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Soccer Flicker: World Cup 2016 1.0.1
Play Soccer Flicker: World Cup 2016 amonglatest in free kick games and prepare yourself to experiencerealistic ball physics, exciting gameplay and fluid controls.Because Flick Football just got better!! Now in subwayenvironment!! Shoot the ball like in FIFA & other footballgames. You will absolutely love this latest in football kick games.This free sports game is for kids & teens who want to play themost exciting and realistic football kicks game. Start scoring byflicking the football onto the object to score coins!! Shoot theball and build your score as high as possible with practice anddedication. Practice & Shoot to score with crazy flick kicks!!This sports game is for everyone who likes to play fantasy soccergames. This game will give you a taste of virtual footballenvironment like in football free kick games. Take free kicks &flick football kicks by simple tap & drag shootout. This is thebest virtual soccer game with immersive gameplay & graphics.Download this latest among free football apps 2015 and enjoy!!Soccer Flicker: World Cup 2016 Key Features• Play Football Flick with 3D Animations• User Friendly Controls• Make High Score by knocking out objects in the subway• Amazing 3D Graphics & BG SoundSo Download Flick Soccer Soccer Flicker: World Cup 2016 penaltyshootout games and enjoy!! Don't Forget to Rate Us & Provideyour Feedback.
Traditional Archery Master 3D 1.0.2
Traditional Archery Master 3D is the perfecttarget shooting game for bow and arrow games lovers in 2015.Practice your archery aim with traditional archery scoringmechanism and challenging rounds. Play as a bowman who wants tobecome a bow master with the perfect traditional archery tournamentenvironment to become an archery champion.Traditional Archery Master 3D gives you the realistic archerymaster gameplay with intuitive controls and an edge over other bowshooting games. Try to aim and shoot arrows at bullseye like in bowand arrow apple game and archery and balloon games. Be ready for anintense arrow shooting games experience with arrow and bow targetsset at different distances. This game simulates intense challengesfrom Olympic Archery champions.Key Features of Traditional Archery Master 3D- Realistic bow and arrow hunting animation- Challenging archery tournament levels.- HD crossbow shooting Graphics and Sound effects- Optimized Gameplay
Flick Soccer Free Kick Shot 1.0
Play Flick Soccer Free Kick Shot because thislatest in free kick games will blow away your mind with realisticball physics, exciting gameplay and fluid controls, you will feellike this is the best football game in the world! If you likeplaying FIFA with teams like Real Madrid FC, FC Barcelona with hugesuperstars like Messi & Ronaldo then you will absolutely lovethis latest in football kick games. This free sports game is forkids & teens who will like to experience the most exciting andrealistic football kicks. Start the game by taking the free kicks.Shoot the ball and build your score as high as possible withpractice and dedication. This game is absolutely free amongfootball games. Play like the world most famous players. Practice& Shoot to score with crazy free kicks!!An excellent sports game for everyone who likes to play fantasysoccer games, this game will give you a real football environmentlike in football free kick games. Take free kicks from differentspots. Experience the best virtual soccer game with immersivegameplay and realistic graphics. Download this latest among freefootball apps 2015 and enjoy!!Flick Soccer Free Kick Shot Key Features• Play Football with excellent animations like in goalkeepergames• User friendly controls with realistic free kick socceranimation.• Build your high score like in penalty shootout games.• Realistic goalkeeper premier moves.• Amazing 3D graphics and immersive Background Sound effects.So Download Flick Soccer Free Kick Shot and enjoy!! Don't Forgetto Rate Us & Provide your Feedback.
Off Road 4x4 Hill Climb Truck 1.0.1
Your ultimate off road truck drivingadventure begins with cargo truck on mountain hill station. Uphilldriving and climb racing is not an easy task. Show your chauffeurexpertise of uphill truck driver in Off Road 4x4 Hill ClimbTruck.Off Road 4x4 Hill Climb Truck allows you to be a Truck Hill driverwith an iron will to drive through the mountains and hills withhigh speed. Land sliding and extreme weather conditions of hillstation could block your path at any time. Precision driving isrequired in hill climbing and uphill driver routine. Extreme hillclimb driving could be a difficult duty to drive the cargo truck inextreme conditions. Drive on a narrow path in a rugged terrain withyour uphill climb truck. You will also find drilling crane tryingto break rocks near the mountains. Climb racing with cargo truck isan awesome concept for everyone like in other tourist games andTruck Hill Climbing games.You can handle this job with as a skilled truck hill climbingdriver. You also need to drive with expert road hill climbing skilland hill drive expertise to transport the goods for people on thehill station. So drive your cargo truck in this hill climb truckgame and become an expert chauffeur.Key Features of Off Road 4x4 Hill Climb Truck• 10 Extreme And Thrilling Truck Hill Climbing• Rugged Terrain Environment With Rocky Mountains &Rocks.• Sharp Turns And Realistic Truck Driving• Realistic Rocky Environment To Explore• Endless Driving Fun With Truck Driver DutySo Download and Enjoy Playing Off Road 4x4 Hill Climb Truck 3D andenjoy latest in Truck Hill Climbing games.
Contract Killer Sniper Shooter 1.0.1
Contract Killer Sniper Shooter is a firstperson shooting game where you play as a low profile elite killerinvolved in an epic story line. Enjoy eliminating a mob of enemiesas an elite sniper at street level as well as taking out a highprofile member of a crime family in this epic sniper assassinshooter game.One day you get a simple job to do, tracking down some rich guy andtaking him out. The job goes wrong when you find out that thetarget was a son of Don Roberto Valentino, leader of a high-profilegangster clan. After finding out that you were set up from Benny,your agent, the story line takes you further where you findyourself in a gauntlet against mobsters and gangsters in the crimecity. The plot thickens as you shoot and kill terrorists as elitesniper killer to take out Chavez, the ultimate leader of the clan,in a thrilling climax with an epic FPS gaming experience.Choose sniper weapons of your own choice to complete the missionsand kill all gangsters in the street Zoom in & out for bettervision. Read the instructions carefully and complete your missions.Accomplish missions and aim for head shots to become a headhunterin this free action game. With your ultimate sniper gun you willrely on your marksman skills to finish the job. Complete thecritical tasks by using your sniper gun skill to kill to put thevendetta to rest and finish your sniper assassin contract.Key Features of Contract Killer Sniper Shooter- 10 detailed missions of contract killer action.- Deadly gun with all modern sniper zoom in/out feature.- Ultimate sniper killer action.- Exciting shooting war environment to kill terrorists- Take out your enemies with head first kill shot.- Smooth 3D Graphics.- Optimized Game playSo Download Contract Killer Sniper Shooter to your collection ofsniper shooting games.
3D 8 Ball Pool Master 1.0
- 3D 8 Ball Pool Master8 ball billiards action is underway! As you initiate the poolgame with your pool break pro shot. With enough pool practice, youare well on your way to become a pool pro. This pool snooker gamehas the realistic pool bar environment, smooth snooker table and achallenging pool table game for a billiards pro. This 8 ballsnooker game is a realistic emulation of snooker and billiards tomake you a true billiards master.Among many pool table free games, this 3d pool game gives youthe perfect environment for pool practice to hone your skills as abilliards pro. With aesthetic pool bar 3d environment, smoothsnooker table and 8 ball game balls, this new release of pool tablegame in 2015 is on par with other top notch snooker and billiardsgames. Engineered with optimized gameplay, you will often findyourself making pool break pro shots. Learn to make various poolpro shots during various aspects of this 8 ball billiards game.Key Features- Realistic 3d pool environment.- Addictive 8 ball game action.- Variety of shots to practice to become a billiards master!- Optimized gameplay.Download 3D 8 Ball Pool Master now among pool table free games toenjoy a challenging 8 ball snooker experience!!
Off Road Hill Climb Resort Bus 1.0
Off Road Hill Climb Resort Bus gives you tothe chance to Drive an off–road bus simulator and carry passengers!Play this latest amazing hill climb and hill racing off road game.Try this hill climb speed driving game as a 3D bus driver.Load your tourist passengers into your off road city bus andtransport them at tourism point safely. This is how you become thebus driver and champion of hill racing. This speed driving bringsyou the most amazing hill climb racing and bus parkingenvironment.Gameplay includes off-road, city road, and road city bus parking inthis speed driving bus simulator game.Each level has its own city bus, drive bus and pick and droppassenger service and tourist sites from city road area bus stopsto tourism destination. Tourists from all over the world arewaiting at city bus stop to enjoy the off-road bus simulator andhill racing.So let’s play and enjoy this off road bus simulator.Off Road Hill Climb Resort Bus Key Features- Different Camera views Button - Free Camera Rotation ( CameraAngles )- Animated people entering/exiting the bus- Real-time Hill Climb Driving- Real Hills environments.- Addictive game play.- Smooth and handy game-play and controls.- Superb heavy transporter gameplay.- Off Road City Bus Driver 3D instead of regular city bus drivingsimulator.So Download Off Road Hill Climb Resort Bus to enjoy similiargameplay and exciting experience involved in other off road busdriving games and public transport games. This game is a breath offresh air among other hill climb games and usual bus stop gameswith exciting and immersive gameplay. So stop playing other boring4x4 off road truck driving games and enjoy playing this one!!
Army Commando Counter Attack 1.0.3
Enter the war zone with an army battle wartruck. Experience modern warfare and army fight in a desert to killcommandos behind enemy lines. Shoot as a turret commander with anarmored car in extreme offroad army shooting desert terrain andsurvive against troopers in army war environment in the latest ofarmy fighting games.As an army commando, drive your war truck in an offroad desert tokill the russian army with their elite helicopter war machines,army strike units and tank war attacks. You will experience worldwar action in this army shooting game with armed forces from therussian navy and gunship battle forces which will try to destroyyou. So be ready for the ultimate test as a lone survivor in afierce army fight with the russian army.Download Army Commando Counter Attack and enjoy the actioninvolved in similar furious cars and train attack games. Make yourway through enemy terrain and attack with your armored sports cars.This game has an edge over other city criminals and gangstersgames. Time to invade rival territory and destroy their militarybase to show your fire power and shooting skills.Army Commando Counter Attack Key Features- Drive and shoot with an army war truck equipped with submachineguns to destroy targets- Variety of army strike attacks including gunship battlehelicopter war and tank war machines- Realistic physics of truck driving sim and world war action- Intuitive controls of army commando war truck to destroy russiannavy forces- Target enemy tanks and army troops with your 4x4 truck- HD Background sound and explosion sound effects for real timeinteractivity
Army Truck Bridge Building 3D 1.0.3
Enjoy Army Truck Bridge Building 3D aconstruction simulator in which you operate your transport truck toload girders, deliver slabs, drive to the bridge construction siteto construct with an awesome gameplay associated with similar towercrane, cargo truck, bridge builder simulator games.As an army commando, drive your war truck in an offroad path to getthe large iron girders for bridge construction. Be careful whiledriving as an army war truck driver, for you will be carrying heavyloader stuff with your cargo truck. Operate your fixed heavy cranetransporter truck to offload large girders and then building slabsof road as a bridge constructor. Your job is to lay out the riverbridge close to perfection in a skillful and an effectivemanner.Use your heavy crane to construct bridge over river to overcometraffic such as military tank, cargo truck and transport truckvehicles. Test your bridge site for transportation trucks, cars andheavy cargo loads. Use scarce resources and construction materialfor your bridge constructor crane operator.Key Features of Army Truck Bridge Building 3D- 10 detailed & progressive levels involving bridgeconstruction and driving army cargo transport truck- Different scenarios involving using bridge builder crane operatorfor bridge construction and- Realistic physics of tower crane and bridge buildersimulator- Intuitive controls for army car driving and handling excavatorcrane as a bridge constructor- This game has the most detailed army transport levels involvingloading, delivering and building skeleton of the bridge- HD Graphics & sound effects for real time interactivity andfunSo Download Army Truck Bridge Building 3D and enjoy the latest inbridge builder simulator games.
