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Weather Underground: Forecasts 5.9.6
The Weather Underground Android app provides the world's mostaccurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactiveradar, satellite maps and severe weather alerts. Powered by ourunique community of weather enthusiasts reporting live data fromweather stations in their own backyards, this crowd-sourced datagenerates forecasts targeted to your precise location. What’s Newin Version 5.9.4 ● Bug fixes FEATURES ● Status notification:instantly view current temperature and conditions ● Currentconditions from your local weather station include temperature,feels like, wind speed & direction, humidity, dew point,visibility ● 10-day Forecasts (Daily, Hourly) + text summary ●Interactive Map showing all the personal weather stations in yourneighborhood with animated radar, satellite, and much more data ●Favorite Locations and Recent Searches ● Crowd reporting ● Light orDark mode ● Switch between Forecast on Demand & NWS Forecast ●National Weather Service Radio ● Health Tile: Monitor air quality,UV risk, & local flu outbreaks ● Customizable Widgets ● Pushnotifications: keep an eye out for extreme weather with severeweather alerts WHAT MAKES THIS WEATHER APP DIFFERENT FROM OTHERAPPS? WE FILL IN THE GAPS Our 250,000+ personal weather stationsreport the most localized weather conditions. The data that wecollect from our user-owned weather stations fills in the gapsbetween the airport weather stations that other weather servicesrely upon to generate forecasts - meaning our data is generatedfrom actual data points in your neighborhood. INTERACTIVE WEATHER& RADAR MAP The most interactive weather map on mobile allowsyou to select from different weather overlays including currentconditions, animated radar, satellite, webcams and severe weather.Customize the map by selecting specific data layers or choose fromthe various map presets such as severe alerts. CROWD REPORTING Skyreports let you tell us if the sky conditions we’re reporting arewhat you're actually observing. If you see something different youcan report the conditions you're experiencing for the benefit ofother app users. Hazard reports allow you to report any hazardousroad conditions you experience to help other people in your area.ABOUT WEATHER UNDERGROUND Founded in 1995 as the first onlineweather service, Weather Underground supplies weather datasolutions to the many of the leading media companies and millionsof users across the globe through their mobile apps and Weather Underground is part of the WeatherCompany and based in San Francisco, CA.
Storm Radar 1.5
The wait for Storm Radar is over! Highdefinition radar, advanced storm cell tracking, and real-timesevere weather alerts make this the best app to have by your sidewhen weather is closing in. View current conditions, daily orhourly forecasts at a glance and in a more detailed view. Nowavailable free on Android.FEATURESINTERACTIVE MAP• Radar: The highest resolution (250m) radar showing interactiveanimations for past and future data• Global Radar: An experimental radar layer with worldwidecoverage. It combines existing radar data with a computer modelproxy when data is not available.• Storm Tracks: Storm Tracks utilize the most advanced severeweather algorithms to provide a detailed analysis of an impendingstorm. This includes a storm strength rating, detailed componentsof the storm (such as wind, hail, lightning, and tornadoes), thespeed and direction of the storm, the precipitation rate, and muchmore.• Tropical Tracks map overlay• Lightning: View lightning 100 miles around your selected location(Continental US only)• More: Full screen map with customizable data layers including:earthquakes, fronts, severe weather alerts, and more.WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE!• Hyper-local weather data powered by Weather Underground's networkof over 250,000 personal weather stations• Widget featuring real-time alerts for severe weather• In-App alerts from the NOAA, Environment Canada, andMeteoAlarm.• Tap on current conditions, daily or hourly forecasts to view moredetailed weather data• Social weather: share storm tracking and radar data with yourfriends and family via text message, email, Facebook, orTwitter• Available on Android phones and 7-inch tablets.• Privacy policy can be found at:• Terms of Use can be found at: