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Durak 1.1.9
Durak is the most popular card game in the post-Soviet states.Getnow the best Durak available for your Android devices!With amazingsound effects, incredible animations and the best graphics ever,you are going to love our Durak game!Here are the main features ofDurak:* 2, 3 or 4 players in both SINGLE PLAYER and MULTIPLAYER * 9different VARIANTS OF the GAME (Albanian, Bezmastniy, Big, Classic,Full, Japan, Passing, Changeable Trump, No Trump)* globalLEADERBOARD* 30+ ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock* STATISTICS to keep trackof your progresses* original graphics and animations* SHARE onFacebook, Twitter and Google+ your scores!What are you waiting for?GET NOW the BEST Durak for your mobile devices and be the first toget rid of all the cards!
Buraco 1.2.1
Are you ready to play the most popular cardgame?Challenge our artificial intelligence, based on many differentstatistical calculus to really put yourself to the test!And if you think you're the best "Buraco" player, challenge yourFacebook and Twitter friends or a random opponent in multiplayermatches: show them who's the real champion!NO NEED TO LOGIN/REGISTER to access to multiplayer, leaderboardsand achievements!Here are the main characteristics of Buraco:• MULTIPLAYER (Wi-Fi or data connection) matches: 2 or 4players!• SINGLE PLAYER matches: 2 or 4 players! Challenge the artificialintelligence, based on statistical calculus to really put you tothe test!• LEADERBOARDS: you have a leaderboard dedicated either to SinglePlayer and Multiplayer matches!• 20+ ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock!• STATS to track your progresses• GRAPHICS developed to support portrait and landscape mode, so youcan play comfortably on your smartphone and tablets• GAME OPTIONS: You can choose to play 5 different modes!• TOURNAMENTS...and if you still don't like the game... you can PERSONALIZE itthrough the settings!If you have any doubt or need any information, please don'thesitate to contact us at info@whatwapp.comFollow us to always be up to date:Facebook: www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter: @WhatWappGoogle+: plus.google.com/+WhatWapp
com.WhatWapp.Scopa 6.36.2
Challenge your friends now at Scopa the only one with SCOPONESCIENTIFICO mode! Download the most complete Scopa game, the onlyone with MILLION of PLAYERS and with many game modes, prizes andbets, choice of players, LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT graphics, onlinematches ...and much more! Play online without registration, or signin with Facebook! Here are the main features of one of the mostpopular Italian card games: • ONLINE Matches (Wi-Fi or 4G): Playwith your friends at incredible challenges! You can login withFacebook/Google+ or play as a guest, you do not have to register! •CHOOSE the match: decide whether to start a game for 2 or trySCOPONE SCIENTIFICO! • The more you risk, the more you WIN: choosehow much to bet and win the jackpot! • WITHOUT CONNECTION? Noproblem: while you wait for your connection to resume, PRACTICEoffline against the CPU and win coins! • SPECIAL EVENTS: get readyto participate at special events with unbelievable jackpots anddedicated leaderboards. Beat your opponents and show them who’s theCHAMPION! • SOCIAL: how many friends do you have? Add, write, chat,report, remove ... all in one section dedicated to YOUR FRIENDS! Doyou like to play with a specific person? ADD HIM TO YOUR FRIENDLIST! • LEADERBOARDS, STATISTICS: Keep track of your scores andyour progress. Don’t forget that practice leads to perfection! •ACHIEVEMENTS: More than 100 goals to reach, will you be able tounlock them all? • 11 DECKS of different regional cards! ... and ifyou don’t like game as it is ..customize it through the manyavailable SETTINGS! The available card decks are: + Bergamasche +Milanesi + Napoletane + Piacentine + Siciliane + Trevisane + French(poker) + Sarde + Toscane + Bresciane + Romagnole Scopa is one ofthe most popular card games in Italy and has millions of playersaround the world. For any doubt, advice or error, please feel freeto contact us at: help@whatwapp.com. WARNING: This game doesn'toffer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money orprizes, and that practice or success at social gaming doesn't implyfuture success at “real money gambling". Follow us: Facebook:www.facebook.com/WhatWapp Twitter: @whatwapp Plus:plus.google.com/+WhatWapp YouTube: youtube.com/WhatWapp Instagram:whatwapp.it
