Whiplash Mediaworks Apps

Bridge Builder Construction 3D 1.3
Build bridges for the new city. Bridges need to be constructed andrepaired. Operate heavy machinery like hydraulic lifter, excavator,bulldozer, transport truck & road painter to perform each stepin bridge construction. Enjoy the steering, hydraulics and firstperson driving view in this bridge building 3D game. Drive, park,transport material and control heavy machinery in this constructionsim game.Use heavy excavator and sand plow to clear the path. Setthe base on the construction site and use heavy roller to flattenthe surface. Transport construction material to the site andoperate the hydraulic lifter with accuracy to place the pillars onthe site. Once the pillars are set, place the bridge segment. Paintthe sidelines and the center lines and the residents will bethankful to you for completing the road network in time.Just bewareof the huge pot holes and drive the vehicles on the roads. You willalso be able to view the works going all around you including powerinfrastructure and high rise buildings.The residents appreciateyour help – we are one step closer to building our dream moderncity.FEATURES• Life like experience of operating heavy machinery& vehicles• Construction site environment with multipleactivities in progress• Multiple levels with objectives • Smoothsteering, hydraulics, lifting and rotation controls• 3D graphics& environmentWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments &ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better gamesfor you.
Ultimate Police Dog Simulator 1.3
Ultimate experience of a professionally trained German shepherdsimulation to chase robbers. Police dog running and chasingthieves, robbers & criminals and also help the detective infiguring out clues by sniffing. Running and chasing gangsters &outlaws as a police dog on the crime scene in the urban city andcontrol the crime rate in the city. The ultimate police dog chasesimulation is here.Ultimate Police dog simulator gives you thechance to run after the criminals and nab the thugs and gangstersand free the urban city of crime and illegal activities. The Germanshepherd sleuth is also required to help the detectives by decodingthe clues and use the sleuthing skills to find the robbers. Theultimate police dog simulator has multiple missions and gives youthe chance to show your gaming skills and control to catch thethugs. Give your ultimate police dog a power boost to jump on thecriminals during pursuit.Play the ultimate police dog simulator tocomplete multiple thrilling missions. You need to control theGerman shepherd to run swiftly and experience a police dog chasesimulation catch criminals. Assist the police force in controllingcrime in the urban city.Features:• Lifelike German shepherd dogsimulation• Police dog chase and police detectives looking atclues• Urban city environment• Multiple missions• Running, chasing& attacking simulatorWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments& ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even bettergames for you.
Excavator Crane Simulator 3D 1.3
Lets build roads before the snow & holiday season and driveheavy excavator and multiple construction vehicles to enjoy thisnew construction simulator of 2016. Don't miss this opportunity toget the experience of heavy machinery driving. You will have tobuild the road from the scratch. Clear the path where you want tobuild roads then use road roller to level the surface. Use heavyexcavator crane and dump truck to take the sand to dump it. Throwtar to make new roads and use painter to paint the roads.You willneed to transport construction material using heavy trucks and thenoperate heavy excavator with the smooth hydraulic controls. Theterrain and roads are really rough so drive carefully and navigatenear the sand and gravel on the construction site. This is a greatconstruction driving simulator game which will let you experiencethe complete construction process. Have fun and play all theexcavation & construction challenges using heavy transport& construction vehicles. As a driver of construction cranes,heavy machinery and excavator you will be transporting the rawconstruction material to construction sites. You can experience thesimulation of elevating the excavator shaft, rotating it withprecision and finally driving the heavy gear to transport. Heavymachinery is not easy to drive so be extremely careful in ahazardous work environment and become the best heavy excavatorcrane driver in this excavation 3d simulator game.FEATURES ofExcavator Crane Simulator 3D:• Act as the construction sitebuilder• Realistic experience of driving heavy constructionmachinery like heavy excavator.• Multiple levels and missions•Amazing 3D graphics, sounds and realistic environment• Smooth gamecontrols for steering, brakes, rotation and hydraulic lifting•Multiple types of heavy vehiclesWe hope you enjoy the game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
Police Car Crime City 1.1
Gangsters have taken over the city suburbs. It has become a crimecity. The thugs are enforcing their will and fleeing away on fastcars. Crime scenes are unattended and snatching, street racing,smashing & fleeing away are common. Someone needs to performthe duty of a hot pursuit and chase and smash criminal &gangster cars. Robbers and street racers have also followed suitand illegal activities are on the rise. Robbers are smashing publicproperty. Ordinary citizens have also stopped following the law andrunning traffic lights and driving drunk are common in the crimecity. Police force has been rendered useless and the morale of theforce is down. The best cops are chosen from all the police forces.You top the list of the best cops and your duty is to control thecrime rate in the crime city. You are given a shiny police car andyou are determined to enforce the rule of law in the crime city bysmashing away the speedy & crazy cars of the thugs.Enjoy thispolice car simulator and act as a police officer driving a policecar. Showcase your racing & navigational skills. You need tochase down the gangsters, criminals, robbers and people performingillegal activities and smash the fast paced cars of these thugs.Complete multiple missions to track down gangsters, drunk drivers,criminals and smash away their crazy and speedy cars. To completeeach mission, ram into the criminal cars and smash the car untilthey cannot drive any more. Make sure you drive safe and don’t hitpoles and buildings and the traffic on the road.• Police Force CarDriving Simulation 3D• Crime City Scenes with multiple missions•Extreme Crime Pursuit and Chase• Chasing and Smashing Car• Smooth3D graphicsWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratingsare welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.
Emergency Rescue Urban City 1.7
Rescue 911 - there’s a widespread fire emergency & people areinjured. Be the firefighter & rescue services guy and savelives. You need to drive the fire truck in a big urban city andrespond to emergency situations. Use the water gun to put out thefire. The fire brigade department also runs a first aid unit. Drivethe ambulance in the city and reach the emergency scene quickly tomake sure the injured people get medical attention. It is anemergency rescue simulation game so you can think of yourself as afirefighter from fdny or a fire fighter from san francisco firedepartment. Just make sure you drive carefully and don’t bump intotraffic and fixtures as it will only add delays and injured peopleare depending upon you. The fire truck and ambulance are ready forfirefighting and rescue duty.Drive rescue and emergency vehicles inthe urban city. Fire extinguishing can be tricky so make sure youthrow the water with pressure and keep the direction of the watergun steady. Keep the fire truck emergency siren on and speed away.Rush towards the emergency scene to save the day and be thesuperhero fireman. Use your water gun to put the fire out sensiblyas you will also have to collect water from multiple points to fillup the fire truck. Since it is a big urban city, there can bevarious fires and emergency situations. A fire in a high risebuilding, an air plane landing gear on fire, fire caused due to atraffic accident – all these emergency situations can arise in abig urban city and it is your duty to make sure you respond to allthese emergency situations by driving the fire truck in time forrescue.If you like fire truck games and emergency rescue games, weare sure you will like this one.Features of Emergency Rescue UrbanCity 3D include:• Multiple firefighting & rescue missions•Smooth & enjoyable controls and navigation• Realisticenvironment of a big urban city• Fire trucks with water guns andambulance vehicles• Amazing 3D graphics & soundsWe hope youenjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and willhelp us in creating even better games for you.
Tourist Hill Climbing Rescue 1.5
Be the rescuer – operate the tow truck and forklift and transportthe wrecked cars of tourists and hurdles from mountain tracks to asafe place. Maneuver the heavy machinery like the fork lift and theemergency relief truck for providing breakdown services and toensure the track is safe for tourists to travel. This is theultimate urban experience of a modern day hill station withtourists vising with theyr chauffer driven cars all year round andyou get to play around with a 3D truck simulator. The truck driverneeds to be smart and keep an eye on the navigation map to find hisway on the mountain tracks. Driving on a cliff in off roadconditions is tricky so make sure you are spot on and standout inyour driving, towing & lifting skills.The challenge of drivinga tow truck and operating a forklift will make your adrenalinerush. Be safe and don’t fall in the trenches. The trench can bedeep and dangerous. The cliff is high and the tourist cars can falloff the edge of the cliff if you don’t reach in time. The offroadtracks and hill climbing will want you to keep your eyes open sothat you can rescue tourist cars and transport them to safety. Youwill also need to clear the hill path from wrecked cars, bouldersand rocks. There are multiple offroad towing & forkliftchallenges for you to complete and rescue tourists from themountain. For driving & parking of forklift & tow truck onmountains and while climbing hills, you need to be extremelycareful of the trenches and cliff edges. Maneuver around carefullyas the off road conditions are bumpy and the vehicle may fall off.You need to rescue the tourists from dangerous situations who havecome to enjoy the scenic beauty and hill climbing. The tourists aredependent upon you for rescue. Toursit Hill Climbing Rescuesimulation features:• 10 different missions for tow trucksimulation & offroad tourist rescue forklift challenge•Realistic 3D graphics and mountain terrain• Real life like rescueforklift situations• 3D truck simulator and driving• Time basedcritical offroad challengesWe hope you enjoy the game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
City n Off Road Delivery Van 1.5
Reach the destination in a dash as you have to make priority pizzadeliveries on a pizza delivery van. Play the most exciting City nOff road delivery van simulation game. City n Offroad is full ofthrill and excitement and adventure where you have to deliverpizzas on urban and hill side locations and make sure that thepizza delivery is hot from the oven. The pizza delivery van isquick and has maneuvering ability at high speeds. Get the feel ofnature with real life like off-road driving on hills and mountaintops. Play as the pizza delivery guy working in a pizzeria who hasto make sure that all the pizzas are delivered in time and are ovenhot. Make sure the pizzas don’t fall off and get spoiled due toyour rash driving. People are waiting for pizzas in the city andalso the tourists who have gone for a vacation on hill top want tohave hot pizza slices in the cool weather. Standout as the toppizza delivery guy and deal with city traffic and the bumpy roadson hill side to deliver pizzas in time on off-road destinations.Youneed to drive to multiple city and offroad destinations and deliverthe pizza on a pizza delivery van. When you reach the destinationhand over the pizza to the customers and don’t forget to get yourcash. The game play has both city and off road environment whereyou need to drive in both sunny and rainy weather. Drive carefullyon steep hills and deliver pizzas. Off-road driving in the rain hasits own challenges so showcase your skills and standout as the bestpizzeria in town. You might be well-adept on driving on the cityroads driving a pizza delivery van full of pizzas on hills andmountains is a different challenge altogether. Enjoy this thrillingnon-stop fun game and show your skills while making sure the pizzasare delivered safe and hot.City n Off road Delivery Van Features:•Adventurous & Thrilling delivery van driving• Life likeenvironment with city & metro roads and also hills &mountains.• Pizza delivery is time bound so you need to drive inrainy weather and take sharp turns• Hill station environment forexploration• 3D gameplay and amazing soundsWe hope you enjoy thegame. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us increating even better games for you.
