well as your friendsfrom World of Tanks • Sort tanks using a variety of filters •Follow the latest World of Tanks Blitz news • Check out the latestin-game infographics
World of Tanks Blitz Chat 1.1
World of Tanks Blitz Chat is a new servicemobile application for World of Tanks Blitz fans!WoT Blitz Chat is a handy messenger which lets:• Chat with friends from WoT Blitz;• Keep an eye on online friends with the help of specialwidgets;• Add players to friends, delete them, and block users.We are planning to proceed with the development of the app andits features, and will be happy to hear your feedback andsuggestions.WoT Blitz Chat – stay online in your favorite game!
World of Tanks Theme 1.0.2
This World of Tanks theme for your Android device is based on theworld-famous online action game dedicated to WWII tank warfare.Keep your favorite game close at hand, even when you’re looking foran app or catching up with friends. Deploy the Android theme andget your smartphone up to full combat spec. Your main screen willdisplay stylized icons, while the background will have newwallpapers showing off your favorite WWII tanks. Installing yournew mobile theme is simple: 1. Download World of Tanks Theme. Youwill need to install Yandex Launcher for the theme to work on yoursmartphone 2. Set Yandex Launcher as your default. You will begiven this option in a pop-up window when installing it 3. Enjoythe new theme on your device! If you already have Yandex Launcher,simply choose World of Tanks Theme from your collection. Veteransknow that just like in the cockpit of a tank everything should bewithin your grasp—especially on your smartphone. You can customizeyour Android device to your preference, quickly find an app orcontact you need, and even speed up your phone with a 1-tap boostat critical moments—all with Yandex Launcher. Be sure to send inyour reconnaissance reports about this theme and Yandex Launcher,as well as any suggestions. Our team will try to bring the mostpopular ideas to life. Support service: launcher@support.yandex.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfTanks
Wargaming Auth 1.0
Wargaming Auth is an extra layer of security for your Wargaming.netID. Designed to better protect your account from theft or hacking,it generates temporary codes used during the two-step verificationprocess. This way, hackers have no chance at illegally accessingyour hard-earned tanks, warships, and warplanes, even if they knowyour password. Free, Simple and Convenient Wargaming Auth adds alayer of security to your Wargaming.net account at no additionalcost. It doesn’t require the use of additional security keys orsmartcards, which can be lost. Instead, all you have to do isinstall an app on your smartphone and link it to your gamingaccount. Multi-Layered, Reliable DefensePasswords on their ownaren’t as infallible as we need them to be. With Wargaming Auth,the second security factor, a 6-digit timed code is generated on apersonal device and changes every 30 seconds, which drasticallyreduces a hacker’s chance at illegally accessing your account.Howit Works:• Step 1: On the Account Management page, enable thetwo-factor authentication method.• Step 2: Install Wargaming Auth,activate it by scanning the barcode, and finish the operation byentering the confirmation code.• Step 3: When you want to log in toyour Wargaming.net account, type the password and confirm youridentity by entering the current 6-digit security code displayed onthe Wargaming Auth screen.
World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game 3.2.0
Join real-time tactical 3D multiplayer war battles on the high sea,command your fleet, team up to shoot and destroy your enemies inintense and realistic PVP gunship war battle royale simulator.Featuring over 200 ships dating back to WW2 and WW1, you can amassa navy of your own! World of Warships Blitz is a free-to-playmobile MMO action tactical navy battle ship strategy war and thirdperson shooter game by Wargaming and is based on the top awardwinning online multiplayer PC version of World of Warships Blitz.World of Warships Blitz MMO online multiplayer game brings theWorld War 2 naval strategy war and action gameplay of the PCgunship battlefield to the highly immersive, quick and fast pacedaction on your mobile and tablet like a real boat war simulator. Ifyou like war ship, gunship combat games or third person shooters,join this MMO naval action 3d multiplayer game with a fleet ofbattle ships. Jump straight into quick online action-packed 7vs7epic tactical warships battles, enter the battlefield no matterwhere you are and sink enemy vessels! World of Warships Blitz isthe ultimate 3D PVP shooter and strategy war game and navy battlesimulator. Battle online and offline, on the high sea or in a bay,fight on real marine battlefields, authentic battles of warshipswith awesome weapons like guns and missiles await you! - Master theWWII steel boat juggernauts from a variety of Battleships,Cruisers, Destroyers and even Aircraft carriers - Choose from 130unique classes of ships from Japan, the U.S.A., U.S.S.R or Germanyand battle for ocean dominance - Take on your enemies in real worldlocations of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans in massiveworld battlefield areas - Choose from different levels and missionswith different battle of warships difficulty - Switch betweenvarious types of combat weapons such as missiles, torpedos and guns- Play single-player solo missions or team up with friends to shootenemy gun ships. Get supplies, equipment, war upgrades and new navyships - Get rewards and medals for your successes as a fleetcommander and a chamption in the greatest gun battles of the sea! Atruly free-to-play action 3D tactical multiplayer strategy wargame. No timers, energy bars, fuel—play as much as you want andwhenever you want in this sea battle simulator. Whether fightingagainst random players around the world in solo battles or teammatches, or in ranked battles, campaigns or co-op battles, World ofWarships Blitz gives you the ultimate realistic historical navyboat war battle experience with warships from WW2 and WW1 alongwith amazing 3D action shooter. Are you ready to compete in themost realistic tactical online gunship simulator and to commandyour fleet? Guide your battle ship fleet to victory and glory inthis total war now!
