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Hexa Boii 1.0.1
Hexa Boii is a very fun, addictive puzzle game. It's easy to playwith various game plays to have fun with.Each game play requiresyou to drag the blocks and place them on the grids. Eliminate eachrow, column, diagonals by filling the grids.Game Modes: Classicmode is your typical block style game when you drag each block andfill both column and rows to eliminate them Hexagon is your hexstyle gameplay where you have a set of six-sided hexagon and yousimply drag and drop each hex shapes to fill it up Timer mode is atime-based gameplay where you are required to complete each taskbefore time runs out Bomb mode is a more challenging gameplaywhere you have randomly generated bombs which you are required todestroy by filling the row or column it's in before it counts downto zero Plus mode is also the block style game where the shapesare more complex and difficult to play on the grid. So we can saythis mode is the hardest version of the classic modeThis is yourideal time killer game with lots of fun to entertain yourself with.Be the number 1 on the leaderboard, Boii!!!There is only oneleaderboard so play the mode that you love the most and lead theboard.