Off Road Forklift Tour Rescue 1.3
Operate & maneuver forklift on mountains & offroad tracksto move and lift logs and rocks to make sure tourists can travel onthe paths and move freely. Ultimate forklift challenge lets youtransport on offroad tracks and roads and move logs, rocks,stranded vehicles including jeeps and sports cars to clear the hillpath. There are multiple offroad forklift challenges for you toperform and rescue tourists from the mountain. You may also need toperform other transport duties like transportation of wood logsfrom and drop them at the log pit.For driving & parking offorklift on mountains and climbing hills, you need to be reallycareful and control your forklift on offroad tracks with on screencontrols, acceleration and brake pedals. Maneuver around carefullyas there are deep trenches and the fork lift can fall down. Youneed to rescue the tourists from dangerous situations who have cometo enjoy the scenic beauty and are out on offroad. The tourists aredependent upon you for rescue. If you love challenging offroadforklift games you are in for a treat.Driving and operatingforklift and completing offroad forklift challenges will give youthe adrenaline rush. Transport the logs, rocks and strandedvehicles on the hill and complete your forklift challenge missions.Off road forklift tour rescue simulation features:• 10 differentmissions of offroad tourist rescue forklift challenge• Realistic 3Dgraphics and mountain terrain• Easy controls• Real life like rescueforklift situations• Precision driving simulator• Time basedcritical offroad forklift challengesWe hope you enjoy the game.Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us increating even better games for you.
Great Wild Shark Sim 1.0
Enjoy the simulation of an angry shark in the Great Wild SharkSimulator. The Wild Shark is ready to sink its jaws into victims.Shark attack is one of the most dangerous feelings and you get tocontrol a hungry shark in this shark simulator. The killer fish isswimming in the sea near surface level looking for victims in boats& tubes because it is hungry. Fish hunters are also patrollingthe sea and will shoot at the crazy shark if they see it. You haveto save the shark from the hunters, simulate attack & wreakhavoc.Animal simulators are a good way to entertain yourself butthe great wild angry shark simulator will give you the chills &a fierce experience when the hungry shark is using its teeth andjaws to attack victims. The shark attacks with high speed &accuracy in this angry shark simulator. The crazy & hungryshark becomes really angry if it can’t find food and is alsobecomes angry and ferocious when a shark hunter is shooting itdown. Navigate away from the range of the shark hunter and go onyour hunting spree.Features of Great Wild Shark Sim 3D:• Multipleshark attach game play missions• Shark hunt simulation and crazyshark attack• High quality graphics and game play where you get tosimulate a crazy shark• Beautiful 3D environment and excitingsoundsWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings arewelcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.
American Truck Cargo Delivery 1.1
Showcase your pro driving skills, drive big American cargo trucksand make sure you drive carefully and be swift in maneuvering thetransport truck. Drop off the goods and logs at the destination bydriving a huge American cargo transport truck in this 3D transporttruck simulator and keep an eye on the time. Put your efficient& extreme parking skills to test and make sure the cargotransport truck is parked perfectly so that the goods can beunloaded.You are the cargo transporter so take control of the superAmerican cargo truck. It is a mega American city and yourimperative & impeccable driving skills are required to makesure that the goods are reaching the destination in time. City isdivided into two parts one is under construction, where you have todrive extremely carefully and the other one is properly built urbancity where you can fulfill your extreme driving quench. Drive asfast as you can because you are running short of time but you needto drive the big transport truck extremely carefully to make surethat the cargo goods you are transporting safely reach theirdestination. The navigation map will guide you on the city roads.Buckle up and make sure you don’t fall into trenches or else thegoods will fall down and will cause damages. Careless driving andjerks will also cause damage to the goods being transported.Enjoythis 3D cargo truck transporter simulator and handle the heavy dutyloads you are transporting carefully.American Truck Cargo Delivery3D features: • Super transporter trucks driving simulation•Multiple challenges and transporting missions• Smooth 3D graphicsand modern city environmentWe hope you enjoy the game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
Wild Horse Survival 1.1
Wild Horse Survival Simulator is a game for horse simulation &wild animal simulators fans. The rearing & galloping of a rarebreed stallion in a wilderness survival setting with a 3D horse& wild animals has all the thrill you'd want in a survivalsimulator game. The wild horses are ready to attack & defeat ina survival situation. The horse likes to live in its clan and wantsto ensure the safety of its herd. If you enjoy horse racing gamesor have a thing for wild horse simulation, then this survivalsimulator will give you a lot of enjoyment. Take control of yourjumpy horse and defeat wild animals like bears, wolf, cheetah, foxand even other wild horses.You have a jumpy horse to control andrun in the wilderness. Gallop away on lush green fields andprogress through the game objectives to defeat the wild animals andsurvive to make sure the clan stays safe. Wild wolves,blood-thirsty cheetah and the wily fox are fighting against you inherds. Put your horse racing skills into test and face the dangerslike a brave stallion to defeat & survive the animals attacks.The horse family is depending on your fighting skills and otheranimals are also going to thank you when you save them from theclaws of wild animals like bear, cheetah, wolf & the wily fox.Navigate the horse using the on screen navigation controls and rearto frighten away the animals. Experience the wild horse survivalsimulator galloping around to ensure safety of its herd and clan.Horses live in a herd and have to survive the attacks on the horsefamily as the wild wolves can be really merciless. You have to makesure your horse has enough power to survive the vicious attacks ofa bear. Defeat the cheetah by rearing and survive attacks by otherwild animals in the wilderness. You can gallop, canter or pace withthe animal simulator game for the horse survival. The wild &jumpy horse is all yours to break-in and control. Horse racing andsurvival are different flavors of horse simulation and you shouldtry a hand at this horse 3D survival simulator.Wild Horse SurvivalSimulator 3D Game Features:- Multiple game play missions forsurvival and wild horse simulation - Smart play to make sure youhave enough health to take on the wild animals- Horse 3D simulationand 3D environment- Amazing sounds and smooth gameplayWe hope youenjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and willhelp us in creating even better games for you.
Trained Police Dog 1.0
Play with the best police dog unit to catch crime in city and helpin police chase. The police dog is specifically trained to assistpolice and law enforcement officers in their work. The trainedpolice dog can search for explosives, drugs and look for crimescene evidence. The German shepherd police dog is trained tounderstand the commands of police officers to jump and attack onthe criminals and robbers. Police chase is both exciting and riskyand the K9 has to sniff the danger and hunt down the criminals.Trained Police Dog game is a great 3D dog simulator that will letyou control and play with a life like dog and has all the elementsof an exciting police chase game.The robbers and criminals aretrying to create mischief & trouble in the city and the aim ofthe police force is to curb down the crime rate. The criminals canbe anywhere – on the airport, on the subway, on a bus terminal, inthe streets and the police dog has to be vigilant to make sure thecriminals are nabbed every time. The dog training regime of thepolice force is a very tough process. The K-9 unit has made surethe dog knows how to attack and jump on the criminals to stop themfrom their activities. So have fun while playing the best dogsimulator and run the canine unit. Save the people from criminalsand make sure you get the criminals in time before they getaway.Trained Police Dog Features:• Police Dog Chase in pursuit ofcriminals & robbers• City Crime Scenes with multiple missions•Run, jump, chase and attach robbers• Help police department incontrolling crime.• Amazing 3D environment and soundsWe hope youenjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and willhelp us in creating even better games for you.
Offroad Ambulance Rescue 2016 1.2
Offroad ambulance rescue 2016 is a realistic time challengeambulance rescue simulator game with challenging missions andamazing graphics. You need to drive fast to reach the emergencysituation in time and rescue the wounded, sick & fragilepatients. The off road terrain with snow is not easy to maneuverand you need to be extremely careful while driving in thesedangerous conditions. Control the ambulance and be the expertrescue ambulance driver with immaculate ambulance driving andambulance parking skills. Offroad ambulance simulator 2016 has allthe thrills & chills of a challenging rescue driving game intwisting and turning snowy mountain roads made of materials such assand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other naturalterrain. 911 rescue situations are extremely critical and you needto be an expert in ambulance parking and ambulance driving to makesure you reach in time and load the patients in the ambulance forsafe transport to hospital.The clock is ticking - you have to savelives by racing away in this realistic rescue ambulance simulatorand attend the wounded, injured and sick patients. As the driveryou have to navigate in snow, city and difficult terrain andcomplete your rescue mission. Once you are in the zone where theinjured or sick patients are located, park the vehicle using yourambulance parking skills and attend the patients. They may needfirst aid before you transport them to the hospital. There aregoing to be many dangerous & sharp turns and twists on the roadso control your vehicle and don't take a wrong turn as you arelosing precious time. So what are you waiting for, throttle away onyour ambulance, switch on the sirens, rush through the traffic anddrive on the treacherous path to be the savior. The task is verysimple but the driving conditions & off road hurdles will giveyou a good challenge.Off road Ambulance Rescue 2016 Game features:-Rescue & emergency missions in crisis situation- Attend toaccident patients and take them safely to hospital to doctors-Amazing off road & city environment and dangerous drivingconditions to complete the rescue mission- Realistic 3D environment& graphics and sounds- Smooth controls and addictive gameplayWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings arewelcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.
Ambulance Rescue Driver 3D 1.1
Ranging from a fire in the house to car accidents, from aero planecrash landing to alien space ship crash, from bike accidents toattending to emergency situations such as seizure – it is Maydayout there. Ambulance rescue driver is an emergency simulation gamewhere you can be the hero and save the day.You have to drive anambulance and attend to emergency situations. You are the on-dutyambulance emergency driver who needs to attend to the emergencycall on the situation and take injured people to hospital ER formedical treatment. The lives of those people depend on you so youneed to reach the accident scene and save lives. Drive fast andsafe to transport them to a hospital emergency room while theambulance doctor provides first aid treatment on the way. Driving,parking and transporting are all part of your duties as anambulance rescue driver. Don’t forget to turn the ambulance sirenson so that people make way for you to be able to successfullycomplete your rescue mission.Driving an ambulance is not an easytask as you always have to drive safe and also have to reach thehospital in time. The situation is serious and people are injured.Make sure you drive straight and don’t crash into buildings as thatwill stop you from reaching the hospital in time and can also befatal for the patients.Ambulance Simulator 3D features include:•Multiple ambulance rescue missions• Realistic city environment•Smooth steering controls for seamless driving• 3D graphics &environmentWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratingsare welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.
Modern City Roads Construction 1.3
Lay out the road network for a modern city. New roads need to bebuilt and some need to be repaired. Perform each step starting frompicking the tar with excavator, transporting it to the site on adump truck, laying it, flatten the roads with road roller andfinally paint it with the painter to make sure the residents cancommute safely. Enjoy the steering, hydraulics and first persondriving view in this modern city roads construction 3D game. Drive,park and control heavy machinery all available in this cityconstruction sim.Use Heavy excavtor and sand plow to clear thepath. Use road roller to make sure the base is set for laying oftar. Operate the excavator with accuracy and dump truck to drop taron road. Drive the Heavy truck following the guidelines to makesure the materials reach the site in time and dump the tar. Once ithas settled in its place, it is time to operate a bulldozer toflatten & strengthen it. Paint the sidelines and thecenterlines and the residents will be thankful to you forcompleting the roads in time.Since the construction is going on allaround, there will also be a few roads that will be need frequentmaintenance. Repair the roads by operating heavy machinery. Justbeware of the huge pot holes and drive the vehicles on the roads.You will also be able to view the works going all around youincluding power infrastructure and high rise buildings.Theresidents appreciate your help – we are one step closer to buildingour dream modern city.FEATURES• Life like experience of operatingheavy machinery & vehicles• Construction site environment withmultiple activities in progress• Multiple levels with objectives •Smooth steering, hydraulics, lifting and rotation controls• 3Dgraphics & environmentWe hope you enjoy the game. Your comments& ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even bettergames for you.
