Web-Creation Apps

Test d'Amour 1.0.2
Test la compatibilité entre les deux prénomsdu couple !Tu sauras rapidement le pourcentage qu'il existe entre vosprénoms !Test the compatibilitybetween the two names of the couple!You'll know quickly that the percentage between your names!
Oui ou Non - 8 ball 0.0.1
Vous vous posez souvent des questions ?Avec cette application trouvez une aide à la décision simpleetgratuit. Pensez à votre question et laissez la répondre pourvous!You often have questions?With this application can find help with a simple andfreedecision. Think about your question and leave the answerforyou!
Bet or Fold 0.0.1
Are you an Ace Poker Texas Hold'em?With Bet or Fold you'll finally know, this game is simple,getthe best pot.Each hand will inevitably lead to "All-in"! You can ofcoursefold but you will lose your tokens. The AI will alwayscallyou,how long will you double your stack ?