VerBoom - Scoppia le parole! 1.0.10
**** GIOCO IN LINGUA ITALIANA! ****Appassionato di giochi diparole? VerBoom diventerà la tua prossima ossessione!Se ti piacetrovare parole nascoste e sei appassionato di giochi in cui bisognaallineare e scoppiare oggetti (caramelle, blocchi,diamanti ecc),hai trovato il mix perfetto!Ma attenzione: in questo nuovo gioco diparole non dovrai rompere caramelle abbinando i colori, ma romperaiLETTERE formando PAROLE!Grazie a più di 100 livelli, allerealistiche animazioni e ai numerosi effetti sonori, vivraiun'incredibile avventura, attraversando mondi fantastici.Trova lafrase nascosta, rompi tutte le gelatine e le rocce, oppure scoppiaun numero di lettere... tutto in pochissime mosse!Ecco lecaratteristiche principali di VerBoom:● Una griglia diversa perogni livello composta da tantissime lettere, gelatine, rocce ealtri impedimenti!● Diversi power-up per superare i livelli piùdifficili● Obiettivi differenti a seconda del livello● Casellebonus● Integrazione completa con Facebook (sfida i tuoi amici inogni livello superando il loro record!)VerBoom, il nuovo gioco diparole, ti conquisterà sin dai primi livelli, e ti terrà incollatoallo schermo per ore, senza annoiarti mai! Provare per credere!Sevolessi darci feedback o riportare un problema, non esitare acontattarci all'indirizzo e-mail info@whatwapp.com indicando comeoggetto "Verboom".Seguici sui social per essere sempre aggiornatosul tuo gioco preferito:Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter -https://www.twitter.com/WhatWappGoogle+ -https://www.plus.google.com/+WhatWappYouTube -https://www.youtube.com/WhatWapp**** GAME IN ITALIAN! ****A loverof puns? Verboom become your next obsession!If you like to findhidden words and you are passionate about games where you have toalign and burst items (candy, blocks, diamonds, etc.), you havefound the perfect mix!But beware: in this new word game you willnot have to break candy by matching colors, but you break formingLETTERS WORDS!With more than 100 levels, with realistic animationsand numerous sound effects, you will live an incredible adventurethrough fantastic worlds.Find the hidden phrase, break all thejellies and rocks, or breaks out a number of letters ... all invery few moves!Here are the main features of Verboom:● A differentgrid for each level consists of many letters, jellies, rocks andother obstacles!● Various power-ups to overcome the more difficultlevels● Objectives different depending on the level● Caselle bonus●Full integration with Facebook (challenge your friends in eachlevel surpassing their record!)Verboom, the new word game, have youhooked from the first level, and will keep you glued to the screenfor hours without ever getting bored! Try it!If you want to give usfeedback or report a problem, please contact us at the e-mailinfo@whatwapp.com the subject "Verboom".Follow us on social to keepupdated on your favorite game:Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitterhttps://www.twitter.com/WhatWappGoogle+ -https://www.plus.google.com/+WhatWappYouTube -https://www.youtube.com/WhatWapp
Briscola 3.7.1
The best "Briscola" game, in its best version! You'll love Briscolabecause of its beautiful graphics, spectacular animations and greatsound effects! Here are the main features of the game: * SINGLEPLAYER matches, where you will be able to decide the type of match(quick, up to 120 points, win 3/5) * MULTIPLAYER mode where you'reable to challenge your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ friends or a randomplayer among more than 2 MILLIONS players from all over the world!* BLUETOOTH matches with up to 3 friends when you don't have wi-fior data connection! * In every game mode you can choose to playmatches for 2,3 or 4 players! * 3 different difficulty levels(easy, medium, hard) * find how to reach the top of manyLEADERBOARDS * TOURNAMENTS in both Single Player and Multiplayermodes * 20+ ACHIEVEMENTS to unlock! * detailed STATS * change theCARD DECK, the TABLE and find out all the PERSONALIZATION you canmake through the settings Here's the list of card decks availablein the game: + Bergamasche + Bresciane + Milanesi + Napoletane +Piacentine + Romagnole + Toscane + Siciliane + Trevisane + Francesi(poker) + Sarde If you have doubts, questions or you wanna give ussuggestions, don't hesitate to email us info@whatwapp.com Followus: Facebook: facebook.com/WhatWapp Twitter: @WhatWapp Plus:+WhatWapp Enjoy the BEST Briscola!