Wild Horse Crazy Run 1.0
Show your pro horse riding skills as a jockey, ride swiftly throughobstacles and jump cleanly over hurdles. Tame the wild horse andenjoy this crazy 3D horse simulator adventure to run away from thechasing tiger. Make the horse run fast for your survival and avoidthe obstacles and hurdles.You are an expert jockey. You love crazychallenges and you love taming wild horses. The horse is ready forthe run. You need to use all your jumping and horseback ridingskills as a wild tiger is chasing you and waiting to pounce and layits claws on you if you fail to get away. The only way to surviveis to make sure the stallion runs fast and jumps and ducks andchanges its course swiftly. The terrain is bumpy and can make thehorse crazy if you don’t control it and the wild cat chasing you isstubborn. The wild horse is from an excellent breed and can gallopaway at high speed to outrun the tiger.This animal run game letsyou enjoy the joys of an endless run. The horse has been trained torun in wild fields and mountains. You need to collect the rewardson your way and earn achievements and awards. Experience the thrilland control the wild horse and keep running! Wild Horse Crazy Run3D Features• Multiple game play missions & challenges• Running,Jumping, Ducking & Rampage• Realistic terrain with treacherouspaths and sound effects• 3D Horse Simulation & environmentWehope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcomeand will help us in creating even better games for you.
Construct City:Excavator Crane 1.0
Start your excavator crane and drive your heavy vehicle on theconstruction site. Excavate the sand from the ground, lift yourcrane lifter and drop it into the dumper truck. Now get on thesteering of the dumper truck with trailer and drive it to the finalpoint. Park it for the construction team to move itfurther.Complete all construction and sand excavation levels ofrotation, elevation and driving. Heavy machinery and vehicles arenot easy to drive so be careful and perfect in your duty as a heavyexcavator crane driver in this Construct City: Excavator Cranegame. As a construction crane and excavator driver you are on aduty to transport the building material. Real 3d graphics, driving,handling and environment will make your experience even moreinteresting.One of the exciting things about this ConstructCity:Excavator Crane game is you get to drive multiple heavyvehicles all in one Construct City: Excavator Crane game. Test yourskills as the construction driver on a duty to build roads. Theflow of the traffic has stopped due to rough roads. Drive the truckto the construction and start your work today. Sit behind thesteering and control the heavy vehicles while performing your dutyat the construction site. Don’t let your vehicle get damage andpark them safely when required. You are the new road builder intown, city needs you, lay the infrastructure so that people candrive and park easily on roads. Play as the constructioncontractor, take up the challenge of amazing road construction,transport and excavator missions.There are multiple tasks tohandle, so perform the construction truck driving duty. Completethe excavation challenges when you get behind the heavy vehicles.Heavy machinery and vehicles are not easy to drive so be carefuland be perfect in your duty as a heavy excavator crane driver inthis Construct City: Excavator Crane game. Sand excavator crane isa mixture of simulation, parking and driving.Construct City -Excavator Crane Features:• Real-time Physics Controls for DrivingHeavy Vehicles• Addictive Missions of Excavation, Transport &Road Construction• Explore the Construction Site environment.•Complete all Levels of Driving and Excavation.• Smooth Steering,Hydraulic Brakes, Lifting and Rotation Controls• Amazing 3DGraphics & Environment.• Real-time Driving Simulation &Multiple Gameplay Missions• HD Graphics, Animations and SoundEffects
Off Road Army Cargo Truck 1.0
Let’s start your army duty with exciting off road army cargo 4x4jeep & truck hill driving. Take your army cargo jeep, truck& trailer over hills, mountains and on dangerous steep paths.Playing as the army offroad driver is a hard tasks especiallytransporting secret army weapons and other military goods onmountain steep paths.A new challenge in the cargo truck extremehill driving games. Narrow roads, uphill paths, hill climb ride andthe real feel of nature begins with heavy cargo tractor trucksimulator. Drive with great care, keeping the safety of yourfreight intact. Master the driving skills and learn how to handlebig army cargo transporter trucks. Drive with precision throughrocky hills and mountain to master the off road driving skills.Anobjective based offroad army cargo transport truck game where youhandle jeep & trucks. Transport army weapons, relief loading on4x4 jeeps and truck to base camps which located on hill tops.Driver heavy transport trucks on rugged terrains and enjoy thethrill of hill climb drive. Take your off road hill climber cargotruck, jeep to required destinations. It’s a job of responsibilityto carefully transport army weapons using heavy 4x4 vehicles.Thenatural hill top environments can make your drive difficult, butthat’s how offroad driving adventure starts. Driving throughmountain paths surrounded with big rocks and rugged terrain is anamazing driving experience. Relive the army driver duty andcomplete all transportation tasks on time. Don’t let your armytroops down, deliver the required cargo to army camps asscheduled.Off Road Army Cargo Truck GameFeatures:====================================Real Experience ofArmy Cargo Truck DrivingInteresting Gameplay ModsSmooth Steering,Brakes, Drifting & LiftingAmazing 3d Graphics & CityEnvironmentTransporting Relief, Armory weapons using 4x4 Army truck& JeepsThrill of Driving On Hills, Mountains and SteepPathsDrive army 4x4 cargo Trucks, Trailers & JeepsArmytransportation Concept for offroad driving loversPlay as Off Roadarmy cargo truck driver
Off Road Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw 3.8
Enjoy the best Off Road Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw games that includesspeed driving, parking, pick and drop service in the mountain city.Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw is now all set to drive on Mountain roads.The heavy unexpected traffic vehicles such as truck and busses onthe hill roads and the turns gives you a real hill drivingexperience. So you are going be an auto rickshaw driver inthis amazing parking simulator game. Tuk Tuk cannot park itself, itneeds a driver just like you. We are sure you will enjoy this cooland latest Off Road Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Driver Simulator 3D game.Let’s play Off Road Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw simulator game withexperience in taking and dropping passengers from one stop toanother stop. The game is about to go out and taxi the people totheir destination. Drive like public transport and provide bestservices to the passengers by dropping them on their destinationwithin time limit. If you haven’t travelled in Tuk Tuk rickshawthen this is the best chance for you to experience the offroad autorickshaw ride. The amazing Off Road Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Simulatorgame gives you the chance to drive something else then the regularbus, car, truck, taxi, bikes, etc. The game will test your skillsof acceleration, steering, driving and parking. First time onmountain or hilly areas you are driving on mountain roads. EnjoyTUK TUK rickshaw drifting and drive as fast as you like, but drivecarefully to avoid hitting city traffic and road sides. Completethe mission objective to complete the level. Off Road tracks willbe difficult after each level of game. Now complete missionsSurvive through different mission and complete the tasks to unlockthe next missions.  Off Road Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw GameFeatures: • Off Road Adventurous & Thrilling Auto RickshawDriving • Extreme Tuk Tuk Driving with Dangerous Turns • A completeHill Station Environment to Explore • Pick and Drop passengers totheir Destinations • Hours of Driving Fun with Rickshaw Driver Duty• Multiple Camera Modes to Enhance Gameplay • Amazing Environmentwith Hills, Mountains Etc. • Awesome Chingchi Rickshaw Mode Added
Wild Cougar Jungle Animal Hunt 1.0
A real cougar would always rule the animal kingdom. Continue withthe pride and hunt down all animals that come across. Cougar isbetter known as the wildlife jungle king. Let’s play as the realcougar in this Wild Cougar Jungle Animal Hunt simulator game. Liveas the king of the forest, rule the jungle wildlife and be theferocious animal to play in this safari animal huntingsimulator.Take control of this African cougar and hunt down animalslike crocodile, deer, bull, horse, elephant, zebra or some wildbeasts. You will play the role of the world wildest mammal and willhave the experience of living a life in a forest. It’s your role tosurvive in this wildlife hunting simulator and protect your familyin jungle.Jungle is filled with other wild animals. Go on huntingand hunt down the safari animals. Show how ferocious a cougar canbe. Cougar, cheetah, puma, tiger, leopard & lions are hungrybeasts that searches for its prey. Enter the jungle and start yourhunting in this Wild Lion Forest Hunt.This Wild Cougar JungleAnimal Hunter game has been designed for all ages. You can play therole of a real wild cougar. You will have fun playing this survivalgame as you can enjoy fun sounds and animations along with thejungle hunting experience. So what are you waiting for? Just startthis ultimate hunting simulator game today. The game consists ofvarious gameplay missions & more future updates are on the way.Sound effects and graphics make it even more realistic.Wild CougarJungle Animal Hunt Features:• Play as Real Wild African Cougar•Attack & Kill Other Animals• Actual Thrill of Chasing DownAnimals• Kill Your Target to Accomplish Missions• Explore the 3dJungle Environment• Enjoy Real Cougar Life Animals to Hunt• ManyExciting and Challenging Levels• Amazing 3D Graphics & JungleSounds
Tuk Tuk Auto Futuristic Drive 1.2
Let’s play City Futuristic Tuk Tuk Auto Drive simulator game withexperience in taking and dropping passengers from one stop toanother stop. The game is about to go out and taxi the people totheir destination. Drive like public transport and provide bestservices to the passengers by dropping them on their destinationwithin time limit. Enjoy the best City Futuristic Tuk Tuk AutoDrive games that includes speed driving, parking, pick and dropservice in the city. Futuristic Tuk Tuk Auto Drive is now all setto drive on city roads. The heavy unexpected traffic vehicles suchas truck and busses are on the roads and heavy traffic will giveyou a real driving experience. So you are going to be a city autorickshaw driver in this amazing parking simulator game. Tuk Tukcannot park itself, it needs an expert driver just like you. We aresure you will enjoy this City futuristic flying and latest Tuk TukAuto Rickshaw Driving Simulator 3D game.Enjoy TUK TUK rickshawdrifting and drive as fast as you like, but drive carefully toavoid hitting city traffic and road sides. Complete the missionobjective to complete the level. Driving in city traffic will bedifficult after each level of game. Now complete missions Survivethrough different mission and complete the tasks to unlock the nextmissions. If you haven’t travelled in Tuk Tuk rickshaw then this isthe best chance for you to experience the future auto rickshawride. The amazing City Futuristic Tuk Tuk Auto Driving Simulatorgame gives you the chance to drive something different then theregular bus, car, truck, taxi, bikes, etc. The game will test yourskills of acceleration, steering, driving and parking.CityFuturistic Tuk Tuk Auto Drive Game Features:• A complete big cityEnvironment to Explore• Pick and Drop passengers to theirDestinations• Hours of Driving Fun with Rickshaw Driver Duty• CityAuto Rickshaw driving experience• Extreme Tuk Tuk Driving in heavytraffic• Multiple Camera Modes to Enhance Gameplay
Flying Helicopter Car Flight 1.1
