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Truck Simulator Vietnam 5.1.4
Truck Simulator Vietnam (TRUCKSVN) will allow you to experience atrue truck driver in Vietnam with the rugged MAP terrain, highslopes popular in the same village. real life in Vietnam. In orderto accumulate experience and quintessence from the Bus SimulatorVietnam game series, which was previously released, it can be saidthat TRUCKSVN is the perfect game and the first and only series oftruck driving games in Vietnam produced by Web3o Technology &distribution. Here are some of the top features of Truck SimulatorVietnam: - The most popular Thaco Auman 4-wheel tarpaulin truck inVietnam. - MAP provides rough terrain with realistic high slope inVietnam. - Operation of opening car cabin door, turning top ofcabin, opening of car body, pulling tarpaulin to cover car body,wipers, ... - Carrying goods with more than 15 different types ofproducts such as: Beer, soft drinks, fresh milk, instant noodles,cement, fertilizer, ... - 4WD drive mode used in case of boggeddown vehicles - drag and release Hand brake. - Whistles, trumpetson the steering wheel with 4 different trumpet modes: yellow beehorn, whistles, horns, ... - Have Mini MAP, GPS directions map -Turn off, turn on, Xi nhan, flash, headlight, cabin light, ... -Save the game process. - Flexible color change of car paint. - Veryeasy and intuitive control with 4 modes: Steering wheel, keyboard,tilt sensor, Joystick - Change the license plate number as you likevery realistic and flexible - MP3 player when driving - Highquality and detailed 3D graphics - Changing weather at will: rain,sunny, dark - Need two modes: Number of floors and automaticnumbers - No ads - Achievement Board - Data is saved online - Takephotos in the game and share on social networks With the release ofTruck Simulator Vietnam in 2019, marking a good start after therelease of Bus Simulator Vietnam game in 2018, And we will alwaysupdate MAP, new trucks, new features for the game. and improve theplayer experience. Do not miss this super product? Download andplay Truck Simulator Vietnam now!
Car Simulator Vietnam 1.1.6
Car Simulator Vietnam (also known as CARSVN) will allow you toexperience a true car driver in Vietnam honestly with the mostpopular 4-seat, 5-seat cars in Vietnam such as TOYOTA INNOVA,TOYOTA VIOS, ... MAP village Flood village, actual sea map inVietnam. In order to accumulate experience and quintessence fromprevious games such as Truck Simulator Vietnam, Bus SimulatorVietnam, it can be said that CARSVN is the most perfect game andthe first and only child driving game series in Vietnam due toWeb3o. Technology manufacturing & distribution. Here are someof the leading features of Car Simulator Vietnam: - TOYOTA INNOVA,TOYOTA VIOS 5-seater car is the most used in Vietnam. - Open 4doors, open the trunk of luggage, open the cover, wipers, ... -Especially the panoramic sunroof opening feature. - Smart Keyremote electronic lock feature. - Features folding electric mirrorslike cars in real life. - Transporting passengers, luggage invehicles ... - MAP of flood villages and actual sea maps inVietnam. - Pull and release Hand brake. - Horn, horn on thesteering wheel with 4 different trumpet modes sounds like a realcar - There are Mini MAP, GPS directions map - Turn off the engine,start the engine, turn signals, flash lights, headlights, lamps inthe cabin, ... - Save the game playing process. - Change the colorof flexible car paint with many paint colors such as Taxi Mai Linh,Taxi Vinasun, Taxi Group, black, white, red, .... - Change seatposition flexibly in the cabin. - Very easy and intuitive controlwith 4 modes: Steering wheel, keyboard, tilt sensor, Joystick lever- Changing the license plate as you like is very realistic andflexible - High quality and detailed 3D graphics - Change theweather as you like: it is rainy, sunny, dark - Need 2 modes:manual and automatic - No advertising - Achievement Board - Takepictures in the game and share on social networks With the releaseof Car Simulator Vietnam in late 2019, it marks a turning pointafter a year of releasing two Truck & Bus Simulator Vietnamgames in 2018 & 2019, and we will always update MAP, new cars,and more. New to the game and improve the player experience. Do notmiss this super product? Download and play Car Simulator Vietnamnow!
