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Tablet for WhatsApp 360
Do you want to use WhatsApp on your mobilephone & tablet simultaneously?That's possible with WhatsTablet now.Install WhatsTablet on your tablet and connect your mobile phonewith your tablet via a QR code, that's all.From now on tablet & mobile are synct.Your benefits:+ No more change needed between tablet & mobile phone+ Use big tablet keypad & display+ Contactable on both devices+ Your contacts on both devices+ Your pictures on both devicesHint: This app is not an official WhatsApp applications and notassociated with WhatsApp Inc.
WhatScan for WhatsApp 342
With WhatScan, you can simply use WhatsApp Web(WhatsWeb) on two devices at the same time!WhatScan for WhatsApp Web functionalities:1. Use your WhatsApp on two devices2. Send & receive all formats (text, voice, video, MP3, PDF,GIF...)3. Line break with the enter button (customisable)4. Font size (customisable)5. Great colours & background images (chargeable)It's so simple:1. Install WhatScan2. Scan the QR code with WhatsApp Web3. Use WhatScanNotice: Our WhatScan app is not a WhatsApp application. There is nolink between our app and WhatsApp Inc.