Enjoy the best of flying car helicopter game with an awesomeexperience of helicopter pilot flight simulator. Drift in the skywith flying helicopter car above the beautiful city and hugebuildings to experience the new heights of flying car simulator.Ever imagined of flying a helicopter in the sky? Want to fly yourcar like a helicopter? Flying Helicopter car Flight is perfect foryou! You can test your helicopter pilot skills and car drivingability at the same time. Fly your helicopter around the city,drive your truck do stunts and drifts! Burn the asphalt road, bethe best car driver! Flying Helicopter car Flight is made for allfans of flying car games, Simulation games and Helicopter Flightgames. Car flying helicopter Car 3D is made for all fans of flyingcar games, Simulation games and Helicopter Flight games.Do you loveflight games? Want to get drive car? Want to fly your sports carlike an airplane or helicopter? You can test your helicopter orairplane pilot skills and car driving ability at the same time!Drive your sport cars do drifts! Get the amazing experience of cityhelicopter or airplane chase with Flying Car or Flight Simulator.Flight Simulator is totally different from car games, helicoptergames, airplane games and simulator games. Flying Helicopter CarFlight Game Features: Futuristic Sports Car flyingExperienceImprove Helicopter Flight SkillsAdventure of Flying Caras a helicopter Auto PilotRealistic and dynamic car &helicopter physicsNew Futuristic Concept of Flying VehiclesSimulatorSmooth Flying Controls over the City EnvironmentAmazing 3dGraphics & City Environment
Flying Pilot Helicopter Rescue 1.2
Get ready to start the flying adventure over the city playing 911rescue helicopter flight simulator game. Be the helicopter pilot toflying rescue helicopter flight and landings to save citizens inemergency situations. Act as the rescue pilot and save the peoplein emergency from different locations. Fly in the skies and lookaround for emergency areas and rescue them all. Save lives ofpeople in dangerous flooded city and fulfill the duty of an airambulance pilot. The Rescue Air Ambulance helicopter teampatrolling inside the city where you act as the helicopter pilotflying a rescue flight and looking for emergency calls to help citypeople. Do you think you can fly a helicopter flight? Show yourhelicopter flying skills and move inside the city between bigbuildings. Get the experience of flying a rescue flight in this 3dhelicopter simulator. Someone might be stuck in building on fire,an accident might have taken place due to a criminal activity oryou need to transport an injured person in your air ambulance cityhelicopter flight. New chapter into the series of helicopter flightgames where you don’t play as a police official or an armypersonnel but a rescue pilot flying his air ambulance to rescuepeople in emergency situation. Time to test your extreme pilotskills. The game includes chopper flying, helicopter navigation andcomplete manual handling. Those who love playing rescue helicopterand air ambulance games will love to play city helicopter flight.Take control of your own rescue helicopter and fly inside thecity.Flying Pilot Helicopter Rescue Game Features: • Play asHelicopter Pilot • Real-time 911 Rescue Missions • Fly over theCity and Reach Emergency Areas • Manual Helicopter Flying Controls• Multiple Gameplay Tasks to Complete
Flying Coach Bus Pilot 3D 2016 1.0
Using the powerful engine of your bus, rev it up and drive and flyinto the sky. You can feel like an airplane pilot from the driverseat of your bus. Drive your heavy bus & practice drifts &dives in the sky in flying coach bus pilot 3d simulator game. Youwill fly a fast passenger coach in the life like city locations.Flying Coach Bus 3d is a driving & flying simulator havingmultiple missions. You can test your airplane pilot and coachdriving skill at the same time! This game has the feel of both citybus driving & flying simulator and you are playing the role ofreal life of bus driver & pilot and also you have to follow thetraffic rules and drive with care.A complete city environment isthere to enjoy your road drive and when you are tired of driving onthe roads take off and fly with your high speed heavy bus. This isthe perfect futuristic game for the lovers of flying simulators.Fly high into the skies and enjoy the thrill of controlling aflying vehicle. This Flying coach simulator will excite you like noother flying game. For this version of our flying games, we reallytried to do something different for you. You have to begin yourcareer today with this flying bus simulator game. This 3D designedflying bus game truly looks like you are driving in reallife.Flying Coach Bus Pilot 3D 2016 Game Features:Amazing 3DGraphics & City EnvironmentAdventure of Flying Bus as aPilotNew Futuristic Concept of Flying Vehicle SimulatorFree ModeGameplay with No Level RestrictionsSmooth Flying Controls over theCity Environment
OffRoad Milk Transporter Truck 1.0.0
Put your hand on the ignition key and start the heavy duty milktanker truck engine. Drive the powerful milk tanker & enjoy themilk cargo truck driving experience & face the off roadmountain traffic. Milk tanker transporter truck is one of the bestliquid cargo transporter truck game with an ultimate fun of milktanker parking & driving simulator experience. Let’s play themilk tanker transporter truck game that has real milk tankerdriving skills to control heavy duty trailer on offroad tracks.Your ultimate duty is to make sure the milk supply remainscontinuous to off road milk chocolate, curd & cheese makerindustry in towns. Now put your hands on the milk transport tankersteering and be the off road master of the hills. Challengeyourself to become an expert driver of this heavy milk transportertruck on hillside roads. Milk tanker transporter truck is a drivingsimulation game for you & objective of this game is to drivefrom dairy milk farm to picking up milk and delivering milk to theoffroad towns & milk industries. Your duty as cargo truckdriver is to reach safely on destinations.Milk tanker cargo truckis an off road milk delivery duty & professional driving gamein which you have to drive and control a long heavy trucks with amilk tanker attached to it. Your responsibility is to maintain milksupply to mountain areas & first of all you need to fill yourmilk tanker from town dairy farms and drive to deliver differentoffroad town stations within time limits to meet the demand of citypeoples. You will drive this heavy duty milk transporter truck toits destinations with extra driving care & accuracy. Off-RoadMilk Transporter Truck Game Features: • A Unique Concept ofMountain Milk Transportation• Driving Experience of Heavy DairyFarm Transporter Truck with Milk Tanker• 10 Exciting Levels toEnjoy Milk Tanker Truck Driving• Driving Fun on Mountain Roads withReal Traffic• Amazing Gameplay with HD Graphics• Play As a VirtualMilk Transport Truck Driver Duty• Heavy Truck Driving Simulationwith Smooth Steering & Hydraulic Brakes• Different CameraAngles to explore the 3D off Road Environment
Flying Taxi Public Transporter 1.0
Let’s fasten your seat belt and experience the craziest driving andflying adventures. The main objective of the game is to pick uppassengers and take them to their destination. Feel the thrill ofsteering your flying taxi through beautiful city and reach yourdestination in time. Transport passengers without the difficultyand risky driving. Enjoy easy controls and smooth game play whiledriving through the city. Pick up the passengers and drop them atthe destinations. Use the map as your guide to help you reach yourdestination. Find the best route possible and save valuable time!Enjoy the best city flying taxi public transport simulator gamesthat includes speed driving, parking, pick and drop service in thecity. City flying taxi public transporter 2016 is an ultimatedriving game that is amazing fun to play. Drive & fly aroundthe town to picking up passengers, drive fast as passengers arewaiting for you, don’t try to violate traffic laws to get to theirdestination quickly, try to avoid the road accidents. Don’t getstuck in the traffic on the highways, drive fast and smart. Theheavy unexpected traffic vehicles such as truck and busses are onthe roads and heavy traffic will give you a real drivingexperience. Once on the city roads you will notice that avoidingthe traffic on the town streets can be a difficult job. As a publictransport driver you need to know what direction you are going,time is money and only the craziest driver come out to be makingmore and more.Let’s show you’re driving ability and pilot skills atthe same time. Flying taxi public transporter 2016 gives you a realexperience to drive a flying taxi driver duty. Pick your passengersand fly over beautiful town environment with amazing 3d graphics.You will enjoy explore big city environment & town road trafficduring your ride. This flying taxi public transporter game willgive you real experience of airplane and futuristic flying taxi cargame at the same time, feel like a professional aircraft flightpilot but beware and do not exceed the speed limit. The amazingflying taxi public transport driving simulator game gives you thechance to drive something different then the regular bus, car,truck, taxi, bikes, etc.So you are going to be a city auto pilotflying pilot in this amazing parking simulator game. The game willtest your driving skills of acceleration, steering andparking.Flying Taxi Public Transporter Game Features:• A completebig city Environment to Explore• Pick and Drop passengers to theirDestinations• Hours of Driving Fun with taxi cab Driver Duty•Futuristic City taxi cab driving experience• Extreme flying taxi& car driving in heavy traffic• Multiple Camera Modes toEnhance Gameplay
Angry Animals Truck Transport 1.0.3
Angry Animals Truck Transport is one of the finest animal transportsimulator that is going to be a complete treat for farm transportanimal games lovers. So get ready for the transport truck farmanimals which is all about domestic farm animal’s transportationconcept. Add twist to the animal transport games and become a farmanimal transporter driver. Invigorate your cattle transport truckgames fun in an amazing tame animal transport simulator thatrequires high precision! Farm cattle transporter games were neversuch before. Get behind the wheel of the transport truck andtransport elephant, cow, deer, horse, fish, goat and livestock fromfarms to destination. The angry animals are grazing around in thefarm so make sure you don't hit the farm animals. You will betested on parking skills of a transporter trailer truck as well. Asthe driver of the transporter truck in this truck simulator game,park the truck carefully so that the farm animals can be loaded andunloaded easily. Driving the transport truck is an even biggerchallenge where you have to make sure you follow the traffic rulesand drive on the city roads carefully so that you don't disturb thenormal traffic flow.Get your hands on the cargo truck farm cattletrailer and be the highway king of this heavy truck games. Dareyourself to become a driver of this huge cattle transporter truck.In this 3d animal truck driving game, you have a chance to act asanimal truck driver with the best mega livestock farming truck.There are number of domestic animals that you have to transport tocomplete the game such as elephant, cow, deer, horse, fishes, goatsetc. First of all you need to load angry animals from the villagefarmhouse and then you have to transport and deliver them to thecity cattle livestock to meet the demand of pets. While movinganimals, you must transport them in a way that won’t cause theminjury or unnecessary suffering. Your duty is to ensure the supplyto commercial pet breeders keeping livestock. You will move thisheavy duty cattle transporter heavy truck to its target withprecision and accuracy. Angry Animals Truck Transport GameFeatures: • Transport Different Animals in Each Challenging Level•An Awesome Real heavy Truck Driving experience• Classic Gameplay ofcargo truck Transport Game• Realistic Village and City Environment• A Good Experience of Live Animals Transport• Extreme & Real3d Animal Transportation Simulator• Smooth Controls and Awesome 3dSounds
Real Jet Car Racing Stunts 1.0.1
