Wise Shark Mirror Photo Apps

Mirror Photo
Create amazing photos with awesome mirror effect. Turn your camerainto real magic mirror. A lot of photo effects * Sketches * 8 Bit *Wall * Love stickers * Comics style * Hair sticker* * Glassesstickers Adjust every photo aspect * Lot of customized magic mirroreffects. * Brightness * Contrast * Saturation * Blur * Temperature* Shadows/Highlights * Crop * Focus A lot of frames and shapes
Gallery Pro 1.2
Gallery Pro is the most stable photo gallery!--- FEATURES ---●GALLERY:- Ultra fast photos & videos viewer- Configurablethumbnail size/colors- Grid view/Filmstrip view- Hide unwantedfolders- Show/hide status bar- Slideshow animations: Fade, zoom,slide & flip- Photo sphere support(Settings->General->Photo sphere support)- Trim videos● PHOTOEDITOR (Only Android 4.0+):- High quality photo editing- Newexclusive filters (thermal & mosaic)
Black and White Camera 1.2
Try new Black and White Camera with real-time monochrome effects!Feel the spirit of the old times. A lot of photo effects * B&W* Sepia * Sketches * 8 Bit * Wall * Love stickers * Comics style *Hair sticker* * Glasses stickers Adjust every photo aspect * Lot ofcustomized magic mirror effects. * Brightness * Contrast *Saturation * Blur * Temperature * Shadows/Highlights * Crop * FocusA lot of frames and shapes
Army Defence TD 1.3
★★★Try new tower defence game Army Defence!★★★The best IslandsDefense game in awesome military style!★ 3 islands defense withunqiue levels ★ 6 unqiue units and gun ★ 27 exciting levels ★ A lotof angry enemies ★ 13 types of enemies, from infantry to aviationNo in-app purchases - the game is completely FREE.The best IslandsDefense you've ever see!
Christmas Photo Frames
Merry Christmas! Christmas Photo Frames helpsyou to get into the Christmas spirit!Using the Christmas Photo Frames app you will create the mostbeautiful Christmas Card!Don't miss the best Christmas Photo Frames!Features:★ Import photo from gallery or take photo by camera★ Over 50 Christmas Frames★ Easy to use, zoom and pan to resize your photosAdjust every photo aspect:★ Brightness★ Contrast★ Saturation★ Blur★ Temperature★ Shadows/Highlights★ Crop★ FocusShare your Christmas photos with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail,Google+ and more.
Magazine Photo Effects
Select your photo and place it on the cover of many well knownmagazines, from celebrity gossip zines to children's learningmagazines. Make your girlfriend a cover girl or make your boyfriendthe hunk shown on the front of muscle mags. So many possibilities,even many fake parody magazine designs (they do not really exist)added for fun. Choose from parody magazine and tabloid covers likefamous fashion mags, science contents, videogames, body sculpture,technology, and hundreds more! With "Magazine Photo Effects", youcan: ★ Select a photo from gallery to create cover or capture itwith your camera phone in real time. ★ Wide range of mags anddifferent covers for any time. ★ Share your fake mags via WhatsApp,Telegram, Line, Facebook, Twitter, email and other social networks.★ Easy to use thanks a augmented reality technology. ★ Your photocomposition in only one click! ★ No internet connection required.Enjoy It!
