WilliamR Apps

Alien Invaders 2D 1.1
Aliens are invading and you are the last line of defense for thegalaxy. Prepare for a whole new kind of world war. Fly around spacegunning down a seemingly infinite amount of enemies. In this spacewar, your only goal is to survive. There are several ways toupgrade your ship so don't give up! Take back your home!A fun andaddictive 2D arcade game. Use the on screen joystick to controlyour ship's direction. Strike back at the aliens by tapping theright side of the screen to shoot. When your run out of health,game over.
Dodgeball Mania 1.5
Dodgeball Mania is a simple but fun arcade game for androiddevices. Touch any point on the screen to make your character gothere, or drag your finger on the screen to have the characterfollow your finger. The objective of the game is to avoid the dodgeballs, moving across the screen, for as long as possible.Includestwo modes, arcade and survival. In arcade mode, try to collectcupcakes to increase your score while avoiding the dodge balls. insurvival mode, simply try to avoid the balls for as long aspossible, but be careful. Dodge balls can appear from any side ofthe screen.NOTE: This game was not made for large tablets andalthough the game can be played on them, it will not be of theappropriate challenge because I have not scaled the images tosupport large screens. This issue will be addressed in futureupdates.