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Super SteamPuff 1.3.2
Super SteamPuff is a frantic, adrenaline-charged,vertical-scrolling shooter set in a universe of infinitenonsensical improbabilities! Pit quick-wit and dextrous-handlingagainst an endless horde of zany renegades and bosses for theelusive Hexachron artefact or challenge players in a localmultiplayer match for universal superiority! ======= ENDLESS MODESurvive wave after wave of hostile puffs and hordes of boss-tasticcreatures from the deepest darkest depths of space. LOCALMULTIPLAYER Destroy friendships when you battle and humiliate yourbuddy in local multiplayer (PVP) on the same device. RECRUITCHARACTERS Summon unwilling characters from across the universe tojoin your battles using the all-powerful Infinite ProbabilityMachine (IPM). UNLOCK BADGES AND FLAGS Personalise your controllerdesigns and space crew's emblem! UP YOUR ARSENAL Rush for andjuggle between an array of weapons manufactured by laughablyprimitive earthlings. ACHIEVEMENTS Triumph over bosses and collecttheir bounty for your Game Center achievements! FACEBOOKLEADERBOARDS Compete for the top spot against your friends bylinking your high score to Facebook leaderboards! ======= HELP:www.facebook.com/supersteampuff www.weyrdworks.com
WarPods 1.39.1
SAVE THE UNIVERSE IN THIS TURN-BASED BLOCK BREAKER RPG! In WARPODS, you lead a gang of heroes to battle all kinds of warmongeringspace oddities as you travel the universe. BLOCK BREAKER BATTLESBlast enemies with powerful shots that bounce all over the screen.Be the master of ricochets and rack that damage up! WEEKLYCHALLENGES Take part in weekly events featuring all-new challengesand stories! SPACE ODDITIES Go against many different enemyfactions, including Space Pirates, Nomners, Scavengers and theever-terrifying Negasaurs, among others. TURN-BASED RPGStrategically select a combo of three War Pods to bring with you tobattle; Each with their own perks and abilities! VARIED ALLIESSummon zany characters from across galaxies to join your battlesusing the all-powerful Hexachron.
Quick! Get to the chopper! Democopter is an arcade game filledwithbuildings and monsters for you to what else - SMASH! Unlocknewdemocopters and unleash your powers of destruction to fill upyourdestruct-o-meter! We promise it will be a smashing time!