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Stylish Fonts 1.41
Stylish Font is made with Motive to provide stylish look to SmartPhone with attractive Fonts. It has various fonts with instantpreview so you can take a look how exactly font will look. NOTE:This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with MonotypeImaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology.Key Features: Instant Preview of Fonts Change Font from Applicationno need to do long process... Easy to Use User Interface QuickSetting for set Fonts Light weight App Compare to other similarapps Stylish Font will install 50 Stylish fonts on your Galaxyphone which are compatible with this App. To use this fonts galaxypack, First check that your phone can change it's font in the"Display" => "Screen Display" section of "Settings" or you havea rooted phone. This App should work on any phone that allows forcustom fonts Samsung and has FlipFont® How to set fonts for Vivo:Open Stylish Fonts app, Go to Fonts preview, Select any font whichyou want to install from list, Tap Install Font button from bottom.That's it!!! Now you will be redirect to iTheme, from that go toLocal, Local font, select Downloaded font and apply it!!!
Free Fancy Fonts 1.22
Fancy Font is made with Objective to give a Fancy Look to yourSmart Phone. This App have various Fancy fonts with instant previewso you can take a look how exactly font will look. NOTE: This Appis NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with Monotype Imaging,Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark and technology. KeyFeatures: Instant Preview of Fancy Fonts Change Font fromApplication no need to do long process... Easy to Use UserInterface Quick Setting for set Fonts Light weight App Compare toother similar apps Fancy Font will install 50 fonts on your Galaxyphone which are compatible with this App. To use this fonts galaxypack, First check that your phone can change it's font in the"Display" => "Screen Display" section of "Settings" or you havea rooted phone. This App should work on any phone that allows forcustom fonts Samsung and has FlipFont®
Stylish Fonts #2 1.16
Stylish Font #2 is made with Motive to provide stylish look toSmart Phone with attractive Fonts. It has various fonts withinstant preview so you can take a look how exactly font will look.NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated withMonotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark andtechnology. Key Features: Instant Preview of Fonts Change Font fromApplication no need to do long process... Easy to Use UserInterface Quick Setting for set Fonts Light weight App Compare toother similar apps Stylish Font #2 will install 50+ Stylish fontson your Galaxy phone which are compatible with this App. To usethis fonts galaxy pack, First check that your phone can change it'sfont in the "Display" => "Screen Display" section of "Settings"or you have a rooted phone. This App should work on any phone thatallows for custom fonts Samsung and has FlipFont®
Free Love Fonts 1.22
Love Font is made with Motive to give a lovely environment to yourSmart Phone with Romantic Fonts. This App have various Romanticfonts with instant preview so you can take a look how exactly fontwill look. NOTE: This App is NOT sponsored, endorsed, or affiliatedwith Monotype Imaging, Inc, the owner of the FlipFont trademark andtechnology. Key Features: Instant Preview of Lovely/Romantic FontsChange Font from Application no need to do long process... Easy toUse User Interface Quick Setting for set Fonts Light weight AppCompare to other similar apps Free Love Fonts will install 50 fontson your Galaxy phone which are compatible with this App. To usethis fonts galaxy pack, First check that your phone can change it'sfont in the "Display" => "Screen Display" section of "Settings"or you have a rooted phone. This App should work on any phone thatallows for custom fonts Samsung and has FlipFont®
Herbal Health Care 1.20
------ Care your life with “Herbal Health Care” --------- Thisapplication has been designed to help you learn about herbalmedicine, herbal remedies and their preventive and curativeproperties. Natural Treatment or Herbal treatment refers to the useof things which are available in nature, mainly medicinal herbs,for their therapeutic importance. The benefit of natural treatmentis that they are found to be very effective in healing severalfatal diseases with almost no negative side effects. Though Naturaltreatments and home remedies are believed to be with no sideeffects or very little side effects, it should be kept in mind thatthese methods should be practiced carefully. Avoid overdoses,interactions with other medications, and misuse. ***** Feature***** - 100% herbal treatment. - English and Hindi languagesupports (offline) - Home remedies for all diseases. - Herbalsuggestion of Lifestyle changes recommendations for differentdiseases. - Herbal suggestion of diet recommendations for differentdiseases.