Truck Driving - Milk Cargo 1.0
If you are looking for a great trucksimulator, where you can speed roads with an amazing 3d game anddrive your milk cargo and delivery your supplies, you are in theright place. Our new, exciting and addicting game is one of thebest truck driving games on the market; an amazing huge milktanker transport game where you can experience a great 3d drivingsimulator and a milk tanker truck driver tool at the same time. Youcan go through the 10 different levels, improve your Milk cargotransport driver skills and become a real professional in thisfield. You will be responsible for complete supply chain, from thefarmer to the consumer: Moo’s Organic Milk Shopbelieve inyour skills, and the success of the company is in your hands! Areyou ready to become the best Milk Cargo Transport Driverever with this amazing 3D truck simulator?★★★ Don't wait any longer, Moo’s Organic Milk Shop needs your help:Download Truck Driving - Milk Cargo Now for FREE onGoogle Play Store!!! ★★★Your goal during the game is to transport and delivery thisdelicious milk from the source to the destination, facing differentand new situations that will improve your problem solving ability.This is not just a classic and a bit boring truck parking games,monster truck or Doodle Truck: this is a real 3d drivingsimulator mixed with a Milk Cargo Transport game,absolutely funny and painfully addictive!★★ As you start play the game you will find on your screen ourgreat animation based menu, where you can select the Play Button tohave access to the levels. When you're ready to start this newincredible adventure, you'll go through 10 amazing levels with HDoriginal scenarios. ★★Our Game Play Layout: when you use the interface, you willhave following options on screen:• Steering• Accelerator• Brake• Gear• Ariel map• Camera view★★★ Are you ready for the challenge? Download Truck Driving -Milk Cargo Now for FREE on Google Play Store!!! DiscoverNOW our 10 Amazing Levels: ★★★★ Level One: Visit to the Farm - drive your truck from the cityto the farm ★★ Level Two: Visit to the Bottlers - drive to the bottlers and parkyour truck ★★ Level Three: Milking Time - Get the milk from the farm to thebottler ★★ Level Four: Milk Variety - drive to two different Farms to getCow and Buffalo milk ★★ Level Five: The Retail Opens – Deliver the bottled milk to theretail store ★★ Level Six: The Retail Opens – Deliver milk to various retailers★★ Level Seven: Busy shop - pick up the orders from the bottlers anddeliver it to a crazy busy shop in downtown ★★ Level Eight: Home delivery – the retail store starts homedelivery ★★ Level Nine: More home delivery – people asking for more, a realchallenge for you ★★ Level Ten: You own it all – manage all of the process, you're nowa great professional! ★You need to complete the Level tasks in order to step to the nextone: improve your skills and become a great ★Milk CargoTransport Driver★★★★ Download Truck Driving - Milk Cargo NOW for FREE onGoogle Play Store!!! ★★★
Offroad Farm Transporter Truck 1.0.1
Snow Cargo Truck Driver Simulator 2016 let youbecome a real trucker by experiencing exciting driving physics andreal transport trucks. The game is set in a unique and beautifulhill stations and hill roads that makes driving monster trucks evenmore challenging in realistic winter snow weather. Master the artof driving real trucks by controlling it through treacherous andcurvy turns and paths.Start the New Year 2016 by becoming a legendary cargotransporter by delivering a number of different fruits andvegetables on shops and houses located at beautiful mountain roads,hill stations, country roads and highways on time. The game is fullof surprises and let you become a business tycoon by earning coinsthrough delivering fresh vegetables and fruits like watermelons,brinjles and oranges to different household customers and othershops and businesses. Avoid fines and challans by completing thetasks within the given time frame and bumping cars into others.The fruits shops in the city has imported fruits that areimported from all over the world and are of best quality. Itattracts elegant and funky customers from all over the city butserving them would not be possible without your assistance. So,buckle yourself up and put the foot on the speed pedal to deliverthem the goods that are required. Earn more and more money andestablish your cargo business by completing different amazing andaddictive missions and have fun serving all of your customers ontime. Drive for hours and explore different parts of the city inthis amazing 3D open world environment.Enjoy the fun of driving monster in snowy winter weather onslippery roads and driveways but make sure that you don’t met aroadside accident. This simulation game has taken truck drivingonto a new level through exciting missions and addictive gameplay.So what are you waiting for? Start your mega transport business andprove your supremacy as a legendary cargo contractor through SnowCargo Truck Driver Simulator 2016.This unique game consists of 6 different levels in which theplayer has to deliver fresh vegetables and fruits to differentshops and individual customers/households. If you will complete thetask within the allocated time and deliver the required products tothe customer, shop or house successfully, you will be able to earncoins. These coins can be used to resume the game where it endedbecause of time, brake, speed or bumping the car intosomething.Special Features:• Amazing 3D gameplay• Smooth Game Control and Drive• Set in beautiful winter snowy weather• Realistic Driving Physics• Surprises and hidden driveways
Offroad Snow Plow Truck Driver 1.0
Christmas Season is just round the corner andeveryone around the city are planning a family reunion, party withfriends and dinner with the loved ones. But, the winter and thesnowy frozen roads are forcing everyone to stay at home. Sodownload Snow Plow Truck Rescue game and be a snow plow truckdriver to help people to spend Christmas Eves with their family,friends and loved ones.This winter season, there is a pile of snow everywhere on theroads blocking the way which is leading to traffic jams. In SnowPlow Truck Rescue, you have the monster snow blower and it's timeto clear the snow from the roads and clear missions. This excitingmonster truck game provides you with an opportunity of operatingand controlling the giant truck, clear the snowy frozen roads andmake way for the other vehicles to reach their destinations safely.You not only have to drive and clear the roads from snow. The realchallenge is to take this snow to a dumping area in order to makespace for more snow that is there blocking main streets of thecity.The state government has hired you because of your superiordriving skills and it's now your duty to make sure that everyone inthe city reach their destination on time. It sounds easy to be asnow plow truck driver but in this winter season with icy roadscontrolling such a monstrous truck is really a tough task. Take upthe challenge and see how real snow plow truck drivers actuallywork.Special Features:• Realistic Vehicle Controls• Manual Gearbox• Amazing chilly winter ambiance• Addictive Gameplay and Environment
Big Truck Driver 2016 1.0.2
Tired and bored of racing and parking aroundmonster transportation trucks? Take the responsibility of being aheavy deliverable materials transporter by showcasing your extremedriving skills and precision. 18-Wheeler Highway Truck Driversimulation game is for you if you are a fan of racing or are a fanof being a transporter or simply if you are a truck fan.This unique game gives you an opportunity to become the best18-wheeler driver in the town by showing huge amount of drivingskills and precision in the increasingly detailed and complicatedsituations. So take up the challenge of taking control of thesteering wheel, fasten your seat belt and put your foot on the gaspedal to try to complete the missions in fastest time possible withminimum of damage to the truck.Start your career as heavy vehicle driver and finish the job as aprofessional transporter. 18-wheeler highway truck transportersimulation also allows you to take wood logs to different placesusing a log transport vehicle.Also make sure that other transport vehicles do not run out ofpetrol by transporting the 18-wheeler truck that is filled withpetrol to the final destination on time. So take up the challengeof being the best transporter by controlling all kinds of heavyvehicles in one single game.This is a unique game whose controls are as easy as possible sothat everyone can drive and win. 18-Wheeler Highway Truck contains6 different addictive and challenging levels. After understandingthe controls of the vehicle, you will be required to deliverconstruction material to different construction areas, take thewoods gathered after cutting down trees using log transporter anddriving petrol transportation truck. So if you are fond of heavyduty vehicles, download 18-wheeler highway truck.Special Features:• Realistic 3D city environment and graphics• Easy vehicle controls• Challenging and addictive gameplay• Realistic fuel consumption• Extreme and real missions• Realistic Truck Physics
Air Hockey 3D: Real Sports 1.0
Download Air Hockey 3D: Real Sports andplaythe latest in Air Hockey 3D games with perfect arcade ambianceandsmooth gameplay. Play in an arcade room with a customizedhockeytable against AI in 3 difficulty modes. Engage in an intensehockeychampionship gameplay with AI competitors across the worldfromdifferent countries!Air Hockey 3D: Real Sports is the real deal for sharpeningyourair hockey championship skills!!Key Features- Visually aesthetic arcade room- Play for the Championship!- Real physics employed during game play- Easy, Medium & Hard game play modes- Numerous Air Hockey Table Colors- 3 AI Levels to play against- Engineered with tactile effects during game play
Horse Racing Derby Quest 2017 1.0.5
Ever dreamt of becoming a horse racing worldchampion? This amazing and authentic horse racing simulation gamegives you an opportunity of becoming a real racer. Join the worldof horse racing derby championship to beat all the best riders inthe world and show your dominance by challenging for the toppositions in the upcoming World Horse Racing Championship 2017.It's time to move on from unicorns and ride your own stallion tododge and jump over all the obstacles and hurdles. Enter the worldof fierce competition and feel the real experiences and emotions ofhorse racing by steering your own stallion.Play for the pride of your nation and run as hard as you can butmake sure that you stay on the racing track and jump over all theobstacles and hurdles cleanly. Hitting yourself into your opponentsor obstacles will slow you down. Also keep a very good balancebetween the speed and stamina of your horse. The more the horse isexhausted the less will be its sprint speed. This virtual horseracing game will make you feel like a real racer and can fulfillthe dream of becoming World Champion by beating all the best ridersof the world.This epic horse racing championship 3D game will give you anopportunity to run fiercely at the speed of a gallop. Be aprofessional equestrian and leave the stable to win the hearts ofmillions of your fans. Be a brave heart and jump over all theobstacles with your horse that will come in your way of becoming aworld champion. Choose your horse and jockey with great care asthese things play a very vital role in horse racing derbychampionship. Be the right jockey so that people bet on you withoutany fear and leave a mark on the history of horse racing.The rodeo is all set and now is the time for you to take the centerstage by becoming a professional equestrian. This amazing 3D racinggame allows you to select your horse from 16 different countriesthat will be divided in 2 groups in the initial stages of thechampionship. Emerge as the best player of your group to competewith the best riders of the other group and make yourself alegendary world champion. So what are you waiting for? Download nowto enter the world of horse racing.Special Features:• Realistic 3D Environment• Fierce Competition• Real Horse Racing Experience• Choose from a list of horses• Amazing Sound and Graphics
