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Iconic Action SuperHeroes 1.2
Are you a SUPERHERO Fan?!! Test your knowledgein this Super Cool SuperHeroes Trivia Quiz! Spiderman, Superman,Batman and many others are all hiding in this quiz!!This is ultimately designed to test your trivia and identifyyour favourite superheroes and heroines from DC Comics, Marvel tohousehold names!!From MARVEL to Mario and X Men to Ninja Turtles...can you guessall the Superheroes and become a legend!!Guess the iconic characters and collect coins for correctanswers...if you need help use the coins...How High Can YouScore!Loads of Levels to Test Your Superheroes Knowledge!DOWNLOAD for FREE today and prove what a superhero you can beand finish the quiz! Go on..do it NOW!We look forward to hearing your comments...Please review this app - and visit our Facebook page to see whatother exciting Apps we have to keep you entertained.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-Fun-Games/239543406185306All rights, content and trademarks are owned by their respectiveowners and not associated to Wicked Fun Games Ltd
Emily's Fun Summer Activities! 1.028
Enjoy this BRIGHT CUTE VIRTUAL WORLD FOR BOYS& GIRLS! Toddlers & Kids. Loads of fun activities tocomplete!!Summer starts NOW! Little twins Thomas and Emily NEED YOUR HELPto get up, dress up, eat up and get ready for the BIG Day at thebeach. They are SUPER EXCITED and can't wait to get going so canyou help? YES!! THAT'S AWESOME THANK YOU!!!First CHOOSE a twin to help; Thomas OR Emily. Then the FUNreally starts by WAKING them up from their beach life dream! Theyare both super CUTE and so SWEET they will do whatever you ask themto do! You will help feed them a delicious breakfast before gettingdressed and choosing cute dress up outfits ready for their beachlife! TAKE CARE to ensure all their tasks are done before they canget to the next stage.REACH FOR THE STARS!!! Create your own personal REWARD CHART inthis game. GET A FULL ROW OF TICKS AND UNLOCK AN ITEM AS A REWARD!WELL DONE YOU!!So come on boys and girls download this cool game and joinLittle Thomas and Emily in their world of beach life full ofvirtual interactive fun! It'll be SUMMER MAGIC to play!COOL FEATURES:- For boys & Girls! Pick a twin!- Bright designs in this virtual educational world!- Super fun sound effects! From brushing their teeth to feed themtheir cereal!- Awesome actions! From sweeping, swiping and flicking to shakingthe device!- Reward Chart! Personalise your very own reward chart.ACTIVITY AREAS:Bedroom: START THE DAY! Turn ON the light, PULL back the covers,OPEN the curtains, GET up!Bathroom: TIME TO GET CLEAN! BRUSH teeth, COMB hair, WASHface.Bedroom: DRESS UP! Choose a Shirt, shorts, shoes and sunglasses.Kitchen: FUEL UP WITH BREAKFAST! Choose and eat cereal, pick aglass, straw and drink up!Beach Items: MUST NOT FORGET! Important items for the fun beachday: bucket and spade, towel and hat.Journey: BUCKLE UP & LET'S GO! Seat belt on, window up and aquick summer snack.INFORMATION FOR THE ADULTS!:This is an educational and interactive top game for kids to playand learn while they are having fun. This game will also reflectthe players own life and activities of having to get up and readyto go out. We know in the real world this doesn't always go to planbut this game will help support the need to complete necessarytasks in a positive manner. With the help of Little Thomas andEmily,getting ready to leave the house becomes fun and enjoyablefor the children playing this interactive virtual game.The cool reward chart can be personalised for the children inyour care. Just fill in their names and tick off each day and atthe end of the week a cool item will be unlocked!SO LET'S START BY DOWNLOADING THIS AWESOME GAME!
Horror Movie Killer Faces Quiz 1.2
As the famous CHUCKY ASKS....WANNA PLAY?!!?LOCK YOUR DOORS!!! THIS IS ONE AWESOME QUIZ AND NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED!!Check out this HORROR FACES Quiz! So many faces from years ofHORROR MOVIES...from Freddy to Billy, Pennywise to Candyman!!!Now you can celebrate HALLOWEEN all year round!!From Killers to Maniacs, Zombies to Vampires and Heroes toLegends! This quiz has them all spanning some of the most ICONICand SCARY horror movies everrrrrrr!Can you recognise your favourites Horror movie characters andzombies BUT can you complete all the levels!!IF you are a true Horror fan then you must be TOUGH enough toget them all.This Quiz is so simple to play...just get the answers right andwin coins, but if you need a dig out use your coins!HOW HIGH can you score???Challenging Trivia Quiz for All Horror Movie fans.ALL HORROR FANS SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS APP TO PROVE YOU REALLY AREAN UBER FAN!!Don't be scared of the Horror Killer Sounds around or Don't lookbehind you, BUT 1,2 WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU........!!PLEASE REVIEW THIS APP - and visit our Facebook page to see whatother exciting Apps we have to keep you entertained.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-Fun-Games/239543406185306?All rights, content and trademarks are owned by their respectiveowners and not associated to Wicked Fun Games.
Top Wrestling Icomania Quiz 1.0
INTRODUCING THIS SUPERSTAR......THE TOPICOMANIA WRESTLING QUIZ EVERRRR!!!If you love all that is WRESTLING then you will LOVE thisAWESOME QUIZ!There are so many hidden WRESTLING heroes and legends in thisquiz...from John Cena to Jeff Hardy...from Sting to Raven! TheseWRESTLING faces are created in various effects to make it thatlittle bit more of a challenge!! BUT you will have so muchFUN!!We also feature some of the biggest WRESTLING TAG TEAMS ever tostep into the ring and battle for the championships!Also keep an eye out for THE LADIES who also make a fewappearances!So do you have what it takes to become a Heavy Weight Championof your very own quiz!!CAN YOU FINISH ALL THE LEVELS!! HOW HIGH CAN YOU SCORE!!So for this amazing 2k14 quiz you can win coins by getting theanswer right and use the coins if you need a bit of a dig out!!Sit back and take a enjoy the current faces of Wrestling amongstsome of the biggest legends ever to hop the ropes!WRESTLERS WILL LIVE FOREVER!!PLEASE REVIEW THIS APP - and visit our Facebook page to see whatother exciting Apps we have to keep you entertained.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-Fun-Games/239543406185306?All rights, content and trademarks are owned by their respectiveowners and not associated to Wicked Fun Games.
Have you got the SKILL AND DETERMINATION todrive through the Zombiesand shoot them before they get you!?Do you want a Racing Game that will stay on your APP LISTFOREVER and CHALLENGE you likeNO OTHER RACE GAME has and also is FREE!?This awesome 3D Zombie Racing Car game is perfect for all RacingCar App lovers and forthe Horror Fans too.This App offers you amazing 3D graphics - :~ 3D Physics Game with EXPLOSIONS, JUMPS, NITRO POWER UPS andloads more fun.~ Collect the Coins along the way whilst shooting thezombies!~ Lots of Cool Racing VEHICLES to choose from, the more coins thebetter and faster the car!~ Can you PERFORM AMAZING STUNTS to get more points?!~ Easy Game play - which makes it perfect for the whole family toenjoy~ Smooth simulation to keep YOU HAPPY!This Zombies Horror Shooter Racing Car Game is designed to lookamazing on High resolution and Low resolution devices.Enjoy this Real Fast and Furious Zombies Horror Race Game now -DONT BE SCARED! - DOWNLOAD FOR FREE - NOW!Watch out for other exciting Apps from Wicked Fun Games onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-Fun-Games/239543406185306Please can you review our Racing App - we would reallyappreciate it.
