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Jurassic Hopper: Crossy Dinosaur Shooter Game
The ultimate Dinosaur survival game for mobile. ▪ Compete withfriends for highest online score! ▪ Dynamically created levels(never play the same thing twice!) ▪ Challenging scenarios! ▪Destructible environments! ▪ Awesome roster of cool characters withunique abilities! ▪ Many clever road crossing dinos! ▪ SeriouslyFun obstacles! ▪ Tons of funny characters! ▪ Share videos or photosof your best moments! Welcome to the most terrifying endless roadcrossing game in the world! Super challenging, but fun for any age!*** Extreme Road Crossing *** This game packs tons of the thingsyou've come to love about endless hoppers but ups the ante x 2!Jurassic Hopper improves upon our other crossy style games withdinosaurs that will hunt you down and a fully destructible tropicalpark! We guarantee that this is the scariest, most fun, mostchallenging crossy style game in the world! Sure there are cars,dirt road, rivers and logs, but now throw in t-rex, velociraptors,dilophosaurus, triceratops and a fully destructible environment!*** A World of Dinos *** It's the revival of the Jurassic Era. Yourfind yourself trapped in a park turned jungle. The rulers of thisjungle are none other than the terrors of the pre-historic age. Runthrough the electric pen of the Velociraptors! Slice through thejungle avoiding the burning acid spit of the Dilophosaurus! Hopthrough the park quickly to avoid the stampeding Triceratops andthe herds of Gallimimus! Can you survive a world overrun bydinosaurs? *** Compete with Friends *** Compete with your friendsonline for the highest score and prove that you are the greatestsurvivor of them all. Check your score regularly and improve yourgame. Show your friends who the real hero is. Climb to the top ofthe online Google Play leaderboard and let them marvel at yourgreatness. As you level up and improve your roster of charactersyou'll become unstoppable! *** Funny Characters *** There are tonsof funny characters to unlock! Each one has their own uniqueability. Throw machetes as Bob the Hunter or mow down dino afterdino with the Mercenary's machine gun. Each time you play yourcharacter will gain Experience Points moving you from level 1 to 2to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlock new characters with newabilities. Unlock all characters to complete your survival team!This is a super fun, lovingly crafted game. And best of all it'stotally free! Welcome to the world's crossy-est dinosaur survivalgame!
The Crossing Dead: Crossy Zombie Apocalypse Road
One part Endless Hopper. One part Zombie Shooter. ▪ Never the same,endless hours of play ▪ Free walking zombies ▪ Awesome guns andpickups ▪ Pixel perfect block style graphics ▪ Unlock tons of funnycharacters ▪ Funny character demises ▪ Compete with friends forhighest score on Google Play ▪ Share videos or photos of your bestmoments ▪ Earn rewards and upgrade your items and guns *** ExtremeEndless Crossing *** This game packs tons of the things you've cometo love about road crossing games but brings the genre to the nextlevel! Sure there are cars, rivers and logs, but now throw in theresparking telephone poles, flaming cars, graveyards, prison mazesand cities crawling with ZOMBIES! *** Blast Enemies Away *** Allkinds of weapons and power-ups are littered throughout the randomlygenerated level. Make use of the shotgun, pistol, laser gun, rocketlauncher or chainsaw and make quick work of those pesky zombies.Don't let them eat your brains and convert you to the crossingdead! *** Compete with Friends *** Compete with your friends forthe highest score and prove that you are the best survivor of themall. If you die your corpse will show up on your Google PlayFriend's phone for them to blow away when they have reached yourscore! You will also be able to see your friend's zombified corpsesas you reach their high scores! It's a ton of fun! *** FunnyCharacters *** Their are tons of funny characters to unlock!Collect coins and unlock them all. Then use your favourite one andhop your way to the ultimate zombie survivalist! This is a superfun, lovingly crafted game. And best of all it's totally free!Welcome to the world's most hopping zombie apocalypse!www.wizardgames.ca
Crossy Heroes: Avengers of Smashy City 1.2
