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Witty Wings
Play the first chapter for free ! Help Leon through his night-timegetaway in this surprising gamebook! Swap the words of the story totransform Leon’s destiny, solve riddles and unravel 30 alternativeendings! A game for all ages, to explore alone or together - idealfor a shared parent-child experience. AN ADVENTURE GAME YOUR KIDSWILL LOVE TO READ Leon is a brave little boy with only one thing onhis mind: growing up, as quickly as possible! Transform Leon’s taleby cleverly exchanging the words of his story! Solve riddles,change the course of his destiny and help him live extraordinaryadventures! Will you outwit the game and unravel Leon’s story outof the thirty alternative endings? A GAMEBOOK FOR KIDS AND ADULTSTO PLAY TOGETHER SwapTales: Leon! is an extraordinary game thatwill amuse and entertain young and old alike through clever riddlesand wordplays, unveiling a rich and cute story of a boy trying togrow up. Designed to be played alone or together, SwapTales: Leon!is a true interactive story. Its narration and illustrations willprovide a gratifying experience with its 2-player mode, whether itis between siblings, parent and child or even adults. A STORY TOPLAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN SwapTales: Leon! is a game your kids willwant to play again and again. Discover the alternative wordplays,play out the different combinations, and unravel 30 alternativeendings to unlock all the hidden achievements! And it doesn't endhere! Play SwapTales: Leon! in French, German, Spanish, Italian asa great educational tool when learning a new language. A COCKTAILOF PUZZLES AND ADVENTURE! • Dive into a new narrative-driven kindof gamebook • Solve riddles by cleverly combining words andpictures • Explore the multiple possibilities, the funny wordplaysand surprising situations! • Discover 62 delightfully hand-drawnillustrations and all alternative endings • Exchange up to 7 wordsper page for a crazy amount of possibilities! • Share theexperience with friends and family thanks to the 2-player mode! •More than 30 original scores will accompany you through Leon’sadventures • Play again in English, French, German, Spanish orItalian and discover unseen variants!