Wix Apps

Wix Touch Preview 7.3.0
Wix Touch Preview gives you the ability topreview your Wix store on your device. Experience the fullfunctionality your mobile store offers, navigate the screens andsee it as users will. Wix Touch Preview syncs with the Wix Touchback office, enabling updates to be instantly pushed to yourmobile.Note: You need to have your own Wix Online Store in order to usethis app.This app requires an existing Wix account. Wix Online Storeusers should first create an app using Wix Touch.App Features:- See your app as users will- Try out every feature your app offers- Sync your app with your latest Wix Touch version
Shopping by Wix 7.7.7
Shopping by Wix - A Great ShoppingExperienceWelcome to the Shopping by Wix app. Shopping by Wix is a storebrowser that gives customers around the world a great mobileshopping experience. Discover new stores and products — all fromthe comfort of your phone.Got a link from your favorite store? Install the app and startbrowsing the store’s products now. Be the first to know aboutspecial promotions and new products by opting-in to receive pushnotifications.
Spaces by Wix: Connect with Your Favorite Business 2.37361.0
Welcome to Spaces by Wix, the place to connect with your favoriteonline store, business, website or community. Stay updated, getnotified about any changes and be in the know about the latestproduct launches.If you're looking to build a website or manageyour existing site, please visit the Wix Owner app. Shop OnlineBrowse e-commerce sites and shop items online Make purchases on thego Apply coupon codes or discounts Read and leave reviews onproducts Track past and upcoming orders Read Blog Posts Accesscontent from anywhere Share, like and comment on blog posts Stay upto date on the blog sites you follow Stay up to date on yourfavorite bloggers Schedule Appointments Book online sessionsPurchase packages Pay for your bookings online Join a virtualsession via Zoom Connect with an Online Community Chat with othermembers Join forums and groups around shared interests Read andcontribute to discussion boards Book and Attend Events Get ticketsfor upcoming events Join online events via Zoom Post and readdiscussion boards Share event photos
Wix Owner: Build Websites, Stores, Blogs and more 2.37021.0
Use the Wix Owner app to build, customize and manage a website andmobile app experience for your business and community. Over 180million people worldwide choose the Wix website builder to createtheir professional online presence. Whether your goal is to start ablog, build an online store, offer services, or create events, youcan do it all using Wix’s powerful business, marketing and websitebuilding tools. Build a Website to Grow Your Brand * Createwebsites & upload videos, pictures, & blog posts * Add webpages with stunning website templates * Build & manage aprofessional web presence, zero coding required * Grow yourbusiness with powerful marketing tools - Create email marketingcampaigns, share social posts and create videos to promote yourbrand Create & Manage Your Online Store * Build an online shopto display and sell items & collections * Take online paymentsas users shop items in your online store * Manage orders &shipping details * Offer coupons & special discounts Become aBlogger * Write & share blog posts from your desktop or mobile* Use blog designs & website templates to bring your bloggingideas to life * Share your latest content with subscribers * Letreaders share, follow & comment on your posts * Managecontributors & allow them to add blog posts * View blog stats& web analytics with Wix SEO tools Offer Services & CollectPayments * Create & update services * Take online sessionbookings * Get paid online commission-free * Manage staff andparticipants * Connect pricing plans Create & Manage Events *Manage & edit past, present and future events * Sell ticketsonline * Send invitations, collect RSVPs, and update guests *Create discussions & upload photos Engage with Your CommunityOnline * Chat with members & site visitors directly throughyour website or app * Create groups around shared interests *Manage discussion boards for specific topics * Start forums &group chats with members Manage Your Restaurant on the Go * Getnotified about new orders and reservations and manage them inreal-time * Print incoming, current, and past orders directly fromyour phone * Immediately update your menu when a dish is no longeravailable