Suit up with the Champions of Smashy City! ▪ Fight with friends forhighest online score! ▪ Hop across the road in serious super herostyle! ▪ Dynamically created block levels (never play the samething twice!) ▪ Fun endless runner gameplay! ▪ Awesome roster ofcool Heroes with incredible powers! ▪ Marvel at unique attackabilities! ▪ A variety of challenging AI Enemies! ▪ Enemy soldiershop freely to close in on your hero! ▪ Tons of champions to unlock!▪ Hilarious character demises! ▪ Share photos of your best moments!Welcome to the world's most heroic endless road crossing game!Super challenging, but fun for any age! Choose your hero and becomeone of the greatest guardians the galaxy has ever seen! *** ExtremeRoad Crossing *** This game packs tons of the things you've come tolove about road crossing games but ups the ante x 2! Crossy Heroesbrings the road crossing genre to the next level! You'll marvel atthe diverse challenges. There are cars, road, rivers and logs, butnow throw in sentry turrets, pistols, bombs, force fields, enemybases, heroes shooting special powers and cities crawling witharmed, free-roaming, gun shooting enemy soldiers! *** The Age ofHeroes *** It's the age of super heroes! No super villain would beso bold as to threaten the world when there are such powerfulheroes to defend here. Or would they? The evil soldiers of UltronCorp have their eye on hostile takeover! Their soldiers haveswarmed the streets and towns, setting up heavily fortified basesand road blocks, shooting anyone who crosses them! Unlock all ofthe Avengers of Hopopolis to assemble the ultimate guardians of thegalaxy! *** Compete with Friends *** Compete with your friendsonline for the highest score and prove that you are the greatestHero of them all. Check your score regularly and improve your game.Show your friends who the real hero is. Climb to the top of theonline Google Play leaderboard and let them marvel at yourgreatness. As you level up and improve your team you'll becomeunstoppable! *** Funny Characters *** There are tons of funnycharacters to unlock! Each hero has their own unique ability. Eachtime you play your character will gain Experience Points moving youfrom level 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlock newguardians with new abilities. Unlock all characters to complete theAvengers of Hopopolis team! This is a super fun, lovingly craftedgame. And best of all it's totally free! Welcome to the world'scrossy-est action super hero game! www.wizardgames.ca
Galaxy Hoppers: Crossy Wars
▪ Fight with friends for highest online score! ▪ Randomly createdlevels (never play the same thing twice!) ▪ Challenging scenarios!▪ Destructible environment! ▪ Awesome roster of heroes with uniqueabilities! ▪ Many clever enemies! ▪ Seriously Fun obstacles! ▪Unlock lots of funny characters! ▪ Share videos or photos of yourbest moments! Star in the galaxy's most epic endless road crossinggame! Super challenging, but fun for any age! *** Galactic RoadCrossing *** This game packs tons of the things you've come to loveabout road crossing games but ups the ante x 2! Galaxy Hoppersimproves upon our other crossy games with multi-planet explorationand fully destructible environments! We guarantee that this is themost epic, most fun, most challenging crossy game in the galaxy!Sure there are cars, road, rivers and logs, but now throw inaliens, robot wars, ice monsters, fire traps, space ships and afully destructible environment! *** Hop Across the Stars *** Blastacross the galaxy from one star to the next. You'll find yourselfvoyaging across multiple planets each with it's own challenges! Runthrough the fire traps of the lava planet! Slice through theforrest jungle avoiding racing speeders and mech warrior bots! Hopthrough the sand alien wars quickly avoiding the stampeding SandMammoths and giant worm pits! Hop for your life across the frozenworld before the ice monster awakens! Freely-hopping enemies willclose in on your location and force you to react quickly. Can yousurvive and claim the top score or will the Galactic Wars take you?*** Compete with Friends *** Compete with your friends online forthe highest score and prove that you are the greatest survivor inyour solar system. Check your score regularly and improve yourgame. Show your friends who the real star is. Climb to the top ofthe online Google Play leaderboard while you force their scoresdownwards! As you level up and improve your roster of charactersyou'll become unstoppable! *** Funny Characters *** There are tonsof funny characters to unlock! Each one has their own uniqueability. Deflect lasers as the sabre wielding space ninja or blastaway alien after alien with smuggler's blaster sidearm. Each timeyou play your character will gain Experience Points moving you fromlevel 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. Levelling up will unlock newcharacters with new abilities. Unlock all characters to completeyour own unstoppable galactic force! This is a super fun, lovinglycrafted game. And best of all it's totally free! Welcome to theworld's crossy-est space wars shooter game!
