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FahrPRAXIS 1.6.4
Du hast in Deiner Fahrschule einen FahrPRAXIS-Zugang erhalten? Dannlade Dir gleich diese App herunter! Hast Du noch keineZugangsdaten, frag' bitte in Deiner Fahrschule nach einemZugang.Mit FahrPRAXIS bereitest Du dich auf die kniffligen Stellenfür Verkehrsteilnehmer in Deinem Prüfgebiet vor. Schau Dir dieVideos vor deiner praktischen Führerscheinprüfung an und Dustartest mit einem guten Gefühl und perfekt vorbereitet in DeinePrüfung.Alle FahrPRAXIS Features:- Perfekt vorbereitet: Schau Diralle Videos beliebig oft an.- Du erhältst Zugriff auf allePrüfgebiete Deiner Fahrschule und kannst selbstständig direkt inder App zwischen den einzelnen Abfahrorten wechseln.- Wir zeigenDir eine praktische Übersicht über die von Dir schon "erfahrenen"kniffligen Stellen in Deinem Prüfgebiet an.- Keine dauerhafteInternetverbindung nötig: Alle Videos werden beim Startheruntergeladen und können anschließend ohne dauerhafteInternetverbindung angesehen werden.Bitte beachte: Für den erstenStart der App empfehlen wir eine schnelle und zuverlässigeInternetverbindung (WLAN), damit Du alle Videos laden kannst.Sobald die Videos einmal geladen sind, wird keine dauerhafteInternetverbindung mehr benötigt.You have received a drivingexperience Access in your driving school? Then upload the same thisApp! Do you still have no access data, ask 'please your drivingschool for an outlet.With driving experience do you prepareyourself for the tricky places for road users in your checkingregion. Look at the video before your practical driving test, andyou start with a good feeling and perfectly prepared in yourexamination.All driving experience Features:- Perfectly prepared:Look at all the videos as many times as.- You get access to allareas audited your driving school and can switch automaticallydirectly in the app between each Abfahrorten.- We show you apractical overview of you already "experienced" tricky situationsin your checking region.- No permanent internet connectionrequired: All videos are downloaded at the start and can then beviewed without permanent Internet connection.Note: For the firsttime you start the app, we recommend a fast and reliable Internetconnection (Wi-Fi), so you can load all the videos. Once the videosare loaded once, no permanent Internet connection is no longerrequired.
FahrAPP 1.3.299
In order to use the app, you need a valid access code to theFahrAPP within Fragen-Lern-Netz from Wendel-Verlag. These areavailable throughout Germany exclusively in driving schools. ---Get started! Download the app. Log in with the login credentials ofFragen-Lern-Netz and start learning immediately. - Or: Start theregistration process right in the app with your registration codeand fahrschulcode provided by your diving school. The learningstatus is always synchronized - regardless of whether you haverecently learned on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Guarantee! WithFahrAPP you are guaranteed to learn all current questions of theofficial german questionnaire! In all classes and all officiallanguages, including Arabic. Wendel-Verlag is an official licensepartner of TÜV | DEKRA arge tp 21. Rely on our over 50 years ofexperience and go perfectly prepared to your theory exam! Content!Succeed fast with our trainings by first learning the easyquestions. Many more special trainings and of course examsimulations like the real ones at TÜV or DEKRA are waiting for you.So nothing surprises you in the exam! ALL INCLUDED: - All classes:B + A, A2, A1, AM + L, T + C, CE, C1 + D, D1 + moped - Alllanguages: German, Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic, Romanian,Polish, Croatian, Portuguese, French, Greek, Spanish, Italian -Learning tips on every question and in all languages ​ - Voiceoutput of all questions in all languages ​​(except Croatian) -Numerous image and movie versions for all official maternalquestions (variants) - Easy learning, even without internetconnection Attention! Email address and Internet connection(flatrate recommended, otherwise additional costs for datatransmission apply). You can download movies and pictures at homein your Wi-Fi / WLAN to save a lot of data volume on your mobileplan. FahrAPP has an offline mode, with which you can continue tolearn without the Internet. Note on foreign language translations:We use the official translations from TÜV and DEKRA. All questionsand answers are asked in your theoretical exam exactly as in oursoftware. We are happy to pass on translation errors to theauthorities. The Wendel team wishes you lots of fun while trainingand good luck in the theory test! Do you still have any questions?Tap on the support link!