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Banana Island–Bobo's Epic Tale 2.3
All you Banana Islanders out there, get ready for the most excitingjungle ride ever! If you loved playing Banana Island - Monkey KongRun, and Banana Island - Jungle Run game, you'll have a blast with✰ Banana Island – Bobo's Epic Tale ✰! Our monkey friend Bobo is ona rescue mission, and he has to run, jump and swing on vinesthrough 5 islands to save the love of his life! Get on anever-ending run, and make our little monkey go happy! Download✰Banana Island – Bobo's Epic Tale✰ and have one hell of a runningquest through the monkey jungle island! ❖ Dodge mad gorillas withspears ❖ Avoid angry baboons' boomerang attacks ❖ Keep the jumpingmonkey away from piranha plants ✰ Fast paced swinging adventure ✰ ❖One thumb tap and slide controls - Intuitive and responsivecontrols for the best game experience ❖ Run through astonishingjungle wild environments full of surprises, secrets and trickyobstacles ❖ Jump and swing on vines to avoid deadly obstacles ❖Crazy jungle music and funny monkey sounds ❖ More powerups: Shield,Coins Magnet, and Double Coins ❖ Explore 5 new islands: - BananaIsland - Savanna Island - Jungle Island - Temple Island - VolcanoIsland ❖ Run and collect coins to dress up monkey kong in thecraziest costumes Join the jungle monkey running quest for the mostinsane platform gaming experience ever seen in a 2D platformer!Show you're a real adventurer, and dash through the jungle in thisawesome banana mania monkey game! Battle the evil gorilla kingKong, beat all his baboon minions, and go on a banana collectingmission to be the hero of the day! ✰ Meet Bobo McMonkey ✰Despicable monkey king Kong has kidnapped Bobo's girlfriend Lilyand wants to make her his jungle queen! Run, jump, and smash theobstacles on your way to save the love of your life from the clawsof the evil king! But, beware! His devious baboon minions areeverywhere, and they are fully armed and dangerous! ❖ Angry baboonenemies fully equipped with crazy jetpack rides! ❖ Dangerous spikestrying to stop you from saving your girlfriend! ❖ Make monkey swingfrom vine to vine like Tarzan, and get on banana rush! Keep runninglike hell and get mega combos in this thrilling and funside-scrolling adventure game for kids! Collect coins and buy coolstuff for our jungle monkey jumper! ❖ Visit the shop and buy coolclothes and powerups ❖ Collect rubies, sapphires and emeralds, andsmash barrels to complete missions! ❖ Keep your eyes wide open andcollect as many bananas as you can! ✰ Bobo the Swinging Monkey ✰ Goon a banana hunt and join our crazy jungle party in this amazingmonkey kick off jungle saga! Run and dash all across the monkeyisland to kill as many angry baboons and mad gorillas! While youdash through the jungle, swing on vines to avoid deadly obstaclesand complete levels! Ape escape 3! Bored by old grannies, zombies,and other monsters on their temple races? Get on a super fun monkeyjoyride and fly like a bird through the jungle village! You willget crazy in this endless parkour jungle adventure! This monkeygame for kids is fun for adults as well because of its challengingmissions, and stunning game level designs! If you're addicted tofree running games, you'll instantly get hooked on this addictivebanana adventure! Banana frenzy is raging all over the world, getthis monkey jump saga and let the jungle fever get to you! Enterthe jungle survival, unlock new worlds, get a cool superhero maskand beat'em up in this jump n run quest! Run, monkey, run! Get onbanana rush and enter the world of fast-paced 2D platform monkeyracing and jumping games! Download ✰Banana Island – Bobo's EpicTale✰ and get ready for the gorilla revenge! Mega monkey bananaquest is waiting for you! Battle the flying baboons, and beat theangry gorilla king in this epic jungle monkey saga to be thebaddest monkey in jungle! Get this fun run side-scroller arcadegame for kids and adults, and save your girl from the monkeytemple!
