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Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters 0.4.32
Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters is a horror game bringing youa long-anticipated opportunity to play for a scary granny or apsycho grandpa. Start your creepy adventures and strike fear intoyour victims using every possible means. Go old for a while to playinsane tricks on everyone around and have a real fun! The grandpaand granny are two ruthless hunters whose favorite preys aredesperate tourists who got lost in the forest at nights. Everyneighbor in the neighborhood knows that both olds are flat-outschizoids who can turn anyone’s life into an unending nightmare.Your mission in this scary game is pretty simple. You need to findas many victims as possible during a night, load them into your cartrunk, and take them to the old mansion for further entertainment.Be careful while searching for your prey, because it is a horrorgame with hide-and-seek elements. And be very quiet, too, becauseyour suspicious neighbors can always call the police, but going toprison is outside the plans of a crazy grandpa and a scary granny.The Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters game offers you an optionto choose a character to play for in the game: a grandpa or agranny. Additional skills vary based on the type of character youselect. That way, a spooky granny is very quiet and moreexperienced in finding escapists while a mad grandpa is smarter andfaster than the granny, and he also has a powerful weapon, namely,a huge hammer. An escape for victims is very dangerous, and theirchances for survival in the house of mentally-ill olds are minimaleither. So victims will try to hide at every opportunity, and yourtask is to discover them before they escape your mansion. Make sureyou visit the shop. Though it is closed at nights, nothing preventsyou from breaking into using brute physical force as old people arenot very good at solving puzzles. You can get a good haul in theshop. Grandpa knows how to handle his hammer. He can smashabsolutely anything using this tool, and he even does not need agun! Granny is equipped with a solid bat which she uses to punishher naughty grandsons. Old folks also love to set traps, whichmakes the hunting process very easy for the grandpa and his grannyand utmost terrifying for the victims. Try to cooperate, breakthings, and search for hidden objects to discover useful hidingplaces and interesting bonuses. This horror game is full ofunpredictable turns of events and mind-blowing puzzles. What setsthe Grandpa And Granny Two Night Hunters game apart from otherscary games is that horror here does not stand behind the player’sback, but it is the players themselves who create the atmosphere ofcreepiness and fear. This horror game is free and supports severaldifficulty game modes including “Ghost Mode”. Now every player cantry on the role of the very insane grandpa or the merciless grannyand find out how it feels to be an old crackpot. Neighbors, turnthe lights off! Kids, run away like hell! The game starts!
Grandpa And Granny House Escape 1.3.2
Grandpa And Granny House Escape is a horror game where you will bechased by an insane grandpa and a scary granny. Oh, they adoreplaying hide-and-seek. Surely, it is not an ordinary hide-and-seekfun – but a tough survival experience. Grandpa and granny alwaysfind a new victim to play their cruel game of survival. Your escapewill not be easy because granny and grandpa are very experiencedhunters. Grandpa is utterly insane: he stuffed his creepy mansionwith numerous observation cameras so that no one will sneakunnoticed. Granny’s favorite fun is the baseball game. Guess, whowill play the role of a base-ball? Try Grandpa And Granny HouseEscape if you do not fear horror games! Your escape challenge willstart in the olds’ mansion, in a small dark room. In order toescape the awful house, you will need to find and modify weapons.You can craft weapons in a secret room on a workbench. Beware ofgranny – she is fiendishly quick. Grandpa is always on alert, hisobservation cameras are simply everywhere. Once he notices that youare trying to escape, he will immediately catch you. Hide, escape,and use all items at hand! Hidden object search may also save youfrom schizoid grandpa and granny. Many years ago, granny’s housewas a beautiful mansion to the envy of every neighbor, but today,it is a fomenting ground for horror and terror. You can easily getlost in this scary house because it looks more like a maze due toits total darkness and creepiness. Navigate by the objects aroundyou and do not forget that you are playing hide-and-seek withmerciless grandpa and granny who are tough on everyone they catch.It will be bloody difficult to escape from granny and grandpabecause they simultaneously hunt for their prey. Even when you knowthe location of one of the olds, you cannot be sure where thesecond one is right now, so be careful! There are no neighborsaround, the action takes place at night. Your primary objective isto escape the dreadful house, and you will need a car to do so. Butthe car is broken, and you have to repair it. There is nobody tohelp with repair, so you will have to do everything yourself. Youwill not survive for several nights unless you act swiftly butquietly. The mansion is full of unpleasant surprises, secretpassages, and hidden traps – solve every puzzle to figure out howyou can escape from the house. Though the olds are quite slow, theycan lurk around every corner! Do not let them approach you, listencarefully to every sound – their footsteps are heard long beforethey appear! If you love horror games, hide-and-seek, puzzles, andhidden object challenges, you cannot miss out the Grandpa AndGranny House Escape game – it is absolutely free!