Block Battles: Star Guardians 1.0.5
Block Battles: Star Guardians of Destiny - Gun down friends inonline pvp wars - Pixel perfect blocky graphics - Fun enemy AI jointhe battlegrounds - Unlock cool costumesWelcome to Block Battles:Star Guardians, a fast paced super fun competitive online top-downshooter. Jump into these mobile friendly blocky wars and brawl withfriends or foes. After the battles earn new gear to outfit you StarGuardian on the battlefield. Gun for the top of the leaderboardranks and force your friends to admit your the best in the galaxy.—INTENSE ONLINE BATTLES —Got nimble thumbs? Block Battles: StarGuardians gives all the power to the player. You move and shootfreely about the battlegrounds. No auto-aim. No click-to-move. Justyou and your ability to dominate the match. Spew machine gun fireover the battlefront or run for cover while waiting for yourshields to regenerate. Then jump from the black of the shadows,grab a power up and force your score to the top. There are avariety of power ups each with it’s own ability to turn the tidesof battle. Fight across four different areas of the galaxy: ForrestBunker, Black Ice Base, Desert Halo and Unknown Battlegrounds.Additional maps will be added with each update.— CHARACTERCUSTOMIZATION —Perform well in battle and you will be rewarded.Earn chances to gain new blocky costume pieces. Each costume piececan be customized, mixed and matched so you can show your ownunique style on the battlegrounds. Go for the cutest or deadliestlooking player in the galaxy - its your call. Then give yourself anawesome online name that will strike fear into the hearts of yourfoes. Win online wars, get new loot, show your style. It’s tons offun!— FAME AND GLORY —Pwn your friends and AI bots. Rise to thetop. Block Battles: Star Guardians is fully enabled for Google Playleaderboards. Chase your friends scores or go for the glory ofranking on the global leaderboards. This blocky battlefront needs ahero. Is that hero you?V 1.0 Levels----------------- Forest Bunker- A small planet-side special ops base with 2 bunkers. Hide amongstthe trees or occupy the bunkers. Black Ice Base - An abandonedresearch facility used in the rebel wars. Force your enemies outinto the cold! Desert Halo - A desert outpost stationed at thebattlefront of the galaxy. Face your foes in the desert heat!Unknown Battlegrounds - A war torn lava planet. Rain fire as thegreatest player!v 1.0 Power-Ups---------------------- Shotgun - Abrutal spray weapon that is devastating at close range. Laser - Aspecial ops weapon that cuts through foes quickly. Overshield -Forms a protective halo around the player letting health regenerateunderneath.
Block Battles: Heroes at War - Multiplayer PVP 1.0.1
Pick your hero! Battle your friends!Fast paced competitive onlinetop-down shooter!Welcome to Block Battles: Heroes at War, a fastpaced super fun competitive online top-down shooter. Jump intothese mobile friendly blocky wars and battle friends or foes.Unlock new heroes each with their own super power. Rise to the topof the leaderboard ranks and force your friends to admit yoursupremacy.— INTENSE ONLINE BATTLES —Got nimble thumbs? BlockBattles: Heroes at War gives all the power to the player. You moveand shoot freely about the map. No auto-aim. No click-to-move. Justyou and your ability to dominate the match. Run and gun or head forcover while waiting for your health to regenerate. Then jump fromthe black of the shadows, unleash your character's super power andforce your score to the top. There are a variety of power ups eachwith it’s own ability to turn the tides of battle. There are 3 mapsincluded with the initial release of the game: Pixel City, IronSpace Station, and Apocalypse Temple. Additional maps will be addedwith each update.— AMAZING HEROES —Perform well in battle and youwill be rewarded. Earn chances to gain new blocky heroes. Each herohas their own unique super power and stylish blocky pixel look.Then give yourself an awesome online name that will strike fearinto the hearts of your foes. Win online, get new loot, show yourstyle. It’s tons of fun!— FAME AND GLORY —Pwn your friends and AIbots. Rise to the top. Block Battles: Star Guardians is fullyenabled for Game Center leaderboards. Chase your friends scores orgo for the glory of ranking on the global leaderboards. The worldneeds a hero!
