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Turista Mundial 1.0.0
💲 Compra y construye propiedades en todo el mundo con elclásicoTurista Mundial de Entretenimiento Montecarlo 🏡✈️️🌎 🎲🎲 ¡Tirálosdados y elige bien qué países te conviene comprar! 💲💲🏨🌎Construyehoteles 🏨 y restaurantes en todo el mundo 🌎: México,China, India,Sudáfrica y muchos países más! Visítanos:www.juegosdesiempre.com
Jogo da Vida da Estrela 1.0.3
Gire a roleta e escolha como viver sua vida, sua profissão,formesua família e ganhe o jogo da vida! De médico a artista, vocêdeveestar preparado para momentos de sorte e azar. Trilhe o seucaminhoem busca do sucesso! O Jogo da Vida é a simulação da vidareal commuita diversão! Siga-nos!: Facebook: Jogos de SempreInstagram:Widow Games Youtube: Jogos de Sempre
War Strategy 2.3
MAIN FEATURES: 🎮 ON-LINE MULTIPLAYER FEATURE! Play againstthousandsof players on-line, regardless of the device (Android oriOS) 📱Local Multiplayer vs A.I. Play alone against theArtificialIntelligence! 📱 Local Multiplayer vs other players(pass-and-play!)Create games of up to 3 people (and up to 6 if youbuy the Premiumversion!) and play against your friends on yourdevice, like on aboard. Each game is different, there are alwaysnew challenges! + 2GAME MODES: 🌎Fight for WORLD DOMINATION or 🎯Tryto be the first toachieve your SECRET OBJECTIVE 🔓 More than 25unlockableachievements! + RULES Similar to those of the well-knownstrategyboard game with ROTATING TURNS, so that fights are even andnobodyhas disadvantages! + COMPATIBILITY Available for Android andiOSdevices: phones and tablets
GEOPOLY Geolocation Real Estate Business Simulator 2.6.1
Become the largest real-estate tycoon in the world! Have funwiththis innovative game of GPS geolocation business simulatorwhereyou can be the landlord of thousands of real properties,businessand companies worldwide! There is nothing close to yourlocation?Don´t you worry! You can explore your surroundings byflying aDrone wherever you want ;) Or would you like to have achain ofSushi restaurants in New York, Japan, Moscow and Sao Paulo?Whynot! Just hire a Satellite and travel to the mostinterestingcities in the world and look for real-estateopportunities toinvest in! Oh! Did you just buy a business? Now youcan also investand upgrade them increasing their values and hourlyincomes, andsee how they scale in 3D representations! But what youreally wantis to make a profit, right? Then you can sell them andmakeadditional revenues by starting an auction and receivereal-timebids from millions of player all over the world. Imaginethat youcan buy that bar that you always frequent with friends,therestaurant you visit with your family, the university youattended,or even (if you have the required level ;)) the stadium ofyourfavorite club! Looking for a good deal worldwide? ChecktheAuctions section! Buy more of them and create chains of thesamecategory to activate a revenue booster! But be aware! You needtomanage those properties that are making you rich! For that youneedto have Management Capacity, that comes with… Branches! Buildyourown Branches in any city in the world you visit (remembertheSatellites?): just visit the location, build the Branch, andthenyou can virtually travel to that location and continue buyingandexploring as if you were physically there! Do you think youalreadybecome a multi-millionaire? Check your position in theGlobalRanking and measure your assets, properties and chainsagainstplayers from all over the world, or if you prefer, onlyagainstyour friends 😉 Download GEOPOLY now and become the CEO ofthe FirstGlobal Real Estate Empire!