Tressette 1.2.7
A grande richiesta, la WhatWapp Entertainment è lieta dipresentarvi il classico gioco del Tressette disponibilegratuitamente per i vostri smartphone e tablet Android. Con unagrafica completamente rinnovata, ancora più divertente eaccattivante Tressette si distingue per le numerose animazioni egli effetti sonori. A grande richiesta, la WhatWapp Entertainment èlieta di presentarvi il classico gioco del Tressette disponibilegratuitamente per i vostri smartphone e tablet. Con una graficacompletamente rinnovata, ancora più divertente e accattivanteTressette si distingue per le numerose animazioni e gli effettisonori. Le principali caratteristiche introdotte in questa versioneincludono anche: * modalità MULTIPLAYER Wi-Fi o 3G: - Partitaveloce (il sistema sceglie un giocatore casuale per voi) - Mandainvito - Guarda inviti (potete vedere gli inviti in sospeso) * unaCHAT per poter comunicare con gli avversari (la WhatWapp si riservail diritto di eliminare questa funzione qualora fosse utilizzata inmodo inappropriato) * CLASSIFICA globale * possibilità di terminareuna partita con 21 o 31 punti * misurare le proprie capacitàconsultando la sezione dedicata alle statistiche ...e molto altroancora! Il gioco include i mazzi di carte elencati qui di seguito:+ Bergamasche + Milanesi + Napoletane + Piacentine + Siciliane +Trevisane + Francesi (poker) + Sarde + Bresciane + Romagnole Perqualsiasi dubbio, errore o chiarimento, contattaci inviando unae-mail a info@whatwapp.com, oppure scrivendoci su Twitter a@WhatWapp. Queste informazioni sono raggiungibili direttamentedall’applicazione nella sezione "Info". Seguici su: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WhatWapp Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/WhatWapp Plus:https://plus.google.com/+WhatWapp YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/WhatWapp Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/whatwapp.it Buon divertimento! By populardemand, WhatWapp Entertainment is pleased to present the classicTressette game available for free on your Android smartphones andtablets. With a completely renewed graphic, even more fun andcaptivating, Tressette stands out for its numerous animations andsound effects. By popular demand, WhatWapp Entertainment is pleasedto present the classic Tressette game available for free on yoursmartphones and tablets. With a completely renewed graphic, evenmore fun and captivating, Tressette stands out for its numerousanimations and sound effects. The main features introduced in thisversion also include: * Wi-Fi or 3G MULTIPLAYER mode: - Quick Match(the system chooses a random player for you) - Send an invitation -View invitations (you can see pending invitations) * a CHAT tocommunicate with opponents (WhatWapp reserves the right to deletethis feature if used inappropriately) * OVERALL RANKING *possibility to finish a game with 21 or 31 points * measure theirskills by consulting the section dedicated to statistics ...andmuch more! The game includes the decks of cards listed below: +Bergamasche + Milanesi + Neapolitan + Piacentine + Sicilian +Trevisane + French (poker) + Sarde + Brescia + Romagnole For anydoubt, error or clarification, contact us by sending an e-mail toinfo@whatwapp.com, or by writing to Twitter on @WhatWapp. Thisinformation can be reached directly from the application in the"Info" section. Follow us on: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WhatWapp Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/WhatWapp Plus:https://plus.google.com/+WhatWapp YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/WhatWapp Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/whatwapp.it Have fun!
Italian Blackjack 3.0.3
WhatWapp Entertainment, leader in the development of card games, ispleased to present the game of Italian BlackJack!Unlike the classicBlackJack game, the goal of the Italian BlackJack is to get asclose as possible to 7,5 points!With eye-catching, colorful and acompletely renewed graphics full of many animations, the ItalianBlackJack will become the best game to play during Christmastime!Choose how to play:* Single Player: you can choose among threedifferent tables and up to 3 opponents, everyone with his ownpersonality!* Multiplayer: challenge random opponents online!Othermain characteristics:* Global Leaderboard* Game statistics*Customize animations and graphic* More than 20 achievements tounlock* and many more!Surprises are not over!The game supportmultiplayer mode to challenge all your Facebook friends and all theother online players!The regional decks available within theapplication are kindly provided by the company TEODIMIRO DAL NEGROSpA, a leading manufacturer of playing cards.Initially, the gameincludes the decks listed below:+ Bergamasche+ Milanesi+Napoletane+ Piacentine+ Siciliane+ Trevisane+ French (Poker)+Sarde* Toscane* RomagnoleIt will soon be expanded the choice ofplaying cards!Follow us:Twitter - @WhatWappFacebook -www.facebook.com/WhatWappGoogle+ - plus.google.com/+WhatWapp
com.WhatWapp.BurracoOnline 2.2.4
The first real Burraco with ITALIAN rules and 100% FREE ! Downloadfor free the most complete Buraco, the only one with italian rulesand with different game modes, choosing the number of players, thematch duration, and between horizontal and vertical orientation!Play online also without registration , or sign in with Facebookand Google+! Here are the main features of the game: - CHOOSE yourtable: open or closed, quick match or 2005 points - or CREATE anItalian Buraco table - no registration required! - 100% multiplayerwith real players - TOURNAMENTS - every free coins for you! - playBuraco with your friends on Facebook and Google+ - add FRIENDS,look at their profiles and statistics and try to beat them all -CHAT online: sends messages to opponents - play with 2 or 4 players- send GIFTS to your friends or opponents ... or give yourselfsomething! - 100% free download WARNING: This game is intended foran adult audience, doesn't offer "real money gambling" or anopportunity to win real money or prizes, and that practice orsuccess at social gaming doesn't imply future success at “realmoney gambling". For any questions or bug reports do not hesitateto contact us at: info@whatwapp.com. For more information aboutFacebook Native Ads click here:https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices Follow us on: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WhatWapp Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/WhatWapp Plus:https://plus.google.com/+WhatWapp YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/WhatWapp
BlackJack 21 Free 1.0.7
Do you think it's your lucky day? Then test yourself withBlackJack!WhatWapp Entertainment is really pleased to announce therelease of the coolest BlackJack on Google Play Store! Best news?It's completely FREE to play!Challenge your friends by reaching thetop of the Global Leaderboard and by unlocking all the differentachievements! You can choose among 5 different casino: Las Vegas,Reno, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City and Macao. Each one has it's ownrules and will give you a new experience!With a very colorful andfull of light effects graphic BlackJack will give you the most funexperience and it's completely free. Here you can find some of it'scharacteristics:* 25 levels to unlock * 5 different casino to playBlackJack in: Las Vegas, Reno, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City andMacao* Full integration with the most popular social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Google+)* Global Leaderboard* 20+ differentachievements* Premium stats* Cloud savings: never lose yourprogress, with cloud savings you can backup and restart from whereyou left, even if you use a different device* More than 10 ways toget free money every dayThe game is free to play and all the moneyyou can win playing BlackJack are virtual and not real.For anyquestions, error or clarification, please contact us by sending ane-mail at info@whatwapp.com, or by writing on Twitter at @WhatWapp. This information is accessible directly from theapplication in the "Credits" section.Like us on Facebook by goingto www.facebook.com / WhatWapp and follow @ WhatWapp onTwitter!Have fun!
Solitaire Klondike 1.0.0
Your exhausting search for the best card game "Solitaire" hasfinally come to an end. Thanks to the amazing graphics, colours andsounds included in "Solitaire Klondike" you'll spend hours playingin total relax, and you'll have just to concentrate on the bestwinning strategy! Here are the characteristics of "Solitaire" inthe Klondike version: * Option to draw 1 CARD or 3 CARD at a time *Choose background colour * Music and sound effects * Automatichints for Solitaire * Leaderboard (you'll choose your nickname andavatar, or you can just login with your Facebook account and neverlose your scores!) If you find yourself in trouble, you can alwayslook for help from the CPU, or you can just press the "undo" button(infinite times!)... but if you find there's no way out, you canalways start a new match! Solitaire Klondike, the most famouspuzzle and card game, awaits you in its best version! Follow us:Facebook - Facebook.com/WhatWapp Twitter - @WhatWapp Plus -+WhatWapp YouTube - youtube.com/WhatWapp
Bingo Adventure 1.0.3
Get ready to spend hours around the world with BingoAdventure!Challenge your friends and be the first to call "Bingo"among the other players! Do you just want to relax a few minutes?Then play "Bingo" in Single Player mode, and try to beat youriPhone/iPad!Here are the main features of Bingo Adventure:• 7THEMES to unlock• up to 4 CARDS to play in a game• real-timeMULTIPLAYER challenge with other players• many POWER-UPS to helpyou win!• login with Facebook to keep safe your progresses• playoffline in "SINGLE PLAYER"• WHEEL OF FORTUNE everyday to winamazing gifts!Follow us:Facebook - Facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter -@WhatWappPlus - +WhatWappYouTube - youtube.com/WhatWapp
Go Santa, Go! (Epiphany) 1.0.1
Help Santa/Epiphany reach every house during the Christmasholidays!They will find many obstacles along the way, but YOU willhelp him!HOW TO PLAY:Touch the screen to keep the character in theair and help him to get through the many obstacles!Here are theOBSTACLES:* Bats* Storm* Snow* Smoke* BuildingsHelp them to getthrough the obstacles with POWER UPS:* Bombs (kill all the bats!)*Shield - be safe for 10 seconds!Have fun during the holidaysplaying "Go Santa, go!"
Save Dave! 1.2.1
Are you ready to Save Dave in the most impossible rescue challenge?Dave is on the top of a building and suddenly loses his balance. Tosave him, the rules are simple: tilt your phone to help Dave bounceon awnings and avoid his tragic imminent death! Watch out: don'thit balconies and the bricks on the wall, they will kill Daveimmediately!! During the fall, Dave will be able to collect someitems... get them all! FOLLOW US: Facebook:www.facebook.com/WhatWapp Twitter: @WhatWapp Google+:plus.google.com/+WhatWapp
Bingo 1.0.1
WhatWapp Entertainment is really pleased to introduce you thenewest game:Bingo!*******************************************************************★★★★★- "Just started playing ,enjoy it already!"★★★★★ - "Cool, simpleand straight forward"★★★★★ - "Great! I love this gameB.I.N.G.O!!!"*******************************************************************Areyou ready to get involved with the best, easiest-to-play and mostaddictive Bingo game available in the Google Play Store?No timewasted looking for gems, keys or unuseful stuff... just go straighton your way to Bingo!You'll love Bingo because of its beautifulanimated graphics and sounds!Choose how to play:*Single Player:choose up to 4 cards to play with, and try to do Bingo before yourdevice does!* Bluetooth multiplayer: No wi-fi connection available?You can still challenge up to 5 (according to the type of mobiledevices) of your friends with the Bluetooth connection!!* Wi-FiMultiplayer: challenge players from all over the world!Here aresome other main characteristics:* Lots of levels to unlock* Morethan 4 different global leaderboards* More than 20 achievements tounlock* 4 different themes (t's Christmas time and we have a themefor that!)* Use of POWER Ups to boost your chancesWhat are youwaiting for??? Get it NOW and start to challenge the world!Followus!Facebook: www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter: @WhatWappGoogle+:www.plus.google.com/+WhatWapp
Brisca 0.1.0
The new Brisca game for Android which let youchoose between 3 levels of difficulty and 4 types of cardsavailable (Piacentine, Siciliane, Trevisane and Napoletane).Have fun and become the master of Briscola!Visit our website at http://www.whatwapp.com">WhatWappEntertainment
Memory Saga 1.0.1