EXTREME Logo Mania Logos Quiz 1.2
Are you a Logomania Champion?!Check out THIS COOL LOGO 400 quiz with a variety of DIFFERENTimages for YOU to guess the logos and brands!There are hundreds of them to guess - 400 in fact!!!...INCLUDINGguess the CLOSE UP AND JUMBLES mania puzzle!!The Jumbles mania puzzle gets harder as you go through the gametesting out your skills as a really logomaniachampion!Brands from all over the world to get your brain ticking in thisfun Game!It's the ultimate logo quiz for all the logomania family! Keepsyou ALL entertained- so start the fun!Simple and easy game playGuess a logo and get the question right - WIN COINS!!!Need a bit of help - USE the COINS - its as simple as that!!BUT - you want to keep your score high and complete all the levelsin this ultimate logo quiz!!!CAN YOU GUESS all the cool logos...START NOW AND DOWNLOAD THISCOOL extreme LOGOMANIA BRANDS GAME!Can you be the Ultimate LOGO QUIZ champion and get to the endcompleting all 400 logos?All rights, content and trademarks are owned by their respectiveowners and not associated to Wicked Fun Games Ltd.check out some of our other cool apps on:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-Fun-Games/239543406185306
Zombie Racing Killers Highway 1.3
Need a new Racing Challenge? Want a Gamethatwill stay on your App list forever?The Zombies have taken over the world!!! Want a RealRacingSimulation Game that will lead you to escape the frenzy oftheZombies? The Driving Survivor v The Walking Dead! Can youbeatthem?SO HERE IT IS JUST FOR YOU AND IT IS FREE!!! EARN RESPECTZOMBIEDIE CAR IS READY TO DOWNLOAD NOW!This 3D Physics Game has EXPLOSIONS, JUMPS, NITRO POWER UPSandloads more fun.Jump, Fly, Hill Climb, Drive over roads and Hillsperformingwicked stunts and awesome challenges on the road tosurvival. Trynot to crash as you escape in all the awesomevehicles!Features:ACTION REPLAY TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS HOW AWESOME YOU ARE!AMAZING 3D GRAPHICS THAT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!SIMPLE, FUN, EASY TO USEENJOYMENT FOR ALL THE FAMILY, KIDS, BOYS AND GIRLSLOADS OF DIFFERENT VEHICLES: TAXI'S, POLICE / COP CARSMOOTH SIMULATIONBEAT ALL YOUR RACING RIVALS IN THIS CRAZY RACING GAME!EARN RESPECT ZOMBIE DIE CAR - Designed to look amazing onHighresolution and Low resolution devices.The best ZOMBIE SURVIVING Fast and Furious Game out there!Don'tCrash or it will be over!Please LIKE Wicked Fun Games on FACEBOOK - we wouldreallyappreciate it AND you can see all theawesome games we are putting into the Play Store!https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-Fun-Games/239543406185306
Cool Turbo Fun Kids Car Game!! 1.3
Race against time in this cool turbochargedkids car!! Its turbo time!! A supreme rated fun 2d physicsgamedesigned for kids!!Kids Power up your fuel gauge and race your cool turbochargedcar and have enough power to keep the car flipping androlling yourway through this awesome cool car game. The more timethe kids haveon their power gauge the more turbo fun they have torace andplenty more coins to collect. The time is ticking so keepthe raceon and stay cool or its game over!!!!!!!!!Climb the hill at turbo fast speed!! Be the best in thissupremecar game!!It’s cool! It’s fun! And will keep the kids entertainedwithexcitement! as they achieve the very best of this game!!Love Collecting coins!! It’s awesome and super fun to play!Eachcoin is worth 10 coins so make sure you collect them all andseeyour pile of coins grow and grow. Can you collect more thanyourfriends?!?!Features:*turbo power fuel gauge*2d physics game*coins to collect*roll and flip stunts*race at top fast speedTime to take on the hill climb in the little red box, drivingupand down the dirt tracks with its mountain hill top dirtscenes.It’s energetic! It’s Awesome! It’s Cool! And its extremefun!Download and play this game today. It really has the powerandskill every toddler wishes their hot wheels, monster trucksandjeeps have at home. Now you can just download this game todayandit’s all there. You can enjoy seeing your children’s eyes lightupwith enjoyment with its extreme stunts!!!!It’s awesome fun to play!! It is perfect for children from Age3years old to 10 year olds - with its childfriendlyinterface.Why not get the family involved and take up the challenge “whoisthe BEST Racer in your family!”Download for FREE and be a super hero in the world of KIDSRacingCar Games! We hope you enjoy it - get those red boxWheelsburning!Watch out for other games on our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-Fun-Games/239543406185306All rights, content and trademarks are owned by theirrespectiveowners and not associated to Wicked Fun Games Ltd