Warfair 1.10
Welcome to the NEXT GENERATION OF MOBILE STRATEGY! WARFAIR is areal-time competitive strategy game set in the war-torn nearfuture, currently in Beta.Deploy and command your units like neverbefore using all-new touch controls allowing you to carefully planyour strategy and outsmart your opponents. Put your tactics to thetest and climb the rankings by challenging other players inthrilling 1VS1 REAL-TIME BATTLES.In WARFAIR, every movecounts!FEATURES:● DIRECT UNIT CONTROL - Set the exact paths andtargets for each unit● PLAN AND EXECUTE - Devise your strategybefore seeing how it plays out in real time against your opponent●MIND OVER REFLEXES - Plan and predict your opponent’s next moves tooutwit and beat them● COMPETE AND DOMINATE - Challenge otherplayers in real-time 1v1 battles and climb up the rankings to winprizes● BUILD YOUR SQUAD - Unlock and upgrade powerful new units tothe ultimate battle squad● UNITE FORCES - Form clans with fellowplayers to share units and become part of the community● LEARN FROMTHE BEST - Check out replays of other players to learn newstrategies and tacticsJoin the WARFAIR community by tuning into ourlive streams and participating on our official forums. We want yourfeedback and opinions to help us make the game perfect!Warfair isfree to download and play, however, some game items can also bepurchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Anetwork connection is also required. Please be advised thatperformances may vary depending on devices..SupportAre you havingproblems? Send an email to support@playwarfair.com or send amessage to "Developer Mike" from your inbox in-game.OfficialForumsGet involved with the discussion by heading over tohttps://playwarfair.com/forums/
World of Tanks AR Experience 1.0.6
Taste true power with World of Tanks AR Experience onARCore.Download World of Tanks AR Experience and celebrate thelaunch of World of Tanks 1.0 with life-size tanks. Discover rarewar machines in detail, take photos and create videos, and sharethem with your friends.NOTE: In case you do not receive anautomatic notification from Google Play, please ensure that youhave the newest version of Google ARCore installed before runningthe app.Your smart device becomes a window into a raging battlebetween the Soviet T-44-100 (R) tank, the German Tiger I tank, andthe German Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber that you can navigateand view from any angle. You won't find the T-44-100 (R) in anymuseum, but the World of Tanks AR Experience app allows you tounleash this armored beast in your own living room, gym,sidewalk-anywhere!Features:• Works on ARCore compatible devicesonly• Experience life-sized World War II-era tanks and planes• Takea virtual tour of theT-44-100 (R) tank featuring technicalcharacteristics and historical notes• Take photos and create videoswith AR vehicles, with saving and social network sharingoptionsTips:• Make sure you have enough room, because you're aboutto see full-scale AR vehicle models• Instructions are included withthe World of Tanks AR Experience app• Don't miss the opportunity tomake your AR experience complete: walk around the tanks and examinethem in full detailhttps://worldoftanks.com/en/one/Keywords: ar, 3dtanks, wot, ar app, tank, vr, virtual reality, augmented reality,vr app, arcore, arkit, battle, photo, ar.vr
Runegate Heroes 0.21
Strategy? Tower defense? RPG? Runegate Heroes has got it all!Defend your towers and the portal, lead the charge of your heroicteam, counter enemy summons with cunning and use skills tacticallyto become victorious. Outsmart your opponents in both PvP and PvEbattles. Sharpen your skills, build your perfect team, upgrade andcustomize your heroes. Dominate! Features: • Lead your armies toglory: summon Heroes, use skills and abilities, push the lanes, anddestroy the Runegates! • Outsmart and outperform the oppositiontactically: counter every enemy move, rush, defend orcounterattack. The choice is yours! • Over 40 mighty Heroescatering for any playstyle reporting for duty. •• Master theirpowerful abilities to win flawlessly. •• Come up with your ownultimate team. Dominate strategically and surprise your opponents!• Challenge players from around the world in real time. •• Makeyour way to the very top of the leaderboards. • Explore the worldof Elrune, activate Runegates, discover new Heroes and ancientartefacts to assist you in the Aether Contest. • Upgrade your armyto unleash its full potential – Heroes, Towers and Minions are atyour command. • Customize your Heroes with unique Rune loadouts. •Start a clan or join an existing one in the fierce battle for powerand resources. •• Cooperate with your clanmates to make a name foryourselves in the world of Elrune. Terms of Service:http://legal.eu.wargaming.net/en/terms-of-service/
Bowling Crew — 3D bowling game 1.05