Car Driving Parking School 3D 1.0.3
Car is the most used mean of transportationtoday and it is very important for everyone to have a drivinglicense and road sense in order to roam around freely. In thematter of life and death, almost everyone should know how to driveso that he can drive out of dangers in the time of emergency. Notonly this, people also require cars to be included in theworkforce, to go to cinemas, shopping and school. Therefore, it isessential to have a driving license so that people can move aroundfreely without any hesitation.City Driving School is a game that will teach the road rules,give you a sense of how to drive in traffic and will make you readyto gain a driving license in a real life driving environment. Thegame gives you an opportunity to park cars and vans in differentsituations with very high precision. This unique parking game has atwist as you don’t only have to park the cars but also have todrive around the city in order to find the right parking spot foryour car. Once reached the right parking area, maneuver aroundother parked vehicles, obstacles and walls and park the car and vanwithout damaging the car at all.If you want to drive 4X4, racing or police cars then CityDriving School Simulator is the game that you are looking for. Thisunique driving test game gives you an opportunity to have a feel ofa real car driver's emotion. Driving around the city, parking carsand earning a driving license sounds very easy. But in reality itis not that easy as you will have to be very careful while drivingbecause you cannot even damage the car a little. In addition tothis, you might also be required to park between 2 vehicles in agarage or using a reverse gear depending upon the situation.City Driving School Simulation game allows you master the art iftricky parking slots and help you prepare in the best possible wayfor a driving test. As you have to parallel park the cars, you haveto park using the reverse gear. In addition, you are also requiredto zigzag between the obstacles or vehicles with great perfection.Be careful in the later missions of game as you have to drive heavytraffic on roads and that too in the traffic. So master the art ofdriving and parking by perfectly dodging obstacles by downloadingCity Driving School Simulation now.Special Features:• Real Driving Engine Physics• Realistic Driving School Environment• Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound• Beautiful Car Interior
Heavy Truck Driver Parking 3D 1.0
Are you a fan of driving and parkingheavyvehicles? This new and unique 3D parking simulator game allowsyouunleash your unmatchable driving and parking skills and letyoudrive transporter trailers, monster garbage trucks, 4X4drivevehicles, school bus and ambulances all in one game. Do youhavewhat it takes to be the best American truck driver in thecity?Then, Heavy Truck Driver Parking 3D is a game for you. Getbehindthe steering wheel of your vehicle, put the foot down ontheacceleration pedal and park monster trucks with ultimateprecision.Start you professional bus and truck driving career today inthisamazing new driving and parking simulator game. Play as anAmericantruck and bus driver and understand the difficulties ofbeing a realtrucker. This is an easy to play game but it is veryhard to masterthe parking & driving skills. Not only this,this adventuredriving simulator game also allows you to steerambulances, 4X4wheel drives and all other heavy monster truck andtrailers. Drivingand parking these heavy vehicles are far moredifficult than racingaround in the sports racing cars and SUVSedans.Get behind the wheels of powerful cars and take charge ofthesehigh powered monsters. Take control of trucks, trailers andbussesand find the right parking spots in the parking area. Are youreadyto take up the challenge of most realistic parking simulationgame?This all sounds easy but you have to be really careful thatyouavoid crashing into barriers and other cars that are alreadyparkedin the parking area. Pass the ultimate truck driving test andget atruck driving license now.Driving and racing around in the city in sports racing carsarenot as challenging as driving and parking these highpoweredmonsters. Get yourself ready for the ultimate parkingchallenge inthis realistic driving and parking truck simulatorgame. HeavyTruck Driver Parking 3D is a game that allows you tobecome alegendary American trucker by letting you drive all kindsofmonster trucks under one roof. So download now and startyourcareer today!!!Special Features:• Realistic Parking Areas• Realistic Truck Engine Physics• Option of choosing from a number of trucks• Ultimate Simulation Feeling• Adrenaline Filled Missions
Oil Tanker Transport Truck 3D 1.0.1
Tired of Parking and Driving Racing Cars?Then,Oil tanker transport simulator is the one you are lookingfor. Thisnew Oil Transporter Truck Driving Simulation is a uniqueblend ofoffroad driving, hill climbing and parking big gianttrailers withprecision. You have to perform as a duty truck driverand deliveroil to factories, army bases and petrol stationslocated throughoutthe city. This new game does not only requireyou to drive thetruck. But, gives you an opportunity to be a realtrucker as yourduty also include to fill gas into the gas tankers.Winter holidays are over and the traffic on the roads are onitspeak. Such traffic has created a higher demand for petrol andoil.Your duty as a real trucker would be to take oil tanker tooilrefinery, fill the truck with petrol and take it to itsfinaldestination before the city runs out of petrol. Be a furioustruckdriver but you also have to drive very carefully as the truckistied to a trailer containing high flammable gasoline.Hence,accidents can cause leakage and the truck will catch fire. Sogetbehind your steering wheel and show your offroading andhillclimbing skills by driving on dangerous twists and turns.Take up the ultimate truck driving challenge set in anengagingand addictive gameplay. Be the king of the roads and drivethroughthe mountains, valleys, water and natural scenes. Delivercargo atnight and rainfalls by driving on dangerous and challengingcurvyhill roads and finish your jobs on time properly. So what areyouwaiting for? Start your career mode and start your V8 engineandtrucks with high horse powers. This extreme mountain truckdriversimulator will give you feel of a real truck driver.Driving and parking big oil trailers looks easy. But, you havetoshowcase all your driving skills gathered by driving police,racingand sports cars to successfully clear all the missions. Thisnewunique 3D game will give you an opportunity to experience thelifeof a real truck driver by maneuvering through traffic andobstaclesthat will appear in your way. So, start your career as atruckdriver today prove yourself as the best truck driver intheworld.Special Features:• Realistic Engine Physics• Easy Driving Controls• Engaging Gameplay• Addictive Missions
Police Dog Chase: Crime City 1.0
Be the patriotic role of being a superpolicedog and save the city by chasing down robbers and criminalsin thisunique and amazing Police Dog Simulator 3D game. Thisanimalsimulation game has taken the rivalry between policeandthieves/criminals/robbers to a next level. If you are a loverofanimal simulation or police dog chase simulation game thenPoliceDog Chase: Crime City is a sure addition to your collectionofPolice Dog Simulator games. You are responsible for the securityofthe border prison and help police officers with yourpowerfulsniffing powers and ears to keep order within the prison.Dogs prove to be the smartest detective spy. Be a loyalpolicedog and secure the border prison from criminals andterrorists. Theprisoners will try to sneak through weapons anddrugs with theminside the prison. Use your superior sniffing powersand arrestthose criminals who are trying to escape or create unrestwithinthe city. You also have the opportunity to choose fromyourfavorite breed and play either as a German shepherd oraRottweiler. It is your duty to secure city airport, trainstationand schools and prevent your city to be like San AndreasCrimeCity.In this amazing super city police dog chase simulation gamehelpthe police officers and law enforcement personnel by searchingfordrugs and explosives and making sure that no dangerouscriminalsescape the prison and cross the border illegally. Thecrime ratehas increased substantially in the last few months withinthe city.You duty as a crazy police sniffer dog will be to controlcrime andbring the town crime rate down. So what are you waitingfor? Takethe job of being a police k9 dog now and be a nationalhero andrescue your crime city out of all crime relatedproblems.The game consists of six different addictive and engaginglevels.The controls of the game are as easy it gets. Those whohave playedpolice chase simulation game before will not need toworry a lotabout the controls of the game. However, for the newusers the gameoffers tutorials about the super police dog in thevery first levelof the game.Special Features:• Realistic Controls• Action-Packed Game• Engaging and Addictive Gameplay• Amazing Sound Effects
Transport Truck Zoo Animals 3D 1.0.1
The animal transport simulator games have beengiven a new twist with this unique and amazing Transport Truck ZooAnimals 3D game. Be a legendary animal truck driver and get readyfor a wild ride in fast heavy duty transportation truck vehicle andfulfill all the zoo animals transport missions. This transportationgame lets you be a transporter by using the farm and wild animals'transportation concept. Transport truck zoo animal games have neverbeen this much fun before. The zoo animals are getting ill becauseof a virus and your duty as expert animal transporter truck driverwill be to load them in a transporter trailer and take them toveterinary hospital.It is a treat for all animal games and transportation simulationgame lovers. The game allows you take the role of a transporter anddrive fast heavy transportation trailer and tractor in order totransport farm and wild animals to veterinary hospital. Take upthis real driving adventure and transport animals like dogs,horses, rhinos, hippopotamus, lions and cheetahs etc. Transportingoil and construction material is not that challenging as comparedto transporting living wild animals. So, forget all your fears andstart this ultimate driving and parking heavy truck transportertrailer now.You have to make sure as an expert animal transporter truckdriver that you complete all the zoo animals transport missionsbefore any of the animals get injured or die. You also have to becareful about bumping the heavy transporter truck into something asthese wild and farm animals have the power to break the cage andrun away from you. So what are you waiting for? Take up thischallenge like a brave heart and show all your driving and parkingskills in extreme driving conditions.This animal transport simulation game consists of 6 differentlevels. This is as easy as it gets with extremely easy controls andaddictive and engaging missions. Download now and have a feel ofanimal transporter truck driver and understand what it takes to bereal time American truck driver.Special Features:• Addictive and Engaging Levels• Realistic Truck Engine Physics• Amazing Sound Effects• Realistic 3D Graphics.
