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Memory (pairs) 15.0.29
Memory game (also known as Match up cards, Pair up or simply Pairs)is simple memory card game where you match up pairs. Game is goodfor your memory and concentration.★★★ Goal of Memory game is ★★★At the beginning of memory game all cards are laid face down. Twocards (pair) are flipped face up over each turn. If pair of thosetwo cards are the same then they left open, otherwise they areturned face down again.The object of the memory (match up cards) game is to match up allpairs of cards in as little moves as possible.When cards are turned over, it is important to remember where theyare.★★★ Pairs game features: ★★★● Game statistics for last 5 games (matches)● Your best 3 matches● Pairs game enables also resting game statistics● Game is addictive and good for concentration and memory