The lanes are now open, so it's time to play the real-time PvPmultiplayer sports game everyone's talking about! Bowl on everyfantastic 3D bowling alley with friends and players from around theworld online in real-time as you compete in tournaments and 1v1games! In Bowling Crew, you can upgrade your balls and unlock newcompetitive series as you master your bowling skills and competewith other players online in the quest to be the Bowling King witha strike on every bowl! - Quick-fire 1v1 online real-time gameplay.- Revolutionary bowling system that's easy to learn but difficultto master. - Thousands of online players are waiting to bechallenged. - Bowl through more advanced series as you "raise thestakes". - Earn promotion in weekly leagues to unlock premiumbowling balls. - Advance through stunning 3D bowling alleys fromall around the world: snowy mountains, Monument Valley, a rock gigand more classic sports clubs. - Climb the career ladder in one ofthe best competitive sports, now in the form of an easy bowlingapp. - Clash with friends in every bowling club like you've neverdone before! Let's bowl with Bowling Crew! SUPPORT Are you having aproblem? Please contact us via our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/bowlingcrewgame
Darkfire Heroes
Collect and battle with more than 50 heroes from 6 unique factionsin this action fantasy RPG game. Assemble teams, build strategies,and lead the brave fight against evil enemies and monsters! Proveyour skills as you cast magic spells and unleash powerful specialattacks to save the lost realm in this battle fantasy RPGadventure. Unlike idle games, Darkfire Heroes lets you show yourskills in the entire fight against evil enemies or an evil dragonboss. Upgrade your hero and customize your gear to master battleand fight tactics. Play a massive campaign that pits you againstevil minions, brutal boss monsters and otherworldly beasts, likeancient dragons. Go up against global opponents in the PVP Arena.STRATEGIC COMBAT🗡🛡 In this RPG fantasy adventure, your battlestrategy matters. Be brave, pick the right heroes and magic spellsfor battle. Equip each hero with magic gear and ensure they arefully upgraded and ready for strategic RPG battle on a quest. Withmore than 50 heroes, 20 magic spells, and hundreds of epic skillsand gear pieces, the fight tactics are limitless. COLLECT EPICHEROES🦸🧙🧝 Assemble a squad of knights, sorcerers, archers, clerics,wizards, assassins, warriors, priests and more to defeat the darkforces in every level. Each hero has unique special attacks andcustom battle skills. You decide if your squad focuses on areadamage, single target attacks, healing or a combination of it all.BRAWL IN THE PVP ARENA⚔️ Show your skills in real-time battle anddominate the PVP Arena level. With many gripping PVP modes, you’llnever get bored of crushing your friends & other players fromaround the world. This is not an idle game. Play game modes fromhead-to-head fights to thrilling contests. Build your squad andrule the PVP Arena. Climb the Trophy Road rankings and claim loot!FIGHT EPIC BOSSES🧟🦹 Take on challenges, show your skills, andbattle the deadly boss for valuable loot. Vanquish lich lords,giant spiders, and fire breathing dragons. If your team is braveenough, begin the quest on a harder level for more powerful rewardsand loot. EXPLORE AN EPIC CAMPAIGN🏰 Enter the fantasy realm ofDarkfire Heroes and go on a heroic adventure. Explore hundreds oflevels across more than 10 breathtaking locations. Your squad willjourney from ancient valleys to haunted castles, and from frozenpeaks to volcanic mountains. Your heroes are the only hope todefend the free lands. 🧙‍♀️🧙BUILD YOUR OWN CLAN🧝‍♀️🧝‍♂️ Fight evilhordes, with support from other epic players and friends. Join amighty clan or build your own by recruiting the best players in thefree lands. Earn a valuable clan chest each week by brawling otherplayers in the PVP Arena. Share strategies, tactics and favoriteheroes in the clan chat and become the most powerful clan in therealm. Download and play Darkfire Heroes📲🕹 ★ Enjoy fast-pacedthrills in an epic, free-to-play fantasy RPG adventure game ★Collect characters and lead teams of brave heroes in real-timebattle against evil monsters and boss enemies. ★ Build differentteams from more than 50 heroes and magic spells for each quest ★Show your skills - this is not an idle game! ★ Brawl in the epicPVP Arena against players from all over the world ★ Earn chests andcollect valuable loot to upgrade your hero, magic spells and gear ★Save the free lands from evil monsters, like dragons, as youexplore an epic massive campaign PLEASE NOTE: • This game hasin-app purchases. Some paid items may not be refundable dependingon its type. Official Website: https://darkfireheroes.net Support:https://darkfireheroes.zendesk.com/ Privacy Policy:http://legal.na.wargaming.net/en/privacy-policy/