Mr. Dog: Scary Story of Son. Horror Game 1.1
Reveal the secrets of the evil family! Find out why Granny andGrandpa were chasing you and your friends. After you hadsuccessfully escaped from Granny and Grandpa and were passing Mr.Dog’s house, you noticed that the fat man had caught one of yourfriends after all. Mr. Dog is that same policeman, Granny andGrandpa’s son. You’ve got to get inside his mansion and help yourfriend to escape. Keep in mind, however, that the process is notgoing to be easy. Mr. Dog’s house is a true prison — and escapingfrom prison has never been easy. It’s the dead of night, there areno neighbors around, and there is no point in calling the police.But your friend is counting on you to save him! So hurry up! Thehouse is full of riddles and pitfalls. On top of everything else,Mr. Dog hunts everyone who enters his place. And after you realizewhat secrets the fat man keeps in his mansion, your escape willturn into real horror. The night at Mr. Dog’s house will be trulyunforgettable for any intruder. The horror game featuring thepoliceman is full of exciting though also scary moments. Once youhave crossed Mr. Dog’s territory, keep quiet and find the objectsyou will need for your escape. Playing hide-and-seek with the copis quite a tricky task as the latter has fast and toothy helpers.And, since the fat man is the head of both the local prison andpolice station, you can’t call for help either. That is why, toexpose the vicious personality of Mr. Dog, you’ll have to gatherevidence of his crimes. If you love a scary game with a touch ofhumor, as well as arcades where you are supposed to look forobjects, don't hesitate to try to escape from the clumsy fatso andhis toothy helpers — the game is totally free! You can choosebetween several game modes — pick the ghost mode if you want tohave real fun. For a more intensive arcade game, choose the hardmode and let your friends see how cool you are!
Pink Princess House Craft Game 2.6
Once upon a time, a little princess decided to build a lovelypinkmansion. She wanted it to look like a doll house because sheadorestoys and dolls. But the point is that most of these toys anddolls,she seized from children! This naughty princess also took allyourtoys which you now need to find and retrieve. Depending onwhichcharacter you choose to play, you will have a different set oftoysto find in the Pink Princess House. If you select to play as aboy,you will then have to search for cars. And if you take on agirl’srole, you will have to find a pony and all dolls (restassuredthere are really many of them to keep you busy andentertained)!Get ready to play through an amazing doll houseexplore adventure!But bear in mind – the capricious pink princessand her friends arenot willing to give their toys and dolls justfor a thank you! Tooutwit the girls, you will have to move aroundthe pink mansionvery quickly, and there are a lot of secret placesto hide. Thepink princess hates to play hide-and-seek – make herangry byhiding properly, say, under a bed, a table or in awardrobe! ThePink Princess House is awesomely huge, which makes ita perfectplace to play hide-and-seek. This mansion features severalfloors,a large garden with a beautiful fountain, multiple roomswith poshfurniture, and delicious pink blocks walls – a trueembodiment of apink princess dream! Explore every corner in theprincess dollhouse because your toys can be anywhere! Make sure youvisit astore, too. There you will buy all necessary stuff to playtrickson the pink princess and her friends. In the store, you canfind aplethora of useful things including a cute puppy that canbring apony or a car to you, a potion of invisibility, theprincess’s petcat, and lots of other valuable and interestingitems. Once youhave discovered your every toy and doll, your nextobjective willbe to find the button, opening the exit door, andescape from thepink house. We highly recommend using the mansion’smap to easilynavigate in this location. On first sight, you maythink it is agame for girls, but it is absolutely not! You can optto play thisgame in the boy mode and search for cars, playhide-and-seek withgirls, drink a speed potion, and run around thepink blocks estatelike a lightning! When