Are you ready to enjoy extreme sports racing car stunts? Fastenyour seat belt and accelerate the engine. It’s not only car racingfun game but complete package of real extreme car driving, stuntsand many more adventures! Staying on tracks, pulling out jumps ontime, complete challenge is what makes you a perfect driver of thestunts arena.The sports & vintage classic car Stunts game willgive you the thrilling adventure of fast gt racing, driving,drifting and extreme breathtaking stunts. The classic car drivingon the real asphalt racing tracks is nothing less than awesomeexperience. You will master the simulation and furious drivingskills. Be a fearless stuntman to perform incredible jet flying carstunts in various challenging levels. Drag your vehicle all thetricky way to the buildings and let’s experience the crazy drivingin this vintage cars simulator game. Get exposure to severalgame-play levels with mini car driving and 4x4 jet vehicle stunts.Bring out your extreme driving skills in this passionate nitroflying car stunts challenge. Those who love performing high levelstunts, furious driving, dangerous turns and multiple hurdles.Extreme stunts arena challenge begins with an extra dose of amazingmultiple vehicles and stunt cars. Go against hurdles, car smashingramps, high jumps and real high speed gt racing. There are manytwist and turns on all tracks so be careful with your drive. It’san ultimate driving test against all balances with your extreme cardriving skills. A game for fans of real asphalt racing car stunts,with modern car models and breath-taking 3D graphics environmentsthat will also delight fast racing simulation supporters. Do acurved top speed stunts and don’t miss all check points while youavoid the jumping across the buildings! Accept the challenge to bethe ultimate turbo car driver! Are you skilled enough to masteryour jet car in the most original ways?! Let's see if you cansurvive the most modern stunt & demolition arena! In thisarcade asphalt racing game you accelerate your way throughterrifying loops tracks and crazy high jumps. Furious drive at yourhigh speed and you will complete the missions on time. Move withthe skills of a pro stunt driver! There is no need to brake due totraffic accident, or worry about the police chasing behind you!Prove yourself as the real stuntman and perform massive jumps andsurvive the immense task. Amazing 3D environment presents the mostchallenging stunts! The real challenging gameplay missions willmake your drive with extreme top speed drifts and perform air carstunts. Real Jet Car Racing Stunts Game Features:• Variety ofAmazing Sport and Stunt Cars• Amazingly Beautiful 3D Environments•Extremely Precise Driving Simulation• Responsive and IntuitiveDriving Experience• Smooth Controls, Engine, Brake and BoostUpdates• Cool visual and sound effects• Amazing Environments•Realistic Driving ExperienceWe hope you will enjoy this adventuresasphalt racing stunts & sports car racing simulation game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
Police Car Driver - Town Crime 1.0.1
Fasten your seat belt & prove yourself as the brave cop officerto control crime and chase down criminals. Be the perfect policecar driver to chase robbers & criminals. Robbers are gettingaway with crime so fulfill your duty as an expert police driver tochase criminals. Become a policeman, step into the car and shoot atcriminals to destroy their cars.Start your police duty with cop caras your transport to chase & smash criminal cars. Police CarChase is a fast action packed cop car racing game which tests yourhighway police car driving and chasing skills against escapedcriminal cars. Gang of criminal trying to escape from jail andcommitted a grand car theft easily driving in the city, drivingyour Police car and race and warn them with cop car lights andpolice car drift sounds.A standout crime simulator where you willfeel the heat of a real police car driver, hunting thief and thugsto clear the city of crime. Chase criminals on your cop car, smashthem and arrest robbers, thief and street racers. Be careful withthe heavy traffic on the roads. Don’t smash into a citizen’s car.It’s your duty to safeguard the city areas and arrest criminals.Extreme car driving, drifting, racing and chasing with police carin this cop chase driving simulator. The real challenging game playmissions will make you adventures drive with high speed vehicle topursuit against criminal car.Do you love driving fast cars anddrift around city? Time to get crazy with police car chase to smashcriminal cars. One of the best real cop simulator game ishere.Police Car Driver - Town Crime Game Play Features:• RealPolice Car Driving Simulation 3d• Crime City Scenes with VariousMissions• Extreme Crime Pursuit and Chase• Drive and Drift &Chasing Of Thieves• A Big City to Explore With Your Police Car•Chasing and Smashing Of Criminal Cars• Real Time Experience ofDriving Police Car• Realistic Physics Controls to Driving A Cop Car
Cargo Train Driving Simulator 1.1
Get Ready to enjoy the most realistic and furious cargo train drivealso pick & drop passengers to different destinations andbecome expert tourist train driver. Cargo Train Driving Simulatoris perfect adventure game for driving heavy trains. Controllocomotive railway engine keeps it on track with perfect speed.Don’t go rush or your train railway lines will get smash. Whiledriving, pick passengers from one station and drop them to finaldestination. While travelling in train you can enjoy realisticenvironment with amazing graphics. Steer on the railway track andyour objective is to keep your train on track, you can’t go overspeed and you can’t drive it too slow.Drive latest diesel &electric engines on railway tracks to deliver cargo to other citysubway stations on time. This is not an ordinary train parked atjunction to board passengers. You will transport cargo vehicles toother city stations. Enjoy the exciting gameplay of car driving andtransporting cars via heavy locomotive trains. Play as real traindriver for endless driving fun.Passengers are waiting on railwaystation where passenger trains are parked tracks. Drive sports carand other luxury cars to park on cargo train. Use lifter crane toload freight and animal transport cart in transporter cabin. Drivecargo train to transport goods to warehouses. Drive passengertransporter train with superfast speed like bullet trains to reachdestinations on time. Reduce the car train speed on sharp turns toavoid derail from railroad track.Test yourself in two excitingroles of train driving while you act as a heavy train enginedriver. It looks like a locomotive & passenger train. Realisticcontrols and dynamic game play, you need to drive your own train ona fast train track to the nearest railway station acting like areal train driver similar to a diesel locomotive in a simulatorgame. Cargo Train Driving Simulator Game Features: • Challengingtrain cargo transporter levels• Cargo & Passenger TrainsDriving Simulator game• Realistic Train Driving Game Play &Animations• Different camera view to drive passenger train• Pick upand drop of passengers from city subway stations• Train railwaystation parking to pick & drop passengers• Real Train Physicsand smooth controls• Amazing graphics and tricky tracks to drive on
Tuk Tuk Rickshaw Parking Sim 1.0.1
Get the real experience of tuk tuk rickshaw parking simulation onyour smart phones right now! It’s an ultimate rickshaw driving& parking game. Drive your vehicles the way you want. Enjoy thereal parking experience where you drive your own tuk tuk withamazing controls to park it. You have even look through differentcameras to get a perfect parking place. For the lovers of 3Ddriving simulation games who want to test their skills in parkingand driving. Whether it’s a classic or vintage rickshaw so let’sget it on and be the professional driver!Real Tuk Tuk RickshawParking Stunts Adventure Game is an amazing driving simulator gamethat requires highly skilled driver practice! The parking locationis in parking plaza ground, will require you to show skills inacceleration, steering, obstacle avoidance to get those autosparked in parking mall. As the parking lot driver, you will drivethe awesome rickshaw around corners, obstacles, and parking lotborders with speed and accuracy. Try this new addictive driving andparking game. You have to drive fast but carefully to avoid trafficcones, road barriers and other obstacles at parking lot. Parkingneeds skill driving as well. You have to park precisely in thecenter of the parking space.This is one of the best 3D tuk tuk autorickshaw parking simulator game that will develop your drivingskill. If you like realistic auto rickshaw games this parkingsimulation is just for you. Get into your traditional tuk tuk andbecome the best rickshaw parking driver. Parking 3D environmentlooks very realistic and unique. You can drive different autorickshaw. It’s a Thrilling driving physics game where you can showyour driving skills like professional driver throughout the game.Also make sure to go through all the checkpoints and quick parkyour rickshaw every time you get ride. During the rush hour thereare too many vehicles in the parking area. Your task is tocarefully park the tuk tuk and move it out of the parking area.TukTuk Rickshaw Parking Simulator Features:• Real Driving Experienceof passenger Vehicle• Challenging Gameplay Missions of Parking•Amazing 3d Graphics & Maps• High Quality Vehicle models andEngine Sounds• 3d Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Parking SimulatorExperience• Variety of Multiple rickshaw in Garage• Real-TimeManual Controls for Driving• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes•Addictive Parking Missions• Virtual Parking Lot Environment
Snowy Bus Drive 1.1
Drive a big tourist bus in snowy city and off road for transportingpassengers and tourists from city to snowy hills and mountains. Thedeep snow in the winters has made it difficult for people to movearound and tourists are also planning skiing trips and you have totransport the passengers and ski gear to offroad deep snow mountaintracks. Drive the snow tourist bus and pick n drop the passengers.You also have to pick the tourists from snowy hill resorts to city.Deep snow has made it very difficult & dangerous to drive onthe narrow roads of the city and offroad tracks have become evenmore risky. Make sure you don't hit the traffic and people on theroad as it is really cold due to snow blizzards and the roads havebecome narrower. Snowy Bus Drive is a challenging game testingdriving skills in risky and dangerous conditions and difficultpaths. Hill drivers are really experts in cutting those hillycorners and curves but snow adds to the risk and challenge.Tourists in the mountain top resorts are depending for theirsurvival on you so that they can reach the city safe and sound. Bethe best snow bus driver on city and off-road conditions.Use thecontrols to accelerate and brake according to the conditions. Drivecarefully and make sure you can see your way in the snow andcontrol the bus on the skiddy ice. It is like a thin sheet of glasson the roads. Everything is covered in snow from the hill tops& mountain to roads to houses to hotels. The met department hasreported that the snow storm is likely to keep at this pace formany days to come and people cannot use their cars to travel inthis weather. Since you are one of the only few bus driversproviding the transport services in these tough hilly conditions onoff-road and city roads, you have to be fast and rush to yourdestination to pick as many passengers as possible. People aredepending upon you to reach their homes for Christmas and New Year.You are an expert snow driver who can make all this happen.You havemultiple game play missions in hilly off road conditions tocomplete so be ready for the kicks and excitement. Just launch intothe game and drive away and you have to make sure you are drivingsafe. You will experience both city and off-road environment andview many scenic views of mountains and hills while you are drivingin the snowy conditions. Drive the extreme snow bus driveaway!Snowy Bus Drive 3D Features• Real snow tourist bus drivingexperience• Explore city and hilly offroad environments with heavysnow• Real snow fall simulated driving• Smooth controls,accelaration and braking• Multiple snow transport missions •Amazing 3D graphics and soundsWe hope you enjoy the game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
Dinosaur Survival Simulator 1.0
This holiday season, spend some time playing the angry dinosaursimulator and experience time travel. Dinosaur survival simulatortakes you the Jurassic age where dinos rule and attack the prey tofeed themselves. The monstrous creatures are on a rampage in theJurassic age and need to run and catch the animals. Theseterrifying t rex dinosaurs are under your control. Experience thesimulation of dino run, hunting, attacking by monster strikes onanimals when they are in range. The t rex survival game is designedfor you to take control of a huge dino and make sure it survives byfeeding them. There are mini dino wars amongst t rex who arefighting to eat the same prey so make sure you maneuver thesimulation using the controls.Take control of a big t-rex in thisDinosaur simulator holiday game and attack the animals for survivalin the Jurassic age. The t-rex needs to run fast and make sure itreaches near its prey and then attach with a huge strike. The dinomay need to attack a lot of animals to survive. The dinosaursurvival simulator has smooth controls and is fun to play. It is abig 3D dinosaur which will keep you entertained in the holidaysseason. Explore the natural habitat of dinos and t-rex and playaround.Dinosaur Survival Simulator 3D features:• Realisticsimulation of a dinosaur & trex in Jurassic environment• Smoothcontrols for simulation of dino run and attack• 3D environment andgraphics taking you back in time• Challenging gameplay with trex& dinosaur simulation to fill you with fun on holiday seasonWehope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcomeand will help us in creating even better games for you.
