Will Sykes Games Apps

Perfect Moon 1.0
Perfect Moon is a platform game which blends a unique art stylewith crazy gravitational physics and addictive game play. The gamehas been built on an intuitive control system which allows greatdepth without over simplification of the game play.Super GameDroid:"This gorgeous new physics platformer evokes the same feelingof wonder as titles like Limbo or Braid, but with bettergameplay."IGM:"Perfect Moon is best described as a dream"
PhoniChord 1.0
With PhoniChord anyone can play real songs, no music knowledge isrequired, just find the chords for your favourite song, select thekey and then press the big on-screen buttons to play the chords andsing along.PhoniChord can be used to compose song structures or toplay easy chord progressions from popular songs.PhoniChord supportsall major keys in 5 octaves.There are no hidden costs or adverts,this app is 100% free as a gift to the world.
It's A Hex 2
It's a Hex is an app for Android, which allows you to cast a Hex onanyone who may have the misfortune to be your enemy. The game has aunique art style made using stop-motion plasticine and paper.