com.Geography.Quiz.Game 5.2.0
Fun game for all fans of geography quizzes and race games! GetGeography Quiz Game 3D, a free app and spend hours of fun playingthis addictive quiz with questions and answers and gaining newgeography knowledge! Race around the world with other players,answer geography questions, complete achievements and have funplaying this awesome free picture quiz for kids and adults! -Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D! - Each time you answera question you spend 1 energy point! - You get one energy pointeach 2 minutes! - Answer the question correctly to travel aroundthe world! - You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer, choosethe correct answer on the first try to travel the longer distance!- Use helps to pass the longer distance than your opponents: doublethe length of the distance you can pass or remove one wrong answer!- Use traps to decrease the progress of your opponents: slow downall other players or prevent the leading player from answering onequestion! - Collect compasses and use them on crossroads to takethe shortcut! - Collect chips to try your luck on a slot machine inLas Vegas and win more helps! - Log in with Facebook or create yourplayer profile! - Purchase in-apps to get more helps, traps andunlimited energy! Your race starts in New York and it ends when youpass through all continents and return to New York! The player thatgets to NYC first, wins this free "quiz game"! Download this greatpicture quiz and recognize flags, landmarks and monuments on thephotos! Answer trivia questions about world countries and theircapital cities and official languages, and beat your opponents!Test your knowledge on world geography and learn new geographicalfacts by playing Geography Quiz Game 3D, a free app for Android™!This great educational game is a perfect geographical quiz forpreschoolers, for kids of any age and for adults as well. Geographyexam will never ever bother you again since you will have theopportunity to learn new facts about world capital and majorcities, country borders, national flags and other geographicalfeatures worldwide. Having all features of a good photo quiz and agood educational geography game, this multiple choice quiz, a freeapp will provide you with tons of fun and will help you broadengeneral knowledge. World map quizzes are designed to help you learnthe countries of the world as well as provinces/states, and capitalcities. Physical features such as lakes, rivers and mountains alsocome along. Interesting geography facts about US, Europe and theplanet Earth make this geo game 3D a unique general knowledge quiz.You will love the trivia facts available in this free quiz withquestions and answers! Repetition reinforces memory, so playquizzes more often! General knowledge questions about geographycover so many interesting topics so you'll definitely beentertained all the time while playing this awesome race game free.A "geography game" such as a national flags quiz or a capitalcities quiz is a perfect pastime for adults and a great way towhile away your free time. However, this free logo game for Androidis a nice educational game for kids too, because it can help themgain new knowledge of geography trivia and have fun at the sametime! Download Geography Quiz Game 3D, this amazing trivia quizwith questions and answers and keep your children entertained forhours! Get the free app now! For all fans of logo quizzes, generalknowledge quizzes and geography questions this is a unique chanceto check how well they know the world. Fun geography games such asGeography Quiz Game 3D, a free app, teach about world capitals,national flags, continents and much more. They let you discover newgeographical facts and keep you entertained all the time. Geographyquizzes are excellent educational games for kids and very funmobile apps you could use any time. Download this free geographyquiz game and enjoy! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Geography Quiz Game 4.3
☺ Geography Quiz Game - Best educational game for kids and grownups! ☺ If you're looking for an ideal geography game forpreschoolers, adults or seniors, search no more! Download'Geography Quiz Game' and test your geography knowledge right away!Get ready for geography exam or simply have fun with your children,this quiz app is perfect for all of you geographers and fans of geoquizzes! Answer the geography questions on world countries andtheir flags, rivers, mountains and other geographic features of ourplanet!✈ 4 Different Game Modes-10 Questions, 25 Questions, 50Questions and 5 Errors – Out!✈ Choose the correct answer among A,B, C or D!✈ Answer the questions quickly and avoid giving incorrectanswers to get higher rankings!✈ Answer the question worth morethan 2000 points and get Scandalous Score Booster!✈ 5 Errors –Endless Mode! – Your game lasts until you choose 5 incorrectanswers!✈ Log in with Facebook to share your score andachievements!Best geo game for children and adults on the market!Try out this fun and educative quiz trivia and see how well youknow the facts about planet Earth! This interesting picture quiz isgreat for preschool kids because it can help them gain priorknowledge and it will be easier for them to be better in geographyclasses in school. Watch pictures and recognize flags, countryborders and famous monuments! Guess the official language of everyworld country! Play 'Geography Quiz Game' with your family andfriends and have the time of your life!Check your knowledge ofgeography trivia by answering simple questions! All you have to dois guess the name of the country it’s about! In addition to geoquestions, you can also watch images of national flags or countryborders and choose the correct answer! Best quiz on world geographyever! Specially for all the boys and girls, kids and adults wholove puzzle games, brain teasers and other intelligence games!Check how well you know the world map, countries, major cities andother geographical features! Improve your geographical knowledgeand learn new geo trivia with this fun quizz app for AndroidTM!Test how well you know world geography by identifying landmarksfrom all over the world! See how well you know the officiallanguages used worldwide and impress your friends with your newlyacquired knowledge!Take a geography map quiz and check yourknowledge on US, Europe, global geography in general, and see howfamiliar you are with the world map! You think you know all thecountries on Earth and their borders? You think you know all thecapital cities in the world? Do you really think you know all thenational flags, official languages and landmarks and monumentsworldwide? Get this cool quiz app and have fun learning forhours!If you love to play quiz games and geography quizzes, youwill love this app! You can sit back, relax and enjoy learning newthings! It’s boring to learn from books or other educational aids,with this quiz game you will actually have fun learning! Geographygames are great pastime and they are very useful! Download thisfree app and enjoy learning!