Love Live Wallpaper 1.9
Love Live Wallpaper gives you beautiful and romantic backgroundswith beautiful hearts and leaf flowing through the sky to feel likefall in love moments. It have several HD natural Love images withbeautiful hearts. How you can feel true wallpaper on your Screen :Install App → Go to Home → Menu → Wallpapers → Live Wallpapers →Choose "Love Live Wallpaper" This app is totally free and containLive HD Love wallpapers. Key Features of App 1. 100+ HD Lovewallpapers 2. Set live and simple wallpapers 3. Light weightapplication compare to other similar applications 4. Very lowMemory Consume so will not affect system performance 5. Lightweight and Compress Images so not take much memory 6. Save batterylife compare to other similar apps 7. Beautiful effects of heartand leaf flowing through the sky *** Live Love Wallpapers,Valentine wallpapers***
App Locker 1.15
App Locker is the most secured and light weighted app. App Lockerlock - unlock any types of files you want to protect fromunauthorised person and provide app locking function.***Features*** ➢ Lock the apps App Locker lock the apps which youwant to prevent unauthorized access and make it secure. ➢ File LockApp Locker can lock your all types of files like data files, imagesfiles, videos files etc. To lock the file we used encode - decodetechnique which was the best way to protect. ➢ Share encrypted fileUser can share encrypted files and code with friends, to decryptuse shared code. ➢ Light weight and fast App is light weight by appsize and RAM memory, fastest performance than other apps. ➢ Easyfile lock-unlock File lock - unlock with single click and simple UIto better understand. ➢ Multiple pattern, pin and gesture themesMultiple Pattern, pin and gesture themes to set screen according touser choice. User can also select any color as a background. ➢ Newinstalled app lock alert At the time of install new app, App Lockerwill give alert to lock new installed with single click. ***How toUse *** To lock app - Open App - Select app which you want fromlist - Done Change Pattern or Pin - Open App - Go to Menu - Selectchange lock Protect Uninstall - Go to Menu - Setting - EnableDevice admin File Lock - Open app - Go to Menu - File Lock - Browsefile - tap file - tap Lock icon - done File Unlock - Open app - Goto Menu - File Lock - Browse Locked file - tap file - tap Unlockicon - done ***Permissions*** Get tasks - To apply lock on selectedapps. Vibrate - Vibrate on pattern, pin for hepatic feedback.Receive boot complete - For restart the locking process. Readexternal storage - To lock selected file. Manage documents - To getphoto path. System alert window - For showing app lock screen onlocked apps. Package usage states -To get managed states forandroid version 5.0 and upper. Write external storage - Forunlocking files. Email - To send reset pass code. This app uses theDevice Administrator permission - It's only used for preventingintruders uninstalling App Locker. Please be assured that AppLocker will never use this permission to access your privacy data.
QR & Barcode Scanner 1.1
QR & Barcode Scanner: QR & Barcode Scanner is fastest &user-friendly app. It supports both QR code/Barcode scanner &generator. A powerful QR & Barcode scanner, which allows you toaccess precise information on your android device fast in seconds.QR & Barcode Scanner is absolutely free. Simply adjustscanning zone of QR code or Barcode by pointing camera of yourdevice and the app will automatically recognize any code and scanit. It allows to find any previously scanned QR & Barcode scanhistory at any time. QR & Barcode Scanner can scan,read andcreate all QR Code & BarCode types including formats like QuickResponse (QR) Codes,EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 39, Code 128 QR& barcode scanner can help to create & share codes inmultiple formats like Email Addresses, Contacts, SMS Messages,URLs, Phone Numbers,Text Notes,Locations,Calendar Event,VCard. QR& barcode scanner offers multiple languages like "English","Arabic", "French", "German", "Russian", "Spanish", "Turkish","Hindi", etc. It delivers content that is unique to the languageselected. QR & barcode scanner Features: - QR code generator /QR code scanner / QR code reader - Barcode generator / Barcodescanner / Barcode reader - Allow to generate your own custom QRCodes & Barcodes - Scan all kinds of QR codes & barcodes -It generates QR code and BarCode scan History - Allow generatingfile of history saved with details like QR code or Barcode and timeof history saved - Can save generated QR code/Barcode to Gallery -Save vCard to user's address book - Can open web links for QR codes- Direct call from QR Code - Map locations directly in the app -Write direct email via QR information - Write short messages (SMS)via QR information - Add new events to calendar in the app - Pickand change theme of your choice - Wifi allows to view information -Save & Share codes via SMS, Email, Twitter, and Facebook -Allow multiple and single delete of QR Code/BarCode - Choose from19 different languages
HD Premium Wallpapers 1.4
Stunning HD Premium wallpapers are designed to fit all Androidmobile devices, Android tablets... This unique wallpaper app offersfree HD Premium wallpapers by different category to meet differenthobbies of the user. Nowadays, smartphone has become our life-longentertainer and we check it hundred times a day. Amazing wallpaperson phone are the first thing we see and it instantly put you inbetter mood. HD Premium wallpapers allow you to get thesemood-boosting and inspiring wallpapers in various categories forfree. HD Premium Wallpaper Features: ► Fast and Simple Browseeasily with our awesome wallpapers and can Like the wallpapers. ►Picking wallpapers Can select the wallpapers by category. Find outpopular wallpapers selected by users worldwide from Hots category.► Favorites Like your favourite wallpapers and find them from MostLiked category. ► Setting wallpapers Select your favorite wallpaperand change your phone background directly from the app. Simply tapthe image and choose “set as wallpaper”. App also shows wallpaperalready set for your phone. Categories of Wallpapers: ☀ Premium ☀Abstract Art ☀ Animal ☀ Bird ☀ Cake ☀ Car & Bike ☀ City ☀Flower ☀ Love ☀ Natural ☀ Quotes Refresh your phone with pretty HDPremium Wallpapers for mobile.