Cowboy Horse Run Simulator 3D 1.0.2
Saddle up all the horse lovers and start yourjourney as Robin Hood of your town by taking control of thisrealistic horse in this authentic animal racing simulation game.The corrupt politicians have taken everything away from the poorpeople. The safety of the city is in your hands. Be a pro jockeyand jump onto the horseback to take every penny back from the rickcorrupt politicians by riding this Arabian wild stallion. Run asfast as you can with your favorite horse but be careful in keepinga balance between the speed and stamina of the horse. The fasteryou run, the early horse will be out of his stamina and thepoliticians will be able to kill you.Cowboy Horse Run Simulator 3D is a new addition in the horse racinggame category. Choose your favorite fast racing horse and startthis endless running game. Riding the stallion is not as much funbefore. Be a wild horse rider and make sure you dodge all theobstacles and barriers that come in your way. Prove your jumpingskills and be a pro cowboy horse rider in the western environment.This animal simulation game has taken horse run simulation game toanother level, be a professional cowboy horse rider and enjoy thethrill in this endless running mode and help poor people regaintheir wealth.This horse racing simulator is all about betting and being askilled equestrian on the race day. Horse racing championships andjumping shows are becoming too mainstream, it's time to take thestage of being a real life Robin Hood. As an equestrian, you mustthink "I will win with my horse no matter what!!"The horse ridingskill is critical in this horse racing simulator. This horsesimulator game contains a horse shop to choose yours beforestarting the mission. They are kept in a horse stable before yousee the horses run on the horse.Be a knight rider of the Wild West horse stables and demonstrateyou're riding skills superiority by jumping over each and everyhurdle and obstacles in the minimum of time span. The more cleanlyyou will perform a stunt and lesser the time you will take tocomplete the stunt and earn more coins. So what are you waitingfor? Break into the gallop, beat the highest score of your friendsand further boost your riding skills in this horse farm racing andstunt simulation game.Special Features:• Realistic Wild West Environment• 6 exciting levels• Real Horse Controls
Drone Airstrike Fighter Combat 1.0.1
If you are looking for a 3D flightsimulatorgame or a realistic military warfare combat, then DroneAirstrikeFlight Fighter is the game you are looking for. Thisadvanced droneflight simulator 3D game gives you the control ofyour own remotecontrol drone so that you can feel the thrill ofbeing a pilot anddrone operator to fly your own 3D drone aircraft.Show yoursuperior flying skills by taking charge of your quadcopterrc droneand start a drone strike combat against the terrorists whoareworking to disrupt the peace of your homeland.Drone Airstrike Flight Fighter is a simulation game that letyouchoose from a number of drones such as Predator Drone, GlobalHawk,and Reaper Drone & AGM – 158 Cruise missiles. Choose thedroneof your own choice and start a targeted military aerialwarfaremission against the terrorist groups. This 3D droneflightsimulator gives a feel of a real flight simulator along withtheexperience of a trained army commander as you have to aimtheterrorist groups hidden in the jungle. But be careful and donotlet drone hit a missile as these remote control drones getcrashedvery quickly.Taliban and ISIS have taken control of the area in theWaziristanValley. You responsibility as a trained and experienceddrone pilotand army commander is to aim the terrorist groups andtake charge ofthe Waziristan area back into your own hands. Theterrorist'sinvasion into the area might create a number ofnational securityproblems as they are planning to attack a nearbycity. So what areyou waiting for? Take the leadership andpatriotic role and kill allthe terrorists who are planning to killinnocent civilians and armypersonnel by downloading this newamazing Drone Airstrike FlightFighter simulator game.Special Features:• A number of missiles and bullets• Realistic Drone Flight Physics• Amazing Sound Effects• Real Bombing Graphics
Garbage Dumper Truck Driver 3D 1.0
Are you tired off driving andparkingtransporter trailer trucks? Take up the challenge of being adutydriver and start your career as a garbage truck driver beinghiredby the social services department of the city. Experience thelifeof a garbage dumper loader truck driver by driving trashcollectortruck throughout the city. Your duty as a garbage loadertruckdriver will be to clean the city by loading the trash fromthedumpster onto the garbage truck and dump it in the recyclingplant.Garbage Dumper Loader Truck has taken the truck drivingsimulationgames to a next level and can be categorized as the bestsimulationgame of 2016.The people of the city has started to complain about thestinkydirty streets of the city. You have been hired as a garbagetruckdriver to use the loader to clean up the entire city and dumpthetrash at appropriate places. The police officers are checkinguponthe cleanliness of the city and you are the duty driver toensurethe cleanliness. Driving Garbage Dumper Loader Truck is farmorechallenging and difficult as compared to the transportertrailertractors. Show your superior and accurate truck driving andparkingskills to clean the entire city through huge moderngarbagetruck.So get behind the steering wheel of your garbage truck andputyour foot on the accelerator. But be careful and make surethatthis monster garbage dumper loader truck does not collide withanyracing cars or hauler trailer on the highway. Otherwise thetrafficpolice officers will cancel your driving license. Get a feelof howa truck driver actually feels by driving this realisticgarbagetruck and be an American trucker.Garbage Dumper Loader Truck Simulation game consists of6different engaging and addictive levels. So what are youwaitingfor? Download Garbage Dumper Loader Truck now and proveyourself asthe best American Truck Driver.Special Features:• Realistic Truck Engine Physics• Amazing Sound Effect• Realistic Accident Graphics• Real City Environment
Harvest Farm Tractor Simulator 1.0.2
Step into the farmer simulator world and startcultivating and reaping harvest. As Harvest Farm Tractor Simulatorlets you be the in charge of your own reaping machine and a farmtruck in an epic harvesting farm simulator world. Take on theopportunity of being the best amongst the farmer simulator gamesand get to the challenging work of manhandling some combineharvester beauty.Learn the basics of handling a forage harvester and start form therock bottom of the farming simulator game, with completion of everychallenging farming simulator level count yourself amongst the besthill farmer of the world. Once you have attained the highest levelsof combine harvester simulator game, you can grow and harvest asmuch hay as you want with your own choice of farm truck.Harvest Farm Tractor Simulator is one of the best transporter truckgames for all those hill farmer who enjoy plowing their farm landsand think they can handle a reaping machine. This harvest simulatorgame offers all to its players, big forage harvester equipment,plowing farm lands, reaping harvest and even a transporter truck toplay with. Play as long as you want with the real and smooth plowtruck and enjoy the joy of reaping harvest of your own farm lands,in an amazing harvesting farm simulator game.Key Features:• Several Plow truck waiting for you to take in charge• Smooth and easy maneuvers of combine harvester• Real life challenges of a hill farmer• Epic 3D farm simulator environment• Can be enjoyed offline.
Police Bus Prison Transport 3D 1.0.1
Do you think being a police officer isadifficult job? Think again by experiencing the life of a realtimepolice transport bus driver. This is not an ordinarypolicesimulation game, Police Bus Prison Transport 3D is a new gamethatallows its users to drive a number of different types ofpolicebusses and transport high profile most wanted gangsters,criminals,thieves and mobsters from jail to court for hearing. So,turn onthe radio and experience the life of a police prisontransportationduty driver.You have just joined the elite police force. Yourfirstresponsibility as a police officer is to transport monsterwantedcriminals, thugs and prisoners from the crime city policecamp tothe court for hearing. Be careful, follow the instruction ofthepolice officers and follow security protocols to make surethatthese dangerous criminals do not escape prison duringthetransportation process. The easiest way to prison escape forthesecriminals is to get help from gangsters while going to courtfromthe crime city police station. Be quick in transporting theminorder to avoid such threats.Test your precise driving skills in Police Bus PrisonTransport3D simulation game by taking the seat behind the steeringofmonster police prisoner bus. Your duty will not be onlytotransport prisoners from court to police station but you arealsoresponsible to transport them out of the crime city intothecentral jail once the prisoners get evicted by thejury.Transportation games have not been this much fun ever before.Ifyou are a lover bus games or lorry games. Then, Police BusPrisonTransport 3D is the game that you are looking for.So what are you waiting for? Download Police Bus PrisonTransport3D today and earn your driving license by passing thepolice drivingtest training. Bus prison transport extreme drivingsimulation gamehas never been this much fun before. The gameconsists of 6addictive and engaging levels with amazing gameplaythat will keepyou interested for long.Special Features:• Addictive Gameplay• Amazing Sound Effects• Engaging Game Levels• Realistic Bus Engine Physics• Real City Environment
Extreme Offroad Truck Parking 1.0
Boost your driving and parking skills toacompletely next level with this Offroad Monster Truck Parking3Dsimulation game. In this ultimate truck racing simulation game,youwill need accurate and precise driving and parking skillstocontrol these giant engines. Pick the monster truck of yourchoiceand start your ultimate journey to experience the thrills ofbeingan offroad driver. These great giant trucks have superiorhorsepowers and can raise speed very quickly as Hummer that canclimbeven the highest of the hills and can be dragged around inthedeserts. Your objective is to complete the entire level andparkthe car on the designated place as fast as you can, whilemakingsure that you don’t touch or bump into any of the parked carsorbarriers.Offroad Monster Truck Parking simulation game is for allthetruck racing games, sports cars and offroad racing game loverswhowant to ride in the extreme monster trucks, this 3D ExtremeMonsterTruck Parking Game has very smooth controls and realisticmonstertruck engine physics that makes parking these giant truckslookreally realistic. Follow the green track locators and parkyourmonster truck at given destination in the limited amount oftime.Driving and parking these monster trucks are not aschallenging onroads as on offroad desert areas. So, take up thechallenge ofoffroad monster truck driving and parking and be alegendarymonster truck driver.Monster trucks are huge and powerful machines that are madeforcompetitions and sports events. In this monster trucksimulationgame, your ultimate mission is to drive one of yourfavoritebigfoot monster truck in the desert environment, passthrough allthe checkpoints and park in the designated area. Makesure youdon't bump into everything on your way to the parking spotto getthe highest score possible. You also need to payconsideration andreach the desired location before you run out oftime otherwise youhave to start mission all over again. As you ableto unlock gamelevels, the difficulty of the game will increase toobut the 6 veryaddictive and exciting levels will keep you engagedand entertainedfor hours.Special Features:• Realistic Monster Truck Engine Physics• High Definition 3D Environment• Amazing Sound Effects• Addictive and Engaging Gameplay• 6 Different Levels
Offroad Hill Climb Tourist Bus 1.0.1
