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Stellar Solitaire 3.0.2
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The world's best solitaire program just gotbetter with the newest release of Stellar Solitaire106 Solitaires plus many variations. Each solitaire is easy tolearn with a tutorial demo game!Automatically Detects both Won AND Lost Games! When a game is over,a single touch can start your next game.Fantastic on Tablets!.Cards for each individual solitaire are sized to best fill yourscreen.Stellar often uses different layouts depending on Screenorientation (Landscape and Portrait).Stellar has NO Ads and needs NO permissions! (NO location tracking,NO data mining, etc).Never accesses the Web : Airplane Mode always OK.Absolutely NO In-App purchases. All 106 solitaires (+variations)are immediately available to you.IMPORTANT : Requires a minimum screen resolution of 800X480Product Feature List :One Touch Moves, Drag and Drop, or Two Touch Moves.Demos with Text Assist for all 100+ solitaires.From a solitaire, play its demo and with a single touch, return toexactly where you left off.Supports screen rotation (some games are Landscape-only on smallerdevices).Displayed Cards can be modified so that Suit and Rank are as largeyou like.Multiplayer (within your single device) - Play mixes of the 100+solitaires with IDENTICAL shuffles for each player. Supports up to4 players and 100 games per Multiplayer match.Right or Left-handed Play.Intelligent Auto Move to foundations.Automatic Timed Hints + Quick Hints.Unlimited Undo (with full reverse animation).Replay, with stop and play from any point.Enlarging of card columns (by double-tap).Rollview, a magnifying feature that moves through a compressed cardcolumn.Separately configurable speeds for animation, replay, andRollview.Loads of options, both general and game-specific. For instance,Klondike has options to deal 1 or 3 at a time, to set # of passesthrough deck, and to use relaxed rules for movement within thetableau.Full help for all games and features.Single Deck Solitaires: Freecell, Klondike, Scorpion, Golf, Cruel,Pyramid, La Belle Lucie, Accordion, Yukon, Russian, Canfield, MonteCarlo,Aces Up, Beleaguered Castle, Osmosis, Eight Off, Flower Garden,Good Measure, Eliminator, Bakers Dozen, Grandfather's Clock, Gaps,Penguin,Tri-Peaks, Shamrocks, Nestor, Australian Patience, Seahaven Towers,Fission, Poker Square, Kings Corner, Bristol, Westcliff, Easthaven,Bisley,King Albert, Labyrinth, Fourteen Out, Duchess, Strategy, Baroness,Agnes, Suspense, Calculation, Stalactites, Bowling, Germaine,Captive Queens,Simplicity, Four Seasons, Giza, Double or Quits, Royal Family,Black Hole, Eighteens, Curds & Whey, Perseverance, Gate, PuttPutt, Decade, Carpet,Vegas Klondike, Thumb & Pouch, Whitehead, Trefoil, Chessboard,Fortress, Chameleon, AlaskaMultiple Deck Solitaires: Spider, Intelligence, Virginia Reel,40 Thieves(Napolean at St Helena), Sly Fox, Constitution, SalicLaw, Faerie Queen,Double Klondike, Terrace(Queen of Italy), Colorado, Diplomat, StHelena, Miss Milligan, Crazy Quilt(Tablets Only), Royal Cotillion,Gavotte,Spider 2 Suit, Spider 1 Suit, Maria, Capricieuse, Mount Olympus,Double Scorpion, Double Yukon, Double Russian, Sudden Death, Ladyof the Manor,Great Wheel, Lady Jane, British Square, Crescent, Tournament,Batsford, Parallels, Boomerang, Josephine, Eighteens