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Wine-Searcher 4.6.2
Find, compare and buy wines using the world’s #1 wine resource.Thanks to new and developing technology, Wine-Searcher brings theworld's wine and prices together on your mobile. Find exactly whatyou’re looking for and the best prices. Search quickly and easilyUse the Recognize Label tool to search for wine in front of you, orjust type in the name of a product you want to learn more about.Find out about grape varieties, producers and regions, accesspricing information across vintages, and even see how critics havescored it. Remember the memorable with My Ratings Keep track ofwhat wines you liked and the ones you didn’t. Save wines andremember them for later. You can make tasting notes and keep fornext time you want to buy. Pick the best deal for you Find out thewine store closest to where you currently are, as well as whatwines are the best value locally. Buy wines online and get themshipped through the merchant’s site, drop in and pick up or make acall to the store directly through the app. Expand your wineknowledge Access Wine-Searcher’s encyclopedia of wine regions andgrape varieties – from your cheerful cheapie to the rare andexpensive. And we are not just wine, the Wine-Searcher app comparesthe prices of beers and spirits. Whatever your preference Whisky,Bourbon, Cognac, Gin, Rum, Tequila, and Beer. Wine-Searcher makesfinding wine as enjoyable as drinking it. “Thanks to Wine-Searcher,the most successful, and seriously useful, price comparisonwebsite, everyone should now be paying the right price for thewines they buy.” – Jancis Robinson MW “There is no better tool It offers the world’s most comprehensivedatabase of wines available for sale online.” – Alder Yarrow,Vinography “Whether you’re looking for something as ubiquitous asMouton Cadet Bordeaux or something as rare as a Riesling TBA fromEgon Müller in Germany, Wine-Searcher will point you to the rightplace and show you the prices.” – The New York Times