Stylish Text 1.23
Stylish Text app add a touch of style to your messages whenchatting with your friends by using pre-made decorative text.Stylish Text is handy and incredibly easy to use. Write StylishText and Art and share them in your favourite chat app likeWhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Hangouts and every otherapp which supports editing text to impress everyone. Stylish TextApp provides limitless possibilities to generate stylish text,different text styles, text decoration, cool text, stylishmessages, text font styles, stylish font, fancy text, font art toflaunt your style of writing! To give style to your text simplytype your message on first text field. Your text will be convertedinto different fancy text style in the below fields. Simply clickon the copy button of the text you like and it will get copied sothat you can use it by pasting it any where you want. Stylish TextFeatures: * Create cool unicode stylish letters. * Status messagesfor social platforms. * Generate cool bio for social media. * Quickcopy/share/send to any chat app. * Can use Font Arts with coolsymbol text. * Can prefix symbols with text. * Provide hugecollection of special symbols. * Create your own custom styles from"MY STYLE". * Manage a list of your custom styles. * Themes with 10different colors option. * Using Stylish Text Context Menu in apps(Android 6.0+). * Write stylish text in any app from directlyStylish Text Keyboard Amaze everyone with your choice of font andstylish letters by using Stylish Text App.
SpeedBall : The Ocean Runner 1.4.1
SpeedBall is ball racing game full of immense speed &enjoyment! Play and relax by controlling fast ball just by tinygesture taps. SpeedBall will encourage you to stay focused andmotivate you to increase your speed in a fun manner. This game willbe entertaining & you will definitely love to handle the fastspeedy zigzag ball running over a path offered with a beautifulnatural surrounding. All you have to do is tap the ball & notallow it to touch any hurdles by overcoming hurdles. Think fast& change the direction of speed ball from left or right by justone tap to cross all the obstacles coming in the middle of the way.Along your journey you can earn points and collect jewels on theway that can be used to unlock balls further. Playing SpeedBall isexciting & allow user to step in and get lost in play forhours. No expertise is needed to play, it is a simple game with aspeed runner over the ocean. You will be addictive and will love tospend more time to challenge yourself by dealing with speedy ballthereby cracking highest scores. How to play: Using the zigzag ballbypass all the obstacle coming on the ocean runway by tapping theball. Only play by side-stepping the ocean runner while passing thehurdles coming in the natural way under the open sky. Features:Free to play Easy tap & play Select from multiple zigzag ballsChallenging speed ball game Natural ocean environment graphicsMultilevel Download & get super fun for free!!
Helix Ball Jumping 1.2.1
Enjoy playing the simple, free & endless Helix Jumping BallGame which allows to check how far you can maneuver down the helixtower. The exciting adventure of jumping ball through the spiraltower and reaching to the end of tower by jumping from onespherical plate to other safely. Helix Ball Game is a combinationof clever moves & fun which suits for every age group. All isyou have to help ball get to the bottom of a spiral tower. Reachhigh scores by gaining powerful fireball & collecting diamondson your journey through the spiral tower & reach to the bottomof helix maze to finish levels. The game has levels, as youprogress it will add difficulties which one can beat by controllingbounces of jumping ball. Overall this game promises hours of fun& fast decision making. How to play: - Slide your finger leftto right horizontally to rotate helix structure such that the balljump & falls from the gaps. - Avoid ball to bounce on oddcolored plates which make you lose game. Features: - Simple &easy to play - Impressive graphics - Amazing visuals - Colorfulhelix maze - Jumping ball with slide control - Difficult levelswith more excitement - Great music with entertainment Play HelixJumping Ball Game & Share with your friends.