Photo Collage Maker
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’sa collage worth? Collage Maker empowers you to create breathtakingcollages using more than 50 striking templates. We also havetemplates designed especially for Pinterest and Facebook, so yourposts will stand out from the crowd. Arrange your photos to tell astory - one that’s uniquely yours.Try our collage maker to turn your photos into awesome collages. Nomatter how you want to arrange them, we have all the tools you needand hundreds of possible combinations. From pre-set templates, tomontage(free-style), funky collage, photo stitching and shapecollage, try them all to discover your inner artist!A lot of photo effects* Sketches* 8 Bit* Wall* Love stickers* Comics style* Hair sticker** Glasses stickersAdjust every photo aspect* Lot of customized magic mirror effects.* Brightness* Contrast* Saturation* Blur* Temperature* Shadows/Highlights* Crop* Focus
HD Camera 1.2
** Shoot• 2 camera modes: Panorama, Time Lapse• Tons of FX with live preview before capture• Fast shooting: one second for photo capture and FX applying** Edit• Basic adjustments: Rotate, Flip, Crop, Brightness, Contrast &Saturation• Advanced options: Enhancements, FX Applying, Retro Effects, LomoEffects** Share• Supports popular social networks across the world: Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and more• One-tap uploading to multiple social networks for multiple photosand video• Copy photos or videos to PC via USB or WiFi
GIF Camera Pro 1.5
GIF Camera helps you to record your funnymoments with your built-in camera. Just start record and you willnever miss the moment.Have you ever seen funny gif on the Internet? Now you can createeven more funny in one click!Here is your personal GIF maker.★★★ Features ★★★★ Capture up to 30 frames★ Control the speed★ Save as video★ Slow motion★ Save and share your gif
Mini Battle 1.8
Create your own modern army and destroy yourenemies. Become a real army general and achieve victory!Features* More then 50 levels* 10 different units* 50 buildnigs
Face in Hole 2 1.6
Face in Hole application is the easiest way to put your face onanother body - just take a photo, choose template and automaticallycreates a funny picture with the face photo montage where your faceis put on a body of a celebrity or superhero.A lot of phototemplates!Adjust every photo aspect* Lot of customized magic mirroreffects.* Brightness* Contrast * Saturation* Blur* Temperature*Shadows/Highlights* Crop* Focus
Army Defence TD No Ads 1.3
★★★Full version without any ads!★★★Classic Islands Defense game inawesome military style!★ 3 islands defense with unqiue levels ★ 6unqiue units and gun ★ 27 exciting levels ★ 13 types of enemies,from infantry to aviation No in-app purchases - the game iscompletely FREE.The best Islands Defense you've ever see!
Fun Photo Montages
Make Awesome Funny Photos with Fun Photo Montages! Use thesephotorealistic templates to put your photos into a brand newreality. The app includes collection of cool photo templates. Appworks without internet connection. Choose picture or take new photowith camera, select a frame, and generate your love photo frame.Share your photos with email, sms, Facebook etc. The app includes70 funny frames.
Make your photos unforgettable withFlowers!Flowers, plants, roses, daisies, sunflowers, tulips and more!With Flowers, and you can add a beautiful images for special photosof loved ones, children, pets, and easily share with family andfriends.Enjoy spring flowers creating happy and fun photos, you can choosethe frame that best suits your photo, a photo with couple or herfirst holidays.With "Flowers", you can:★ Select a photo from gallery or take photo by using the smartphonecamera.★ Wide variety of styles and different frames for any photo.★ Colorful and high quality HD frames.★ You can apply different effects on your photo as: Black &White, Sepia color, Grayscale and more!.★ Share your creations via WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter orother social networks.★ Easy to use: Your creation in 2 steps!★ More frames coming soon!Enjoy it!
Replace photo background
Replace your Photo Backgrounds with the photos you prefer and makeit look like you are in places you have never been or change andugly background into something awesome. Photo Background Changer iseasy to use and its a step by step process: 1. Select a Photo fromEither Photo Gallery, New Photo with Camera or Facebook Photo. 2.Cut Photo with quick selection. 3. Use Advanced Edit to removeedges of you photo that is cropped out. 4. Select a Background youwant to use from any of your photos from Gallery, Camera orFacebook. 5. Paste the Photo on the background of choosing. Easy tochange Photo Backgrounds with Replace Photo Background. This isreal deal and not a tutorial of some Photo Editor. Share youramazing photos with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail, Google+ andmore. A lot of backgrounds! Adjust every photo aspect * Lot ofcustomized magic mirror effects. * Brightness * Contrast *Saturation * Blur * Temperature * Shadows/Highlights * Crop * Focus
Photo Calendar
Photo Calendar - Your Life Moments! The best alternative to CC.Daysapplication. You can view your photos by individual month in abeautifully designed month calendar. Just tap on a day in the monthcalendar to bring up photo picker view, and choose a photo eachtime for each day. ======= Features ======= ★ Sorting photos bydate All of your photos will be sorted by the date automatically.It's so useful to check the date and the time of photos in thephoto album. ★ Calendar In this tab, you can see the photothumbnails on a calendar layout. This view helps you to find outphotos taken a long time ago. ★ Share and Save Share or save yourmonth photos as calendar.