Bus Simulator Vietnam 5.1.8
Bus Simulator Vietnam (also known as BUSSVN) will allow you toexperience a real bus driver in Vietnam in a real way with thevillage road MAP, motorcycles on the road, the same bus. real lifein Vietnam. BUSSVN can be said as the first and only game inVietnam by Web3o Technology produced & distributed. Here aresome of the top features of Bus Simulator Vietnam: - Bus passengerbus is the most popular Thaco Mobihome Vietnam. - Very easy tocontrol and intuitive with 4 modes: steering wheel, keyboard, tiltsensor, Joystick - Cities and locations in Vietnam - Opening thedoor, open the trunk, cover machine, windshield wipers, ... -Changing the license plate is very realistic and flexible - MP3player while driving - High quality 3D graphics and details -Change the weather as you like: it is rainy, sunny, dark - Pick uppassengers on the actual car - Need number 2: Number of floors andautomatic number - No ads - Achievement Board - Data is savedonline - Take pictures of games and share them on social networks -Supports video recording and playback of driving moments With therelease of Bus Simulator Vietnam in 2018, and this is just thebeginning, we have and will continue to update the game and improvethe player experience. What are you waiting for? Download and playBus Simulator Vietnam now!
Minibus Simulator Vietnam 1.1.4
Minibus Simulator Vietnam can be said to be a completelynewversion. With many interesting features, fix many bugs,beoptimized and improved to achieve the highest FPS performance.AndMinibus Simulator Vietnam will allow you to experience a truesmalland medium-sized passenger bus driver in Vietnam with themostpopular bus in Vietnam such as 29-seater Hyundai County,16-seaterFord Transit, Toyota Hiace ,… MAP in Minibus SimulatorVietnam isinspired by a typical Cultural Village in the countrysideofVietnam. A large BUS STATION is located in the City. On thewaythere are many rest stops, red lights, speed cameras. Ahighwaywith many billboards bearing the familiar Vietnamese flavor... Inorder to accumulate the experience and quintessence frompreviousgames such as Car Simulator Vietnam, Truck SimulatorVietnam, BusSimulator Vietnam, it can be said that MinibusSimulator Vietnam isthe most perfect game and the only line ofpassenger driving gamesin Vietnam is produced and distributed byWeb3o Technology. Hereare some of the top features of MinibusSimulator Vietnam: - Rainyweather system, automatic day and nightcycle time. - Completelynew graphics with more realistic signs,road markings, 3D models ofstreets, trees, and houses. - Trafficpolice fines when you pass ared light, speeding, ... - There areautomatic bars at the busstation and toll booth. Tickets must bepurchased and paid whenpassing through the toll booth. - There is aGARAGE system toupgrade the vehicle, with more than 40 types ofpaint colors,nearly 20 types of wheel lazang wheels and dozens ofadditionalaccessories for each type of vehicle such as helmets,flags, carassistants, ... - New flexible license plate changesystem, canchange the background color, number color, size &font type ofthe license plate, especially flag of countries on thelicenseplate. - Bonus system, Level & EXP, Km traveledarerecalculated correctly. - The car control button system hasbeencompletely replaced by an on / off switch, which is verysimilar toreal life. - The signal light and rain switch can be putup anddown very similar to reality. - Supports more than 12differentlanguages. - High performance mirrors can clearly see allthescenery in MAP, including traffic vehicles. - Rain wiper isverypractical to remove raindrops falling on the windshield. - Thecarheadlights are brighter and more realistic, the road can beclearlyseen at night. - AI traffic vehicle moves physicallysmoothly,intelligently, automatically honking the siren when theplayer'scar is ahead, automatically stops when detecting anobstacle, ...MAP is very diverse, such as pass roads, rough terrainroads,dangerous wooden bridges, highways, rural roads, city roads,... -MP3 player feature, can turn on the SPEAKER beat according tothevery eye-catching music effects. - Manipulating the cardoor,opening the luggage compartment, ... - Remote car lock featurebysmartphone. - Carrying passengers, luggage on the car ... -Pulland release the Handbrake. - Horn on the steering wheel with3different horn modes that sound like real cars, for example,siren,yellow bee horn, ... - Has Mini MAP, GPS navigation map -Turn offthe engine, start the engine, signal, flash, headlights,LED lightsin the cabin, ... - Flexible seating position change inthe cabin.- Control is easy and intuitive with 3 modes: steeringwheel,keyboard, tilt sensor - Need 2 modes: Number of floorsandautomatic - No advertisements - High performance - Save thegameplay. - Take pictures in the game and share them on socialnetworksIt can be said that Minibus Simulator Vietnam is themostanticipated version of the passenger bus driver game in 2021.Andwe will always update MAP, new buses, new game featuresandimproved player experience. We are sure that you will besatisfiedwith what you spend. Do not miss this super product?Download andplay Minibus Simulator Vietnam now!