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Shiatsu Massage 1.13
Learn different Shiatsu massage techniques from Japan, and otherAsian massage styles.Shiatsu massage is a Japanese style of massagetherapy used to treat psychological and physical complaints.Shiatsu, also known as acupressure, is a finger pressure massagetechnique that is sometimes confused with acupuncture. Shiatsumassage therapy and acupuncture are founded on the Chinesemedicine.If you tried Swedish or Thai massage in the past, butnever heard about Shiatsu massage, you will love this freeapp!Shiatzu Massage includes a new feature called caller ID thatwill not only assist you to identify calling numbers in real-time,that will help you to identify who is calling you even if you don'thave that number in your contacts. It will also help you to callyour shiatsu masseuse quicker and easier, with a simple tap. Youcan disable this feature whenever you want if you feel it's notuseful for you.Learn all shiatsu massage techniques today with thisfree app.
ABS Exercices 1.20
Abdominal exercises. Why do you want to go to the gym if you cantrain at home ? Make abdominal exercises and start training yourmuscles today. Learn how to lose weight with our abdominalexercises. We have all kinds of exercises and workouts. If you playsports this app is for you. We also have other types of exerciseslike push-ups or running. It's free.
Reiki Healing 1.50
Reiki Healing is an Android app that will teach you different reikitechniques to help your health. Learn the reiki symbols and how tomanage the energy with the help of meditation, and our selectedexercises. Just watch our reiki lessons and tutorials, listen toour reiki music and learn all the hand positions. If you likealternative therapy, yoga, and meditation, you will love this app.
Foot Reflexology 1.25
With this application you will learn in depth what the Reflexology,with explanatory videos on techniques for applying reflexology,massage, tips, latest news and a gallery full map images standingin reflexology.Through Foot reflexology, relaxation and improvedblood circulation is promoted. In addition, Reflexology is used fornumerous treatments such as reducing chronic pain, migraines,stress, fluid retention, headaches, digestive disorders, arthritis,back pain, insomnia and muscle tension among others. Learneverything you need to know about the Reflexology in a simple andfree way.If you believe in alternative medicine or traditionalChinese or Asian medicine, you will like this app. Use it togetherwith our apps reiki, yoga, relaxation or acupuncture. You 'll likeit.
Tai Chi Chuan 1.30
If you want to practice Tai Chi, this is your application. With TaiChi Chuan app you will learn everything you need to know about thisChinese martial art, its slow, controlled movements and meditationfor relaxation, health and self-defense. With video tutorials youwill learn how to break a life of old habits by Tai Chi Chuan,discipline practiced worldwide to improve health and fitness.
Pregnancy Pilates 1.10
Pilates exercises for pregnancy. All lessons contained in this appare for pregnant women, classified by trimester.This is a Pilatesfor Pregnancy app. All classes taught by physiotherapists, prenataland postnatal pilates, pregnancy exercise classes, with tutorialsmanually selected.Can pregnant women do Pilates? Yes! Pilates is anon-impact workout that increases flexibility, strength, and muscletone. Because it focuses on your core, practicing Pilates on aregular basis can improve posture, alleviate backaches, andultimately help with labor and delivery.Download Pilates forPregnant Women today. It is free!
Acupuncture Free 1.15
With this application on Acupuncture, learn how this technique oftraditional Chinese medicine is applied through stimulation ofpoints on the body using various techniques. The method most usedin acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into the skin atstrategic points in the anatomy. Today acupuncture is used to treatchronic pain, migraines, depression, stress and weight loss andsmoking cessation. Learn all those who need to know about thevarious techniques applied in acupuncture in a simple and free!