GIF Camera 1.6
Gif Camera is an amazing application thatgives you the ability to record video and save it as a Gif file.The coolest thing about it is the "Gravity Lock" feature, whichkeeps the picture orientation on place, no matter how much yourotate your device (see the video for example).GIF Camera helps you to record your funny moments with yourbuilt-in camera. Just start record and you will never miss themoment.Have you ever seen funny gif on the Internet? Now you can createeven more funny in one click!Here is your personal GIF maker.★★★ Features ★★★★ Capture gif up to 30 frames★ Control the gif speed★ Save gif as video★ Slow motion★ Save and share your gifShare the created animated GIFs with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,Gmail, Google+ and moreKeywords: Gif Camera, Cinemagram, time lapse, slow motion,stopmotion
Photo Warp
Photo Warp is one of the funniest photo apps. It's very funny. Itchange your face, eyes, noose, etc. Just use your imagination. Justtake a picture then warp, bend and distort it to your heart'scontent. Make yourself skinnier, buff yourself up or enlarge anybody parts that might need some enlargement ;) Or go crazy and havefun putting several pounds of fat on your friends or giving themthe biggest cheese-eating grin you can imagine. With Photo Warp,you too can be an instant, super-cheap plastic surgeon! Howhilarious can you be? Features: - Warp tool (Moves pixels around asyou drag the cursor), - The unique Reconstruct brush (graduallyresets the picture to its original state as you brush over it) -Set brush size and hardness - Fast and responsive (real-time)manipulation even on older devices! - Use any picture to warpwhether it's from your camera or any photo from your device - Savepictures to your device or SD card - Share your creations online -The much requested feature: you can now open pictures from thegallery app ;) Adjust every photo aspect * Lot of customized magicmirror effects. * Brightness * Contrast * Saturation * Blur *Temperature * Shadows/Highlights * Crop * Focus
Slime Clicker: War of Rancher 1.03
Slime Clicker: War of Rancher is a action game in the beautifulwood location about daredevil slimes that that got involved in warwith slimes of rancher. You are the rancher and you have a lot ofdifferent types of slimes. You need to create a super army to beatothers slimes of another rancher that has attacked your lands.Create you own army, be a hero! Get ready for crazy idle clickergameplay experience! Slime Clicker: War of Rancher is for daredeviladrenaline slime fans.Be like a clicker rambo in world of slimes.Have fun!Features: Awesome clicker gameplayAwesome graphicsAwesomecharactersDownload Slime Clicker: War of Rancher and play clickernow!
My Battles in Portia 1.03
My Battles in Portia is a clicker game in the beautiful woodlocation about daredevil hero that lives in Portia. There are alots of angry creatures live in that place, near Portia. Maincharacter use to fight with slimes and ghost to help people to savetheirs good time in Portia. For each monster you defeat you receivesome coins and you can spend them to create your own army forfighting with bosses. It's going to be a great time in portia andgreat battles in Portia. There are almost 20 heroes you can hireand over 100 improvements of their skills. It's hard not to lovespend time in Portia. What a beautiful place, what an angrymonsters.Features:1. Awesome gameplay!2. You will love time inPortia!3. A really big area!4. It's free!5. Easy controls!DownloadMy Battles in Portia now and do not forget to leave a comment.