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With this application you can check the latest prices of Sharemarket of Bangladesh (SEB). You don't have to go to the Dhaka StockExchange (DSE) or Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) website andbrowse for prices. You can see the price, indexes, record date andnews of both DSE and CSE market in the same screen.As theapplication shows the prices only, so it cuts internet cost.Features: 1. Don't have to go to websites and browse.2. DisplaysDSE and CSE in one application. 3. Cuts internet cost. 4. Includeschanges in percentage of each company's stock. 5. Easy to use. 6.Displays Indexes7. Displays Record dates8. Displays News For newfeature or reporting any bug or problem, please contact:farhad.rubel@gmail.comI believe you will enjoy this handy andsimple tool.
Common Sentences 1.09
If you want to learn a new language, start listening and speakingin that language straight away. Remember? when you was a child, youlearned a new language only by listening and speaking. We are hereto help you in this regard. Tap play button to listen the sentence.Click on Micro-phone or Speaker button at the bottom of the screenand speak the sentence. Our application will analyze your spokensentence and determine how successfully you spoke. If your sentencematches above 50%, it will be considered as successful. Bypracticing regularly, you can improve your speaking skill fast. Theapp contains: 1. Common sentences in English, 2. Common sentencesin Spanish, 3. Common sentences in French, 4. Common sentences inGerman, 5. Common sentences in Arabic, 6. Common sentences inKorean, 7. Common sentences in Italian
Machine Learning Interview Questions 1
"Nearly all big tech companies have an artificial intelligenceproject, and they are willing to pay experts millions of dollars tohelp get it done." - By CADE METZOCT. 22, 2017Machine learning is apart of artificial intelligence. According to IBM’s forecast, jobopening for artificial intelligence, machine learning and datascience will increase 28% by 2020 (Forbes). So if you are lookingfor a machine learning job or need to prepare for machine learninginterview, then take a look at our app. It contains interviewquestions with answers. You can add a question to Favorite list (bytapping Heart button). it’s just our first release and we’ll addnew interview questions regularly. The app contains: MachineLearning Interview QuestionsArtificial Intelligence InterviewQuestionsData Science Interview QuestionsPrimarily, we’ve focusedon Machine learning. However, we’ll add more interview questions ofartificial intelligence and data science.