Tappy Invaders 1.0
Time your shots just right and become the defender of the worldfrom hostile alien invaders in this retro inspired endless arcadegame. Use simple one tap controls to fire your base gun and blastaway a variety of alien enemies each with their own fun movementpattern. Make sure you don't miss! Unlock 20+ new themes and gunvisuals. Compete with friends online for the highest score anddominate the leaderboards. Blast the alien onslaught away and savethe planet!Features: - Fun endless gameplay. - Retro space warsarcade style look. - Simple one tap controls. - Online top defenderleaderboards. - A variety of beautiful space themed backgrounds. -Many unlock-able guns.Story: War has broken out across the starsystem. Evil alien robots are descending in countless numbersraining endless terror upon all planets they visit. You are thedefender! You must man the planet's last great defensive gun andhold out as long as possible while civilians evacuate. Each spacealien blasted away equals hundreds of lives saved. Take a breath,wait for the right moment, then shoot!
Guns.io: Online Shooter 3D Block io Game 1.0.8
FIGHT for the top position in this blocky .io style online survivalshooter game!Race to collect XP and level-up as quickly as possibleto gain an edge on the competition. Select powerful upgrades witheach level-up and follow the arrow to the top player to blow himaway! Choose your upgrades wisely, fight well and dominate thebattlegrounds! Make the journey from player unknown to king of thehill as you fight for survival!Features• Fun shooter .io gameaction where you battle your way to the top.• Upgrade yourcharacter and their gun as you level up on the battlegrounds.•Battle online in multiplayer mode or in offline mode against fun AIenemies.• Plenty of customizable and funny characters to unlock.•Fun pixel like block style graphics.• Super fun, easy to learn,hard to master gameplay.*** Battle Royale ***This ain't no rock,paper, scissors! This is gun, gun and bigger gun! As you hit theblocky battlegrounds you start as a player unknown. You must searchand collect Experience Points shooting your way through anyresistance. Collected experience points will earn you upgrades andperks. Follow the arrow to the top player and blow him away tobecome king of the hill. Rise to the top of the 'pixel pile' inthis .io battle royale!*** Online / Offline ***Jump into an online.io game and fight unknown players or friends in multiplayer. Orhit the offline battlegrounds and go toe to toe with fun and clevercomputer AI players. Large maps and high player count makes for anepic multiplayer experience.*** Funny Character Unlocks ***Over 100awesome blocky character unlocks! Mix and match any head with anybody creating wacky and unique looks.*** Fun, Simple Block Style***Each particle, pixel and block is lovingly crafted to make thecolor and fun of the guns.io battlegrounds really pop. Grab yourgun, find XP, follow the arrow to the top player and FIGHT for thetop position in this blocky battle royale!