Tired of the same old Memory?It's time for you to get Memory Sagaand be part of the great adventure for all ages!Test yourselfthrough the numerous levels created to test your memory, brainreaction and toughness!Memory Saga is composed by many levels andeach one of them is created in order to always offer the user a newchallenge: this can be given by limited time, limited moves ormysterious obstacles that will make your journey more and morecompelling!Here are the main characteristics of this "Memory":* 5different categories to unlock (Sport, Music, Clothes, Animals,Fruit)* 10 different levels for every category* Animatedbackgrounds* Amazing sounds and animations* "Survival" mode: proveyour skills!* Global leaderboard* More than 30 achievements tounlockFor any information, doubt or curiosity, don't hesitate tocontact us!Follow usFacebook: www.facebbok.com/WhatWappTwitter:@WhatWappGoogle+: plus.google.com/+WhatWapp
Scala 40: la sfida! 0.9.7
La prima vera Scala 40 con regolamento ITALIANO e 100%GRATIS!Scarica gratis il più completo gioco di Scala 40, l'unicocon regolamento italiano FISCA (Federazione Italiana Scala 40) econ diverse modalità di gioco, scelta del numero di giocatori,premi e puntate, grafica in orizzontale e verticale! Gioca onlineanche senza registrazione, oppure accedi con Facebook eGoogle+!Ecco le principali caratteristiche del gioco:- SCEGLI iltuo tavolo: partita veloce o a 101 punti- oppure CREA il tavolo diScala 40 che preferisci- non è necessaria la registrazione!-partite multigiocatore ONLINE- TORNEI con montepremi- ogni giornoun PREMIO per te!- gioca a Scala 40 con i tuoi amici di Facebook eGoogle+- aggiungi AMICI, guarda i loro profili e statistiche eprova a batterli tutti- CHAT online: manda messaggi agli avversari-partite a 2 o 4 giocatori- fai dei REGALI ai tuoi amici o agliavversari... o regalati qualcosa!- download 100% gratisATTENZIONE:Il gioco si rivolge a un pubblico adulto e NON si categorizza comeun gioco di scommesse reali, non è possibile vincere premi e soldireali con l'utilizzo di questa applicazione. Giocare spesso conquesta Scala 40 non corrisponde a un reale vantaggio nei siti discommesse in cui tale gioco è presente.Per qualsiasi dubbio,consiglio o errore non esitare a contattarci all’indirizzo:info@whatwapp.com.Seguici su:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter:https://www.twitter.com/WhatWappPlus:https://plus.google.com/+WhatWappYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/WhatWappInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/whatwapp.itThe first real Scale 40 withRegulation ITALIAN and 100% FREE !Free download the most completegame of Ladder 40, the only one with Regulation FISCA Italian(Italian Federation Scale 40) and with different game modes,choosing the number of players, stakes and prizes, graphichorizontally and vertical! Play online also without registration ,or sign in with Facebook and Google+!Here are the main features ofthe game:- CHOOSE your table: quick game or 101 points- Or CREATEtable Scala 40 favorite- No registration required!- Multiplayergames ONLINE- TOURNAMENTS jackpot - Every day a prize for you!-Scale 40 play with your friends on Facebook and Google+- AddFRIENDS, look at their profiles and statistics and try to beat themall- CHAT online: sends messages to opponents- Games to 2 or 4players- Do GIFTS your friends or opponents ... or give yourselfsomething!- 100% free download WARNING: The game is aimed at anadult audience and there is categorized as a real betting game, youcan win prizes and real money with the use of this application.Often play with this scale 40 does not correspond to a realadvantage in the betting sites where this game is.For any questionsor wish mistake not hesitate to contact us at:info@whatwapp.com.Follow us on:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter:https://www.twitter.com/WhatWappPlus:https://plus.google.com/+WhatWappYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/WhatWappInstagram:https://www.instagram.com/whatwapp.it
2048 Pro 1.0.2
WhatWapp Entertainment is really pleased to introduce you the bestversion of the most addictive game, "2048", available for all yourAndroid devices!Already reached the 2048 goal? Try with the advancemode and go up to the 4096 tile in a bigger grid. Prove you are thebest!HOW TO PLAY:When two tiles with the same number touch, theymerge into one: get up to the 2048 (or 4096 in the advanced mode)tile to win! GAME FEATURES:* Advance mode with a 5x5 grid and a newgoal to reach: 4096!* Global LEADERBOARD counting both Android andiOS players' results* TIME counter* SHARE your score on yourfavorite social network!Game and graphics are inspired by GabrieleCirulli's game, available on theweb:http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/If you have problems, orsuggestions, please contact us at: info@whatwapp.comFOLLOWUS:Facebook: www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter: @WhatWappGoogle+:plus.google.comHAVE FUN and ENJOY THE GAME!
