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Medscape Business of Medicine 1.0
Medscape Business of Medicine for Android is designed to helpphysicians navigate the complex business, legal, and practicechallenges they face every day. The free digital subscriptionincludes articles from a physician point of view and covers topicssuch as:•How to improve the efficiency of your practice•How to avoid legal pitfalls and advice for dealing withmalpractice lawsuits•How to improve patient satisfaction and complianceAdditional focus areas include reimbursement strategies,evaluating EHRs, navigating healthcare laws, making end-of-lifecare decisions, and much more. Each month, the Medscape Business ofMedicine app will cover the subjects important to physicians,provide a clear-cut guide to managing business challenges, and helpdoctors be successful in their careers.The Medscape Business of Medicine app delivers a complete tabletexperience including video interviews, interactive charts, andinformative quizzes.Download the Medscape Business of Medicine for Androidtoday!For more information and access to Medscape’s Business ofMedicine articles and blogs online, please visitMedscape.com/businessmedicine.
WebMD Magazine 1.0.0
WebMD Magazine is an interactive and FREE digital subscription. Nowit’s easier than ever to make better health and healthy lifestyledecisions for you and your family anytime, anywhere. WebMD Magazineis published by WebMD.com, the most visited, trusted, andinfluential brand in health information. WebMD Magazine bringshealth news to life in a whole new way, from expert analysis ofmedical breakthroughs to celebrity interviews, nutritious recipes,exercise and fitness smarts, parenting and kids’ health tips,expert skin care solutions and more -- all at your fingertips.WebMD Magazine offers users a tablet-optimized readingexperience with enhanced design that uses native features liketouch, scrolling, and swiping. The app uniquely combines rich andvibrant magazine features with links to relevant articles,slideshows, blogs, and videos on WebMD.com for more in-depthengagement. Each issue also contains interactive health assessmentsand quizzes for instant answers and information about your mostimportant health questions and concerns.
WebMD Pain Coach 1.3
WebMD Pain Coach™ offers a holistic approachto balancing lifestyle with chronic pain conditions to help inspirea better day. WebMD’s new app is a mobile companion to help youthrough daily health and wellness choices so you can better manageyour chronic pain. Enjoy a personalized experience asphysician-reviewed tips related to your specific condition aredelivered daily to you. WebMD Pain Coach™ puts you in control ofyour lifestyle choices so you can review personal patterns tounderstand triggers, set goals, and easily share progress with yourphysician.588 Tips – 293 Articles – 86 Goals – 25 Videos – 21 Slideshows –5 QuizzesWebMD Pain Coach™ is specially designed and customized forpeople with the following chronic pain conditions:✓ Back pain✓ Neck pain✓ Nerve pain✓ Fibromyalgia✓ Migraine✓ Osteoarthritis✓ Rheumatoid arthritisIf your chronic pain condition is not listed above, you canstill use the app to track pain, set goals, and get pain managementtips, articles, slideshows and videos.When you first download and use WebMD Pain Coach™, you are askedto select your chronic pain condition(s), as well as symptoms,triggers and treatments that apply to your condition(s). If privacyis important, the option to set a four digit PIN will keep yourinformation secure. WebMD’s drug look-up allows you to search andselect over-the-counter and prescribed medications, and record thedosage of each drug selected.WebMD Pain Coach™ is organized into four easy-to-usesections:✓ JOURNALThe Journal section allows you to quickly and easily record yourday. A separate Journal screen exists for each day. Once entriesare created for multiple days, flip back to see your pain history.Turn your phone sideways to generate your Pain Coach™ Report: ahistorical chart that plots your general well-being against yourpain levels while listing your most common symptoms, triggers andtreatments. Tap on a day to view a snapshot of your pain historyand export your Pain Coach™ Report to PDF and email it to yourselfor your physician.♦ Record how you generally feel each day by sliding the Pain Coach™‘Well Being Belt.’♦ Log a pain entry to track details surrounding pain: pain levelfrom 1-10, symptoms, triggers, treatments and notes.♦ Reminder to log a pain entry by receiving a Pain Coach™notification once a day.♦ View a new Daily Tip that is personalized to your condition(s),triggers and treatments.♦ If you set goals to better manage pain, tap ‘Today’s Goals’ tocheck off achieved goals.✓ GoalsThe Goals section allows you to browse and selectphysician-approved goals from five lifestyle categories related toyour pain condition(s): Food, Rest, Exercise, Mood, and Treatments.You can also create your own goals. Each related tip can be viewedbefore selecting a goal. The goal duration can be set from one dayto one year.♦ The green ribbon at the top of the Goals screen indicates thepercent completion rate for active goals.♦ Once a goal is selected, tap ‘My Goals’ to view Goal Activity foractive and completed goals.♦ If you have more than one chronic pain condition, the goal thatis suggested for a specific condition is indicated.✓ LibraryThe Library section contains all of the critical,physician-approved content relevant to your condition(s) and painmanagement. The Library contains hundreds of articles, videos,slideshows and quizzes. All articles are available for offlinereading.♦ Library content contains links to WebMD’s mobile website.♦ The Library is searchable.♦ Share all Library content via email, Facebook or Twitter.✓ TipsThe Tips section features hundreds of ‘bite-sized’ tips that arematched with goals and organized into the same five lifestylecategories: Food, Rest, Exercise, Mood and Treatments. Each goalhas between 3-10 supporting tips.♦ Search for a specific tip.♦ After reading a tip, view the goal related to the tip, or viewrelated Library articles.