Guns Royale - Multiplayer Blocky Battle Royale 1.0
BATTLE in online multiplayer games when you play the new open arenagame Guns Royale! Survive the battlegrounds, improve your shootingskills, play in AR, and develop new PVP tactics for FREE! The raceis on to collect new guns and level-up before your competition.Dominate the battlefield by taking on each opponent and strive tobe the #1 blocky shooter! Find the best weapons you can anddominate the arena! What are you waiting for? Grab your pixel gunand get shooting! Play Guns Royale in Augmented Reality! Fight yourfriends online right on your living room table using AugmentedReality. AR mode can now be enabled from the main menu in GunsRoyale giving you the chance to battle in an immersive new way! Aimyour device's camera at a surface in your environment, pick a spotand see Guns Royale's epic battles unfold right in your physicalspace. Guns Royale Features:  • Battle in Online MultiplayerGames • Shooter game that’s easy to learn, but hard tomaster.  • Battle right on your living room table with ARmode! • Survive gun games against other players! • Intense PVPgameplay against players around the world! • Collect All the Guns •Grab a pixel gun and dive into battle! • More guns will randomlyappear, so search the ground thoroughly! • Survive by collectingmore guns so you have an advantage over other players. • PixelGraphics & Blocky Characters • Fun pixel graphics great forintense shooting battles! • Battle as hilarious blocky charactersand show your style. • Blocky characters can be customized withrandom gear you pick up on the battlefield. Guns Royale ain't yourregular shooting game! This game is about guns, guns and biggerguns! Take the battle to the blocky arena where you’ll search andcollect more guns and items! Shoot other players to earn ExperiencePoints in PVP battles and rise to the top of the blockybattlefield!  Grab your pixel gun, pick up more guns and gearas you go, and get shooting! BATTLE in online multiplayer games andbe the last blocky shooter standing!
Jurassic Hopper 2: Crossy Dino World Shooter 1.2
Hop and BLAST your way through a dinosaur infested crossy world asone of 18 characters each with unique traits and guns! How long canyou stay alive in The Park? The pixel surf pushes your raft ashorethe dino island. You've entered the world of the jurassic dinosaursand must now find any gun, hop any road, and shoot to survive thepark. The park is alive with danger! There are many hostiledinosaurs and treacherous obstacles to traverse. Dinosaurs haveinfested the jungle, deep forrest, volcano and have even left thepark to terrorize the city. Dodge panicked drivers on the road,face raptor enemies that will chase you down! Get shooting andescape the colossal T-Rex! Features: - 18 cool unique charactersand dinosaurs - Crossy gameplay crossed with a shooter - Manydinosaur AI enemies to encounter (raptor, t-rex, many more!) -Shoot using a variety of fun guns and weapons - Endless roadcrossing arcade style gameplay in a jurassic world - Simple andeasy to use shooter mechanics - Several unique dino park themedgameplay areas Unlock and try all of the characters and theirweapons! Reach the highest score! Make it out alive! Be the Dino!Actually unlock playable dinosaurs including the raptor anddilophosaurus! SUBSCRIPTION PRICING AND TERMS Subscription OptionsJurassic Hopper 2 offers the following subscription: Weekly DiamondMembership offers weekly subscription for $5 USD after a 3-day FREEtrial period. Diamond members receive 2 elite characters, 2000 freecoins each day and all ADS removed. End of trial period andsubscription renewal Subscription pricing varies from country tocountry. Payment will be charged to your account at confirmation ofpurchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew isturned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to theend of the current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the userand auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's AccountSettings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period,if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases asubscription to that publication, where applicable. Canceling trialperiod or subscription When your current trial/subscription periodexpires, you will be unsubscribed. The current active subscriptionperiod cannot be canceled. If you have questions or comments pleasefeel free to contact us at support@wizardgames.cawww.wizardgames.ca
Dinos Royale - Multiplayer Battle Royale Legends 1.10