Ying Yang Free 1.15
In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang, which are often shortened to"yin-yang" or "yin yang", describes how apparently opposite orcontrary forces are actually complementary interconnected, andinterdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to eachother as they interrelate to one another. Many tangible dualities(such as light and dark, fire and water, and male and female) arethought of as physical manifestations of the duality of yin andyang. The ying yang also appears in music and songs, related torelaxation. This duality lies at the origins of many branches ofclassical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being aprimary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine, and a centralprinciple of different forms of Chinese martial arts and exercise,such as baguazhang, tai chi chuan, and Chi Kung.You can also checkour other products related to tai chi, reiki, meditation, yoga andother alternative therapies related to the ying yang.
Yoga Lessons 1.20
Yoga lessons for free. Learn with us the basic yoga meditationtechniques. The most effective meditation techniques are in thiapp. We have all yoga types such as bikram, hatha and kundalini.Learn from our expert yoga masters, with our video lessons.Includes meditation and weight loss exercises. Find yoga photos andvideos and start learning today.
Chakra Meditation 1.10
The Chakras allow vitalize the body and achieve balance with themind. With this application you can align your chakras creating astrong connection between body and spirit.With music tracks we'veincluded for meditation of each of the 7 Chakras, you will reach aconnection to your energy centers. Also, this app will help youpractice meditation exercises, breath control and other spiritualpractices.This app is great if you like alternative therapies suchas reiki, pilates, acupuncture, reflexology, yoga or meditation. Itis pure positive energy.In addition to the videos of meditationwith Tibetan bowls and vibration, you can activate, cleanse andstrengthen your chakras.
Fertile Days Calculator 1.45
Fertile Days Calculator. Know which are the best days of the monthto get pregnant. With our ovulation calendar and fertile dayscalculator, you will know with ease when you can get pregnant.Enter some details about your period and discover immediately yourmost fertile days. If you want to get pregnant this app will helpyou.
Yoga For Beginners 1.20
Yoga for beginners. Learn the basic beginner yoga meditationtechniques and poses with this application. Practice yoga forbeginners with the best yoga lessons, teachers and easy meditationexercises. If you are pregnant, you are just nervous or you want tolose weight, our yoga for beginners exercises are for you. We alsophotos and lessons to learn all the yoga positions and moves. It isfree.
Pregnancy Week by Week 1.20
Pregnancy week by week. If you are pregnant and want to know whathappens inside your body, this app is for you. See the changes thatthe baby inside you, such as pregnancy evolves as you spend ninemonths. Learn everything you need to know about childbirth, theFertility and pregnancy. Descubrelo with our interactive videos ofpregnancy. It's free.
Push Up Exercises 1.20
Make push up exercises, or squats, with our lessons. Follow ourfitness routines and starts doing pushups today. So you 're goingto the gym when you can train at home. Do pushups and trains yourmuscles. Learn different types of push ups and abdominal exercisesfree. If you like sports you will like this app.
Feng Shui 1.10
Feng Shui is a discipline with ancient china that explores thebalance of the energies of a space, room or environment. With theapp Feng Shui, you will learn how to attract positive energy toyour home and rid you of negative energy. Here you will findformulas to identify which places of your house or office are underthe influence of the negative energy and attract health and goodfortune to them.In this app you will find all the information aboutthe idea of yin-yang is fundamental to Feng Shui.In addition, wewill explain to you what is the ba gua or pakua, and thecorrespondences between the addresses of the bagua or pa kua withthe elements water, fire, wood, metal and earth.If you areinterested to know the addresses of the good luck using the bagua,the app Feng Shui includes:The analysis of the energy map of FengShui of your space.The addresses of the good luck.The bestdirections for sleeping and the best sleeping position with yourpartner.The best address to negotiate.The best direction forstudy.The best direction for a romance, for one or two people.Thebest direction for the meditation.The best direction forexercise.The best direction for work.Organizes and directs youroffice, your room or your home to follow the rules of the good luckof Feng Shui and you will have the life you want to improve all ofthese aspects:Health, prosperity and confidence.Social life andreputation.Relationship, marriage and life partner.Health andfamily life.Good luck.Knowledge of yourself.Spiritual life.Downloadfree app Feng Shui and improve your life from the first moment.
