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Zombie Race - Undead Smasher 1.10
Incredible zombie smasher! Drive your way through a zombieapocalypse or have your brain eaten. Cruise your vehicle throughdeserts and abandoned forests that are guarded by hordes ofzombies, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy more powerful ones.Steer your car to keep balance on the hills while trying to smashzombies into debris. Awesome features of the game: - Incredibleapocalyptic cars - Easy controls - Post-apo environment - TheShredder - the ultimate weapon that clarifies all the doubts -Amazing graphics and effects of physics-based racing - Endlesswaves of zombies...
Speedway Multiplayer 1.1
A multi-player game, up to 4 players on one device! If you and yourfriends have some time to kill, you can play all together on onedevice or network your devices so that each player can use his orher own gadget. If the other players are occupied, you can practiceyour skills on your own. Remember, you can only go straight or turnleft but you can’t reverse or turn right. You have to push thebutton just the right amount of times to have the optimal time andto help you corner it.
Brake Racer 1.5
Burn up the street with the stunning Speed Racing game. Participatein high-octane racing competition in 3 different racing modes.Upgrade your cars through 8 different types! Get ready to drivehigh performance cars and make them drift at high speed in tracksdesigned specifically for drift racing. The game will challengeeven the most skilled racing fans.
Jump Tiles 1.4
All you need is to jump! Jumping is all you need! Jump! Jumpfromone white tile to another. Do it well, do it fast! As theriverflows, the tiles are rapidly pulled from shore to shore.Yourmission is to make it from one tile to the next, all whiletheycontinuously shift and move in the strong current! Becareful,don't fall into the water!
Bounce Time! 1.1
Demolish as many bricks as you can by bouncing the ball before theblocks reach the bottom. The blocks are numbered according to howmany hits it takes to demolish them, the number of hits goes up asthe game progresses. Collect the white objects to get more ballsand the yellow coins to unlock the other characters with various‘superpowers’, also, the coins can enable you to have anotherchance even when the game is ‘over’. Get Ready! Aim! Fire! Havefun!