Flying Car Flight Pilot 3D 1.2
You can test your airplane pilot and car driving skill at the sametime! Fly your car like airplane around the city. Drive your sportscar & drifts on sky in flying car flight pilot simulator 3d.You will fly super speed sports car into the real city locations.Flying car extreme flight pilot simulator 3d is a driving &flying to complete different missions.This Flying Car simulatordoes something that other flying games simply do not do. For thisversion of our flying games, we really tried to do somethingdifferent for you. It's to live your dream with flying carsimulator. It's not only an airplane that takes a high flight, nowyou can play as top speed car driver. A complete city environmentis there to enjoy your road drive and when tired of driving on theroads, let's take off and fly with your high speed sports car. Thisis the perfect futuristic game for the lovers of flying simulators.Fly high into the skies and enjoy the thrill of controlling aflying vehicle.Flying Car Flight Pilot Sim 3D Game Features:NewFuturistic Concept Of Flying Vehicle Simulator
Free Mode GameplayWith No Level Restrictions
Smooth Flying Controls Over The CityEnvironment
Amazing 3d Graphics & City Environment
Adventure OfFlying Car As An Airplane Pilot
Farm Animal Transport Truck 2.5
Drivers of heavy vehicles like truck drivers, crane drivers &excavator drivers are in for a treat. You are up as a cargotransporter on a big cargo transport truck. Your cargo is farmanimals and cattle including horses, sheep & cows and they needto be transported from the city to the farm or from the farm backto the big city. Other than farm animals you may also need totransport racing horses. So load up the farm animals and drivecarefully on off road and city drive way to transport farm animals& wild animals like wild horses from the stable. The transporttrailer truck has a powerful engine and has a huge carriage vanattached at the back as cattle transporter. The carriage van needsto be loaded up by farm animals and then it is attached to thetransporter truck for transport & delivery of the animals &cattle in this animal transport simulator game. The job of atransporter is hectic but it can be made enjoyable by observing thenature around and looking at farm animals like cows and bulls andalso wild horses and racing horses. You will be tested on parkingskills of a transporter trailer truck as well. As the driver of thetransporter truck in this truck simulator game, park the truckcarefully so that the farm animals can be loaded and unloadedeasily. Driving the transport truck is an even bigger challengewhere you have to make sure you follow the traffic rules and driveon the city roads carefully so that you don't disturb the normaltraffic flow. Get behind the wheel of the transport truck andtransport horses, cows, goats, sheep and livestock from farms todestination. The farm animals are grazing around in the farm somake sure you don't hit the farm animals. Features of Farm AnimalsTransport Truck 3D: - Farm environment and game play in the farmanimal transporter - Cattle & horses on the farm with detailedgraphics and animations - Realistic farm and city environments -Multiple levels with varying difficulty of game play - Smoothcontrols and awesome 3D sounds We hope you enjoy the game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
Ultimate Car Parking Adventure 1.1
Let's play ultimate car parking adventure 3D game to drive multiplecars in parking plaza floors. You can drive different vintageclassic cars, racing and top speed cars. It’s a Thrilling physicsbased game where you can show your driving skills like professionaldriver throughout the game. Also make sure to go through all thecheckpoints and quick fix your car every time you get hit. Duringthe rush hour there are too many cars in the parking area. Yourtask is to carefully park the car and move it out of the parkingarea.Ultimate Car Parking Adventure 3D Game is an amazing simulatorgame that requires highly skill driving experience! The parkinglocation in parking plaza, will require you to show skills inacceleration, steering, obstacle avoidance to get those vehiclesparked in parking places. As the parking lot driver, you will drivethe awesome cars around corners, obstacles, and parking lot borderswith speed and accuracy. Try this new addictive driving and parkinggame. You have to drive fast but carefully to avoid traffic cones,road barriers and other obstacles at parking lot. Parking needsskill driving as well. You have to park precisely in the center ofthe parking space.Get the experience of real car parking simulationon your smart phones right now! It’s an amazing boat driving game.Drive your car the way you want. Enjoy the real parking experiencewhere you drive your own cars with amazing controls to park it. Youhave even look through different cameras to get a perfect parkingplace. For the lovers of 3D simulation games who want to test theirskills in parking and driving. Whether it’s a classic or vintagecars so let’s get it on and be the professional driver!This is oneof the best 3D car simulator game that will develop your parkingskill. If you like realistic car games this parking simulation isjust for you. Get into your luxury sport car and become the bestparking driver. The 3D environment looks very realistic and unique.There's traffic behind the fence which makes the city looksreal.Ultimate Car Parking Adventure Features:• 3d Car ParkingSimulator Experience• Variety of Multiple Cars in Garage• Real-TimeManual Controls for Driving• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes•Addictive Parking Missions• Virtual Parking Lot Environment• RealExperience of Driving Heavy Vehicles• Challenging Gameplay Missionsof Parking• Amazing 3d Graphics & Maps• High Quality Vehicleand Engine Sounds
Car Transporter Trailer Truck 1.5
Experience driving a big transporter trailer truck in thistransporter truck simulation 3d. The cargo trailer trucks aredesigned to carry heavy loads of sports cars. Be the standout truckdriver and maneuver the truck carefully making sure the loadedautomobiles are safe and unload the vehicles by arriving at time.Make sure you avoid the city traffic and public transport vehiclesand don’t bump into fixtures and city buildings. You also need toload the sports cars into the trailer. Pick up the cars from thedealership or the car wash, take them to gas station for filling ifneeded and load in the big city car transport truck and get theultimate trucking experience.You are an experienced trucker whoknows his ways in and out of city roads well. Navigate on the urbanroads and through heavy city traffic to reach your destination.Load up the cars on the transporter trailer and then drive thetruck. One you have arrived at your destination, unload the cars,maneuver them and park them properly. The car transporter trailertruck 3d simulation will test your driving and parking skills. Thetruck driving simulation is real and addictive and is a lot of funto play. You have to really careful while parking and maneuveringthe high value sports cars in the trailer truck and make sure youload and unload them without a scratch. Happy transporting!CarTransporter Trailer Truck 3D features include:• Multiple drivingand parking missions• Easy controls and smooth navigation withacceleration and hydraulic braking• Realistic city environmenttruck driving• 3D graphics and amazing sounds• Big car transporttrailers trucks driving experienceWe hope you enjoy the game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
Snow Rescue Emergency 2016 1.4
Recent snow blizzards and storm has left the city with snowblocking the roads & daily life. Snow has piled up on theroads. Roads accidents and medical emergency cases are high due toextreme winter conditions. You have been give the role of a snowrescue driver in this snow plow simulator 3d. A new way to enjoythe city simulation driving and playing as a snow rescue operationdriver is more interesting. Come to rescue citizens having problemswith the recent snow storm. Get ready to be the real hero of yourtown. You might have mastered the truck driving or snow plowexcavator driving skills, this is a new task in extreme winterconditions. Most streets in the city are blocked due to snowfalland extreme winter weather. You are the incharge of the team to getthe snow cleared and bring back the flow of traffic. The snowymountains, weather conditions and smooth driving make this 3dsimulator fun driving for you. Identify the affected areas and moveto the spot. You also play as the city ambulance driver in this 3dsimulator. Rush to the accident spots and provide medicalassistance. Bring in your skills as the snow plow driver toevacuate snow from the city roads. Construction process and citytraffic flow is on a pause now! Time to bring back the life withsnow rescue operations. Enjoy addictive simulation with multiplegameplay tasks. FEATURES:- Snow plow truck driver duty- Snow rescueoperations in extreme weather- Multiple gameplay tasks to enjoy-Drive multiple vehicles- Rescue city civilians in emergency- Clearcity roads for traffic to move smoothly
Multi-Level Car Parking Driver 1.0.5
Do you consider yourself to be an expert car driver & park yourcar exactly in Multi-storey car parking plaza? Let’s fasten yourseatbelt and drive your car in multi-storey parking plaza to checkyour vehicle engine torque, brake paddles, mirror angles and keepone foot on the race pedal and the other on the brake. You have tocheck the clearance, press gas paddle to move forward press braketo stop the vehicles. Avoid drift, hitting, crashes, body paintscratches and smashes. Avoid scratching, crash and smash to hittingwalls. Get ready for this Multi-level car parking game. Park yourCar in Multi-storey building and enhance your parking accuracy.Multi-storey car Parking driver is the ultimate car parking,driving and simulation game! This is a Multi-level car parking gamethat you never play before! Park your Specially DesignedMulti-storey Car without hitting any obstacles! Avoid crashing intobarriers and other vehicles! This is quite the challenge. Enter themulti storey parking lot on your luxurious car and reach the spotin time. Control speed car around obstacles and drive it in theright parking space to complete the mission in Multi-Level CarParking Driver.Play the most realistic car driving game inmulti-storey parking zone environment. Driving cars in amulti-level parking plaza is much more difficult than backyardparking slots. Drive your vehicle through checkpoints whileavoiding obstacles to reach empty parking zone. People are drivingluxury cars so use real drift or you’ll hit them and fail themission. Multi story building has a paint store in it. Park yourfurious ride inside it with precision to get a paint job andcustomize it. You have played truck or bus parking games in plazaenvironment, now play this multi floor car parking simulator. Driveyour futuristic car in plaza without causing accidents. This autoparking valet has different missions with varying difficulty levelsto challenge your car driver skills. You don’t need to go to aparking school to reach your destination. Accelerate and brake atright slots. Maneuver through obstacles like pro chauffeur and showcrazy driving skills. Park sports car in time limit to complete themission in this real car parking simulator. Multi-Level Car parkingDriver Features: • 15 challenging missions to master driver skills•Real Car Driving Physics and Smooth Controls• Enjoy Luxury SportsRacing Cars Driving Experience• Realistic environment with multistorey parking lot • Real Driving and Parking Adventure• RealisticCar Driving Game Play & Animations• Different Camera View toDrive Sports Racing Cars• Driving School Training & ParkingTestWe hope you will enjoy this multistory car parking simulationgame. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us increating even better games for you.