you get to a terrace, youwill see foryourself that this mansion is a perfect doll house! Itisessentially a craft game, in the world of which, everythingisblock-shaped, and there are no round forms! If you are a fanofcraft games, then you definitely should try the Pink PrincessHousegame, which is made of hundreds of pink blocks! Before you trytoescape from the pink princess dream house, make sure youhaveexplored every spot here because if you fail to find allmissingtoys, the exit button will not get activated. The house mapwillhelp you understand which room you have not visited yet. Apony,dolls, and cars are very small so that you should be veryattentivewhile exploring the rooms. If you have difficultiesfinding thetoys, just call up the puppy – he is always ready tohelp you. Pinkprincess house is a game for girls and boys alike!Have fun, runaround, play hide-and-seek – do anything you want inthis fantasticpink world!
Find the Button Game 2.2
Find the Button is a multilevel adventure game to complete,whereyour primary objective is to search for a button, a lever orapressure block. If you think finding hidden objects is prettyeasy,think again because the right button (lever, pressure block)can beplaced anywhere. On each level of a map, you will need todiscovera button that will unlock the next level. Find the buttonin everymap if you dare! Find the Button game series is designedforpatient players fond of press buttons puzzles and parkour. Ifyoulove tough challenges, try to complete the whole game! And ifyousucceed, get ready to play through even more challenging levelsinour next update (which is in the works now). Rest assured, wewillput all our efforts to make adventures in this game extra hardandultra exciting! Find the Button is a difficult pressbuttonspuzzle, where gamers should be very patient and attentivetodetails. Thoroughly explore the map level – oftentimes,therequired button is hidden behind some constructions orthings,therefore you will not escape dealing with hidden objectssearch.Sometimes, the right button is disguised as surroundingdecor.Don’t forget to use valuable items sold in a shop orspringing as abonus – they will significantly facilitate yourhide-and-seek playwith a concealed button. This adventure gameincludes a multitudeof different levels, each of which features aunique biome such asa desert island, a school, a hunter’s house, ora castle withboiling lava around. Level maps differ by size andtheme – you canappear either in a small room or in a dark boundlessforest wherethe right button will, perhaps, be hidden on a crown ofa talltree. All maps of this mini-game series are loaded withtheday/night cycle, which means that you will also look for ahiddenbutton during nights. Each game level will force you todemonstratecertain skills in order to find the button. Parkour,archery,running – this all will be very useful to achieve the goal.Forinstance, on a lava level, you will need to showcase allyourparkour mastery, while on a runner location, you will have torunlike a hell and press buttons all the way to escape theimpendingwall of blocks. If the button is too high to reach, use abow andarrows to activate it. Don’t worry if you fail to find thebuttonon some map. In such a case, you can use the hint before thelevelstarts and return to the shop to buy necessaryinstruments.Sometimes a good friend will help you too, it is a dog.Prepare torelish a thrilling gameplay where you will playhide-and-seek withhidden objects! All levels of the Find the Buttonpuzzle game arewell-thought out, and locations are very interestingto pullthrough. The button will be hidden in different places –some ofthem are really hard to reach. Anyway, you should know thereisalways a way out – just try to be attentive to details. Agreethatif finding the button was easy, this puzzle game wouldcompletelylose its point. Maybe, it will take you quite a lot oftime to findthe button, but that is the beauty of this adventuregame! If youlove press buttons puzzles, mind games, and hiddenobjectschallenges, you definitely should give these maps a go! Ourgamehas no paid content, and we regularly add new locations to it!Justfollow our updates to be the first to play new adventures!