Pregnancy Exercices 1.25
Exercises for pregnancy. Pregnant women can play sports. Pregnantwomen can also do sports. In this application you will findexercises suitable for pregnant women. Exercises for Pregnancycontains various exercises classified by period or month ofpregnancy, so you do your routine healthy and safely. Our selectionof routines and training classes will help them retain their shapewhile passing your pregnancy.
Burn Calories Calculator 1.60
Burn Calories Calculator. Know how many calories you burn doingeach sport, from football to boxing, from running to swimming. Setyour goal and learn how much time you need to spend exercising tolose weight, to burn calories. Calculate your burned calories withease, and the weight you lose with your favorite exercise. Get fitand train with this healthy app.
Healthy Recipes 1.20
Learn to cook healthy recipes kitchen. Whether you want to loseweight or just eat healthy, this application will be useful. Wehave hundreds of healthy recipes, some recipes on videos. Wesalads, pasta and rice recipes, recipes for meat and fish. Cookingwithout fats and begins to lead a healthy life. Hundreds ofhealthy, healthy recipes free.
How to Get Pregnant 1.20
If you want to get pregnant and do not know how, this app tells yousome tips on how to get pregnant. If you have problems ordifficulty becoming pregnant, this app tells you how to avoidcommon problems so you can have a child.
Gluten-Free Recipes 1.20
Hundreds of recipes gluten- free. If you can not eat gluten thisapp is for you. Learn to cook without flour and other foods withgluten our healthy cooking classes. Eat healthy and gluten wheat.If you combine it with some sport every day find yourself betterand healthier. Cooking gluten-free recipes today.
Pregnancy Yoga 1.20
If you are pregnant, yoga exercises are for you. In thisapplication you will find some exercises, yoga and other relaxationtechniques to do during pregnancy. Yoga exercises good for motherand baby. Learn with our yoga and meditation for pregnancy.
Diabetic Recipes 1.20
Diabetic recipes. Learn sugar free recipes for diabetics.Recipesfor diabetics, learn how to cook without sugar. Do you haveDiabetes? Eat sugar free tasty recipes thanks to our manual. Justfollow our tutorials and learn how to cook Recipes for diabeticstoday with our cooking classes. It is simple, just follow the stepsand cook our recipes. Making cakes and desserts for diabetics hasnever been so easy. We have great desserts for diabetics.
Signs of Pregnancy 1.10
In the application of Pregnancy Signs 'll find complete informationon what are the symptoms of pregnancy, how to identify that you arepregnant and the changes that your body will suffer during thesemonths. With this application you will find answers to all yourquestions about your pregnancy, taking into account the stage whereyou find the gestation period. Your baby will be undergoing changesand growing every week and here you will find out what your baby atall times.Follow here all the advice we give about the care to beperformed during pregnancy and to make you feel better prepared forthe time of delivery.This application includes information andvideos about the signs of pregnancy, the description of pregnancyweek by week, additional information about the gestation and adviceand care during pregnancy.Feel free to use the block of questionsand seeking to answer all your questions and be a mom reallyprepared to care for your baby.
Weight Loss Calculator 1.75
Weight Loss Calculator, the free app. Know exactly how manycalories you burn. Know how many days you need to lose weight. Useour weight loss calculator and calculate the exercise you have todo to lose a certain weight (kilograms or lbs) depending on yourheight and condition. Lose weight with ease with our calculator.
Salad Recipes 1.20
Salad recipes. Eat healthy, eat salad. With this application youwill find hundreds of recipes for salad and other healthy dishes.Learn to cook healthy with this app and our cooking classes. Withour green recipes and a little exercise and sports will feel muchmejor.Tenemos different types of salads such as Caesar salad, pastasalads and rice, coleslaw and beans, Greek salad and many more.Sign in to see the full list. It's free.