Police Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw 1.0.3
Ignite to start tuk tuk rickshaw and become a fastest cop cardriver to follow the criminal’s furiously, chase to road kill shootdown robbers car racers while driving a police tuk tuk autorickshaw. The extreme Police Auto rickshaw driving Simulator gamegives you the chance to drive something else then the regularrickshaw, bus, car, truck, taxi, bikes simulator games etc. The newconcept of driving & shooting will test your real driving andparking skills while cop’s criminals chase vendetta. As a trainedrickshaw driver, you can chase, shoot, smash and do some realdrifting on the city streets but drive carefully in city traffic toavoid accident because heavy buses, trucks are on your way. If youhaven’t drive police TukTuk then it is the best chance for you toexperience the police auto rickshaw ride. Let’s play Police Tuk TukAuto Rickshaw simulator game with experience in takingresponsibility to arrest city criminals. The game objective is tocontrol the city crimes and re-arrest all jail escape prisoners.Drive like public transport driver but act like a swat police forceto chase the prisoners & arrest them within time limit. Thecriminals are on the run and you need to catch or shoot them down.Proving you the most customized latest tuk tuk auto rickshaw,having machine gun, missile and siren installed on rooftop. Thedrug mafia and criminals are out there on the city roads or publicplaces. Your duty is to crack down against gangster mafia whilethey will try to escape and stealth but you have to arrest themback into jail. An exciting gameplay, shoot and smash the cars. Alot of tasks on your way while chasing the enemies. Beware!! It’s apublic place, prisoner car will be driving through the city roadsand shopping malls so make sure you don’t hit any citizen.Becomethe real police tuk tuk driver and chase the gangster vehicle. Allthe missions contains stunning and challenging game-play filledwith extreme police tuktuk rickshaw driving skills like carchasing, drifting & ultimate stunts adventure. We are sure youwill enjoy this cool and real Police Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw DrivingSimulator 3D game. Enjoy the best Police Auto Rickshaw adventuregame that includes speed driving, parking, drifting, and stuntswhile chasing the city criminals. Tuk Tuk Auto is now all set todrive & arrest the robbers. The heavy unexpected trafficvehicles such as truck and busses on the roads and the turns givesyou a real driving experience. So you are going be a police autorickshaw driver in this amazing shooting, parking simulator &action game. First time in city areas you are driving tuk tuk autoand chasing the criminal gangs. Enjoy TUK TUK drifting and drive asfast as you like, but drive carefully to avoid hitting city trafficand road sides. Complete the hard time escape mission objectivesagainst prisoners to unlock the next level. Police officer taskincluding driving, chasing & rickshaw gun shooting assault,each level of game will give you the new mission of driving andshooting. Different tactics to complete the tasks or unlock thenext missions. Racing & driving game play is very easy andaddictive. You have to chase & shoot enemy cars, with a gunsfitted left right of your police tuk tuk rickshaw. Just drive yourpolice rickshaw through the traffic and smash the criminals andprisoners vehicle. Police Tuk Tuk Auto Rickshaw Game Features: •Police Adventurous & Thrilling Auto Rickshaw Driving• ExtremeTuk Tuk Driving Stunts with Adventurous Shooting Car Racer• AComplete Metropolitan City Environment to Explore• Chase and ArrestCriminals to Lockup into the Jail• Hours of Driving Fun with PoliceRickshaw Driver Duty Adventures• Multiple Camera Modes to EnhanceGameplay Experience
Oil Tanker Transporter Truck 2.2
Let’s start the heavy duty oil tanker truck engine, drive thepowerful oil tanker & enjoy the oil cargo truck drivingexperience to facing the off road mountain traffic. Oil tankertransporter truck is one of the best liquid fuel cargo transportertruck game with an ultimate fun of oil tanker parking & drivingsimulator experience. Let’s play the oil tanker transporter truckgame that has a real oil tanker driving skills to control heavyduty trailer on offroad tracks. Your ultimate duty is to make surecontinuous oil supply to off road gas stations. Oil tanker cargotruck is an off road oil delivery duty & professional drivinggame in which you have to drive and control a long heavy truckswith an oil tanker attached to it. Your responsibility is tomaintain fuel supply mountain areas & first of all you need tofill your oil tanker from oil refinery and drive to deliver highlyflammable gasoline fuel to different off road gas stations withintime limits to meet the demand of petrol or diesel. You will drivethis heavy duty oil transporter truck to its destinations withextra driving care & accuracy. Oil tanker transporter truck isa driving simulation game for you & objective of this game isto drive from oil refinery to picking up fuel and delivering oil tothe offroad petrol & diesel gas stations. Your duty as cargotruck driver is to reach safely on destinations. Oil tanker cargotruck is a driving game in which you have to drive a long heavytrucks with oil tanker attached to it. The main objective of thisgame is to driving, parking & transport safely high dangerousgasoline fuel from oil refinery to different off road gas stations.Now put your hands on the oil transport tanker steering and be theoff road master of the hills. Challenge yourself to become anexpert driver of this heavy fuel transporter truck. Oil TankerTransporter Truck Game Features: Driving Experience of HeavyTransporter Truck with Oil Tanker 10 Exciting Levels to Enjoy OilTanker Truck Driving Driving Fun on Mountain Roads with RealTraffic Heavy Truck Driving Simulation with Smooth Steering &Hydraulic Brakes Different Camera Angles to explore the 3D off RoadEnvironment A Unique Concept of Mountain Oil Transportation AmazingGameplay with HD Graphics Play As a Virtual Oil Transport TruckDriver Duty
Police Bike - Criminal Arrest 1.0.3
Join special police squad and enjoy adventures police bike gangsterchase missions to secure town from street criminals. Let’s Move& arrest the most wanted criminals with crime control policesquad. Drive police bike to chase down criminals and arrestgangster vehicles. The city criminals, gangsters and robbers spreadall over the city hideouts. This ends now as you ride super speedpolice motor-bike to finish crimes in sin city. Show professionalmotorcycle riding skills to complete gangster chase missions. Livelife as an honest police officer and stop crimes of underworldmafia gang.Enjoy endless action to arrest criminals, robbers andjailbreak prisoners in police bike criminal arrest 3D game. Arrestall city criminals who escaped from jail and involve in criminalactivities. Robbers are trying to get away from crime scene.Criminals are driving fast on city highway but your duty is tochase & arrest them before escape. Now it's up to you, how fastand quickly you get them back to jail lockup. Drive an amazing,super charged, police bikes. You are the police it’s your duty tostop the robbers.Police Motorbike riding is an exciting citysheriff heavy bike driving simulator game. You can drive the policemotor-bike in heavy traffic to perform exciting, amazing ride andmaintain furious speeds like nitro boosts. Your job as a trafficpolice officer is to chase & arrest the city gangsters to bethe best police motorbike driver. Arrest criminals behind bars anddon’t let prisoner escape from jail. Your duty is to control crimein the crime city. Drive fast to chase the prisoner, criminals andgangsters crew and save yourself from their counter strikingattacks. You are the city traffic police of a city, it’s include inyour duty now to watch out prison escape by criminal cells. Playthis motorcycle racing & criminal chasing game and do not letany prisoner escape. Use police traffic bike rush skills to ridesuper-fast motorbikes after prisoners escaping from prison.Playthis extreme police bike vs. gangster chase game and do not let anycriminal escape from the city border. This cop bike chase isultimate action packed game where your duty is to chase grand cityrobber’s theft & do not let them violate city laws in thispolice auto super rider bike driving simulator game. Keep followingthe direction arrows and remember not to lose them from your sight.They must try to escape away when sited you so be quick to chase orarrest them. Don’t let the city turn into a crime city.Police Bike- Criminal Arrest Game Features:• Police Bike Gangster Car ChasingMissions• Police Sargent Heavy Bikes Driving & Drifting• Find,Identify and Chase city criminals• Extreme Thrilling andChallenging Missions• Interesting Game Play in Amazing CityEnvironment• Smooth and Intuitive Controls of Police Heavy Bike•Police Siren, Lights & Multiple Camera Views• Stunning &High Quality 3d Graphics with Amazing SoundsDownload Police Bike -Criminal Arrest to play real cop sergeant motorcycle gameplay.Chase criminals, arrest gangsters and stop thugs to restore citypeace.
Car Parking Game 2016 Pro 1.0.2
Let’s become professional driver! fasten your seat belt and takeyour car to vehicles parking & driving learner’s area. Beforeignition to your customized & reloaded sports car! Check yourcar engine torque, brake paddles, mirror angles and keep one footon the race pedal and the other on the brake. Avoid scratching,crash and destroy to hitting other cars or side walls. You are thepro master driver of car parking adventure missions. You have tocheck the clearance, press gas paddle to move forward press braketo stop the vehicles. Avoid drift, hitting, crashes, body paintscratches and smashes. This is one of the best driving simulatorand ultimate car parking madness game. In this game you check yourability and show your talent. Car Parking Game 2016 Pro is anamazingly well designed game created for those who love driftsports car driving, amazing graphics and challenging game play. CarParking Game 2016 Pro will have you leveling up for great upgradesand maximum scoring. Your job is to drive the different sports carsand accurately park them on the rooftop of a multi-story carparking plaza in 12 exciting levels. Each level has a differentmulti storey car parking challenges, reverse car parking and thechallenging multilevel mission is to park your car before the othercar driver who is trying to park his car in congestion. Follow thehighlighted checkpoints as car parking spot locator. Avoid thebarriers and other obstacles for accurate car parking in multistoryshopping mall. Don’t collide with any other vehicle or stuff inyour track and follow the checkpoints signs. In this game you aregiven a task to parking the car to their place. So you have givenyou a chance to show your skills and experience. Avoiding fromobstacles and barrier try to reach the perfect place and unlock thenew mission. As a pro car driver use the vehicle driving &parking rules to steering the car on the parking lot in this carparking games. Every level has different car parking requirementsso be an expert as an expert car driver. Balance your speed andcontrol to master in each of the 55 interesting missions! Explorethe detailed training center, with tons of features to find anddrive on, realistic lighting and beautiful graphics animationeffects! Extreme Car Parking 2016 Pro is an amazing car parkingsimulator game that requires highest level of expertise! Theparking situation in Car Parking Simulator 3d will require you toshow top skills in steering, acceleration, and obstacle avoidanceto get those vehicles parked in parking places. As the parking lotdriver, you will drive the awesome cars around corners, obstacles,and parking lot borders with speed and accuracy. Avoid cones alongthe roadside that are within your view and position the cars insidethe checkpoints. Car Parking Game 2016 Pro Game Features: • RealDriving and Parking Adventure• Challenging Levels to Test DrivingSkills• Enjoy Luxury Sports Racing Cars Driving Experience•Realistic Car Driving Stunts Game Play & Animations• DifferentCamera View to Drive Sports Racing Cars• Training & SchoolParking Test Drive• Real Car Driving Physics and Smooth Controls•Challenging 12 Different Parking Missions• Cars Driving &Parking Simulator Game• Amazing Graphics and Parking Environment toDrive So what are you waiting for? Download the “Car Parking Game2016 Pro Game” and enjoy professional car driving in 3D parkingsimulator game.
Real Supermarket Thief 1.3
Supermarket thief is in the city. This time in superstore where theguards are observing in different positions & patrolling,stealing is not easy task especially when the store security not inyour favor the way you want. Sneak in the superstore, hide yourselffrom security cameras, steal the drinks to get energy and grab theexpensive items while dealing to escape from the guards in thesupermarket. Rush to escape from security guards for your life. Youhave to get out from the super market to fighting with securityguards. Hit them hard using your weapons. Sneak in the supermarket,hide yourself from security cameras and steal the drinks, utilityitems while running to escape from the guards in the superstore.Clear all levels to earn and achieve high rankings in thissupermarket thief escape game, you will find it the most addictingthief game.Play as Sandy burglar, Sneak past security guards,buyers and employees as you recover the loot in each stage. Useyour stealing skills to hide yourself supermarket and avoidcapturing by security guards. Prove yourself as best burglar of thecity, Be the best thief in town with your theft skillsmissions.Real Supermarket Thief Game Features:Find Your Way toEscapeFight Hard With Security GuardsDodge the SuperstoreSecuritySilence the Sneak to Fight Store SecuritySuperstoreSecurity Guards Vs. City ThiefDifferent Fighting Weapons to hitthem hardSteal expansive items from shelves of superstoreSteal theDrinks to Get Some EnergyFight & Run To Safe Your LifeAmazing3d Graphics & SoundsThrilling Non-Stop Action Game
US Army Shooting School Game 1.3.1
The best of army and military training school game is here to enjoyUS army training duty, Military gun shooting training and armyground forces in one game. The army guns shoot training used inthis classic cadet training school game will definitely make it themost stunning adventure of the career. US Army training cadets willset a perfect example of army and military training course. Followthe Drill Sergeant instructions. Prepare yourself to clear assaultcourse US army basic training and become a soldier from simplecitizen. Join National Guard military academy to pass initial entrytraining in US Army shooting training Game. Reveal fitness withphysical training and mental training follow instructors drillsergeants first call. Clear military training camp by passing thecommando battalion test in this action filled simulator game.Complete intense obstacle course and follow chain of command fromplatoon instructors. Its adventures job to pass Special Forcesoperation training course. Show real disciplinary and physicalfitness by climbing net or ten foot wall and more. Trainee will dothe gun shooting, swimming, jumping, rolling and climbing toenhance your Marine fighter soldier skills. Enjoy this latestaction game with US army basic combat training for different USarmy ranks. Play as newly joined cadet in platoon, follow the chainof command over rough terrain. Test your physical fitness andmental disciplinary level by playing this obstacles crossing basegame. It’s not easy to become part of National Guards as a soldier.Clear strong hard assault course. Clear obstacle course acrossdifferent US army posts terrain like dense forest, arctic snow andhot desert field. Escape the US army public school training lifeand plunge into craziest obstacle course on us army base. Can youjump over foot wall, swim in arctic frozen water and climbing? Justbecome one man army and face world armed forces to prove whichcountry army forces are topmost. Enter military academy boot campfor combat training that will leads you to clear physical andmental training. Everyone can enjoy some wipeout and ninja warriorgames and face your family and friends to beat your score onleaderboard. US Army Shooting School Game Features: • Real Armyschool obstacle course simulation game • Realistic militarytraining like gun shooting, swimming, jumping, rolling and climbing• Smooth & Intuitive gameplay controls • Warzone music willenhance your gaming experience • Different army fields to clearingtraining course • Using drag on the screen for Aiming • Trainyourself to be a professional army soldier • A Unique Concept forarmy officers training Game • Amazing Training Academy Environmentwith HD Graphics • Play as Real army trainee cadet to test yourskills So what are you waiting for? Download the “US Army ShootingSchool Game” Game and enjoy the experience of real army trainingschool adventures.