Offroad Hill Climb Tourist Bus is anamazingbus driving simulation game that allows you to be arealistictourist transporter extreme bus simulation game. Realisticbusengine physics, amazing 3D mountain environment and animationsoftourists will make you feel like a real bus driver. You may beatop driver of heavy duty vehicles but transporting tourist busfullof tourists is a very challenging task. You are required topicktourists and drop them off safe and sound to theirdestination.Take up the mega transporter vehicle driving challengeand become areal tourist bus driver.Offroad Hill Climb Tourist Bus Simulator is a bus simulationgamefor all those who love bus driving games, taxi games and busparkinggames. But if you are a racing game lover, then this gamemight be alittle slow for you. Take on the extreme hill drivingadventure inthis extreme offroad bus driving game and show yourprecise drivingand parking skills by transporting tourists totheir destination bypassing through beautiful mountains, hilltops, water and rocksscenic views. There are no driving laws, sorace and drift around bydriving offroad but be careful about thesafety of thepassengers.Start the world tour and feel the thrill and adventure ofdrivingheavy vehicle transportation bus in this mountain touristbusdriving simulation game. Drive this amazing bus for hoursandcomplete 6 addictive and engaging missions set in the realistic3Denvironment. Passengers want to reach the destination on timesoput your foot on the throttle but make sure not to meet aroadsideaccident as the traffic is flowing from both sides.Its summer season and everyone is going to hillstations.Maximize the transportation fares and earn as much as youcan bystarting your career as the tourist bus driver in thisamazing bussimulation game. So what are you waiting for? DownloadOffroad HillClimb Tourist Bus 3D simulation game and experience howdoes itfeels like to be real life bus driver. Driving monsterdoubledecker bus on the mountains has never been an easy task.Special Features:• Real Vehicle Damage Animations• Realistic Bus Engine Physics• Amazing Sound Effects• High Definition 3D Environment
Offroad Army Truck Driver 3D 1.0
Start your career by taking up a patrioticroleof being an army truck driver. Your sole responsibility asamilitary truck driver will be to start performing your armytruckdriving duty and park giant monster trucks on designated spotsthatare used to transport army soldiers and military goods totheirfinal destination. Offroad Army Truck Driver 3D is set inanoffroad mountainous environment which is by mountains and hills.Becareful while parking these giant machines as the road totheparking spot is full of sharp turns and treacherous curvypaths.Now it is your utmost responsibility to drive these armytrucks andpark them on the designated spot. Show your superiortruck parkingand truck driving skills under different challengingparkingscenarios and heavy weather conditions.NATO Supply Trucks are gathering at the border before theyallcan travel as a convoy. Drive and park 18-wheeler trailers andarmytrucks on hilly roads. Driving army jeeps, cars and army tanksarenot as challenging as parking army trucks in such a way that canbemoved without bumping into trailers and army jeeps. Get behindthesteering wheel of your army truck now and experience the thrillandfeel of driving truck, army cars, jeeps and tank. Driveovermountains and hill to reach your destination and designatedparkingspots. Beware about the safety of the trucks as you areprovidedwith armed truck and you are required to completemultiplechallenging parking levels.So what are you waiting for? Download Offroad Army TruckDriver3D now and start this adventurous driving experience as anarmytruck driver today. As an army personnel and army truckdutydriver, you will be required to drive a number of vehicleswhichmay include 4x4 jeeps, 18- wheeler trailers or army cargotrucks.Use all of your driving and parking skills to have a feel ofthemost challenging drive in which you will be required toaccomplishtasks in limited amount of time. Prove your supremacy asalegendary truck driver and be a professional army truckdutydriver.Special Features:• Realistic Truck Engine Physics• Addictive Gameplay• Engaging Multiple Game Levels• Amazing Sound Effects
Demolition Monster Truck Derby 1.0.1
Be an ultimate arcade racer and becomethelegendary demolition derby champion. Take your monstertruckoffroad and forget about driving, racing and parking cars.Dopetrol fumes fascinate you? Do you enjoy the real carnage?It'stime to take your monster truck offroad and be a brave driverinthis action packed moto carnage game. Demolition MonsterTruckDerby is an extreme driving simulator. Your responsibility asthemonster truck driver will be to demolish all the monstertrucksthat come in your way of glory. Be a brave monster truckdriver andget the feel of dirt on the wheels of these giantvehicles.Choose your monster truck and destroy the ATVs of theopponents.You will be thrown directly into the arena. The challengefor youwill be to master the big machine of steel and destroy allthevehicles that are there in the arena in the minimum amount oftimeframe to be crowned as the national demolition champion. Therearea number of tricks that can be used to destroy anddemolishopponents but you have to be careful while battling outwith theopponents about the health of your vehicle too.This is not a racing arena. Be a brave monster truck driverandmake your way to the top by destroying all the opponents. Thisis ano rule arena all you have to do is to destroy the opponentsusingany means. If you are a lover of racing games, truckgames,demolition derby games, monster truck games or fightinggames.Then, Demolition Monster Truck Derby simulation game is theone youare looking for.So download now and enjoy the ultimate moto carnage game isthehardest of arenas. Take the seat behind the steering wheelandbecome the ultimate demolition derby champion and showyoursuperior driving skills to the world.Special Features:Intense high speed racing actionReal-time car demolition and destruction twist + crashphysicsengineModify and recover your car by fitting upgradesAmazing visuals and compact performance on a wide rangeofdevicesRealistic car engine physics and debris simulation
Multi Storey Car Parking 3D 1.0
Take your parking skills to a next levelinMulti Storey Car Parking 3D simulation game. This carparkingsimulation game has taken parking games to a new height. Beaparking lot driver and start your career as a valet parkingdriverby learning to navigate sports and racing cars in realisticparkingenvironment. Use all your car driving skills that you havegatheredwhile playing monster truck simulator and taxi driversimulationgames as you have to make sure that you park these carswithmaximum precision. Choose the best sports car or racing carfromthe garage and become a legendary parking lot driver.Multi Storey Car Parking 3D simulation game is set in arealisticparking environment with a number of different parkingsituationsthat requires maximum precision and accuracy of thedriver. Drivingaround and parking cars in multi-level parkingplaza is much morechallenging and difficult than parking it simplyon the ground floorparking. You also have to be careful about thebarriers and alreadyparked cars in the parking lot. As, hittingyour car into theseobstacles will certainly damage your repute asa parking lot cardriver. Take luxury and sports cars from yourguests and park themby dodging all other obstacles and cars inminimum of time span toearn all the stars.Multi Storey Car Parking 3D simulation game is a car parkinggamethat will help you to be a professional driver. Itpretendsdifferent parking skills as you have to park cars indifferent andunique parking situations. So what are you waitingfor? Downloadthis amazing car parking simulation game now and getready to earnyourself a driving license by mastering the art of carparking anddriving in realistic parking plaza environment.Special Features:• Engaging Multiple Levels• Realistic Car Engine Physics• Smooth Controls• Amazing Graphics and Animations
Offroad Hill Climb Jeep Sim 1.0.3
Offroad cargo Transport Truck simulationgamewill let you experience the adventure of cargo transport gamesandcargo truck games. You will have to perform the duties of areallife duty truck driver and drive the cargo truck from thestreetsof a big metropolitan city to a hill station whileexhibiting yoursuperior driving and parking skills to become thebest cargotransport truck driver. Use all of your experience asanexperienced driver in this cargo transportation simulation gameandtransport the cargo of a number of customers who live far up inthehills. Driving monster trucks, racing cars and sports cars arenotas challenging as driving offroad cargo transport truck butsmoothand easy driving controls will make your transportationsimulatorgame much easier. It is a unique and addictive game thatwillprovide you the best of truck driving games with the freedom ofnotonly testing your driving skills but also your parking skillsasyou will also have to load and unloads goods and cargo fromtheback of your monster truck.Pick up the cargo from the city, transport them onto theassignedpoint located at different locations on the hill andfinish the job.Driving this big rig would be a challenge becauseof two mainreasons. First of all it is not an ordinary truck todrive, you haveto take this monster giant truck up the hillwithout crashing it.Secondly, you will not be required to drive oncity roads but onoffroad tracks that will make the transportationtask even morechallenging. You will have to depict your preciseand accuratedriving and parking skills to control this gianttruck.So what are you waiting for? Download Offroad CargoTransportTruck free simulation game now and experience theadventure ofbeing a real life duty truck driver and drive monstertransportertruck up hill. Challenge yourself and test your precisedriving andparking skills to earn yourself a driving licensenow.Special Features:• Realistic Truck Engine Physics• Amazing Sound Effects• Real Damage Animations• 6 Different Levels
School Bus Driving Simulator 1.0.1
Are you a fan of driving giant school bussimulator, tourist bus simulator, parking bus simulator or arescared of driving heavy traffic vehicles on roads filled withtraffic during peak hours in a hectic city? This School Bus DrivingSimulation game will give you an opportunity to become a dutyschool bus driver in a very busy and hectic city during peaktraffic hours. Your duty as a school bus driver will be to pick anddrop school kids and students from school on time. This willrequire you to showcase all your driving skills and drivingexperience. But you will also have to make sure that you do notbump into anything as the safety of the kids is of highimportance.Play this amazing School Bus Driving Simulator 3D game andexperience how it feels to be a real driver whose responsibility isto drive around big vehicles safely. Start your career as a schoolbus driver today and earn yourself a special driving license sothat you can easily drive around the city in a yellow school bus.This amazing and unique school bus driving simulator 3D game willrequire you to pick and drop students from school. It sounds easybut the game is full of challenges and your responsibility will bepick and drop kids as fast as you can.It's time to some crazy fun and drive a big yellow School Bus. Takethe driver's seat and sit behind the steering wheel to startmaneuvering it around the roads of the city. Looks fun right? Butsteering such a giant big bus and roaming around in the city withthe kids is not at all an easy task. Put your foot on theacceleration pedal and drive your way around the city. You have topick up kids from bus stops and drop them off at the schools.Remember to keep an eye on the uncontrollable traffic while youdrive and steer clear from the hurdles otherwise your school buswill certainly crash.So what are you waiting for? Download School Bus Driving Simulator3D game and start your fun career as a school bus driver.Transporting kids to the school looks an easy task but you have touse all your crazy driving skills and parking skills to proveyourself as a legendary bus driver.Special Features:• Realistic Bus Engine Physics• Amazing 3D Graphics• Real Damage Animations• Addictive Gameplay• Engaging Game Levels
OffRoad Heavy Bike Hill Climb 1.0.1
The most addictive Off Road snow Hill ClimbHeavy Bike is ready to take you to the limits of entertainingracing monster heights. An uphill biker simulator is in need forspeed where traffic rules for racer and drivers don’t count much asthey all care about extreme luxury bike racing. Pick the touristand drive them to destination stop in given time. Driving inmountain and hill climb and snow environment is very difficult anddangerous. So be a professional and good driver in snow.Embark on a driving journey that includes jeeps and cars. Driveyour extreme heavy monster and stop at bus stops to pick thetourist in Off Road snow Hill Climb game. Drive fast and jump andindulge in super enthralling speed stunts with your truck andspecial snow bike.There will be traffic as well which will also distract your racingand driving ambition as professional driver and that certainly addsmore challenge to all the bike racing missions. Play as a hitdriver and wear helmet for safety in the game of your life thatequally match any need for speed driving game.Features of Offroad Snow Bike - Hill Climb• New And Latest Models of heavy offroad Bikes.• New bikes Stunts and hill climb.• Super Bike Speed and Flying Jump• Run as Real Auto Turbo Racer and Beware of Army Police Cops• Cool Graphics and new Environment.