Death Smasher 1.0.2
The most addictive smasher game available on Google Play Store witha brand new graphic full of animations and awesome sounds thatbring the user experience to a brand new level.The Earth has beeninvaded by some of the most scary monster in the universe, defendthe planet by killing all the monsters before they reach the end ofthe screen. Become a hero and save all the human beings.How toPlay:- Tap on the monster to kill him- Don't touch the boys, youhave to save them- Use the bombs carefully, they are very rare- Asuper weapon is waiting you as you become skilled enoughFeatures:-7 unique characters- 6 final bosses- 3 play modes (story, survival,time)- 100 levels to unlock- 10+ achievements (synchronized withyour Google Account)- A global leaderboard to challenge playersfrom all over the world
Buraco: o desafio 0.9.3
The first real Burraco 100% FREE!Download for free the mostcomplete Buraco with different game modes, choice of the number ofplayers, the match duration, and choose between horizontal andvertical orientation! Play online also without registration , orsign in with Facebook and Google+!Here are the main features of thegame:- CHOOSE your table: open or closed, quick match or 2005points- no registration required!- 100% multiplayer with realplayers- TOURNAMENTS - every free coins for you!- play Buraco withyour friends on Facebook and Google+- add FRIENDS, look at theirprofiles and statistics and try to beat them all- CHAT online:sends messages to opponents- play with 2 or 4 players- send GIFTSto your friends or opponents ... or give yourself something!- 100%free downloadWARNING: This game is intended for an adult audience,doesn't offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win realmoney or prizes, and that practice or success at social gamingdoesn't imply future success at “real money gambling".For anyquestions or bug reports do not hesitate to contact us at:info@whatwapp.com.For more information about Facebook Native Adsclick here: https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choicesFollow uson:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhatWappTwitter:https://www.twitter.com/WhatWappPlus:https://plus.google.com/+WhatWappYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/WhatWapp
com.WhatWapp.BeloteLeDefi 1.39.1
Belote: La Déf is the new Belote and Coinche game dedicated to allfans of the classic card game. Notice to all Beloteurs: when youwill open the game for the first time, you will get a free welcomegift! Play, win, bet and enjoy playing Belote and Coinche insimplicity. Learn with experts, climb rankings and win always moreprizes. Participate at tournaments, special events and play minigames to have fun at all times. FUNCTIONS: ● FREE PLAY: you candownload and play for free! ● ONLINE MATCHES: Join thousands ofplayers at the tables and compete with them ● DAILY BONUS and FREECHEST: every day there will be gifts for you. The more you enterthe game, the more you win ● FACEBOOK: Connect to Facebook toinvite friends and play with them ● DIFFERENT TABLES: Playingalways at richer tables. The more you bet, the more you win! ●COINCHE: also play with the options Tout Atout and Sans Atout, itwill be more fun ● SPECIAL EVENTS: Every occasion is good tocelebrate with a special table! ● MINI GAMES: Play with slotmachines and scratch tickets to win and bet higher ● TUTORIAL:Quickly learn the rules of the game by doing the tutorial as oftenas you like Download now Belote: the Défi and get your first gift,we are waiting for you! WARNING: This game is intended for an adultaudience, doesn't offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity towin real money or prizes, and that practice or success at socialgaming doesn't imply future success at “real money gambling". Infoabout "Belote : le Défi!" prizes Any questions or comments? Contactus at our game support, or write to us at help@whatwapp.comFacebook: https://facebook.com/BeloteLeDefi
com.WhatWapp.BingoTown 0.6.4
Welcome to Bingo Town, free online bingo game! The high qualitygraphic will introduce you in a new Bingo experience, with a lot offun and rewards! Bingo Town features: ► Play Bingo with realopponents, scattered around the world! ► Enjoy the SLOT and play toget the JACKPOT! ► Use Boosters for maximize your match results andget more loot! ► Achieve missions and get the rewards! ► Play withthe Speedy Bingo! A 20'' fast pacing Bingo experience! ► Enjoysuper powers! A quick way for becoming the best player! ► MiniSlot! Enjoy the slot while you're waiting for the Bingo room! ►Unlock all the features and follow the Corgi Baxter instructions!Play, enjoy the game and help us in building the best game ever!Send us your comments at bingotown@whatwapp.com. Bingo Towncontains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended foramusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling,or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play.Playing with this game does not imply future success at ‘realmoney’ gambling.