Ride on the back of a dinosaur wielding heavy weaponry and fight tobe the last legend standing in the craziest battle royale gamedesigned specifically to be the apex of battle royale on mobile! **BATTLE ROYALE for MOBILE ** Dinos Royale is a PvP battle royalegame viewed from a top down perspective played in short 3-5 minutematches making it perfect for mobile play on the go! No morelengthy battles you don't have time for that take an entirefortnite to play! ;) Dinos Royale features easy to pickup dualstick controls with a simple on screen inventory system forcomparing and equipping all of your gear. ** FIND WEAPONS AND ARMOR** Guns! Armor! Guns! Medpack! Search the map for the best loot andequip crazy weapons ranging from a spiked baseball bat to throwingknives to a grenade launcher! Grab purple legends weapons todominate! Take less damage by outfitting your character in helmetsand other armor pieces becoming the apex predator on the battlefield. Heal up with a med-pack when health is low. ** RIDEDINOSAURS ** Jump on the back of a triceratops and ram thecompetition. Or get around the map quickly and attack with speedusing the velociraptor. Or devour your puny foes as the king dino,the T-Rex! Shooting isn't always the answer - sometimes you gottause your teeth! ** EPIC BATTLE MAP ** Don't let the storm catch upwith you! Duck in and out of buildings, hide in the caves or takecover under the canopies. Dinos Royale's huge map and variedterrain make for tons of variety and tactical opportunities. **INTENSE GAMEPLAY ** Play against real people from all over theworld online or practice up and improve your skills against bots inoffline mode. Battle alongside a friend in DUOS or go it alone inSOLOS. You decide how you want to battle but you must remember onething - outlast them all! ** TONS TO UNLOCK ** Over 40 characters!Emotes! Emblems! Tons to unlock to keep you coming back for more!Earn trophies when you win a match and unlock cool new prizes!Reach the apex of the trophy leaderboard and become the globalchampion! Can you make it all the way to Diamond League and becomethe stuff of legends? www.wizardgames.ca
Redneck Rush
Redneck RUUUUSHHHH!!!!!! A giant tornado is coming! Jump inyourtruck and drive as fast as you can, collecting coins andavoidingobstacles along the way. FEATURES - Intense endlessgameplay - 20+vehicles - 15+ characters - Awesome power-ups
Merge Racers 1.092
Merge to unlock awesome cars! Race them to become the ultimate idlerace car tycoon! Start the game with a low level car. Merge two ofthe same car to unlock a newer, faster model. Put your cars on thetrack and earn idle $$$ while you sleep. When you're ready for someaction jump into a high speed 4-lane racing game that puts YOU incontrol. Meet a variety of colorful characters and challenge themin boss races with a massive payout. Build your car empire and raceto the top of the games leaderboard! MERGE RACERS FEATURES: MergeCars - Merge two cars of the same level to get a higher level car.- Freely drag cars around the beautiful map. - Drop cars on themini race track diorama and start making idle money. - Idle moneymaking - Earn massive cash while you're away. - 30+ unique cars tounlock. Racing Game - Lane based, high speed races. - Swipe tochange lanes. - Draft off an opponent to gain speed. - MultipleBoss races. - Earn massive rewards (gems, coins, tokens.) Be theBest - Race all of the bosses. - Unlock all of the cars. - Reachthe top of the idle earnings leaderboard. Merge for new cars &RACE! Build your racing empire. Be an idle earnings merge racingtycoon! www.wizardgames.ca
Turbo Shot
Turbo Shot is easy to learn and fun to master! Use one side fo thescreen to move and the other side to shoot! Avoid enemy attackswhile destroying each enemy to progress. Turbo Shot will feature anever increasing set of worlds and levels that will keep the playerprogressing for years. Levels consist of a series of dozens ofcombat areas where the player must clear out all enemies beforeprogressing to the next area. Level areas become increasinglydifficult until the player is faced with the Level’s unique andformidable Boss! Powerups As the challenges being faced within alevel increase players will defeat enemies, collect XP and rank up.Each rank up will give them the opportunity to pick between threepowerups increasing a variety of attributes and abilities, buildingon each other until the player dies and must restart. Not allpowerups will be available from the first time the player plays thegame. Players will have to unlock new powerups via loot boxes,achievements and missions which will then be added to the pool ofavailable powerups. Weapons and Armor While the above mentionedPowerup’s effects will only last in the scope of one attempt atbeating a level, the player will be able to use the game’s Lab Menuto buy and upgrade persistent base character stats via new weaponsand armor. These persistent stat boosts will include max health,coin drop rate, base damage, etc. Secondary Weapons and Assists Inaddition to the basic shooting attack players will be able tounlock devastating secondary special attacks. Such attacks mayinclude a volley of rockets or a long reaching flame thrower, etc.There will be many secondary attacks to unlock and upgrade whichwill then be available for the player to equip via the Powerupsselection. Similarly the player will be able to unlock friendlyNPCs that can help fight along their side. Such NPCs would includedrones or fellow soldiers. These would also be unlockable