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WiFi File Transfer 1.2.7
Will Woo
WiFi File Transfer lets you transferfilesto/from your phone or tablet over air.Very easy to use no USB cable needed.FEATURES• Manager your files with explorer on computer.• You can delete, rename, copy everything you want.• Password mode and anonymous mode.• Download and upload folder structures.• Auto stop service when the leave the app for safety.• Well designed UI.NOTE• Your computer and your phone need to be on the same localareanetwork.
Super File Manager 1.3.0
Will Woo
Full featured files manager via any webbrowser, friendly UI design and fully functions!Features:* All operations with files and folders on a remote server (copy,move, upload, create folder/file, rename, etc.* File upload with Drag & Drop HTML5 support.* No limit file size for upload/download.* List and Icons view.* File search support.* Keyboard shortcuts.* Standard methods of file/group selection using mouse orkeyboard.* Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop* Archives create/extract (zip).* Rich context menu and toolbar* Quick look, preview for common file types.* Edit text files and images.* Thumbnails for image files.* Image resize,crop,rotate.* Password require for access.Super File Manager makes remote file manage more easier.
Pic Wall Jigsaw 1.2.0
Will Woo
Pic Wall Jigsaw is a jigsaw puzzle in thephotowall scene.You can move and rotate the puzzle piece combine into onecompletepicture.The initial,pictures are black and white on the wall.It willbecomecolorful when you have finished the puzzle.Looking forward you to light them all!Features:Real-time shadow effects, great 3d looks.Support multi-touch,arbitrary rotated ,more real experience.30-120 puzzle pieces,covers different levels of difficulty.Shift from black and white to colour,so you never loseyourprogress.
棋牌室 1.7.5
Will Woo
棋牌室包括了經典的棋類游戲和小遊戲,當前為14種。棋牌室主要針對平板電腦,充分發揮平板大屏幕的優勢,作為實體棋盤替代工具,正如她的名字一樣,可以作為個人、家庭、朋友間一起娛樂的工具。有了她, 你就有了中國象棋, 五子棋, 飛行棋, 陸戰棋, 軍棋, 跳棋, 黑白棋, 國際象棋, 圍棋,鬥獸棋,國際跳棋10款遊戲棋盤, 還有猜數字, 數獨(無盡關卡), 華容道(350關),孔明棋(獨立鑽石)4款小遊戲,且隨著軟件的升級可不斷增加, 你可以:,★在朋友聚會,外出旅遊,再也不需要帶實體棋盤了,只帶一台平板。★把家裡的棋盤收起來,也不再需要花錢去買各種棋盤。★不需要每次娛樂完後還要收拾或整理棋盤。★即使在風大的野外,在狹小的大巴、火車、飛機座位也能和家人朋友一塊娛樂。★就算沒人和你對戰,棋牌室為你準備了一些益智的小遊戲。軟件特點:★包括了常見的棋類游戲,及每種遊戲的規則,操作方法。★相對自由的操作方式,注重多動手,還原實體棋盤遊戲的樂趣。★棋牌室作為和家人朋友一起娛樂的工具,目前沒加入人機對戰。★隨著軟件升級遊戲會不斷增加。★所謂獨樂樂不如眾樂樂,你的平板也應該安裝一個棋牌室,和家人、朋友一起玩,既打發了時間又增進了感情。!!!棋牌室雖然自適應分辨率,但在平板下運行的效果最佳!!!♥歡迎大家給我們提意見,我們會不斷改進產品。棋牌室最初設計只是簡單的替換實體棋盤,當然我們會根據用戶反饋和操作體驗做權衡。經過幾個版本,棋牌室在進步,包括用戶界面、操作的改進以及單人遊戲的增加。當然我們還有很大改進空間,我們會持續進步。
Image Marker 1.2.0
Will Woo
Image Marker is a tool to add annotationstothe image.With Image Marker, you can express better and more convenientforwhat you want to.