Offroad Monster Truck 4x4 Game 1.0
You have done a lot of driving & parkingintruck parking games and transporter games, it is time for youtoexperience extreme 4X4 jeep racing and drift thrill in 4X4JeepStunt: Offroad Desert. Start your engine and feel the powerofheavy truck vehicles by drifting around in offroaders,monstertrucks, garbage behemoths, SUVs and F1 racing cars. It ismorechallenging to drive around monster trucks, jeep and 4X4drivevehicles in a desert environment than doing stunts in anordinaryATV or quad vehicle. Experience the smashing epic drivingadventurein your own super-fast jeep and 4X4 heavy duty vehicles.Welcome to the deserts of Middle East and Dubai. Join theextremeracing thrill and drift madness in the most beautifuldesert in theworld. Enjoy the ups and downs of the Sahara desertin 4X4 and 6X6vehicles. Choose the jeep of your own choice and bea part of thebiggest sports car racing & drift championship ofthe year inthe Sahara desert. Smash into the obstacles, walls andcheck pointsin your jeep, SUVs, monster truck, pick-ups and SUV inthis openoffroad truck racer simulator game. Take on the best Arabdriversand prove yourself as a champion driver.4X4 Jeep Stunt: Offroad Desert Simulation game will test allyourdriving and parking skills in the toughest of conditions insandystorms Dubai Desert. This is not just another 4X4 drivingsimulationgame, it allows you to showcase your skills in wildendlessenvironment where you have to show your driving supremacyby drivingand parking monster jeep trucks with precision andaccuracy. Becareful as the Sahara desert can create a lot ofproblems of SUVsbecause of the ups and downs of sand mountains andtricky mudpatches.So what are you waiting for? Download this latest offroadtruckracer simulator "4X4 Jeep Stunt: Offroad Desert" now andproveyourself as desert legend by drifting and racing in latestsportsand General Motors SUVs. Challenge your opponents and beatall ofthem to earn your driving license today.Special Features:• General Motor SUVs• Realistic Monster Truck & Jeep Engine Physics• Real Sahara Desert Environment• Amazing Sound Effects
Farm Cattle Transporter Truck 1.0.2
Challenge yourself and prove to be thebestanimal cargo truck driver in town. Unleash your extremeAmericantruck driving skills and put your foot on the gas pedal,honk thehorn and rescue & deliver all the farm and wild animalsto zoo,farm houses and veterinary hospital on time and make surethat theanimals stay undamaged and safe throughout the epicoff-roadjourney. Be careful, a long trailer is attached with yourtruck toload animals. A long trailer is far more effective than ashorttrailer but it is also very difficult to control such aheavymonster vehicle. Be an experienced monster truck driverbycompleting all the missions within the allocated time frame.In this epic heavy engine truck driving game, the player hastouse all his car parking, racing, off-road driving and hillclimbingskills to deliver racing horses, hippo, elephants, deer,bear,zebras, lions and a number of other wild and farm animals totheirfinal destination. The game provides its users withincredibledriving experience, real engine physics andextra-ordinarygameplay. Be a duty transporter truck driver andrescue animals toveterinary hospitals and farm houses before theanimals get injuredor die.This amazing and unique game provides all the transportertrucklovers with an opportunity to experience all the dimensionsoftruck driving games under one game. From parking monster trucktoloading and unloading of cargo to off-roading it in a highspeed.On top of it, the controls of the game are as easy as it getstocomplete all the assigned missions within the allocated periodoftime.The game is set in an amazing jungle, off-road track andcityenvironment that allows user to experience the life of a realdutytruck driver. In 6 different engaging and addictive levels,theplayer has to find and load animals from jungle, farm anddeliverthem to different veterinary hospitals and warehouseswithoutdamaging the health of any of the animals. As game goes on,theplayer also has to upgrade the truck to accommodate wilderanimalsinto the truck.Special Features:• Realistic City and Jungle Environment• Real Truck Engine Physics• Amazing 3D Graphics• 6 Different Addictive Levels• Easy Controls
City Farm Water Truck Sim 3D 1.0.2
Play City Farm Water Truck Sim 3D & Getget ready to drive a water truck simulator in the city in thissimulation and parking adventure game. Perform the duty of drivinga transport truck. People in the city need water supply due to awater pipeline bust. Your job is to cater for the people who are inneed of fresh and clean water. An agency exists which operates awater filtration plant has taken an initiative to provide waterbottles across the town with the help water trucks. Providing waterwith the water truck seems to be a very good initiative so that thewater trucks will take care of providing fresh water contained inbottles all over the town.Take out the fresh water supply from the water filtration plant andperform all the assigned tasks. Deliver water bottles to grocerystores, houses & at other destinations who require fresh cleanwater. The task seems quite simple yet quite challenging as youjust have to reach the designated spots and deliver water bottles.But firstly you need to get the water tank of the water truckfilled from the water filling station. Keep a check if any tyre isdeflated or damaged, if it is so then drive to the tyre repair shopand get it fixed. Don't forget to get the water truck refilledafter delivering all the water bottles!!Key Features of City Farm Water Truck Sim 3D• 10 challenging levels with realistic 3D environment• Fun filled realistic truck simulation driving controls• City map• Multiple Vehicles to choose from• Enjoy Driving cargo truck in this city truck transportsimulator.So Download City Farm Water Truck Sim 3D now to your mobile toenjoy a good taste of farm truck games or truck transport simulatorgameplay. Unlike other public transport simulator games this trucksimulator 2016 is the ultimate choice for you to experience qualityand fun found in heavy truck games. So stop waiting and startplaying!! This is the latest release in trailer transport 2016games.
Christmas Party Car Parking 1.0.2
Utilize all your driving skillsgatheredthrough driving taxis, cabs, police cars and monster trucksto parkexpensive sports and racing cars of the guests coming toaChristmas Eve Party on a frozen night just across thestreet.Christmas Eve Car Parking 3D provides you with theopportunity todo far more than just to be a Taxi Driver or PoliceCar Driver.This unique game requires you to drive cars of theguests and doparallel and reverse parking without damaging thecars.Christmas Eve Party is going on down the street and you havetohelp Santa Claus by becoming a Valet Parking driver and parkingthecars of the guests coming to meet him. These cars havemanualgearbox so that you can display your master driving byparkingtheir cars in the parking area, in the basement and on thetopfloors. The game is set in the realistic 3D snowy environmentneara nightclub. Be a parking star and park the cars withoutbumpingthem in the wall boundaries or other parked cars.This is not all, this game also requires you to bring thealreadyparked cars for the guests who want to leave the party andgo home.Be a happy Valet Parking Driver by making the guestshappy.Christmas Eve Car Parking 3D consists of 6 different levels.Eachpresents to you a different challenge and requires you toexhibitdifferent driving skills.Level 1 is a tutorial that tells you what to do in actualgamesetting and how to take control of the cars. Level 2 requiresyouto take keys from the guest arrived at the party at park it intheparking lot. Similarly, Level 3 requires to do parking of 2carsand afterwards you have to park cars in the basement and topfloorsand also to bring the already parked cars from the parkinglot.Special Features:• Addictive Gameplay and Environment• Simple and Easy Controls• Amazing Christmas Theme• Fascinating Sports and Racing Cars
Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D 1.0.3
Cargo Airplane Flights are too mainstream,it's time for you to take control of Ship Car Transporter.Tired of controlling Cargo Plane Car Transportation? Hence, jumpbehind the steering wheel of your own truck and be a real time cartransporter by using the most ancient way of transportation"Ships". So who wants to be Car Transporter?Ship Car Transporter is a real simulation game with realistic 3Dgraphics and environment where you have to drive new sports andracing cars and load them on to a Transport Truck. The challengefor you is to drive Transporter Truck, drive that on to a seaportand experience the ultimate journey over the blue water.This is a new kind of a game as you have to load and unload veryvaluable and expensive cars. It’s a test for your driving skills asyou have to drive the sports and racing cars and park them insidethe trailer. You will be further challenged as you have to controlthe trailer, forklift and ship yourself to make sure that thesecars reach their destination in the brand new condition.The safety and security of these cars are also your responsibilityso be careful and make sure that none of the sports cars getdamaged while loading or unloading in the warehouse located nearthe sea. Ship Car Transporter also provides you with a thrillingchallenge of operating forklifts for loading and unloading ofracing cars on the ship. This is not all, it is also your duty totake control of the ship and take it to its finaldestination.So gear yourself up, it's time to showcase your driving skills andcomplete the challenging tasks that are lying ahead.Game Levels• In the first level, you will have to drive 6 different cars beingparked in the warehouse and load them onto a transportationtruck.• Once the cars are loaded on the transport truck, drive thetransportation truck onto the seaport.• In the third level, unload the cars from the truck by driving andparking them in the warehouse located on the seaport.• In the fourth level, you have to drive the ship standing at theseaport and take them near to the warehouse where the cars areparked.• Fifth level will provide you with a challenge of driving andoperating a crane in order to lift the cars from the warehouse andload them onto the ship.• Finally, you have to drive the ship loaded with cars to take themtowards its final destination.Special Features:• Realistic 3D Graphics & Environment• Real time Car Controls and Handling• Transport different Vehicles to their Final Destination• Cool City and Sea Ambiance• Well-crafted Animations• 6 Exciting and Engaging Missions
Offroad Truck Driving Sim 1.0.4
Feel like a real monster tow truck driver bytesting your driving skills in extreme winter weather and slipperysnow road conditions. Tow Truck Driver Simulator will be a newentrant into your collection of top heavy equipment games. If youare a fan of driving heavy vehicles or a truck driving fanatic,this amazing game is the one you are looking for. So start yourcareer as a tow truck driver and show your supremacy as we arelooking for an experienced heavy vehicle driver to keep the citytraffic flow smooth and steady.This unique game provides its users with easy game controls and funlevels. However, extreme weather conditions and slippery roadsrequires you to showcase your precise driving skills so that youcan avoid colliding your monster truck into something but this isas easy as it gets because you can easily complete every mission ofthe game with few challenges. Unleash your precision driving skillsin city traffic to make sure that you can handle and deliverexpensive cars to distant places like garages and warehouseswithout damaging them even a bit. So take the challenge ofperforming this hard job because the money that you will earn wouldbe far more than any other job.Steer your tow truck today by towing busted and stuck cars fromhighways and other streets of the city and delivering them toplaces where mechanics can fix them. Be a real car transporter anddeliver cars to their final destination by driving monster truckthrough hidden driveways. Start your long days of tiring and hardwork and become the most well reputed truck driver of thedown.Tow Truck Driver Simulation consists of 6 different addictivemissions. Due to heavy snowfall in the city, a number of cars andheavy drive vehicles are stuck in the snow and people are calling911 for help. Perform your duty as a 911 heavy truck driver and towmodern & latest sports cars along with heavy vehicles towarehouses and garages before snow ruins the traffic order of thecity. So what are you waiting for? Download this free kid'sfriendly game and start your transporter business today.Special Features:• Realistic Snow City Environment• Realistic Drive Physics• Engaging and Addictive Gameplay• Tow Latest Sports Car• Amazing 3D Graphics
Horse Racing Stunt 2016 1.0