Driving School Simulator 2016 1.0.2
Caution: Before ignition to your modern sports car & heavy bus!Fasten your seatbelt and drive your bus on off road highway tracks& car drifting in city traffic. Check your vehicle enginetorque, brake paddles, mirror angles and keep one foot on the racepedal and the other on the brake. You have to check the clearance,press gas paddle to move forward press brake to stop the vehicles.Avoid drift, hitting, crashes, body paint scratches and smashes.Avoid scratching, crash and smash to hitting other vehicles intraffic. This is one of the best off road simulator game andultimate city car parking madness game. Test your off road drivingability and show your night vision driving talent. You are the prooffroad driver of car & Bus Mountains adventuremissions.Driving School Simulator 2016 is an amazing car & busdriving simulator game that requires highest level of expertise!The day & night driving situation in Parking Simulator 3d gamewill require you to show top skills in steering, acceleration, andobstacle avoidance to get those vehicles parked in hill climbingtracks. As the parking lot expert driver, you will drive the racingcars & heavy bus around corners, obstacles, and parking signswith speed and accuracy. Avoid hitting other vehicles on the roadthat are within your view and position the vehicle inside thecheckpoints. As a pro driver use the vehicle driving & parkingrules to steering the car on the parking lot in this parking games.Every level has different car parking requirements so be an expertdriver. Balance your speed and control to master in each of the 14interesting missions! Explore the off road & city environmentin day night conditions, with tons of features to find and driveon, realistic lighting and beautiful graphics animationeffects!Driving School Simulator 2016 is an amazingly well designedgame created for those who love drift sports car driving, amazinggraphics and challenging game play. Driving School Simulator 2016will have you leveling up for great upgrades and maximum scoring.Your job is to drive the different sports cars and accurately parkthem into parking area in 14 exciting levels. Each level has adifferent multi parking challenges, reverse car parking and thechallenging multilevel missions. Follow the highlighted checkpointsas parking spot locator. Avoid the barriers and other obstacles foraccurate bus parking. Don’t collide with any other vehicle or stuffin your track and follow the checkpoints signs. In this game youare given a task to parking the bus & car to their places. Soyou have given a chance to show your driving skills and experience.Avoiding from obstacles and barrier try to reach the perfect placeand unlock the new mission.Driving School Simulator 2016 GameFeatures:• Enjoy Luxury Sports Racing Cars Driving Experience• RealDriving and Parking Adventure• Challenging Levels to Test DrivingSkills• Real Car Driving Physics and Smooth Controls• Challenging14 Different Parking Missions• Cars Driving & Parking SimulatorGame• Realistic Car Driving Game Play & Animations• DifferentCamera View to Drive Sports Racing Cars• Driving School Training& Parking Test• Amazing Graphics and Parking Environment toDriveWe hope you will enjoy this driving simulation game. Yourcomments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creatingeven better games for you.
Angry Whale Simulator 2016 1.0
Angry Whale Simulator 2016 is going to give you the chills frompiranha & jaws combined. The killer whale is in a ferociousmood. The thrill of controlling a fierce angry whale isunmatchable. Angry whale simulator 2016 is a super animal simulatorand gives you a chance to watch and simulate a killer whale attackin deep sea and on the beach. So dive into the ocean and be a partof this adventure as an Angry Whale as this orca knows nostopping.Animal simulators give you the opportunity to observe thewildlife and sea animal life from a close perspective. Angry WhaleSimulator 2016 will give you that chance of controlling a whalethat attacks and eat underwater animals and humans alike. The Orcawhale experience is better than the shark jaws or piranha. Whalesare huge animals that can stay both in deep and shallow waters andonce they come close to surface, can run havoc on the beach and theboats. So feed the whale by attacking the targets and make sure youstay out of the range of hunters.Angry whale needs food to surviveand you have multiple missions that include attacking people on thebeach and animals in the sea. The killer whale is out on the hunt.Use the on screen navigation controls to swim in water and reachthe target. Happy huntingAngry Whale Simulator 2016 features:•Multiple game play missions involving killer orca whale• Amazingcontrols for angry whale movement• Explore water world, beach &boats environment• Amazing 3D graphics and realistic soundsWe hopeyou enjoy the Angry Whale Simulator 2016 game. Your comments &ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better gamesfor you.
Tour Coach Bus Driver Sim 2016 1.0.0
Fasten your seat belts & get ready to enjoy the off roadadventure of Tour Bus Coach Driving Simulator. Travel through thehills and dangerous paths to reach the destination and also showyour coach bus drive skills. Off road Tour Coach Bus driving is a3d simulator where you play as a bus driver of uphill climbingroads to reach at the location on time. Feel the adventure ofthunderstorm, rain and snow hills. It’s your ultimate duty to drivein snowfall winter seasons. If you are one of those who like offroad driving games like uphill climbing drive simulator you willlike this Offroad Tour Coach Bus driving simulator with real offroad traffic features. Take people from one place to another may beone beautiful resorts, show them amazing places and landscapes.Wonderful interiors, incredible vehicles will make you feel arealistic coach bus drifts experience on the off road paths!Time toget your hands on the most realistic tourist coach bus transportgame to help you become the pro bus driver. Latest edition ofdriving in the simulation with Hill Tourist Coach bus Driver. Let’splay the most realistic tourist transporter extreme bus game.Tourist bus hill climbing is full of thrill and adventure to pickup and drop passengers to their destination. Bring back the touristfrom different hill station to their destinations. Get the realfeel of nature with realistic off road coach bus drifting on hillsand mountain tops. Brave and crazy off road bus drifting withreal-time driving physics, hill top driving, twisted turns andbreathtaking gameplay scenes. It’s not an easy task to drive overthe mountains while snow fall during the snowfall winterseason.Mountain Tourist Bus game is the outstanding idea because wehave to go out for hill station when we feel exhausted. It's betterto go out and enjoy off road mountain drive. Be furious coach busdriver in your transportation duty. Drive your bus very carefullyto safely transport tourists in required resorts. Prove yourself asthe skilled driver of heavy duty coach bus vehicles. Enjoy thereal-time grand bus drive experience, tourist transport duty andadventurous ride. Hill stations are top mountain peaks fortravelers especially during the snowfall winter season, so take upthe job of a tourist coach bus driver and make sure your touristreach safely to their destinations. Perfect hill climb bus drivingwill secure your driver duty and the safety of your passengers.Haveyou ever experienced an off-road drive? Be the coach bus driver todrive off-road tourist bus in this extreme hill driving adventure.You might be an extreme hill driver but driving a coach bus filledwith passengers inside the hills and mountains is not an easy task.Show your skills with bus driver duty and have fun all the way.Make sure your tourists are safe! Adventurous and craziest off roadcoach bus drifting with real-time physics, hill top driving,twisted turns and breathtaking gameplay scenes will going to addspices in your riding passion. Tourists are waiting for their pickand drop taxi service. Hillside drive will showcase your drivingskills. Play as the extreme hilltop bus driver to fulfill the dutyof passenger taxi transportation.Tour Coach Bus Driver Sim 2016Game Play Features:• Offroad Hill Driving Simulator • MultipleVehicles uphill Driving Experience• Pick and Drop Tourist to theirDestinations• Mountains, Hills, Steep Paths 3D Environment•Incredible Indicators, Sirens and Lights• Winter Season withThunderstorm, Rain, Sunny Days & Snow• Multiple Gameplay Levelsto Accomplish• Epic 3D Graphics of Curved Tracks• DetailedInteriors with Intelligent Traffic System• Realistic visual Damagewith Amazing Scenes
Prisoner Transport: Police Bus 1.1
Transport the high profile criminal profile prisoners in yourpolice bus with foolproof security protocols. You cannot afford acriminal to escape so be careful in your driving. Driving a bus istotally different experience for you. So carefully drive theprisoner bus to the city jail and if they try to escape then driveyour car to chase them. Police bus prison transport simulatorincludes multiple missions. Drive inside the city to enjoy heavydriving simulation. Play as a police bus driver in this prisonertransport police bus driving game. Take prisoners to along with theofficial cops to the desired locations. Police bus has beenprovided with the required security before the prisoner takes off.Police bus is ready to board taking prisoners to overseas securitycells. Police car driving is another gameplay task to accomplish inthis prisoner transport cops bus driving game.Manual steering,brakes and accelerator will help you control the bus & car theway you like. You are not chasing the criminals on your bus but youneed to drop them to jail. Prisoner transport Police bus drivinggame will let you experience the thrilling drive on city roads.There might be some traffic racers so be careful with your driftsand turns. Bus driving simulation lovers will like driving a bigbus reaching destination with your furious driving skills.Enjoy thethrilling game play with chase and transport bus driving simulationgame. Fast drifting ride and prove as a furious police bus driver.Interesting missions to transport prisoners & arrest criminalsto stop increasing the crime rate in the city.Prisoner TransportPolice Bus features:• Play as Police Bus Driver• Real-time CityPolice Bus & Car Driving• Manual Prisoner Transportation &Chasing• Multiple Gameplay Tasks to Complete• Criminal Transport onPolice BusAre you ready to play? Let’s complete prisonertransportation and cops vehicle driving missions.
Police Bus Offroad Driver 1.2
Duty Cops are ready to fight against crime. Transport them from offroad dangerous route to their destination. Drive carefully on theoff road mountain hills and transport police officers safely to thedestination. Drive as the off road police bus driver, it’s a pickand drop transporter game with off road bus driving in hillymountains environments. You have experience of driving tour bus andof transporting tourists in city n snowy environments. Now is yourchance to work as a Off road transport bus driver. Police offroadtransport bus drive is filled with challenging drive, drifting onslippery dangerous roads and passenger transport driving. Controlyour bus race through the difficult paths and play as hill driverwho can do some extreme mountain bus hill climbing. Cops arewaiting at the hill top bus station so be quick to give them thetransport service they need in time. Be safe avoid hitting themountains & save the bus from falling rocks. Bring your bestdriving skills in this challenging game of off road tourist busdriving.Are you ready for a riveting and amazing uphill &downhill transportation simulation experience. Offer the police mena free ride on difficult & dangerous mountain tracks &trails. Climb hills to rescue and provide pick n drop facility tocops. You will get to drive the police transport bus and test outyour bus parking skills in this dangerous hill transport simulator.Drive carefully on mountain trails and avoid the deep trenches sothat the cops are safe in the transport bus. Park the bus at theparking spot and apply the hydraulic brakes in time to make surethe bus stops at the right spot. The mountain tracks are ragged andnot safe for driving at high speeds. Be safe and be the stand outtransport guy providing transport facility to police department.The department is depending upon you for timely transport so thatthey can catch the robbers and perform their duties. Jump behindthe wheel and drive awayPolice Bus Off Road Driver features:-Smooth acceleration & driving controls- Experience of driving abig bus uphill- 3D environment and realistic hilly environment-Multiple transport missions- Amazing soundsWe hope you enjoy thegame. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us increating even better games for you.