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Radar 1.1
From the creators of WindAlert, the highly rated wind findingapplication, Radar by WeatherFlow supports the theme of BetterData, Better Decisions by simply providing High definition weatherradar around you.Easily animate or pause the radar to see what precipitation isheading your way. Pan and zoom to your exact area and the app willremember where you are.Whatever your activity, Radar by WeatherFlow is a critical toolfor seeing where the Precipitation is and where it is going.While the application is in beta mode it is free to download anduse. Enjoy and let us know how we can improve the application tosuit your needs.Radar covers the Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska,Guam, Puerto Rico, and USVI.
WeatherFlow (DEPRECATED) v1.0
DEPRECATED - Please install "Wind &WeatherMeter"
WeatherFlow Smart Weather v1.70
This app is for use with WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations --available for purchase separately. --- Know Your Home EnvironmentFrom Anywhere ---Get precise, actionable weather conditions at yourhome. WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations and this associated appare built to an precision standard to satisfy weather geeksworldwide. --- About the App ---This Smart Weather app is essentialto setup and configure your WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station. Theapp walks you through initial settings including connection to yourhome WiFi network. Once your weather station is up and running, appfeatures include: Temp, humidity, dew point, feels like, heatindex, wet bulb tempBarometric pressure, sea-level pressure,trendsLightning detection, lightning alerts, lightningdistanceWind, UV, Solar irradiance, Rain measurement, rain onsetalerts5 day + forecast for your specific locationHistorical weatherdata graphsSystem monitoring, diagnostics, and firmwareupdatingSmart Home integration--- Smart Home Ready ---Use this appto integrate with popular smart home services. Go ahead, use YourWeather data to optimize heating and cooling, adjust yourirrigation schedule, alert your family when lightning stormsapproach, and close your garage door when the wind kicks up.Integration with Google Home is in the works and will be availablein future releases. --- Weather Geek Worthy ---Featuringhigh-quality sensors and revolutionary concepts like our sonicanemometer and haptic rain sensor, WeatherFlow Smart WeatherStations are as accurate as others sold at twice the price. Weatherenthusiasts will appreciate our long range wireless connectivity,long battery life, simple installation, dedicated Android apps,sharable & flexible data that makes it customizable andavailable for 3rd party use, and built-in publication to desktopsoftware and online services.--- Wunderground Integration ---Createa Wunderground Personal Weather Station ID instantly from the appand start viewing your weather data on WU. --- Weather Alerts fromyour backyard ---Get notified the moment lightning is detected, oreven when the first rain drops begin to fall at your house. Userconfigurable within the app.