Ever dreamt of becoming the nationalchampionof horse stunts, racing and jumping championship 2016 bybeatingthe riders of the world? This amazing and unique horsesimulationgame has mixed features of arcade gaming with simulation.So chooseyour favorite stallion, saddle up the horse and runfiercely, stayon track & jump over the fences and obstaclesthat come in yourway. But, also keep an eye on the stamina of thehorse so that youcan successfully dodge the hurdles, jump throughthe ring of fireand crowned as the world champion by beating thetop players of theworld.Be a knight of the wild west horse farms and stablesanddemonstrate your riding skills superiority over your friendsbyjumping over challenging hurdles and ring of fire in the minimumoftime span. The more cleanly you will perform a stunt and lesserthetime you will take to complete the stunt, more coins you willbeable to earn. So what are you waiting for? Break into thegallop,beat the highest score of your friends and further boostyourriding skills in this horse farm racing and stuntsimulationgame.Racing furiously, jumping over deadly obstacles andperformingstunts with a horse is far more challenging as comparedtoperforming them with an ATV, motorbike or a racing car. Be abraveheart and take up the challenge of becoming the fan favoritehorserider before the Winter Olympic Games Rio 2016. Take thischallengeas a practice to perform well in the Olympics. So don’twaste yourtime and gear yourself up for the real challenge thatthisaddictive and amazing game offers.This game is for all horse racing lovers who are looking foracomplete horse racing experience. The game is set in arealisticWild West environment that allows the player to feel andexperiencethe real life of a cowboy. The Rodeo is ready for you totake thecenter stage and prove yourself to be a professionalequestrian.Make your stable a perfect horse haven and choose thehealthiestwild pony to make a name for yourself in the world ofhorseracing.Special Features:• Amazing 3D Wild West Environment• 6 Addictive Levels• Realistic Horse Controls• Challenging Hurdles and Fences
City Builder Sand Excavator 3D 1.0.2
Be a boss of your own construction company andprovide specialist excavation services. Offer bulk and detailexcavation in sand and share your role in the construction of nextgold coast skyscraper.The job requires a keen eye to see how your excavator truck driveris operating a heavy duty vehicle. You are also in-charge of someof the top heavy machines like digger, dumper and bulldozer andother transporter truck in this game. Offroad heavy 4x4 trucksimulator, army truck and City Constructor Road Builder heavyvehicles etc.Make sure the construction work goes smoothly because a littleaccident at construction site can ruin your contract. Since all theconstruction work is interrelated, try not to be sluggish andremain active as you can.See in detail all the construction work that what is done and whatis still in process. Streamline work responsibilities and hand overto your sand truck driver and tell him to get enough sand to makenew concrete.This construction contract will give you a wonderful chance tobecome the sole leader in excavation services. Also adhere thatsand excavation is pure hard labor, but with good money, you willbe addictive to give your best.So don’t wait for a second and start exploring your newconstruction contract and complete the job efficiently to build ahealthy construction portfolio to acquire more constructioncontracts.Features City Builder Sand Excavator 3D-Realistic Physics of Heavy Machines-Best Sand Excavator Simulator-Splendid Construction Site-Drive Sand Excavator Truck-Amazing 3D Digger Driving-Smooth & Challenging Game Play
Bus Mechanic Workshop Sim 1.0.2
John has just started his Bus mechanicworkshop garage to offer complete bus and truck repair services. Heis an experienced school, tourist, super, flying bus mechanic andwill love to overhaul your bus as per your wishes like luxury carmechanic workshop, Bike Mechanic and limo Mechanic garage games. Sobring your real bus and see how he makes it an amazing change onyour bus while driving bus on the road.So! Grab your toolkit and learn to replace flat tyres, repair busheadlights or change engine oil and do exciting paint job. Fixproblems in school bus mechanic garage and do complete bus, carservice and repairs. Take out dents from clunker bus body aroundfender and do welding of broken bumper. After car maintenance takecharge of real auto bus mechanic workshop simulator and completejob of automobile technician.Running bus garage and play as the most experienced bus mechanic.You will have to repair the engine, body, Tyre of the bus and fillup the oil and charge or change the battery and do custom busmodifications with mechanic simulator. You can expertly fix yourcoach, tourist, super, limo, flying bus, super bus with your latestequipment. So pick up your screw and wrench and start working onreal bus mechanic workshop simulator 2017 and coach bus simulator.Take out your mechanic tool box to do the basic repairing likejoint and fix up broken parts, tight the loose nuts & bolts,fill the oil, change the battery, reconnect the lights and doexciting paint job like flying bus mechanic or super busmechanic.Pick screwdriver or car spray paint from toolbox and do custom busmodifications. Open nuts and bolts of bonnet to examine engine andchange oil. Enjoy distinctive and unseen gameplay in bus mechanicsimulator game. Fix problems in transit elevated bus and docomplete car service and repairs. Take out dents from clunker busbody around fender and do welding. Enjoy distinctive and unseengame play in auto bus mechanic simulator game 2017 & coach bussimulator. Big Bus coach and elevated buses come to car garage formaintenance services or bus painting along with repairing. Engineproblems in vehicle and fix issues with test drive. Take damagedbus parts and install them in Modern bus models. Becomeprofessional repairman and repair luxury car, limousine and sportscars.Features of Bus Repair Mechanic Workshop Garage simulator:- Real bus mechanic simulator level in auto bus repair game- Amazing coach bus and tourist bus vehicle simulator modes- Passenger transport bus- Custom repairing, spray painting for school bus and tourist buswith friendly interface.- China elevated straddle bus- Detailed bus interior along with smooth and intuitivecontrols- Detailed HD quality graphics.
Extreme Car Stunts Derby 2017 1.0.2
“You are Downloading Extreme Car StuntsDerby 2017. A Car stunt simulator with real life vehicle physicstime & destruction system.”Extreme Car Stunts Derby is a new, super car racing and smart carparking game, go to extreme speeds with your favorite sport racecar. Show of your driving skill in this precision stunting car gamechoose from a wide choice of cars vehicles and drive wherever youwant in the cool tracks.Different sky box to change game mode to either; morning, night,rain or storm. In extreme car driving simulator sport, you have toaccelerate, steer left or right, brake, boost and many more.You are also able to switch the camera view.Extreme Car Stunts Derby is here to give you the thrillingadventure of driving, drift and extreme racing. The sports carstunt driving on the racing tracks is nothing less than awesome.You will master the stunt simulation and driving skills. Be afearless stuntman to perform breathtaking car stunts on variouschallenging levels. Drag your car all the way to the stadiumhurdles and show your real stunt skills! Experience the crazydriving in this sports stunt car simulator game.Ever wanted to drive all kinds of cars? Now you can drive, park,drift and feel sports car, racing car in stunting car gamessimulator! There is need to brake!Explore the huge and crazy levels! Drive and collect tokens, openlevels and cars! Become fast and furious!Extreme Car Stunts Derby 2017 simulator has been made for thelovers of car stunts. Drive your favorite Formula 1 car around thechallenging environment and enjoy the speed of F1 cars. In thisstunt game you have to pick your favorite formula 1 car and performextreme stunts like spin around corners, drifting, crushing, jumpfrom the ramp and various different stunts. Be careful whileperforming stunts otherwise you will wreck your favorite car.Get exposure to several game-play levels with extreme stunt cardriving and 3d stunts. Bring out your extreme driving skills inthis intense stunts car 3D challenge. The real challenging gameplaymissions will make you drive with extreme speed and perform crazycar stunts. Prove yourself as the real stuntman and perform massivejumps and survive the immense task.In this extreme car simulator game accelerate your way throughterrifying loops and crazy jumps. Drive at your full speed and youwill complete the missions on time my performing amazing stunts.Maneuver with the skills of a pro stunt driver. Drive the car tocheck point, collect tokens, cross over the fire bed, cross thebridges, drive underground tunnel, swirl track, racing against timeand be the deadly stuntman.Extreme Car Stunts Derby 2017 FEATURES:- dynamic camera angles.- The best car racing stunts.- Drive around on swirl track!- Authentic Vehicle controls.- Quality sport car.- Easy to use driving controls on screen!- Underground tunnel.
Pet Dog Simulator 3D Puppy 1.0.2
White Sand presents another charmingvirtualanimal simulator game in the shape of pet doggy who is yourrealvirtual beagle to take care. Now play as stupid crazy yetcharmingand adoring pet dog and perform fun dog tasks.Play outdoor as virtual pet dog and play with other virtualbeagles.Get indulge in interesting puppy talk in boarding kennelwith otherpet poodles and feel the real puppy fun andadventures.A beautiful interactive pet game in which you willexperiencestunning graphics and smooth performance of true virtualanimalgame including pet poodle, shiba, corgi, husky, collie,bulldog,greyhound, pet doggy, and challenging dog tasks.Download pet dog simulator 3D puppy to experience the realthrillinglife of a virtual pet dog living on the streets.Game Features: Pet Dog Simulator 3D Puppy• Best Pet Game Available for Tablets and Mobiles• Pet Go as Real Puppy and Interact with People to Explore• Virtual Pet Dog with Special Modes and Smooth Performance• Stunning Pet Dog Games alike Environment with Easy Controls• Pet Dog Simulator with 3D Virtual Puppy Simulation• As Virtual Pet Dog Play with other Virtual Pet Dogs• Cute Puppies and other Fun Dog Tasks to Experience• Challenging Dog Tasks like Jumping, Barking and Destroying• Play Dog in Massive Open-World Busy City Streets• Play Outdoor and Feel the Health, Hunger, Thirst, and EnergyofPuppy• Pet Care Game and Experience Puppy Talking, EatingandSleeping• Virtual Pet Reality with Beautiful HD 3D Graphic• Variety of Talking Beagles and its Interesting Game Play• Build Your Virtual Beagle and their Epic Battles• Animal Game of different Missions and Achievements
Raft Survival Shark Hunter 3D 1.0.1
Get your hooks, spear and arrows outbecauseyou are going on a shark hunting mission on your wooden raftandyou are going to need all the protection you can get. RaftSurvivalShark Hunter is a 3D game designed with real-life interfaceto givegame lovers a real life and challenging shark huntingexperience inthe sea. The shark hunter has to craft differentweapons given inthe game in limited time period, and if he can’t dothat, his raftsurvival is not going to be easy. Travelling throughsea, there arehungry sharks all around you, and on top of thatthere are whaleshark simulators making them angry, and all alone onyour woodenraft, which is not protected you have to get to theshore bykilling the angry sharks.The only aid you have in the game as a raft survivor iscatchingpoor fish by spear fishing that you can feed to the sharkstocreate a distraction and you also have wood available torepairyour raft which was damaged by angry whale sharks. But wouldyouwant to waste time repairing your raft while there are hungrywhalesharks all around you?The animations in this game will give you a real-lifeexperience,with major animations such as the killing animation andshark dyingpainfully animation. So, when you are shark hunting, youwill knowthrough these strong animations, how painful it was foryourenemy.The game has different levels to teach you survival tricks whenyouare facing angry sharks, so on the first day your only goal istouse the hook and get wooden pieces to build your raft, anddodgingall the angry sharks, then you can move on to using hooks tocatchfish via spear fishing and distract sharks using the fish,andslowly and gradually you move on to killing the sharkswithbows.Imagine the adventure of the life time you will have when youarelooking for seafood, while you go fishing on your raft and thenyouare faced by an angry shark attack, and you have to focus onyourraft survival, spear fishing and killing the hungry sharks allatthe same time. Your brain must work fast and you must dowhateveris in your power to distract and kill the angry sharks. Ifyou wantto go on this spear fishing expedition and turn it intoanadventure of a life time, then play as a Raft Survivor &becomethe shark hunter in this Raft Survival Shark Hunter 3D. Usethedifferent options available in the game to prevent beingsea-food,and only gathering sea-food for yourself via spearfishing.Download and Play Raft Survivor & Kill hungry sharks today,andhave a fun time killing hungry sharks while you are feelinglikeyou are having a real-life adventure, by combining whateverweaponsyou have available for your own survival, with the only goalofjust getting to the shore and then facing an even moredifficultchallenge and adventure the next time.Raft Survival Shark Hunter Features:• 3D interface.• Real-life sea interface.• Easy to download.• Available on both iOS and android.• Realistic Shark hunting & Whale Sharkhuntingexperience.• Complex and interesting challenges available.