Quotes Creator - wisQuotes 1.1.6
Best motivational and life changing quotes of variouscategorieswith stunning quotes creator options. wisQuotes have ahugecollection of free quotes in various categories. This quotescan beused as your status on social platform to express yourfeelings ondaily basis depending on your mood. We serve you withmasscollection of quotes for your regular status updates onsocialplatforms. You can like, share, download or copy fromthousands ofinspirational quotes available at wisQuotes app.wisQuotes allowsyou to share your own thoughts by creatingfantastic picturequotes. Using free tool lets you create beautifuland motivationalQuotes Pictures that you can share on social media.Steps to createyour own Picture Quote by FAB icon: - Write yourquote or selectfrom existing vast collection of quotes. - Selectbackground colorof quotes or select image from thecollection/gallery. - Choosefont style, color, alignment, size andshadow to enhance quotes. -Set image overlay to apply a cool effecton the image. - Also usercan create a circular or square badge onquote by clicking onsmiley icon. User can show/hide the badge onquote. Whether forinspiration, motivation or simple amusement, aquote paired withthe perfect image makes an ideal poster forsharing on socialnetworks. So you can write inspiring quotes onyour background forfree and share it or download for future use.Quotes Categories: ☀Alone ☀ Anger ☀ Anniversary ☀ Attitude ☀Birthday ☀ Brainy ☀Business ☀ Christmas ☀ Cool ☀ Cute ☀ Dating ☀Dreams ☀ Fitness ☀Flirt ☀ Friendship ☀ Funny ☀ Good Morning ☀ GoodNight ☀ Happiness☀ Hurt ☀ Independence ☀ Inspirational ☀ Life ☀Love ☀ Motivational☀ New Year ☀ Positive ☀ Relationship ☀ Sad ☀Smile ☀ Success ☀Travel ☀ Trust ☀ Wisdom Features: - InteractiveUser Interface. -Great selection of Category for all occasions. -Select quote ofyour choice from random list. - Quotes listdisplayed in accordanceto morning and night greetings. - A hugecollection of quotes thatcan be used to motivate, inspire &greet others by sharing onsocial network. - Select color or imagefrom collection/gallery tochange quotes background. - Change fontstyle, color, size andalignment. - Rotate the text on quote. - Canset font shadow andoverlay on the images with quotes. - Can placesquare or circularbadge on quotes image. - Set amazing backgroundsfrom gallery, putyour words and share with the world in no time. -Share quotesseamlessly as text or pictures on social platforms likeFacebook,Instagram, Pinterest and other chat apps. - Like yourfavouritequotes and make a separate list of liked quotes. - Get aseparatelist of Downloaded quotes. - View all generated and usedquotes in"My Creations". - 5000+ quotes collection in over 30categorieswith regular new quotes added to our collection. DownloadwisQuotesnow and self motivate everyday! Share the quotes of wisdomandimpress everyone on social media channels. Yourcomments,suggestions are most welcome. If there is an issue orfeaturerequest, please send us an email at support@wisdomlogix.com.
Meditation Music - Relax 1.4
Welcome to Meditation Music Free App. Meditation music willincreaseconcentration & significantly reduce stress duringmeditation.Different variety of sound at Meditation music willhelp you toexperience deep relaxation in meditation. Along withthe music thereare background relaxation scenes which will servebetter atmosphereranging from Water, Mountains, Tress, Birds,Temple. Meditationmusic offers combination of music with relatedpictures which willdefinitely be soothing & help boostinginner peace of mind.Meditation music supports facility to Add NewSound to alreadyplaying music in order to mix and create sounds soyou don't need tobrowse anymore. Just click on "plus(+)" to getlist of all sort ofmusic, select from given list and that's it.Also you can remove thenewly added sound by Delete option. Adjustthe volume according toyour room size in order to enjoy the musicalong with yourmeditation. You can control this skill by usingPlay and Pause. Thefeatures in Meditation music app can energizeyou with positivevibration in your meditation. Meditation musicApp also supportstimer feature to allow easy time setup to playmusic & lets youdeeply focused in your meditation journey.Timer will be displayedwith gong on background screen & afterthe specified time haselapsed, playback will end. There is acollection of speciallyselected piece of meditation music. Enjoydifferent music like: 🎵Morning Relaxation 🎵 Heaven Water 🎵 OmChanting 🎵 PeaceFul 🎵 PerfectRain 🎵 Temple 🎵 Motivational 🎵 SoftWater 🎵 Convent 🎵 Peace AndHappy 🎵 Soft Guitar 🎵 Birds SingingMeditation music can be a goodhelper to achieve eternal bliss andrelaxed state of mind duringmeditation. We hereby ensure that youcan relax yourself and enjoyMeditation Music app like neverbefore. Happy Meditation!!