Air Fighter: Airplane Shooting 2.0
Fight the wicked goblin invaders and beat the boss in air combat tobe the savior of Mooshmooland! Help Ironpaw, the brave PandaCommander, to fulfill his mission and defeat the boss monster inhis modern aircraft! Download ✯ Panda Commander: Air Combat ✯ andthis intense blaster will replace all the other airplane shootinggames you used to play!✈ FEATURES:➤ Fast-paced gameplay withintense levels➤ Extreme endless boss battles➤ Beautiful leveldesign and immersive environments➤ Colorful HD graphics and vividcharacters➤ Upgrade shields, guns, missiles and bombs on your jetfighter➤ Buy power-ups to cause more damage to enemy warplanes inaircraft battle➤ Start the air strike to save Mooshmooland fromevil goblin invaders➤ Follow the instructions Rikuto-sensei givesyou to win the air war➤ Boost your metal storm jet fighter to bethe best plane shooter➤ Intuitive controls for both beginner “shoot'em up” players and hardcore gamersOne morning Panda Commanderreceived a disturbing call from Rikuto-sensei. 'We're under airattack! The portal is open, goblins are everywhere'! Now it's up tobrave Commander Ironpaw to save Mooshmooland from evil spaceinvaders! Start the infinite air defense flight, be the best planeshooter, enter the endless dogfight and shoot 'em up all! If you'reinto jet battle games, Panda Commander: Air Combat will become yourfavorite shmup airplane fighter simulator!Equip your gunship battlejet with the deadliest weapons and start the metalstorm airstrike!Upgrade your warplane and fire missiles like a rattlesnake! Buyupgrades for shields and guns, and unlock super weapons like bombs,lasers, and metal blades to perform a mass destruction on the rivalairship! Start the firestorm, enter the endless crazy boss fightand show your domination on the air battlefield! Get heavy machineguns and cannons for the maximum strikeforce and become the pandagunner hero!✯ Panda Commander: Air Combat ✯ is the most intenseshoot 'em up plane simulator 2015! Start your air defense flight,fulfill your warfare duty, complete the jet air strike mission, andfight in the epic boss battles to destroy the furious enemy forcesand win the dogfight! If you're a fan of shmup and other war games,and you loved to play vertical retro aircraft battle arcade games,this awesome fly plane flight simulator 3D will become yourfavorite navy fighter pilot game!If you're bored by all the air“shooting games” with military warplanes in World War II, you'll bethrilled when you engage in an epic panda jam dogfight with angrygoblin space invaders! Enter the world of aircraft and thisfast-paced action-packed gameplay and extreme metalstorm missilestrikeforce attack waves will provide you hours of fun! ✯ PandaCommander: Air Combat ✯ is one of the best flying and shootinggames, so if you're looking for an ultimate airplane flightsimulator experience with loads of top down bombing and shootingaction, this cool gunship battle jet fighting game is all youneed!Who doesn't love to play shooting games? No matter whetheryou're looking for some fun games for boys and girls, kids andadults, or even seniors who love playing retro arcade games, thisairattack battle command “flight simulator” game will completelyblow your mind! You'll have a blast being a brave panda commanderplane pilot and gunner shooting and dodging missiles, bombs, laserbeans and enemy airships! So, what are you waiting for? Download“Panda Commander”: “Air Combat” and embark on an intense warfareairstrike mission to save the world!