Road Builder Mechanic Workshop 1.0.2
Have you ever had a chance to upgrade orrepair concrete pump, bulldozer or even a tow truck crane? If not,then now it's your time to learn to repair heavy constructionmachines in your mechanic garage in Construction TruckMechanic!Did you ever want to be a part-time or full time city constructiontruck mechanic, or be able to fix automobiles such as trucks, roadbuilder, road roller, dumper truck and excavator crane orconstruction truck in construction simulator? If you did then yourdreams are about to become true with our Road Builder Mechanic,train mechanic Garage game, designed with real-life UI interfaceand excellent graphics in construction simulator environment likedeveloped in scrap simulator mechanic.With City Construction Truck Mechanic 3D, you can repair monstertrucks and heavy cranes in an auto repair Construction TruckMechanic Workshop. You will be the master of all, whether it’sconstruction truck mechanic repair, or road builder mechanicrepair, or an excavator crane mechanic repair, or an army truckmechanic repair or a car mechanic repair, you will learn the skillsthat will help you fix all sorts of monster trucks in this truckmechanic construction simulator, and you are not going to the nextlevel of auto mechanic unless you have cleared the previous levelsand fix the vehicles brought to you in the first levels of thismechanic workshop garage simulator.The game is designed with different levels, and the purpose of thegame is to provide a real-life truck mechanic and constructiontruck mechanic simulation. In each level a customer will bebringing a problem to the mechanic and the mechanic will be able tochoose from the different tools in the menu to fix the truck thathas been brought to him in this construction simulator. There willbe a list of multiple customers at different levels and dependingon the player’s confidence in their skill they can choose whichevercustomer they want to choose and start fixing their problem. Justlike any Truck Mechanic whether it’s an army truck mechanic or carmechanic, real bus mechanic, train mechanic, scrap simulatormechanic, dumper truck mechanic the Construction Truck Mechanicwill give you the same satisfaction but this time you’ll berepairing monster trucks & heavy cranes in your Road BuilderMechanic Garage.We know it’s an odd dream to be a truck mechanic, train mechanicbut it’s not a skill that is not valued. In your 3D road buildermechanic workshop garage, you will be able to fix all sort oftrucks and cranes in a construction simulator sort ofenvironment.Repair Vehicles:• Construction Truck• Construction Simulator• Road Builder• Cement Truck• Road roller• Excavator CraneFeatures:• UI interface.• 3D graphics.• Easy to play.• Menu available with different levels and tools to choosefrom.• List of activities to choose from.• Tutorials to teach basics of each activity.• Construction Truck Mechanic & Road Builder MechanicGarage.
Smart Bike Parking Simulator 1.0.1
Smart Bike ParkingCraneSimulation"Tired of playing games? Try this compact multi-levelBikeparking crane with revolving elevators or a rotating liftsystem.Smart Bike Parking Crane Simulator is a fun freeGame."Smart parking crane is an automated motorbike parking system.Thiselevated tower crane can be ideally installed in condensedareas toprovide a quick solution to serious parking problems. Bikeparkingcrane is easy to operate in this parking simulator. Thisparkingcrane can be relocated anywhere in the cityenvironment.Multi-Level crane consumes space of two car parkinglots. You canpark bikes by rotating parking spots using the lever.It is similarto smart car parking game since in this parkingsimulator game youcan park bikes as well as smart cars.Drive fantastic bike or navigate giant parking truck inbackyardparking space and exhibit precision driving skills. Thismultilevelelevated machine is easy to operate. Use the majesticrotary leverto rotate manual crane and find an empty parking spot.Switch tobike control and park multiple sports bike withoutwrecking themjust like smart car parking simulator.Multi-level Smart Bike Parking Truck is a very unique andamazingmotorbike & smart car parking crane simulation gamewhere youwill have the chance of driving multiple bike, cars &uniquemotorbikes on the city roads and park them safely on a bigsmartparking multi-level truck that has an advanced automatedcranesystem operated by a lever. Load different cars &motorbikes onthe empty spots of multi bike truck crane in thisparkingsimulator. Once empty bike or car slots are filled drivethismultiple bike smart parking truck to the end point, you mayneed tounload motorbike or cars from the multi-level parking truckanddrive them safely to the desired destination without crashingorhitting other vehicles on city roads.Exhibit your amazing extreme driving skills and perform yourbikedriving and multi truck bike parking duty perfectly in thisparkingsimulator. Remember this is not an ordinary bike transportertruckrather it is highly sophisticated next-gen Multi-levelMotorbikeSmart Parking Truck that has a big rotatory crane machineinstalledon it just like a modern smart car parking truck.Smart Bike Parking Crane Simulation is newest concept just likethesmart car parking rotary crane game, and it’s easy to downloadandinstall to your mobile phone. Read Smart Bike ParkingCraneSimulation features in detail and click install buttontodownload.Features of Smart Bike Parking Crane Simulation:• Extraordinarily unique & spectacular gameplay includingbikedriving & crane missions• Multi-level tower crane for bike parking system• Operate specialized heavy machinery and drive super bikes• Realistic bikes physics and flawless driving controls• Multi-level parking environment in modern world city• Detailed 3D graphics with incredible sounds• Smart Bike Parking & Smart Car Parking Crane• Modern Parking Simulator for Motorbike & Sports BikesEnjoy Multi-level Motorbike & Car Parking in SmartBikeParking Crane Simulator!
Offroad BMX Bicycle Rider 1.0.1
Hill climbers, who are also bicycle riderslooking to cycle on Offroad Mountains, can get on the sports cyclein Offroad Mountain Bicycle and live their experience through avideo game. Offroad BMX Bicycle Rider is a 3D game designed withexcellent interface of hill climb with rooftops to provide videogames with offroad bicycle racing experience.Download Offroad BMX Bicycle Rider today to become a bicyclestuntman champion in offroad BMX Bicycle Rider Simulator. OffroadMountain Bicycle, city bicycle is a sport offroad mountain bicyclesimulation game designed with real life interfaces, excellentgraphics, exciting stunts and has different levels and modes thatplayers can choose from while playing. Players can either decide tooffroad bicycle along with bicycle quad in the free mode or choosefrom set environment in the form of different levels available. Ifplayers, select to play with different levels having rooftops thanthey will need to clear one level in order to move on to the nextlevel. Bicycle simulation loaded for bicycle racing stunt withdifferent levels to choose from, and different hill climbbeautifully set environments to provide a real-life bmx bike ridingexperience, the game will keep you excited and on your toes likeit’s done in bicycle quad games. Once you become an offroad bicyclerider in bicycle quad stunt you are never going back to any othergame, because the excitement and fun in the game will keep you busyin clearing different levels in the games, and watching differentvideos that can help you earn coins for moving up the ladder ofbicycling.Riding bicycles in mountainous and hilly areas is reached byspecial offroad heavy truck transport cargo. If you want toparticipate in this cycling race you have to cargo your cycle.There are few service stations and few car mechanic workshops orbike mechanic workshops in these hilly areas, so if you want torepair or modify your bmx bike, city bicycle for stunts, bicycleracing stunt or bicycle quad stunt used for jumping over heavycrane you have to go to them before the race. There are also fewtruck stop or bus stop and bus station from where you can ask forbicycle modification.In the set level modes, players will be provided with differentchallenges and obstacles that they will have to overcome in limitedtime, in order to reach to the next level in this Offroad MountainBicycle Rider. Ad-free version of game can be bought with in-builtpurchases, and coins can be bought to improve the bicycles andriding levels. In this game you are going to experience thrillingand exciting bicycle racing on rooftops on a hill climb terrainwith heavy crane. This bmx bike, BMX cycle event is held near armytraining school for new driver. So army bike drivers that move inbicycle quad also going to take part in this event. If you want towin this race be aware of your rival army bike drivingcompetitors.Become a rooftop bmx bicycle stuntman champion in Offroad MountainBicycle Rider Simulator & be the best offroad bicycle rider outthere.*HOW TO PLAY*Select a Bike RiderChoose a Game Mode “Free Roam” or “Challenge”Use race button to “Paddle” for bicycle racing stuntUse direction keys to move the Bike “Left” & “Right”Features:• Easy to Navigate.• In-built navigation control training features.• UI Interface with 3D graphics of real-time hillenvironment.• Rooftop Bicycle Simulator• 10 levels to clear• Vehicle Control• Camera toggle to change the view.• Time and health checks
Army Tank Warrior 3D 1.0.1
Army Tank Warrior is a Tank Rumble gamebasedbattlefield with battle tank simulators which is designed withrealtime desert interface playing which gamers can have a real-timewardestruction experience by destroying tanks and moving up theladderof war, by playing different levels and purchasing differenttanksin this battlefield. Action, racing, stimulation withtimelimitations and controlled player’s health, this tanksimulatorgame will keep you on your toes and you will never have togetbored again. Your objective is only to demolish and destroy allthemilitary tanks & steel tanks in the war arena of thisbattlesimulator game like any battle city game. There is nothingstoppingyou in the game except for your health that you need tosave whiledestroying the enemy steel tanks so that you can destroymoremilitary tanks and keep moving in the demolition derbybattlesimulator game.Army Tank warrior game has different levels and differentcontrolsavailable and you are guided step by step in the beginningthroughthe selection screen of the game. So far, the game has 10levelsand after every 3 levels you will need to have saved upenoughcoins to purchase a new military tank or an army tank. If youdon’tlike shooting you can test the power of your army tank andcollideit with the enemy tank and destroy the other by colliding inthisdemolition derby tank simulator.So, if you wanted to get in the battlefield and destroy enemyarmytanks then you can destroy the military tanks in Army Tankwarrior3D and all you have to do is use the joystick for movement,zoom into focus on your target and shoot to release fire and killtheenemy tanks & war machines by shooting.You have steel tanks, you have war machines and you have abattlesimulator in a desert what else could you ask for if youhavealways wanted to play on a battlefield or a battle cityanddemolition derby.Download Army Tank warrior - A steel tanks Game now toplay,destroy, conquer and dominate on your rival 3D tanks inTankwarrior!Features of Army Tank warrior:- Calculate your enemies move, find and fire at theweakpoint!- High-end quality graphics on mobile devices!- Varied and powerful tanks and vehicles based onrealhistory!- Fight with steel tanks and warships in boss mode!- Beautiful environments!- Easy to learn hard to master!- Fully physics based game experience!- Leaderboards, achievements!- Demolish military tanks & army tanks in thebattlearena!
Car Robot Transform Simulator 1.0.2
Real-life walking talking robots are not faraway from reality, but a robot car that can turn into a car andinto a robot with quick robot transformation whenever you want to,that’s something that you probably did not see in the future. WithCar Robot Transform Simulator, you can play with futuristic robots,and that’s not all there is to it. If you are a robot games fanthat you might have already fantasized about killing enemy robotsand saving the world, so now it’s time to turn your dream of havinga robot warrior into reality. It’s not just a robot warrior, it’s acar transform, but beware because you will need to convert yourcars to robot at the right time.You are playing with a real-life battle simulator so you need tokeep your health in check and also take care of the timinglimitations, because as soon as you get in the range of enemy robotthen you need to turn your motor robot into a real robot car, robotwarrior that can fight with the enemy robot, robot car built withbattle simulator. As we say, you need to transform your Car RobotTransform Simulator with futuristic Robot Transformation!The game comes with different levels and the number of robots youneed to kill in each level is going to keep increasing but youdon’t need to worry about being wrong because you can view the tipson screen and win. You can select from different robots you have inthe game as you are promoted in the different levels of the gamesand fight with other enemy robot, robot car built with battlesimulator and enjoy the game with ultimate enjoyment.Download Car Robot Transform Simulator now to start transformingyour robot car in to a robot warrior with futuristic robottransformation way & enjoy the robot battle in the real-timerobot war interface.Features of Car Robot Transform Simulator:• Excellent 3D graphics.• Real-time interface.• Modern Car Robots• Futuristic transformation car robots• Time-limitation• Screen controls• Guiding tips